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Topic: Resistance

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you this evening. Tonight’s lesson will be kept short for any questions you might have. My lesson tonight is about resistance.



Resistance is a natural emotion among humans. As time goes by it appears mortals struggle and fight out of habit. Many are so used to resisting, so opposed to having their will impinged upon by others and/or circumstances. Yes, struggle is a part of your human existence, but tonight this lesson on resistance applies to your lack of willingness to meet struggles with an attitude of challenge.

More times than not mortals dwell in their troubles with an attitude of, 'why me?' And they may find it more natural to resist than to move through their troubles slowly, each step learning and accepting. Like children, who need certain medications or injections to fight disease, do not understand the implications of the disease. They only know that the shot is painful. They would rather resist than to take a deep breath and relax and receive this pain that will benefit them in the long run.

Yes, struggle at many things you will, but I ask you to ask yourself, is this resistance appropriate? Am I closed to a lesson Father might be trying to provide me with? I ask you during your next struggle take a deep breath and relax and know that the pain will benefit you in the long run. Any questions?


Pain, Acceptance

C: Teacher Abraham, on that question...you know you are hurting real bad inside. I can very clearly hear what you are saying. What I am not clear on is 'take a deep breath and relax,' but the pain is still there, not a visible pain, but a hurt. You know, that you have inside over someone or a situation. It seems like all you can do is ask for Father’s help. Is there something else that is helpful?

ABRAHAM: Yes, my words are to think about at a moment of feeling stuck and frustrated and not knowing what to do next. Yes, my words are to be thought over during that moment in which you ask yourself, is this pain and struggle magnified because I resist? Would this feeling of being stuck cease or lessen if I were to accept the Father’s will? Try to imagine a boat on troubled waters. The boat is bouncing and swaying. Wouldn’t the captain be more likely to steer into the tide, into the wave patterns of the sea? Would the captain attempt to go into the wind? Sometimes it is more beneficial to accept this struggle, accept this lesson Father has provided for you and know that this pain will pass. More question?

C: I thank you for that answer. It’s so clear the way you put that and incredible how just yesterday I watched as the captain of our boat hauled us from one end of Lake Powell to the other, how when those waves came up I noticed him doing exactly what you just said. And not being on a boat for years and years, I’m thinking, boy, this guy’s pretty smart. Instead of getting in the middle and getting shaken sideways, he turns into the wakes and makes it a whole lot less miserable for the passengers and himself. Wow!


RO: I have a question Abraham. I know when I’m going through spiritual turmoil it’s real easy for me to turn to Father and ask for help. But in my everyday, just mortal existence, I don’t usually tend to think to turn to Father when I’m just having what I consider mortal problems. Is that...I’m just wondering if there’s something I can do? Or even if we can...I don’t know what I’m asking.

ABRAHAM: I understand.(Good.) Yes, your question is also asked by many. Is there any problem so trivial you cannot take it to the Father? (Exactly.) There is no possible way you can keep your problems from the Father for He dwells within your very being. He shares every moment with you. Yes, He is like a good friend. He does listen to your complaints and comments. And He does assist when He feels it appropriate. More questions?


R: Abraham, in some of my readings I’ve come across the concept of surrendering the situation or the problem to the Father’s care and keeping. That seems to be somewhat of a different strategy than to perhaps turn the boat into the waves, but perhaps just totally giving that problem over to the Father for His resolution. Can you comment about the paradox between those two? Perceived paradox maybe.

ABRAHAM: Yes. You are correct in your perception. Handing your problem to the Father is correct. But what the Father hands back is where resistance may possibly come in. Our Father teaches us what He feels we are ready for. And He does provide us with the lessons we are to learn. The lesson of resistance is for you to be able to more readily accept the Father’s will. Resistance sometimes can just become a habit, perhaps a form of ease-seeking. This is not a serious problem. But, resistance can slow down your growth progress. But, yes, you are correct in asking or laying the problem at Father’s feet. Be ready for when He hands back what you are in need of in your spiritual growth. More questions?

R: I’d like to know this. During this weekend that Calvin and I spent together there was tremendous, I felt, a lot of spiritual beings present in the experiences that we had. Is it permissible for you to comment on how you viewed that experience for us to get a better, clearer picture? Perhaps how you perceive that?

