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Topic: Variation

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Isaac, Gerdean



Daniel: "Good evening friends, I am Daniel, your faithful guide and companion in our work of moving forward Michael's mission on Urantia.

Welcome all here, seen and unseen, steadfast believers. It is good to perceive your presences again. Jeremiah and Nolas, always are you an integral part of our family here and we rejoice in your presence. Augmented energies come about when many gather to contribute their uplifting spirits to the overall cause which we share in tremendous diversity and variation.


Diversity, Tradition

Variation is a theme I would like to touch upon again this week. I remember Tomas' words recently regarding diversity of character of individuals and groups. This evening, however, I would like to focus on diversity in terms of your family of brothers and sisters and the subtle variation within, that part of each of you which is inherently unique yet in communion and comprehension with one another.

Let us take the example of this child who attends, the example of the child who visited last Monday's session, and indeed the child who attended the meeting a year or so ago named Destiny. How much alike you have in common with these children of God but you do not allow yourself to recognize your affinity for your conditioning and restraints lock out your communication in the Spirit. There are other variations besides age which separate you from affinity, background being a bar to free flowing communications.

The religious backgrounds of each of you are all varied and colored through your exposure to various theologies and philosophies, various dogmas, rituals, and traditions. But these, rather than causing you to react in defense or judgement, would go far in sharing the variation of the theme of religious experience in that the use of candles is rather universal as is the use of water and/or wine. The symbolism of light is well nigh complete in understanding other tenets.

These are all opportunities for you to recognize that the differences that exist between one and the other are all opportunities to share the diversity. For even when individuals are in harmony of spirit there are differences which could stand in the way of free flowing synergy if allowed. The phrase comes to mind of `viva la difference' in terms of male and female for that is a basic variation in humans, one which has kept the genders segregated from one another. And this is a limitation on the variations of experiences that could be had were you to cut through the recognition of the difference and rather experience the oneness.

Your ideals, your goals, your worship techniques are common ground to share. The tapestry of human character is filled with colorful threads to bind up the wounds of separation. The spiritual oneness which is the common bond of all believers can become even more keenly felt and appreciated by recognizing the more subtle variations and appreciating where they fit, where they can be more compatibly incorporated into your consciousness.

Many are the ways in which the many differences among you and between you can be eliminated. By opening that conduit of loving energy between you and the Thought Adjuster Who stands next to you, Who sits beside you, Who leans upon you, Who forges ahead of you more of your energies can coalesce into a greater bonding and greater impetus toward action.

In your reflections, in your meditations, ponder how your barriers, your survival techniques and your human cultural conditioning have injected into you certain limitations which stand in the way of your understanding of your Father and your brothers and sisters. That, whereas these impressions provide the variety, the spice of life, the variation which allows for this tapestry of humanity, the weaving of your threads with the threads of others is what makes the blanket upon which you may rest and find comfort."

Tomas: "I am Tomas. I am glad to be with you also on this evening to experience your community and to again be involved in the outworking of your calling, your decision to come forward into the realms of consciousness of spiritual community. This has been a long time coming and we have far to go. But the reality of the level of communication which we have attained today in this room, in you individuals, in this country and on Urantia has been a supreme effort by many. We are humbled at the apparent results. It is always a privilege for me to be here and remind you with love and with encouragement of your realities, of the realities of this movement, of this spiritual vanguard.

I am not going to add any words to Daniel' words regarding variety but I will say that the variety of minds which are availed to us is as multicolored as any modern closet. It is an ongoing adventure to participate in this process. I will return this now to Daniel. Good evening."

Daniel: "And I, Daniel, will turn this now over to you, group, for your participation as you are the mortal players in this saga of putting into action the truths and values as set forth in the revelation, as was well rendered by Duane in the address you read prior to our formal segment of our meeting this evening. [Ed. note: Duane Faw's address to Spiritfest 95 was read during the sharing time.] The floor is open. Carry on."


