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Topic: Synergy

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Unknown, Gerdean



Opening Prayer

DANIEL: (TR#4) Greetings, friends. I am Daniel, your teacher, friend and guide. As is always the case, I beam my joy upon this gathering. Small though you may think you are, the synergy of which Carla spoke in her prayer is indeed there. You are a mighty group. Let that love which you are open up and pour forth and merge with the love of your siblings around the world. This is in fact a request to do this at this time. It is much easier to feel the love flows and send them forth when sitting with a group such as this. Indeed is there synergy. So, throughout this night's meeting, please remain alert, and remain in service in this way. It will be practice for you. This state which I ask you to attain is similar to TR receptivity except that your eyes are open and you are fully aware of what transpires within the room. You should feel calm, and at peace, and alert.


Synergy, God-consciousness

Tonight's lesson concerns synergy.

(This is a "yes" to a question that is in this TR's mind. She wonders if Carla was guided to use the term synergy in her prayer this evening, or if we off-the-cuff chose to make this the topic after the prayer, or if she is not in receptivity but is in fact making this whole thing up and synergy seemed easiest to take off on.) Carla was indeed guided. Thank you for your beautiful prayer, Carla.

You my friends have been actively participating in the living web of circuitry that is beginning to circle this globe in shimmering light. As you pray for your brothers and sisters, as you smile upon one another, as you extend your service to your neighbor or a person you meet while shopping or walking down the street, or as you are a gracious driver, etc, a link is established. It is a living link. It takes two to establish this link, but in many ways it takes only one. If you put forth the desire to establish the link and the individual has no unconscious or conscious block against such a link being established, then it is. Most people are completely unaware of this process and completely indifferent to it, and although many are not themselves initiating links, they are not in opposition to such links being established.

Therefore, as you go through your lives loving, spreading joy, acting with humor, acting out of gratitude, practicing tolerance, practicing patience and sincerity, you establish links to many. There is a synergy that is created when there are several doing this, for not only are you linked to your immediate Urantia-group family through this network, but as you link with individuals and your comrades link with these same individuals, the links increase in intensity. This increase is much more than additive, it is even more than exponential, and so there is a synergy that is created by what you do.

The practice that I have asked you to undertake this evening--sitting in receptive silence, remaining alert, allowing yourself to feel the power of the First Source and Center in your beings, along with the calmness and the peace that comes--creates many linkages of which you are not aware, and this is a great service. And so my friends we ask you to undertake the quiet not only for the immense, incomparable effect that it has on your own lives, but because it also has an immense, incomparable effect on the lives of your siblings.

Think, my friends, what would happen (to return to an old lesson) if you were to walk through an entire day in God-consciousness. For this is what we are asking you to practice at this point in time: God-consciousness. If you were to remain in that God-consciousness throughout the day, immeasurable good would be the result. Many, many linkages would occur. And if one hundred people across the globe were to maintain God-consciousness for a day, there would be enormous synergy in such an activity. This web would grow so rapidly, so dynamically, that light and life could happen almost overnight!

Yes, a day in God-consciousness is a big undertaking, and, yet, my friends, you are preparing for such a day. You have been doing the leg work. You have been building your foundations. You have been searching the nature of your beings. You have been first and foremost and most fundamentally, developing that relationship with God.


My friends I am here to announce to you today that indeed is synergy underway and indeed are we about to merge into a new time for your planet of greatly upstepped consciousness, greatly upstepped awareness. Christ Michael spoke most eloquently Monday to the practice group and told them that the new day was dawning, that the rays of the sun were tickling the underbellies of the clouds, that the sun was about to emerge over the horizon. Indeed am I here to tell you that this is so, that this was not meant figuratively as a pie-in-the-sky type of a metaphor, but it was indeed an announcement.

Prepare yourselves, my friends, for changes in your sisters and your brothers. Sometimes it can be almost difficult to deal with change when people do grow, for you are used to them the old way, and you mortals have preconceived ideas of one another that are based on an accumulation of past beliefs and past events, but often those preconceptions do not allow you, the individual, to recognize the change when it occurs. So in addition to the announcement of the new era upon us, I ask you to open your eyes to be able to see each situation and each individual with new eyes. Allow for change and growth in your siblings. Be awed by this process. Allow your hearts to fill with gratitude. Allow yourself to believe that this can be true and that you are experiencing it. Allow it into the core of your being.

Tomas, do you have words to add to my commentary before we open up the floor?

Connectedness, Circuits

TOMAS: (TR#2) Gracious Teacher, indeed I have words, however brief, for I do not wish to detract from the clarity of your missive this evening. I do however wish to address briefly what synergy is not, lest in your beholding you negate the power and potential of this very keen circuit of energy.

