1995-05-26-TR Practice

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Topic: TR Practice

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean, Isaac



Opening prayer

Tomas(TR #3): "Greetings my brothers and sisters, I am Tomas, your teacher. Daniel and I are here and we are pleased, as always, to see your smiling faces, your shining souls, your open hearts ready to receive truth, having already shared and received truth from each other.

Tonight our procedure is reversed for the expressed purpose of providing our transmitter/receivers with an opportunity to transmit a less familiar personage and thus establish both their self confidence and their ability to proceed without stumbling, as well as allow us the pleasure of using different personality frameworks and structures. Daniel wishes to make an opening statement also at this time."

Daniel(TR #2): "I am Daniel, your guide, teacher, companion, and friend. I am pleased that you have congregated yourselves together once again to hear words which invoke thought and spiritual guidance from within your Source.

This arena over which Tomas and I preside is undergoing vast and unseen expansion. Your core reality individually and collectively is forming a global solidarity. Your stronghold of Light and Life has been a beacon for many celestial visitors. We have often told you how proud we are to be your teachers, how pleased we are to perceive your unseen growth and also the obvious fruits.

Indeed we have turned the tables, so to speak, this evening in our formatting, and as such have conveyed greetings and inculcated you all into the circuitry which we know and love. I will throw open the door to yet another new format for the sake of experimenting and give you opportunity to ask questions before a formal lesson is delivered. Now that you have grown such you are reaching levels of depth perception which calls for your conscious contribution to that which you know you need to address. Let us, then, attempt this give and take this evening."


Fragility, Strength

PamElla: "Daniel and Tomas. Thank you very much for the change in the format. I do have a question that I wanted to ask and it's interesting because I felt like I was going to get to ask my question before waiting till the end of the lesson, in which case it might be inappropriate. So I would like to begin by picking up on something that I was not clear about last week, in an area that I think I need to explore more for my own growth.

Last week I had an `outpouring' and Tomas, you answered my outpouring in this way.

`It would take a bit of time to respond to all that you propose in your outpouring. I will, however, say two things. One is that your intensity is unusual and that you might be rather odd to your protagonist for you are so intense on the one hand and so fragile on the other'.

And I think I understood the meaning of that although I am not sure why it is odd to be both intense and fragile, but, anyway the following statement is the one that I don't understand and would really appreciate clarification. And the statement said,

'This dichotomy is a parallel to those who have a facade of true and false reality which makes it difficult to see eye to eye'.

I don't understand that statement at all and yet I think it is important for me to understand because I would to be able to see more eye to eye with those that I don't. If you could explain this dichotomy, what was meant by a parallel, and by the facade of true and false reality, or whatever you want to explain about that statement, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you. Or anything you want to add that would be useful to me in my growth, I would appreciate it."

Tomas(TR #3): "My dear, I must preface my remark with the fact that this TR is nervous for it was not within his mindset that these words were spoken. So we shall see how well he can listen.

The oddity I referred to is that when one is fragile normally one does not bluster in strength but remains retiring and reticent. And when one is forceful and pours forth earnestly with thought and feeling they are usually perceived as strong and capable of sustaining that outpouring of strength. Odd, however, perhaps was a poor choice of words for it implies apparently to most people the connotation of dysfunctional or not in balance, and that was not exactly what I meant. What I meant was more along the line of unusual, unexpected, not the average, to see the association of strength with apparent fragility.

And the parallel was that many practice a facade that covers over their real feelings, so that they have apparent contradictions as well. I may have to switch transmitter/receivers to finish my thought. One moment."

Tomas(TR #2): "I am Tomas. Musical chairs it is. However I do want to say that Isaac(TR #3) and Tomas were on point as far as odd and the projection of intensity and fragility, yes! The original transmitter's mind concurred and was quite at ease with Isaac's mental interpretation of what was said. I, Tomas, was inclined to let him continue for Daniel was quite pleased with this experiment and the confirmation of our communication. [Editor's note: Isaac froze up and blocked so that Tomas had to switch].