Bill: "Greetings our friends and teachers, Daniel and Tomas. As you were speaking of variety I was reminded of my experience lately in terms of seeing the gorgeous variety of fish in the ocean from the perspective of snorkeling above the waters of Hawaii. And I have noticed as I have been walking in the presence of spiritual reality in this Teaching Mission that the whole world is becoming much more apparent to me in its beauty and variety. One of the things that I experienced was the thrill of looking into another person's eyes when doing the Sufi dancing in Hawaii, even children, and seeing them as incredibly unique, precious brothers and sisters. I don't have a question as such but I would share that experience with the group and with you teachers. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you for your picturization of the lesson in terms of the many, many facets of variety available. In the physical universe certainly there are the individual leaves on the trees, the snowflakes, the fishes, the myriad subtle variations to remind us of the uniqueness of each creation. The appreciation of this variation is what constitutes a fresh view each time you look, as in the eyes of a child when you behold a cloud which is not the same as all the other clouds. Although it is similar, it has its own uniqueness. Perhaps it resembles a polar bear or a lollypop.

The fresh view is what will allow you to retain your own youthful approach to life for when life begins to look the same day after day, when individuals begin to seem alike and when there is no difference between the high and low, the dark and light, then life is becoming dead. The importance of appreciation of variation is certainly made manifest by what you perceive in your exterior world, but it is in large part a reflection on what is transpiring in your inner life as well. If you approach each new day as an adventure with the opportunity of meeting new creatures and brother creations then your mind is attuned to those surprises and delights as well as shocks which will come your way. But being open to the variation is critical to a rich life externally and internally; and it is the beginning of wishing to then perceive how life is seen by your siblings in this experience. For you can share the view you behold with them. They can then return to you their view and your worlds are expanded. This can only come about if you are in appreciation and respect of the variation of individual perceptions and realities."

Isaac: "And I thank you for the extended commentary because I did have a question coming to mind which you have already answered in your discussion here of the relation of this ability to perceive the beauty of variety as a result of the inner workings of the spiritual life. That, of course, was my assumption because that would explain my own experience as well. And then you talk about sharing this with other people, I have also been doing that. It is interesting how people react to that. Sometimes I get the feeling that people are thinking that I am off in outer space noticing all this stuff whereas they are locked into the usual, the sameness, the sort of pessimistic thing. Sometimes people seem to appreciate having things pointed out to them that are positive as well. Anyway, thank you for that conversation. I assume that was Daniel, that last part?"


Daniel: "Yes, I am Daniel and we are, yes, having an ongoing conversation actually for one stimulates the other and it is as it might be in your own arena. Of course there are many levels of converse; whereas it may appear obvious on one level there are other levels which are also conversing and sharing information.

In your sharing with us, Isaac, of your sharing of experiences with others there is the possibility that some will harbor resentment that you have had these experiences and would just as soon that you not share your joy because it reminds them of their paucity. There is certainly that level of reality in your world. There are others who look to your story and regard it as an adventure that they have yet to see and are quite stimulated and inspired to, yes, do it too. And etc. Thus even your own expression creates variation in individuals depending upon where they are in their own appreciation of truth, beauty, and goodness.

It is gracious to be in a sincere sharing mode when you seek communication for travelogues are sometimes interesting, sometimes not interesting. Also, scientific explanations may be interesting, may not be interesting. Review of dialogue between one another in an intimate conversation may be interesting or may not be interesting. This variation is another which is circumspect, for what are your motives in sharing information and what lesson are you giving in your expression? These subtleties of communication may whet the appetite or may fall on defiant ears. Many times the way your words are perceived is directly related to the degree of intimacy in your sharing. There is a challenge for you."

Isaac: "I agree, it is a challenge. I have experienced some of those things you are describing and as you are talking I am thinking about what perhaps has been my motives. I will give that more thought. Mostly I think they have been unconsciously joyous but I am not entirely sure. I also am aware that there has to be an awareness on the speakers part as to whether they want to hear the story, as you say, the travelogue or the conversation or whatever it is you are talking about. That is a real difficult one to deal with. What I am wanting to share with you all is my joy of seeing the supreme beauty of this planet, not just the physical beauty of this environment but the beauty of people, even children, as all variations on the mortal theme of brother and sister. I have said enough. It is time for others to have a chance at this mike. Thank you very much, both of you."

Daniel: "Thank you my friend for your sharing. I have found great comfort and stimulation in your words and in your telling of your appreciation for your experience. It is also true that your heartfelt appreciation and enthusiasm has a positive effect whether you are heard or not for these positive vibrations which radiate from you are a form of prayer and worship; and these alone sufficiently impact your environment to cause others to review their own state of mind. For if, in fact, an individual fears prayer and laudatory remarks about his fellow human beings and planet of origin and does not feel stirrings of truth or does not find joy, then there is an issue for reflection. Thus your words have by their own expression affected life for the better. Your motives and intentions are as honorable as any son of man today on Urantia. Your path is clear. Do not doubt yourself. Carry on in your way which is a unique variation on the theme of personality. And so it goes. Thank you."

