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Topic: Death

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings. I am HAM and I greet you all individually and thank you for coming this afternoon. I have an interesting subject to be discussed tonight which you are all familiar with in life. I would like to examine the subject or the experience of death. You who have undergone only the experience of watching a death occur understand that it is a highly humanly personal happening of which you are excluded.


Death, Sleeping Survivors

There have been a couple of alterations in the death experience since the Urantia Book was written and since the time of Jesus. When Lazarus experienced death, his was a wholly unconscious experience and this was so for all humankind up until Pentecost. After the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth the death experience for your more spiritually advanced humans was allowed to be a conscious one. This experience readied the morontial survivor for his transport to the appropriate mansion world, and though the transport was unconscious, there was continuity of memory and there is not the extreme shock of some of the survivors who only vaguely remember life at first when resurrected.

Those who have experienced the sleep and are resurrected in group dispensations are much less spiritually developed so that their souls, their morontial form, is not able to continue in consciousness at death, and indeed, their morontial forms are a manufactured form which enables soul progression and development. Now the majority still experience this type of resurrection. However, a few, notably you who have reached the third circle of psychic and morontial development, you would experience your deaths consciously. And indeed, many are shown the morontial halls of government and justice which are established through the Melchizedek agencies. You will see and speak with midwayers, and other morontial beings, indeed you will be greeted as a survivor and informed of your mansion world destination or status before leaving. It is analogous to a celebration, a coming home party, if you will, that will orient you and establish you in your new life's role.

Near Death Experience

Some of the near death experiences recorded lately are merely a dream state where intensive readjustments of the psyche can occur over a short time. There is a nebulous space in between the actual taking up of the morontial life and the old earth life where there are a number of extreme adjustments that occur. Some actually do take leave of the body and experience this new awareness before returning and this is an increasing phenomenon which is allowed during this time promote the understanding of the reality of continuation of human life.


There has been much angelic activity over past 50 years or so which is designed to conserve the highest types of human spiritual beings. Even you in this room have been saved from catastrophe. And so now there are a million people who are alive for this crucial time who would otherwise not have been. There are many who will respond to the higher callings of truth and beauty and goodness and who will act as leaders to the masses who also respond to the human appeal of the visionary. Yes, the time is growing upon us when the actions of a few will influence a world.



Rebecca asks, what is the time period for allowing the morontial form to remain on Urantia?

HAM: Three days, sometimes longer due to special circumstance, however, three days is the standard.

Q: Do I understand you to say that there are many people, you mentioned a million, that would have died due to natural causes but did not die because they had further usefulness in a human form? (Usefulness not just to themselves and to their families, but to the wider world as well.)

Tree of Life

Q: In Spokane, a Melchizedek talked to us and said some people will have use of the tree of life to prolong their time here. Are mere any of us here who will have access to the tree of life to lengthen our time spent on this planet?

HAM: I am not allowed to speculate on this future development at this time. A number of things have to come into being first. You will be instructed when the time is correct and you will have ample guidance all your lives so it's only a matter of timing whether you will remain here or work in new realms.


Q: Is the conscious transition from life to death that you described part of a normal world?

HAM: Yes, it is the progression of your world which has allowed this new development. Always does the spiritual progress take precedence and determine the overall progress of each planet. On still more advanced worlds there is consciousness between the living and the dead for long periods some times. The translated souls remain for sometimes years to help in transition phases the spiritual progress of a world. And they are perceived by the material mortals as well.

Near Death Experience, Fear, Greed

Q: These near death experiences, there is a uniformity to those. There is always this light they are engulfed by and goodness and beautiful light that is comforting. Is that the Spirit of Truth or seraphim? (Thought Adjuster.)

Q: The Monroe Institute released a tape series that was developed to help the terminally ill to get into higher levels of consciousness so mat they can perceive that the after death experience will be a good experience. Do you know anything about that, is it a valid effort, and does it work with some people?

HAM: Yes, this fear of death and dying gradually will be eliminated on your world and all efforts to alleviate this fear are helpful. This is an important understanding for your world in order for you to make progress in a number of social and economic areas. Fear of dying is at the heart of greed. A lot of your inequality and social pathologies will be eliminated through the understanding of death. The humans who take lives and who make life poor for others will have a different outlook when they know that this is only a testing ground, a beginning, and that they will see those who they have wronged as their equals or being more spiritually advanced than they in the next world. This fear of non-being is certainly at the heart of wealth accumulation and unjust treatment of others.

Q: When we understand death and eternal life our passion will become spiritual growth and development, so that we can be advanced as far as possible in the morontia form, rather than wanting to accumulate material goods.

HAM: Exactly. Those who are driven to accumulate are endeavoring to leave behind a legacy, an immortality.