As to the parallel aspects this, too, is correct. The..excuse me."

PamElla: "Tomas, may I interject at this point?"

First of all I thank you and I thank both TRs very much. I understand this was a very difficult thing. When you were speaking through the first TR you spoke through tonight and you started to talk about the parallel I had a flash which maybe I am understanding where this is going so I will spit it out and then you can let me know if I am understanding or not.

And that is: I think I am pretty honest about my feelings which are both intense and forceful and also fragile. The human condition is pretty fragile. So I then lay it all on the table for people to see and they see both aspects. And those aspects appear contradictory to people. They don't understand because on the other hand I think you were saying some people put up a facade so that they may not have that apparent contradiction. They do this because if they have decided to put on the facade of strength no matter the fact that they are fragile underneath they don't allow the fragility to show. And if they have decided to allow their fragileness to show they don't pour forth with their strength at the same time. I am thinking that is what was being said in terms of the parallel and the thought of true and false reality. Could you comment if that is correct? Then could you tie it together on why it is hard to see eye to eye? Because if that is correct I still...I think I am understanding what is going on but I still don't know how I can change it because I am just trying to be real."

Tomas(TR #3): "I am Tomas. Yes, we will still continue this experiment. First of all, it was difficult for Isaac because he panicked and that is why I allowed him to have his wish which was for me to return to the TR of my more familiar association. But he is calmer now and your thoughts in regard to what I was intending to say are correct, Nancy. In fact I was about to voice those very things.

In response to your supposition that most people are afraid to reveal their weakness, the vulnerability and cover it over with a facade of strength, I most fully concur. I also would like to say that your apparent fragility as perceived by someone who is frightened of their own and your ability to express this is, of course, true strength. Your ability and willingness to express your feelings, whether they be feelings of confidence or feelings of doubt, whether they be feelings of accomplishment or feelings of failure, whether they be what the world regards as strong or what is regarded as fragile, your willingness to do this, your ability is truly your strength. Has this interchange, I hope, been more than just interesting and entertaining?"

PamElla: "Yes, Tomas, because it's validating. Last week I was left feeling like I was `odd' and something wrong with me that needed to be fixed. So it's nice to be validated. It still does leave the problem that I.."

Tomas(TR #3): "My daughter, may I interrupt you (Yes.) and refer you to our Master again? If the word `odd' is unfortunate as I said a moment ago it still has a certain ring of truth for when our Master was vilified, when He was reviled, when He was struck, spit upon, when they placed the crown of thorns upon His head he was strong, even in His apparent fragility. He did not retaliate. He did not fight back. And so I wish to say to you that this manner of being willing to be `weak' in the eyes of the world, willing to be fragile is a true following in the footsteps of Christ Michael. That is all."


PamElla: "Thank you, that's certainly enough."

Kent: "Greetings, my friends. It has been a while."

Daniel(TR #2): "Greetings."

Tomas(TR #3): "Greetings."

Kent: "I, as you know, have many questions. Larenzo knows I have many questions, but no questions this evening but to express the thoughts that I had. And that was my gratitude to Michael and Nebadonia for giving you, Tomas, Larenzo, all of our personal teachers to us. And I would like to say thank you for your faith in us, that we can and we will succeed and progress with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Daniel(TR #2): "My son and brother, your words are well received for we truly do have faith in you! This is a gift we receive from our Creator as do you, and we are simply more experienced in the application of such faith. In time you, too, will begin to look upon your siblings with confidence of their eventual acceptance of their status as children of a higher reality than they now acknowledge. This family of faith is gregarious and contagious and despite skeptics and seeming setbacks we are most joyed by the reality which is developing and which we work diligently to instill in you also. We also have faith that as good students you take these lessons into your arena and apply your good works in faith, for the recipient of your words and expressions of truth, beauty, and goodness are fallen upon those same souls which we aspire to reach and awaken. We are comrades in truth. And you are most welcome."