The recovery movement which is making great inroads into helping individuals become socially acquainted with a personal God, has dealt largely with mortal matters. The spirituality which is emerging will be evidenced through synergy as it evolves and is realized. Yet it could be easily construed at this point to be an emotional connectedness or interdependence or co-dependence, which phrases are popular and useful in communication terms. These communication terms, however valuable and useful, are not the equivalent of synergy which is a transcendence of emotional circuitry and social circuitry.

It is difficult to add to the repleteness of Daniel's clear portrayal of synergy, but I felt that the clarification might be helpful, at least I intended that the clarification be helpful. It is also a way of establishing rapport with many readers, for in many ways "My name is Tomas; I am a recovering mortal," and this is an aspect of Correcting Time which all Urantians face and which we teachers have spent many devoted lessons to reveal, that we are indeed siblings in this surge forward no matter whence our vagaries and peculiarities of origin.

Invitations are being distributed to the synergy dance, to the cosmic ball. The lightness of being has yet to break upon your personal reality but as you ponder the (how your language detracts!) . .. I therefore commend Daniel his words this evening and return these energies to a more synergistic display and flow throughout the consciousness of these beings present, mortal and morontial. Thank you, Daniel.

DANIEL: Thank you, Tomas, for your additions and clarifications. And now, friends, we would very much like to hear from you.


TONYA: I'm afraid I'm still a little confused. Is it sending through your mind and through your quietness? Is it in sending love to another person? Is it a link that is easier made in intimacy or with someone that you know well initially before one is capable to send it to someone that they do not know well? I feel I'm very lost, perhaps.

DANIEL: Tomas, may I . ..?


DANIEL: Yes, Tonya, I would be very happy to clarify, and I thank you for your question. This circuitry is real. It is beyond your vision, but it is a living--let's say "organic" for lack of better terminology--a living organic structure. This living organic structure is beginning to link all of the individuals throughout the world. This is what it means to have this planet re-hooked into spiritual circuitry. At the time of the rebellion, this spiritual circuitry was cut, and it was not allowed to grow between individuals because of the spread of the rebellion. By removing this web that joins one to another, the rebellion was isolated and confined to a limited quarter.

Now that the adjudication of the rebellion and the cessation of existence of Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia and all of those personalities who chose such personality cessation rather than to accept the mercy and the love of Christ Michael and our Great Parent, First Source and Center has occurred, now that they are gone and the rebellion is adjudicated, the circuits are/have been reestablished. Spiritual circuits have been reestablished to this planet. However, the web that connects individuals to each other and connects individuals into the spiritual circuitry coming "from the heavens" is yet to be established. That is a living web that is grown by spiritually minded individuals. It connects all individuals in planets of light and life unless and until individuals choose personality cessation while on the planet [of light and life]. But that is a very rare event, nearly impossible--I am not sure if that has ever been the case on a planet of light and life.

So what needs to be done on this planet is that this living web needs to be grown, and it is established through love, through mental expressions of love. Thought is prior to matter, and so the thought of love, whether it be to someone close to you or to someone you do not know, works the same way. It grows this glimmering fiber, and this glimmering fiber allows spiritual insight to be shared. This is separate from and in addition to the collective consciousness, but it works similarly to the little we have discussed of the collective consciousness. It is spiritual in nature although semi-material in structure. Does this assist you in your inquiry, Tonya?

TONYA: Actually, it has helped a great deal. One further question is, how do we know when that link is established? How do we feel it?

DANIEL: This you do not need to worry about. Trust. When you pass the person on the corner holding the sign that says, "Will work for food", rather than turning away in guilt and feeling helpless to do anything about such humongous social situations that lead to such a pitiful situation (and I use the term "pitiful" in terms of common mortal perception) . .. instead of that turning away, recognize that individual as a brother or sister and send them love, and trust that the link is established. It has been.

This holds true for any individual in any situation. One may watch the news for instance and see disaster and violence, etc. Rather than responding with despair and discouragement and withdrawing into oneself, let that love flow forth. Allow that link to be established. You do far more good in this manner than you realize and far more good than you possibly could imagine. There are some individuals who could take actions that would help change such situations, but for most people, they feel very helpless, and for many people there is not much that is immediately obvious that can be done. But "love is always an answer, no matter the question"--to quote a passage from the Course in Miracles. Does that further clarify?

TONIA: Yes, thank you.

DANIEL: You're welcome.

KEN: Greetings, my friends.

TOMAS: Greetings.

DANIEL: Hello, Kent.

KENT: The lesson this evening and the words spoken were very beautiful, very strong. I don't know where to begin to express, let's say, my joy at hearing that. It's something that has been on my mind and everybody else's mind here--the activities that are taking place through this Teaching Mission and outside of the Teaching Mission. We all have asked you many times what is going on. You are telling us now; you are guiding us; you are teaching us. Absolutely tremendous . .. I am just overjoyed to be a part of this, to see what is happening, and I thank you for this. And my love to you.