Q: I saw a show that indicated that those who had near death experiences thought in terms of quantum physics. They had them keep notebooks and it suggested this.

HAM: There is an effect from brushing against reality which effects ones outlook. And so, the reality of quantum physics would be easily discernible by the mind.

Teaching Mission

Q: Would it be because they are less fearful of such a view, or is it more man made? (Yes and no. It is a recognition of reality.) Q: How about their IQ's coming up, what would be me reason for that? (The same.) Q: Is there a way to have brushes with reality short of nearly dying?(Yes, attending these meetings.) I talked about this in sessions with a counselor who said I had a grasp of quantum physics, but I don't really know what that means. Is the stillness and contact with morontial beings also a brush with reality short of having a near death experience?

HAM: It is similar to the teachings on Mansonia one which we have brought to Urantia. You are learning to reorient yourselves in the world. You are learning to adjust your thought processes to the greater reality around you. The insular aspects of human living work to separate humans from each other, as well as the greater reality of the Father's universe. It's as though you have lived your life with extreme blinders, seeing only a sliver of reality. And now, you have removed these blinders. You need help to orient yourselves to this greater reality. You can read the Urantia Book and know the bigger world is here, but to experience it, there is a time period for adjustment which all humans must go through. Especially concerning psychological scaring and pain which you must now learn to let go. There are no humans living who have no emotional blockages. And all these we are learning to address and to remedy for your time, working with the many humans which we do. You can look upon these groups as universe orientation school because the universe is a long process.

Q: Is there anything we can do specifically to help other people not have the fear of death? I know mat we have to walk the walk and talk the talk in terms of setting an example. To help people understand that death is something that they do not need to fear, is there anything we can do?

HAM: Yes, of course. Individual, human to human, there are a number of conversational ways to show that you're not afraid of death and are at peace with the world as it is. As for greater projects, this is up to every individual and their teachers. Were you thinking of something specific? (No.)

Coma, Euthanasia

Q: We are so afraid of death that we do everything possible to keep the body alive to the very last moment possible. When we keep the terminally ill and injured alive on machines and they are in a coma and never come out, does this delay their transition?

HAM: At times it does, at other times it does not. The soul can be transported without the necessity of physical death. Usually though this is not so and it does delay the transition.

Q: Would it be better to not keep people alive under these circumstances?

HAM: No, there is no reason for it other than as Brodan pointed out, your fear of death.

Seven Psychic Circles

Q: Earlier you mentioned the cosmic circles. The seven circles in the Urantia Book are vague in their description. Is there or can there be more revealed concerning the seven cosmic circles?

HAM: Not really. It is vague because for every individual the markers are different. They embrace intellectual, spiritual, even physical health and promotion and this is vastly varying from person to person. Suffice it is to say though, that these seven circles are just the beginning of spiritual development. The first circle is where the real work starts and is vastly more complicated and takes much longer to complete than all the rest put together.

Values, Morality

Q: Question from Abigail. How do you explain values and morals to children?

HAM: Spiritual values are felt or perceived by the soul directly. Therefore, it is something unexplainable to the intellect. Only by example can you impart value to a child. Morals are the combination of social mores and the spiritually felt values. Morals may or may not be the Father's will in any particular circumstance. Morals are the generally agreed upon codes of behavior. And I would advise you to establish for your children the understanding that they have personal morals and these personal morals are derived from spiritual values. For example, since they value each other they should refrain from hurting each other's feelings. This is a personal morality that they can understand.


Q: Can nature be in perfect harmony ever?

HAM: Yes, in the far distant time, future, when all worlds are established in Light and Life, then will harmony be the rule rather than the exception. Yes.

Urantia Book, Urantia Movement

Q: Should there be a new religion and religious institutions developed using the Urantia Book?

HAM: Yes, there will be a world religion which encompasses the best of all religion in the future. The way is pointed out in the Urantia Book, and the Urantia Book, though comprising a view of the universe, does not become a sacred text.

Q: Jared spoke of a light that people claim to see when they have a near death experience. Not long ago, during a period of fear and doubt, I saw something that was similar to that. That was followed by a calm I had never experienced before.

HAM: Yes, it was your Indwelling Spirit and He responded to your cry for help, even though this cry was unconscious. You didn't know that you could reach out to Him and receive confirmation of His presence, yet this is what happened, and is forever a testimony of your willingness and openness for experience. In the future you will have other experiences of this nature where He will guide you, comfort you, and sustain you during material life's difficulties. You can never again feel so alone. You are conscious now of His indwelling and to each human who knows the reality of God's personal presence is given the gift of knowing their loneliness and their despair can never again be so deep.