1995-07-31-Circles of Light

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Topic: Circles of Light

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. I trust you enjoyed your vacation day last week. I am most impressed with that beautiful song. Music can be a terrific mood enhancer. Thank you.


Responsibility, the Supreme

Did you find any opportunities throughout the week to open your heart and take a chance? This week did you find you may have had the opportunity, but fear kept you bound? You will see as time passes, you will deepen your faith and find courage abundant.

I am happy with your progress for the celebration of our Creator’s Urantian birthday. This project may well have you put to use much of your apostolic training. A joint venture such as this could present many mixed emotions, save when a group has pledged their dedication to each other and the good of the whole.

Even the apostles of Jesus found many menial subjects to squabble over. Their old traditions brought much confusion when they tried to mix them with the teachings of Jesus. Although the apostles of old met with much turmoil, they were totally dedicated to the Master and to their cause, with some exception of course. The apostles found energy and strength within their common circle of brothers, each assisting the other without thought, without apprehension or concern of being bothered. Much in this circle of men were examples of juvenile behavior, but I must say, that the love between members did much to overcome irrational behaviors.

Picture, if you will, this group as a circle of light, every now and then this circle increases and at times decreases, but nevertheless it always has remained a circle. Your circle of light has not separated, not been distorted. It always remains the circle. It may increase, it may decrease, but for now I do declare, this is a profoundly strong and loving circle of light.

Imagine your circle connecting with other Teaching Mission groups. Imagine circles of light connecting to form a strong and lasting chain of light. This chain that is being completed wraps around this world, informing the mortals of this world, you are safe within the kingdom of the Father of all. Ponder for a moment this loving and secure feeling within the heart of every man, woman and child, not only feeling the connection with our Father, but also the loving support of fellow mortals around the world.

When Earth’s inhabitants realize their responsibility to assist their fellow mortals, then do they accept their responsibility to the Supreme Being. Recognition of your duty to do good for the whole brings you one step closer to the age of Light and Life. Yes, small circles of light do definitely make a positive change in not only your own soul growth, but that also of the Supreme Being. Take comfort in your space of the circle. Remember all contribute to the brightness of this circle. I am overjoyed with your dedication to Michael and His mission. I am thankful to be connected with your circle of light. A few questions.


Teacher Sons

R: Abraham, what’s the speculation about Urantia receiving a Trinity Teacher Son soon?

ABRAHAM: I am uncertain as to the time of his arrival, but I am certain that it won’t be too long from now. I am aware that a great many changes are on the horizon concerning this world. Another question?


C: A question from Marlin. I am sure you are aware of his situation of working nights and not being here. In his words he says he needs a good kick in the ass. Anything that you can do to help him out he would appreciate.

ABRAHAM: Marlin, my greetings to you, my son, also my love to Helen. My son, who knows better about what you are in need of and who knows better on how to give that kick? Yes, you are seeking. I suggest you be prepared for Father’s answer. Choosing to do His will may not always be the easy route to take, but along with the difficulties on Father’s path comes indescribable joy and love. Remember this, Father truly understands your inner heart. He is not disappointed. Our Father has the utmost faith in you and your abilities to shake the mud from your wings and fly. Worry not. Another question?


RA: Quite some time ago, Father Abraham, Father Ham told us that when you and the spiritual beings look at us that our lights were like minute embryos. I just wanted to ask has there been any growth since 1991 or is that too short of a time?

ABRAHAM: Yes, of course there is growth each and everyday, but of course you know that, my daughter Rachel. Each individual does discern their own soul growth. This growth you see in yourselves is not something that you see and then declare,--I have grown. No, this growth you perceive is like a light suddenly switched on and you feel the awesome power of the God within you. As for myself, yes, I have seen much growth, individually and collectively.

RA: I was just wondering if we still looked like a bunch of ants on a anthill.

ABRAHAM: Yes, your light is visibly more than before. Some of you can perceive the light in each other, although it may not be visible, it surely can be felt. Another question?


A: Will we remember this life?

ABRAHAM: All that is worthwhile your inner God-fragment takes for you to learn and remember and understand. Your inner God will be the judge of what He finds most valuable in your life. Much of your memories that you take will extend on for more training on the Mansion Worlds. As for family, acquaintances, friends, yes, you will remember for as long as you desire. Much of the useless things of this life will fall away. But again I say, your Indwelling Fragment is the keeper of your valuable lessons learned here on this world. Does this help? (Yes.) One more question.

Urantia Book

A: Father Abraham, I have been reading the Urantia Book and I have not just started at the front and gone back. I have read some in front and then in the back, come back and forth. I find in the first section, particularly in the introduction, that person presenting the paper is very concise, very oriented toward semantics and very precise. I find in the story of Adam and Eve, for example, the person relating the story is much more concerned, seems to me anyway, with the rightness or wrongness of what Adam and Eve did. Then I find later in the book, in paper 100 for example, 139 and 140, I find an amazing amount of love, compassion and understanding of all the foibles that go on here on Urantia.

I see that there is something of a personality to each of the people that are presenting these papers. And it occurred to me that along with that personality, is there also some form of prejudice that goes along with that personality? Is there a way of looking at things that is `the’ way or is each of these people looking at things from their perception, and therefore, perhaps open to some interpretation?

ABRAHAM: Many of the spiritual beings who present the papers were also connected with Father’s plan to assist the world in the upgrading of the races. The downfall of Adam and Eve were also disappointing to these beings who were all in conjunction with the plan of Father, and perhaps this is what you are hearing, a bit of disappointment, a bit of sadness for those involved in the mistake. No, the spiritual beings who do present these papers are also completely honest, and to the best of their ability repeat the moments that explain the history of Urantia. Yes, I do agree, the beings are extremely loving and non-judgmental, for that is their job. They do their best to present the history of our world so that you may comprehend it to the best of your ability. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.)

C: Abraham, can I set up a meeting with you sometime?


ABRAHAM: Yes. It is my prayer for you that you all grow stronger as a circle and help bring Michael’s mission into fruition. Be not afraid to communicate and accept each other as your sisters and brothers. Until next time, shalom.