DANIEL: Our love and our gratitude overflows to you, Kent. Thank you for your participation, for your loyalty, for your dedication, for your striving, for it is this that allows the web to be grown, allows for re- entry into spiritual community and allows for the stage to be set for the beginnings of Light and Life. Thank you.

Second Coming

PAULA: This is Carla. I guess I really like the words, "I am here to announce the new age has come." My terminology, or I guess the language with which I am most familiar is, you know, "the Kingdom of God is at hand" as announced by Christ Michael, Jesus, in the tradition I am most familiar with. And I'm just thinking that it is the same message, is it not? And do I hear you saying that perhaps the world is more ready to hear it then seems to have been evident in the 2,000 years since Jesus announced the Kingdom of God being at hand? I'd just like to hear some comments about that.


DANIEL: Please.

TOMAS: When will we/you begin to accept that this is today? No longer is it recommended that you put off until tomorrow what can be realized today. Michael has manifested His grace literally and figuratively on Urantia, has been witnessed, has been felt. His radiant love is here now. We are attempting to help you all realize that, after all, His second coming is not in some far distant future. It is not something to wait for, but to expect in your instant case. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. This synergy is reality also within you. It transcends emotion, and yet its residue is triumphant emotional praise, glory, infinite soul satisfaction and loving service.

The many generations since Michael's incarnation on Urantia have rightfully anticipated His return, His presence among them. He has returned! Yet, your capacity to see Him is greatly diminished by your non-belief and by your fear that He will not return, by your distrust of religious references and your long-standing propensity to forestall your own realization. This, beloved friends, is not meant to be a criticism but a recitation of what you have endured as a result of the effects of your isolation as Daniel has described earlier and as you know from your study of your text, the Fifth Epochal Revelation to Mankind.

Now the time is here for your acceptance. And as you rise above, through healing the many sores, ills, dysfunctions, and woes of Lucifer's reign, your synergy is inevitable. As it is experienced by you and as you see it evidenced in your cosmic energetic awareness of your connectedness, your greater connectedness to your siblings, as you see it manifesting in your life and in the lives of your peers, you now will begin to glean the present-dayness of what we are addressing.

You did provide me, daughter, with a delightful platform there to rather preach about the Kingdom which is at hand and IS. I thank you. I also beg to know if you have further questions or commentary in that regard.

PAULA: My only comment is that I don't know if you misunderstood, but I have been preaching "the Kingdom at hand" also, so it's nice to hear a sermon that I have preached before. And I'm wondering if you misunderstood and think that I happen to see this as a future kind of thing. I was primarily asking if, yes, indeed, this is the same message that we have always heard from Christ Michael in terms of the Kingdom of God being at hand and within, and that this is not tomorrow. It is about today, to be lived fully and to indeed see the Christ in me, the Christ in you, and that there is no waiting. I mean, "Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again" and is here already. So I don't know if your sermon was directed to me because you understood my own particular place on that or if that was to reinforce the sermons that I have preached myself. But I did want to clarify with you that I am completely in synch with embracing the notion that the Kingdom of God is at hand and the fact that [because] people have been afraid, reluctant, whatever, they have missed out on so much wonderful connectedness, network, circuitry--whatever the word we want to use-- that synergy, by virtue of putting themselves in a time framework. I don't know why anybody would want to wait.

TOMAS: I have only one further remark, that I can see, and that is that yes, indeed, we preach the same gospel, and this too is part of the new aspects, the new, yes, synergy. For Michael has asked that his followers: unite together in worship of our joint Creator, in the process of eventuating the gradual dissolution of the barriers which separate humankind, and in the steps necessary to assure the visible brotherhood/sisterhood of spiritual yet mortal sons and daughters. You see that we share the reality of comprehension through synergistic levels that go beyond our differences to rise into the living energy which surpasses all barriers. We have only preached together. I am done.

CARLA: I am reminded of Jesus' prayer, "that we may all be one" as He was, so fervently wishing that we could be one in the spirit, and I also appreciated your comments concerning interdependence, co-dependence. And I [have] said: that one and one is greater than two is God's arithmetic, and without God it is not synergy. It is inter-dependence and it is network, but the thing that makes it synergy is that extra circuitry or the extra energy or the embracing of love and light that empowers us to move beyond ourselves and beyond two, to be greater than two. So, thank you for my platform also.

TOMAS: Indeed.

DANIEL: And now I would like a turn at the platform, if I may.

PAULA: Yes, of course!