Tomas(TR #3): " And I would add, my brother, Ken, that I am delighted to share this time with you in this meeting as well as pay you visits on occasion in your job setting. I see your faith and love evident. I see your life blooming and growing, your soul enlarging and shining more brightly. Thank you for your love. We feel it very clearly."


Rutha: "Hello, Daniel and Tomas, this is Rutha. I have a question and it has to do with our needs. While I believe firmly and I have witnessed time and again in my life, and it happened even today, that whenever we are in need of something, a friend, monetary, whatever, it is always there. It always comes up that I have what I need. And I know..I have real faith in that aspect.

And so my question stems from the fact that during my stay in the hospital there was just so much waste of materials. They had to use everything disposable. At the same time we see across the world in all these other countries, they don't even have enough syringes for just . .they don't have enough and here they were throwing, I was throwing 20 away a day, because they could only be used once. So I felt a real sense of guilt, not guilt that I am to blame for it but guilt as a member of a society, a disposable society. We just throw things away and don't think anything of it, where people across the world don't have anything. What my question is, is do we create that aspect of having because of thought processes? Or is it more, is it more of a society thing? Seems like here in America we all know we can have and most of us do have. Is that why we have? Are you understanding my question? And over in these other countries they don't have and is it because they don't think they can have? Is that understood?"

Daniel(TR #2): "Understood. Let me, Daniel, first respond by analogizing a young person who is adventurous and confident. My TR wants to say cocksure. The country which you are a product of is like that youngster and very clever yet very wasteful. The concern you have elucidated about the imbalance of supply and demand is very apparent.

You, my daughter, are a good one for watching the news and being apprised of global injustices, and conscientiously bring to bear on your immediate societies these discrepancies. I am not surprised that you have done so again this evening.

The happy truth is that this situation also will evolve, will correct itself to a great extent in a relatively short period of time. The disparity is awesome at this point but it is being corrected. In a short time there will be better balance in these arenas. Trust that your concerns are valid concerns and that your wasteful culture is young but will gain wisdom as its civilians gain wisdom and make those movements which will bring equity into existence for your global community. You are correct. Tomas, have you words to add?"

Thought, Collective Intelligence

Tomas(TR #3): "I would comment on one aspect of your statement, my daughter. You asked if your thoughts are responsible for bringing you the sustenance and care in some measure? I was unsure if I understood that. Before I reply perhaps I should ask you, did I understand your meaning?"

Rutha: "Yes I was saying that thoughts are real and that we do bring about our own pathway because of our thoughts and stuff. But in this sense I was thinking as a society and a culture. Is it because the society doesn't think that they can have...can it be a societal thing, thoughts being real? Or is it more individual?"

Tomas(TR #3): "The picture is very complex. Of course you have a good understanding of the matrix of thought that we have referred to as the collective consciousness. And this is a true reality as has been discussed before and is responsible in large measure for the things that go on in your society. And it is so seemingly impersonal that individuals are unable to put a handle on it, unable to capture it and refer vaguely to such things as `system' or `them' and etc., because there is no clear picture as to how these agreements of thoughts, these common perceptions, these strong common desires are influencing individual choice and pathways. This dimly understood reality has a major role to play.

And you are also aware, I know, that are conflicts with the collective consciousness. There are those individuals who are appalled at the idea of waste, as you are, who could see a better way in terms of recycling and washing glass and all of the other ways that the throwaway society could be altered in another direction. So, because there is conflict within the collective consciousness there is also confusion.

You must remember that you spoke the very words of truth when you said that your needs are always met, for those words, first spoken by our Master, `Seek first the Kingdom of God and these things will be added to you' (140:1.5) are little understood by most people. Isaac is giving me permission to say that it is only recently in his life that he has begun to believe this.

But one must not conclude because this country is so wealthy that it is due to the fact that the First Source and Center loves Americans more than He loves other cultures and other nations. It is, as Daniel has said, a matter of supply and demand and unequal distribution of wealth. This is one of the things that Christ Michael found most distressing in His bestowal experience. You are in good company. Once again I say your concern in this matter follows in the footsteps of our Master."