Isaac: "Thank you Daniel, very much."

Rutha: "What do you think about the theme of stillness for our conference?"

Daniel: "Daughter, I am always inclined to review, practice, instill and encourage the art of stillness for this place of soul rest and direction is utterly necessary to a stabilized soul refreshed by the living waters. I am also intrigued by the credentials of the individual who is scheduled to address the attendants including us teachers. We will certainly have more to say, do, and act upon when you have been duly impressed by the guest speaker. In fact the `act is yours, the consequences, God's'.[1] We will operate with that stimuli and we are assured there will be a stimulus. So I think stillness is always an appropriate subject and fresh characterization and impetus is always exciting.

It is important for me to state additionally, however, that whereas the stillness is a condition which realigns you with your Indwelling God Fragment and generates tremendous energies in a group setting it is the community of attendance which is the experience. A group effort, a communal project, a togetherness kind of format provides the flow, the variations of character and personality which provides external stimuli; and I would not discourage a balance between stillness as a rather introverted activity and the inherent social or group or external activity as well."

Rutha: "Thank you Daniel. We will consider what you said and take it as a confirmation. Thank you."

Daniel: "I believe we have a guest."

Nolus: "Yes, I would like to introduce Allison who is nine years old. This is the first time that she has attended a group. So it was very interesting to hear you refer often to the children. As you spoke I have had an opportunity to watch her and to see the beauty of the child and recognize that this is a part of all our earthly existence. It has really enhanced the opportunity. I am very happy that we were able to bring her today, that we are able to receive your counsel regarding our children."

Daniel: "Thank you daughter, Nolis, and welcome, Allison. We are so pleased to know you, to feel you with us, to understand that you also are aware of our presence, our reality and our love for you. The value of chronologically young people is that you and others such as Sarah and Destiny who have attended this group are refreshingly unsoiled by clumsy life experiences and your relationship to your pure Spirit realm is more intact. If we could, we teachers would have a classroom of eight, nine and ten year olds to lead these grownups in classes on teaching them how to lighten up and have more fun! So we in the spirit realm just outside your physical vision do appreciate your being here today. I hope that your angels and your own Spirit guides are active in your life and that you welcome them into your thoughts and feelings, for we are good friends and we like to work together with you mortals that have it tough enough without help from God and your earthly friends as well. Welcome Allison."

Nolus: "Thank you very much, Daniel, for your recognition."

Daniel: "Would you like to ask a question, Allison?"

(shakes head, no)

Angels, Midwayers

Jeremiah: "Hi, teacher Daniel. It is good to hear you once again. Could you describe an angel for Allison's benefit, please?"

Daniel: "Jeremiah, how good to hear your voice! Yes, I am delighted to discuss angels for your benefit and Allison's as well. (laughter)

Jeremiah: "He read my mind" (more laughter)

Daniel: "It is rather hard to describe angels, you rather have to kind of feel angels in order to make more sense of them for angels do not bridge upon your intellect so much as on your soul. They are, of course, exceedingly beautiful. They are beautiful in their presence, their movements and in their work.

There are many kinds of angels. There are many jobs that angels do. They do their work with expediency, grace, efficiency and patience. We all use the ministrations of angels. Sometimes if you need something accomplished and you pray to God through Jesus, God will direct your prayer to an angel, who will then call on the midwayers to help. Now a midwayer is very much like you, Jeremiah and Allison, for they are emotional and adventurous. They have real feelings, get into trouble, and have high adventures. They are the ones who might be able to most closely affect your immediate environment. So the midwayers are working for the angels and there are many midwayers. Again, the angels can get a lot done. But you would see a midwayer quicker than you would see an angel.


I used a lot of words there, Jeremiah. Have I met with Allison's needs? Or perhaps I should better ask Allison, `Did you understand what I was saying, Allison'? Most assuredly you have lots of spiritual helpers. We use big words. We call them heavenly helpers, celestial hosts and any number of grand words, but they are simply your close friends in the Spirit. Do take advantage of your helpers, child, for they will respond to the needs of even the little ones like yourself. Thank you for your rapt attention and your continued interest in your own soul development."