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Topic: Simplicity

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown

Session 1


Will: Greetings beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you, and welcome to our guest, as well.

The love of God surrounds us and becomes known to us in ever increasing fullness. His beauty surrounds us as well, and as we are given eyes to see, so too, does our ability to appreciate expand. The power of God, that which upholds the universe of universes, and filters down into our very lives, upholding us in times of need and sorrow, becomes more clearly understood as we open our hearts wider and wider to accept His presence in our lives. Wherever we gather, He is.



I appreciate having the opportunity to listen to the camaraderie I see expressed between you. Your ability to open your hearts to new comers is an expression of the Father's love as it flows out through you. You have learned your lessons well in these past years. It quite often appears to us, and perhaps to you as well, that they have become automatic, you no longer need to think about giving service to your fellows. This of course, is what we've been working toward in our efforts to teach you the way Michael would have you reach out to all of His children. We are experiencing some difficulty, and would ask your understanding. We are attempting correction. The lesson I had prepared for this evening is hitting too close a chord within the heart of this student; we are attempting to change directions.

The sharing that you did this evening amongst yourselves, while it may seem insignificant on the surface, it prepares the way for deeper, clearer understanding of one another. For each time that you reach within yourselves and share with one another, do you lay one more brick, apply one more layer of mortar to this working group that we now begin to work toward. When one of you recognizes in another, either a chord that resonates within you as, "aha! So he or she thinks that way too!" that builds one more strand of the individual circuitry that connects each of you to the other.

We look on the other side of the coin, and when one of you says something that repels a feeling of camaraderie, this too may be used, for in recognizing a difficulty in expression, within another, gives you the opportunity of opening your heart to that person further, attempting to understand why they behave, or speak in the manner that they do. There will come a time, we hope, in the future, when these difficulties will be laid on the table, clearly, for each of you to recognize the shortcomings, the failings, those areas within each of you that need yet to be polished, for you are all still rough around the edges in many areas. And in working together in this fashion, will these roughened edges become smooth, will the gems that you are begin to shine ever more brightly, as you let go of the imperfections you find within. I would ask you once again to make an effort over this coming week, to reach out to one another in as many small or large ways as possible. In your reaching out there is a flowing of love from the Father to your brothers and sisters and yet does it have the power of strengthening and changing you even further, for when you push yourselves in any way beyond your comfort zone, in the work you for this Mission, does it have the ability to open you further to the Father, to the existing circuitry, and to your own ability to hear the voice within and react.


I wish to thank you all once again for coming together, for listening so attentively to my words, and for the courtesy you extend to one another. Know always, that you are held within the embrace of your Creator Parents. The love that filters down upon this world, to each of you as individuals, is indescribable; open yourselves, my precious ones, and receive all that you can. I leave you with my love, and blessing as always. Shalom.

Session 2


Simplicity, Balance

An unnamed guest: I would like tonight to speak briefly on the topic of simplicity, and balance. The endeavor upon which you have embarked, is to become balanced in all things, and to provide the foundation of simplicity so that others can see the Father's love in all you do. Indeed, this Mission has been criticized as being too simplistic in it's emphasis of selfless service to others, to engaging in worshipful stillness practice, and in becoming conduits for the Father's love. At the same time, you have been told that you are participating in the grand and glorious upliftment of this planet.

Could the two concepts be at odds? Surely some people look only to the monumental task of changing the attitudes of the entire planet, and think of the grand events that will soon be unfolding. This concept and desire can create disappointments when in fact, it is realized that the method for achieving such change lies within the very simplicity of the action suggested. As you discussed tonight, there are many barriers that have been erected on this planet between people and as such, those barriers are an impediment to your ability to flow the Father's love to those you encounter. It is only when you can boil down the activities to selfless service will you find that there can be no barrier that will not be circumvented by such activities, indeed, dogmas and creeds, if embraced, will create barriers to the majority of those you encounter. There are few people however, that cannot be touched with love through assistance in their time of need, and the opportunities for providing that simple service are presented to you daily.

And so although it may seem strange, the very simplicity of loving your neighbors will indeed, change this world, and in fact, as you already know, what appears on it's face to be simple, many times is very difficult, because of habitual patterns that you still embrace, judgmental attitudes that you exhibit in your daily activities, many of them unconscious, and other remnants of your life prior to embarking upon this journey. And so what sounds simple, will be difficult until you are able to give up those impediments and become a clear channel for the transmission of the Father's love to all you meet, free of judgment. And so you see, with simplicity, and balance, with tolerance, and acceptance, you can not only transform yourself from what you were, but you will also be operating above the barriers that so many people have erected.

This life is not easy, nor was it meant to be, but when you connect with the heart circuits and walk the path with the most love in it, you will find that your ability to influence people for the good, will be tremendously enhanced, and you will find that the problems that you once saw as insurmountable, will become mere bumps in the road as you set your sights on the highest path. This Mission is about transformation. It is not about grand and dramatic events. So when you become somewhat downhearted and discouraged, because you don't think that you are doing enough, just remember, with a balanced life you become a beacon for those to whom you provide service, and you leave a wake of love behind you that will provide exponential growth to those you encounter, and to the Mission that we encourage.


In the coming week, watch for opportunities to provide service, thank the Father for each day, and go forth with joy! It is a glorious time on your planet, and you are in the midst of the upliftment! When you look upon the flowers and the trees, and the sun, think about the wonder and the glory that is God's, and marvel that you are each children of God, commanding all His love everyday. Take that love and share it. Shalom.