Rutha: "Well thank you, Daniel and Tomas. I know that you know I don't think the First Source and Center has chosen a few but that we are all one. And that was not a part of what I was asking, you know that. I'll have to work on that. It just seems...it just is real hard to understand the discrepancy between the `haves' and the `have nots'. I guess what I am wondering...if people worldwide could understand as we do, the people here in this group, the concept of the love of the First Source and Center and the concept of ascension, and all of that kind of thing, it would, indeed, change the consciousness so that there would not be this discrepancy. Is that what the Correcting Time is going to be doing, to that aspect of the consciousness?"

Daniel(TR #2): You are merging spirituality and materialism in a most difficult configuration. The seeing of material want and need, the situation of `haves' and `have nots' must be dealt with. Spiritually there are the `haves' and `have nots'. Materially as well there are the `haves' and `have nots'. Even in your country, which is the closest frame of reference to you, there are those who have material abundance to the extent of wastefulness, and there are those who have deep material needs including medical and so forth. Only as God-awareness and those qualities characteristic of God-likeness begin to dominate/prevail are many of these inequities going to be resolved. The wastefulness of those who can afford to throw things away, as you say, a throw-away society, to include fast food wrappers, relationships, leaders, and lives, to those who seek only shelter from the elements and fill their empty bellies, their rage is great. Spirituality certainly is necessary for this curse to be attended successfully. But one must not condemn those who have simply because they have, for even Michael did not disdain wealth or riches in the material sense. Have I addressed your issue?"

Rutha: "Yes, and I don't condemn those who have because I am very fortunate to be one who does have in so many, many ways. My concern lies a little deeper than that. But what I am wondering is that if what you have said about me merging the material and spiritual together, and I really have done that, in listening to you and working through what you have said and carrying it on, it just appears to me that if we don't work through the spiritual we are never going to come to the answers that we need in the physical realm. When everybody can start working from the same understanding of a loving God and ascension and brotherhood/sisterhood then it seems logical to me that the things that are creating discrepancy, those things will start to fall apart. People will begin to be less greedy, will be able to be more tolerant of one another, will be able to reach out and not think that they have to have it all, but to be able to share. It sounds like a utopian society again. But to me utopian societies have not made it because they didn't have the spiritual support underneath to make it real, to make it really carry on. So that's what listening to you brought that to mind, that the only way we are going to make it is going the spiritual way. Am I on target?"

Daniel(TR #2): "Yes, (Tomas starts to speak), go ahead Tomas."

Correcting Time

Tomas(TR #3): "I am so intent on listening that I wasn't checking with my brother here. I would remind you all that this planet is not in the normal order of the dispensations of the Sons of God. You know, of course, that this is a rebellion planet that was also defaulted by the Adamic administration. And so the usual ways of organizing the evolution of a planet have not been its history. It was unusual that Christ Michael, the Bestowal Son should come before a Magisterial Son but He chose to do so because of dire conditions of this planet. This Teaching Mission is unusual or perhaps I should say unique. So we have here, you see, a very different situation than the usual.

It is the intention of Correcting Time to affect all of planetary life, both spiritual, material, social, scientific and so forth. The Teaching Mission as part of the Correcting Time is that focus on the spiritual growth so that your commentary just now is exactly correct. We anticipate that this mission will grow, that it will as time goes on appear more and more, not only our particular manifestation of it, but other aspects coming from different traditions receiving teacher help and guidance and other spiritual personages, that what has been defaulted and rebelled against, what has not been provided by the normal means will be provided through this Correcting Time. Have faith in our Father's overcare. Have faith in yourself. Don't become depressed by those who like to focus on the sensationalism of the negative but, as was spoken last week, learn from your errors and thus achieve the growth that comes with that learning. Does this help?"

Rutha: "Yes, thank you, Tomas."

Tomas: "I apologize, Daniel."

Daniel(TR #2): No apology necessary, my co-teacher. I add only a couple things to your most thorough response and that is related to the values that do come as mankind becomes more spiritual, such as, ethics will begin to trickle down to those who are more needy. I also point out humility as being the pinnacle of Godlike qualities in this context for as long as a people remain proud and disdainful of their fellow men and women there can be little lasting peace.