New Age

DANIEL: Carla, I believe your initial question was: is the dawn of a new age the same thing as "the Kingdom of God is at hand"? And Tomas very accurately and beautifully stated that indeed the Kingdom of God is at hand, it is immediate in allowing oneself to know Christ Michael who walks beside us all. However, my meaning in my announcement is somewhat different, for I am announcing that this living web has been growing at a mighty rate amongst God's children on this planet. And because of this now existent network/web, this living structure, the spiritual consciousness of all hooked up individuals is about to take a mighty up- step. This is why it is crucial that you continue to make sure that all of your brothers and sisters are hooked into this web by sending them love, by connecting with them on the streets, as you drive, in the stores, at work, and so forth.

And you see this is a slightly different message from the message that Christ Michael preached when He walked upon this planet, for at that time the spiritual circuits to this planet were cut, and this planet rested in isolation. Christ Michael was addressing the fact, the actuality, of the Indwelling Spirit, that what one needed to do was to turn inward to the Indwelling Spirit and then, after that, to the Spirit of Truth, and indeed the Kingdom of God was at hand in one's personal life. And this point you and Tomas agree upon fully, and I agree with both of you fully. But my meaning was to announce something different that went beyond an individual's relationship with their Creator and therefore the immediate quality of their lives.

I am announcing to you a heightened spiritual consciousness that affects all, and I am therefore asking you to prepare yourselves to recognize and respond to these changes as you perceive them. Sometimes it is very difficult to break old habits, because one expects particular behavior and cannot see that the behavior has changed because of perceptions. Paula, are we in understanding of one another? Am I in understanding of your question? If so, did you understand my answer?

CARLA: Yes, I did. You did understand my question and I do understand your answer, and I also embrace that and really do believe . .. When you were talking about the network growing and the web growing, I kind of also flashed onto a crystal, the way crystals grow. You know a piece gets another piece, gets another piece, and they continue to grow and become a stronger structure as well, and particularly with crystal being a light also. I mean it's just a really powerful image for me. As you were speaking that came, and, so, [my answer is] yes. And I too think that it's important that we move from just a self personal spirituality to one that embraces all of creation, and I guess the words that when you pray for people, they become a part of that connectedness is a way that I hear what you're saying about the synergy, and I appreciate that as well.

DANIEL: Yes, Carla. Thank you for that beautiful image of the crystal. That is another excellent way of trying to describe in the English language and in mortal terminology that which is outside of your experience. Yes, the light glimmers beautifully from the crystal, and, in fact, this might be a better analogy than the use of the word "web" that somehow has the association of spiders and icky things. So, yes, as you send love, as you pray for individuals, that crystal structure is formed. Thank you, Carla.

CARLA: Thank you, Daniel.

DANIEL: Have we further comments, questions, observations, responses, emoting? Any or all of the above?

TOMAS: I, Teacher, and class, have an observation that perhaps our co- teacher Olfana has an understanding of synergy which is apparent from her fluidity in addressing her existence is a manifestation of that faith in action which transcends all constraints, except those constraints which allow her to operate perfectly within her natural boundaries. Thus, the demonstration of her association with kinetic spiritual force, juice, is apparent. And although some find her demonstrative, this is in some ways part of the aspect of dropping your expectations of how one's demeanor and comportment should then reflect upon who they are or who they feel they are. Do you understand my words here class? Or Daniel?

DANIEL: Yes, Tomas, I believe I do, as did my TR who, with your drawing to her attention Olfana and Olfana's TR, has allowed herself to experience further the synergistic kinetic spiritual energy of which you speak. For those of you who are not familiar with the teacher, Olfana, or her TR, Susan K., let me tell you that Olfana is a brilliant teacher in our midst, and she does much work with energy and uses energetic metaphors. Her TR has allowed her full expression so that Olfana's transmissions through her TR are like dances. Is it this to which you referred, Tomas?

TOMAS: Indeed.


DANIEL: Yes. This TR is sorry that this is as far as she is willing to allow the synergistic spiritual energies to flow. She still has much concern about looking silly. Perhaps one day you will all experience that spiritual synergistic energy [with a teacher] which Olfana shares with her TR.

My friend, Alice, I desire to send you on your way with a blessing. Go forth in peace, dear friend. You are guided; you are protected; you are loved; you are in overcare of your Father Christ Michael, your Mother, Nebadonia, and the great Parent of us all. You have angels, you have teachers, you have midwayers, you have a mighty band to accompany you. You will find the trip will go just fine, very smoothly. You are loved. There are no bad omens; those have been removed long ago. Answers to your questions will be found. I will visit you, not only on your trip but as you settle in and from then on. I will always consider you a part of my group, one of my students. You will find other like minds; you will be at home. Go in peace, my friend.

And to all of you I offer my love. Farewell.