1995-06-19-Loving Personality of Our Father

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Topic: Loving Personality of Our Father

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you this evening. From where I stand, I perceive your comments and what you learned on shame, very impressive. I know my lessons appear simple and short, and there are reasons for that.

My brother/co-worker, Ham, began the seed of information in 1991. His words were more of a variety and quantity. Ham began with the seed that would start this Teaching Mission. From there the tree grew and began to take root. From my friends words I now pick up where he left off. I add more roots, shall we say. My roots are small for now, but nonetheless required for a firm hold in the soil, a firm hold in the foundation that is our spirituality.

My lesson tonight will be short to leave more room for questions. Next week my lesson will wait for the purpose of answering questions, any questions, personal or perhaps just something that has been on your mind. Next weeks lesson will be devoted entirely to questions.


Worship, Personality

Tonight I wish to bring to your attention the loving personality of our Father and how it leads us to true worship. Long ago when I walked the Earth I worshiped Father out of a sense of duty. I worshiped Him so I would be pleasing in His eyes. I worshiped Father to find favor with Him. As time passed I learned a new and different concept of the Eternal Father with a little help from my friend, Machiventa. I learned of Father’s generous attributes slowly through life experiences and it occurred to me, His goodness draws me to Him. His kindness drives me to recognize Him.

In my recognition I am touched by His powerfulness, His magnificent over-control of this world. I am then drawn to worship and appreciate this loving Father who has so carefully guided me, although the way has not been smooth.

I am in the realization that the same Father who creates the universes dwells within my own being. As time goes by I still stand in awe and wonder of the Father of the universes. Now I realize the road Father planned out for me is the best road. I wouldn’t have taken any other, as I look back. My friends, I realize it is difficult in the material form to feel His closeness, Father’s love, Father’s concern, but I ask you to make an effort to recognize His loving watch-care over you, recognize His closeness, His kindness, His concern for every living thing that contains soul.

Stop a moment to ponder the greatness and grandeur of our loving Father who builds the universes, who hangs the stars at night. Yes, I tell you this Absolute Personality of Pure Love and Life Energy, fragments Himself and He dwells within you. His love for you is complete and pure. He truly needs nothing from you in return. I tell you, the Father desires to know you and for you to know Him. He desires for you to give Him back your love. I say, the more you know our Father, the easier it is to love Him. I ask you all to take a short moment that we may thank our Father together. (MOMENT OF SILENCE).

Our Father, you know us through and through and we know that you love us, no matter what. We need not hide from you. We stand in awe of your magnificence. We know of your great tasks you have performed, but we are here tonight to bid you thanks for your contribution to our individual personalities. We are small. We are young beings just recognizing your awesome love and strength. We who recognize your indwelling self are overflowing in your radiance and light. We extend to you our deepest gratitude and we send you our unending love. AMEN. A few questions?



RA.: Father Abraham, I certainly want to thank you for a beautiful testimonial of our Universal Father. It certainly enhances our understanding of Him. Also, thank you for enlightening us as to your early life here as a mortal. (You are very much welcome.)

V.: Some of us come from organized religion that has painted a picture of God’s personality as being and condemning and angry. I am coming to realize that this is not true, but without the influence of organized religion how can we come to know God and His personality, and thereby learn to love Him, enjoy loving Him?

ABRAHAM: My daughter, if you had not come to know the true nature of our Father, you would continue to be involved with organized religion. Somewhere along the line your inner heart revealed to you this fearful image of Father is not reality and it is certainly not attractive. The Indwelling Fragment of Father within you reveals Himself to you when you are ready. He reveals to you a little more when you are ready. He once again lets you know of His love for you. Like I said, my first image of God was not correct, but it was what I was taught. Another question?

Hope, Faith

R.: I would like you to comment on how faith and hope are intertwined. I can see how we might can have faith without hope, but is it possible to have hope without faith?

ABRAHAM: It all depends on what you hope for. If you are hoping to improve your life meaning it cannot be done without faith in the Celestial Kingdom. If you are hoping for a new car, faith is not required. You are correct, faith and hope are intertwined and somewhat impotent without the other.

R.: Abraham, it seems to me then that if we are in immediate contact with the Indwelling Spirit that neither hope nor faith would be necessary. It would be living in the eternal now without the requirement of having those two elements of desire present. Can you comment about that?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You speak of advanced levels of the Spirit, but I agree, yes. Constant contact with your Indwelling Monitor already encompasses faith and hope. Yes, you are correct. One more question

Vision, Balance

C.: I really appreciate how you displayed your early living here experiences with your higher understanding, I think it teaches us a difference between duty to the Father versus appreciation for the Father. I’ve noticed I can get a very high energy just by imagining my hands pulling open my inner soul and just allowing something to come in there, into the chest cavity area. It’s like allowing some love energy just flowing in. During this time it’s like you are on a high. Nothing matters, nothing is wrong anywhere. Is that an actual living spirit energy, or am I perceiving something different?

ABRAHAM: Yes, visualization is a very powerful tool to clear the mind, to drop your preconceived ideas, to remove the ego, to stand before Father as just yourself and know that you are enough, you are adequate as you are. In your little ceremony you make yourself open to also receive Father’s love and with this love comes His energy. You are open to receive and this can create a wonderful feeling. Needless to say, this feeling does not last, and for a very good reason. In these moments of feelings of well-being you are not reaching or learning. So this is why we say balance in the spiritual life is extremely important. Yes, times of worship is just as important as times of study. Times of feeling euphoric is just as important as feeling the burden of a hard lesson.


This week any questions that are on your mind, feel free to bring them next week. I ask you to remember (hey!) the limitations of our transmitter/receiver. (Laughter.) We hope this week you find time to recognize our Father’s works. Shalom.