Your contribution is both spiritual and material because you like my dear PamElla have that aspect of fragility and intensity which has compassion on the one hand and veracity on the other. Indeed it is beneficial to also minister to the material needs of your brothers and sisters as you nourish the soil in which to plant and nourish the spiritual seeds that will feed this nation and the world in due course. I have no further remarks on this issue at this time. Are there other areas of discussion, other souls in conflict or any cosmic problem issues that need to be presented for our feedback and/or community undertaking?"

Abundance, Materialism

PamElla: "Yes, Daniel and Tomas. My question is very much related to Rutha's if not quite the same and that is..there is an understanding that comes through the New Age movement, I'd say. That is where I am familiar with it. I don't know its past roots. And I have come to understand this as material law. And I think this is what Rutha was talking about, that our consciousness is very powerful in determining our reality so that abundance theory says that in order to have material abundance in one's life you have to be open to it and willing to experience it. So people do a lot of affirmations and that sort of thing in order to have material abundance.

The flip side of it is, then, that we can look at other people who are not materially abundant and we can say that the reason that they don't have abundance is because of their thought patterns. It can kind of turn into a blame the victim sort of thing where if that is the only thing that is going on, this material law, then, indeed, people that don't have material wealth, then, it is almost like it is their own fault. But we know there is much more going on on our planet than that because there are whole countries that are in massive poverty and there are countries, such as our own, that are very wealthy.

And so it seems, perhaps, that the material law of abundance works within a country, such that one can improve their situation, if you are in the United States and have the means by changing your consciousness somewhat. So when people practice that they find out that their abundance improves and perhaps within poor countries people that practice abundance theory maybe get a little larger portion of what's there than they otherwise would, but they certainly don't get what we have in this country. I guess I'm not now even sure where my question lies other than the first thing. Is that a correct understanding that this is a material law that would hold on most planets that had a normal history but somehow because of the rebellion and everything else that material law is functioning but has somehow gone awry in our case. I think that would be a preface to whatever else I might want to ask afterwards. And if I am beating a dead horse to death I am sorry."

Daniel: "I will make one remark. It relates to your friend Heidi and her grandfather who was content to shepherd his sheep and goats and make milk. This was to him and to his granddaughter the richest life. Your perception of `abundance' is sorely misconstrued as a result of the dominance of materialism which certainly is an offshoot of the distortions on this troubled planet. Abundance is not what is commonly construed and therefor many individuals run into problems with feeling poor when they are not poor and by the same token feeling poverty stricken when they are quite wealthy. The error is that abundance is somehow related to things and conveniences when true abundance is related to the soul of the individual, the family, the community and the country.

In these poor countries which you have referenced, which by the way exist also in these United States, this poverty mentality is often due to hunger and want, yes; but it is also caused by a comparison to those who have so much and flaunt it so flagrantly. Mortals are great ones for comparing themselves to others to ascertain their value and their worth. There are many very poor people, millions of very poor people, who are simply and truly humble and happy and who deal with life's stresses and outpourings with much more grace than many who have great wherewithal and connections, but know not the true worth of themselves or the value of one single friend. That was my comment in reference to your comment."

PamElla: "Your comment is very humbling, and also very faith provoking in that I know that the TR that you just spoke through does not know the significance of the book Heidi in my life since I have never spoken about that with her. And so that is very confirming and I will leave it there. And Luke said he wanted the mike and here he goes."

Teacher Contact

Luke: "Hello Tomas. Hello Daniel. This is Luke here. A very quick comment. Usually my thought is on the celestial level and so is Janet's as well. What I do like to do is sometimes when things get trashed out, usually at home, and you hear most of our comments, both of you or others, you are welcome to join in the discussion or to listen to it. And then when we start to babble,[attempt to TR] not to speak but to babble, we try hard to do so, however, you can quite easily break through and join the discussion. You would be more than welcome as well as other celestials which are capable of doing so. So that is all I have to comment on. Please be welcome. Thank you."