ABRAHAM: Yes, I am aware that my modern-day apostles did follow their guidance. What you gave out this weekend will spread like radio waves. And although you might not be able to see all the results, know that we are gladdened to observe you spread our teachings and set the examples of Michael’s life here on Urantia. More questions.

Guardian Angels

R: If nobody else has one, I do. We were very much aware just before that accident. Calvin and I talked about our Guardian Angels being in the process of protecting us by keeping us out of harms’ way. And, of course, that’s a bold and maybe even egotistical thought, that there seemed to be some real power inasmuch as within seconds after that, we were, well, within minutes after that, we were in the midst of a horrendous accident and to see that time space accidents do happen. Could you comment about how perhaps our guardian angels work or if they were present with us in that capacity today?

ABRAHAM Yes, they are with you. Yes, Guardian Angels do attempt to alter the accidents of time. They do attempt to reach their mortal friends provided that it is Father’s will. But the angels cannot pick and choose who will survive an accident and who will not. They work in conjunction with other celestial personalities along with Michael and the Divine Minister to assist the mortal in Father’s plan of destiny. We find them to be very pleasant, loving and concerned for their mortal friends. We know, at times, you can feel their essence if you will be aware. They are overjoyed to serve and to know their labor is appreciated and worthwhile. Another question?

R: I’d just like to thank you very much for the lesson tonight and comments and answers that you’ve given me. And I just want you to know that I appreciate this ability and this opportunity to speak with you. (You’re welcome.)

C: Abraham, today after that accident it made me very aware of and appreciative..I’m sure they felt it because I felt them...of their protection of me in life. The girl, Angela, who was with me, we had to pull over and stop and think about what happened after we started going again and of the overwhelming appreciation for their watch-care and Father’s watch-care. I’m sure it’s taken for granted too much. And words can’t express to them how much appreciation I have for their help, for not only me, but my loved ones, family and stuff.

ABRAHAM: They are aware and thank you. More questions?

E: You said that it’s difficult or impossible to withhold something from our Thought Adjusters. And I have become more aware of the Thought Adjuster’s awareness of what’s going on. And it seems like the more aware I become, the more I’m aware of the Thought Adjuster’s awareness. I was just wondering if that’s part of spiritual growth or if that’s fairly common?

ABRAHAM: Yes, you are correct. It is you that becomes more aware and your acknowledgment of this is quite pleasing to the Indwelling Fragment. At each step when mortal subjects can abide to the Thought Adjuster’s requests you can possibly also feel the Father Fragment’s joy. Yes, your perception of this is correct. More questions?


A: Abraham, the lesson tonight has really been helpful for me in my problem with my relationship, but I still have two questions. The main, the first one is still about my fear. I have an easier time giving up that resistance to giving her space so she can be where she needs to be. But I still am afraid she’ll find someone else too easily and not remember what I thought was a fairly spiritual relationship we had. But more than that, my twin brother reminds me I’ll find someone else too. And his perception is that he hopes I just don’t lead her down the same wrong path, being not so Bible founded and that path is a bad path. So can you help me with those?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Your anxiety in this matter is apparent. And your fear is understood. But I must say if this relationship is to be, then it will be. Difficult is this man/woman relationship. Much learning is there still left on this subject. All you need do is honestly expose your feelings to yourself and your friend. And if your honest feelings are rejected then possibly your relationship is not as spiritual as you perceived.

A: Thanks. That helps. And as well as the next part about my brother?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Your brother has very strong beliefs. It is difficult for him to understand your beliefs. In his love for you he would do his best to advise you. And again I would say, look within your own heart and mind and to your own belief system, for there lies the best possible advice. Yes. I would say, let time pass, be open and accepting to Father’s will and to His path He has planned out for you. I would remind all that resistance takes a lot of energy, probably more so than to flow with the problem. Does this help? (Very much. Thank you.) You’re welcome. More questions?