Daniel(TR #2): "Luke, my friend, I cannot quite convey to you how truly glad I am to hear you invite us into your arena, your intimate environment to take part in the comprehensions and communications of your and your partner's understanding of your own individual spiritualities as they relate to our purpose here in this Teaching Mission. Your graciousness speaks loudly for it is through your willingness to incorporate these celestial personalities and processes into life that actuates the same. I, Daniel, promise to discretely attend your soirees with your mate and be of whatever service I, we, may be. Thank you my friend."

Tomas(TR #3): "And I, Tomas, will add my promise to attempt to help when I can as well.


I would desire to reply yet to PamElla my thoughts which are very similar to Daniel's. My concern is with allowing the good word abundance to be defined within the parameters that you have mentioned for there is an implied value judgment; and it is my perception of this planet, shared by Christ Michael Himself, that true abundance is not known very often and is displaced in its absence by a worship and desire for things and activities to fill that vacuum. True abundance is not the amount of things that one possesses, but is, in fact, the recognition of reality, namely that we are related as children, as sons and daughters to the God of all, who supplies all of our needs, emotionally, spiritually, and materially; and that we have the opportunity to do service to our brothers and sisters. This is what creates joy and happiness in living, not whether you drive a Mercedes, not whether you have the finest home. Our relationships with other personalities are our secondary abundance, our true friends, our families, our parents, our children, these are the things of abundance. Even one's health, important and desirable as it is, is not even the bottom line in abundance for there are those who are happy despite the fact that they are paraplegic for they have a spiritual richness. I have said enough. Thank you."

Leetah: "Hello Tomas and Daniel, this is Leetah. As you have been talking on this subject and whether or not we as human beings create our abundance I thought of the number of people that appear to have great abundance only to go to prison because that abundance was taken from others. I am sitting here thinking how can we define or say that what appears to be abundance on this planet is in our making, when many times it is in our taking, as I feel our country has done in relationship to the world."

Tomas(TR #3): "Well spoken, Virginia. Our Master had a famous story about the farmer whose barn wasn't large enough to hold all that he had so he built a bigger one. When he thought he had established his security he said to himself, `Relax, enjoy life. Live it up. For now you have everything you need. And that night he died.' And so our Master said, `Happiness does not consist in the abundance of things that one possesses'. I realize that technically that happiness and abundance might be defined differently but my point originally to PamElla here was that we need to be careful how we baptize a word that is so positive as the word abundance by restricting it to such largely materialistic meanings. But thank you for your commentary."


Daniel(TR #2): "Well, boys and girls, we have had a triumphant experiment this evening as we have all participated in yet more truth seeking and truth revealing behaviors and thought processes. How expanding it is even for us on the other side of mortal material existence to engage in such endearing intercourse as we share with you. We discuss it at length in our own way. Do not think I make light of this process for it is most important and ennobling and its long range effects will be many. We thank you for your courage and your stamina, for your loyalty and character.

This week as you walk through your arena be aware of how your mind, your thought patterns impact what you encounter. How does what you believe affect who and what you encounter. Is that assignment clear, class?"

Leetah: "Do I understand you to say there are some things that we can affect by our thoughts? And we are to try to be aware of those things?"

Daniel(TR #2): "Yes, ma'am. I appreciate your understanding the realm of the assignment and as you do observe please focus on the myriad ways your attitudes, thoughts, responses, behaviors, and oddities reflect upon your immediate world and beyond. I am not asking you to save the nation this week but only to be aware of how your energy, your thoughts, and your feelings impress the world around you. Tomas?"

Tomas(TR #3): "It has been my pleasure to interact with you in this format tonight and I look forward to more sessions in similar vein. Perhaps this format will help allay the criticism that we talk down to you from our high horses, on our pedestals of wisdom, from our ancient experience,(I jest) and promote the idea that we truly are your brothers and sisters, just a little ahead of you. It is a joy to be with you tonight. I give you my love. Good night."

Daniel(TR #2) "Good night."