Language, Teacher Contact

J: Abraham, this may seem like a silly question but it’s something that I’ve noticed every since this Teaching Mission began. The teachers, including yourself, quite often make a sentence beginning with an adjective and then the noun that it describes follows, which is not typical for normal conversation in English. I noticed in the...this is the silly part... in the Star Wars series, which to me was very symbolic of spiritual issues. If you’re not familiar with this, it is a series of movies that came out a few years ago. And one of the spiritual masters in that story was Yoda. And Yoda had this peculiar habit of beginning sentences with adjectives, the same way you teachers do. I’m wondering if there may have been some teacher input to the writers of that movie where they might have been familiar with the way you teachers express yourselves sometimes with that peculiarity? Is this a coincidence or is there some connection there that you’re aware of?

ABRAHAM: Silly this question is not. (Laughter.) Yes, many movies, plays, books have we assisted in completing. But also this particular way of speaking was applied long, long ago. As mortal language changed I do suppose some of us teachers did not. And we will still speak the best way we can for mortal transmitters to understand. Does that help?

J: Yes I understand you correctly. I guess that was the essence of what I was getting at is to what extent do the teachers participate in artistic creations in our culture. And I’m understanding that probably quite a bit. Right?

ABRAHAM: Correct. Yes, much of your plays, movies, entertainment, that leaves you with some sort of familiar...(pause)

TR: I can’t say the word...but I can probably spell it. (Elward: Spell it.) No, I can’t spell it either. (Laughter) (Rachel: Familiarity?) Yes, that’s it. Whew!

ABRAHAM: These forms of entertainment or writings have not only teacher input, but also others as well, angels, Michael. Even your medical field is assisted. And we deliver our message in the most simple way we can. More questions?

C: I’d say, excluding the Urantia Book, for simplicity then. At least the foreword. (Laughter.)

J: I’d like to make a comment. Maybe you can get a question out of this. One of the changes that’s happened to me through my experience having been exposed to the Teaching Mission for the past three or four years is that earlier in my life I felt like I had exaggerated feelings of self-importance. The Mission has sort of unraveled those for me. I feel I’ve sort of lost those feelings of self-importance to the point where I don’t feel any more important than any other being on this planet. And I’m not...It’s a relief to feel this way. It takes a certain burden off of me. But at the same time I wonder if it’s a positive development in my life? I think part of it is that I’m not motivated by things that seem to motivate most mortals, like status or money or excessive recognition. So, in a way, I feel like maybe I’m too complacent with where I am in life and too accepting of my own human fallibility’s and that maybe...I wonder if I should have more of a burning desire for perfection than I do anymore? These are some of my thoughts lately and if you want to comment on them I’d gladly hear your comments.

ABRAHAM: Yes. Yes, possibly your perception of self-importance was lessened, but more so was your perception of your brothers’ and sisters’ importance heightened. Now you realize that you and your fellows are of equal importance. Yes, your lack of motivation is perhaps due to your lack of honestly and truly applying yourself, your knowledge, for I perceive you may be motivated through teaching or sharing your knowledge. An attempt at applying yourself more to subjects that may interest you would perhaps elevate your level of excitement and enthusiasm toward life.

Granted, you are a wonderful example of an intellectual and spiritual son. And at times your lack of self-application may discourage your feelings of excitement for living. Yes, I truly believe this would be best answered by you. Does this help? (Yes it does. Appreciate it. Thank you.) You’re welcome. One more question.

Bible, Cults

A: I’d like to generalize my question before about with my brother. How to deal with people that are so fundamentally founded in the Bible? They believe that this would be something of a demon cult? And that is how he believes.

ABRAHAM: Yes. He is not alone in his beliefs. Mostly all you can do is assure him of your joy that you have found on your path to Father and do not try to sway him over to your path. And in turn maybe he would agree not to attempt to bring you to his path of beliefs. Assure him you are safe and he need not fear anything. Yes, a feeling of mercy for him may apply and in time as he sees your joy, your growth, his fear will lessen, his trust will be greater. Yes, this is a task some teachers have been assigned to begin to remove the fear tactics in some religions. Just assure your brother you are safe and you understand his concern for you. And also tell him at any sign of trouble you would talk with him. Keep the line of communication open with him. Do not put down his belief system and continue to live by Michael’s example. Does this help?

A: Very much. Thank you. But I feel selfish for taking the last question though.

C: It’s about time you asked questions. (Laughter.)


ABRAHAM: This week I ask you to be aware of your patterns of resistance and begin to watch for the lessons Father lays out before you. Shalom.