1995-09-08-Seek Answers With Thought Adjusters

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Topic: Seek Answers With Thought Adjusters

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

Daniel(TR #1): "Greetings my friends, I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. Tomas and I welcome you all here on this occasion. As always we have been every watchful and have enjoyed listening to your dialogue.



It is beginning to thoroughly become a part of your being, this understanding that is imparted from the Indwelling Spirit into your minds, and that is the fact that whenever you can remain within the awareness of divinity you will be taken care of, answers will be given, solutions will be understood. While this is in reality a simple idea, it is most difficult to implement for the electro-chemical makeup of your system floods you with many emotions, many ideas and thoughts that curtail your ability to remain totally in contact with that awareness as well as with your humanity. And it is important that you continue to put forth the effort to maintain this degree of awareness. The effort resides in that act of daily stillness and turning over in gratitude to the First Source and Center.

We are pleased that you are continually uplifting and displaying higher realms of consciousness. As you continue to absorb these ideas regarding the First Source and Center you are putting forth these seeds for your brothers and sisters. As you change you bring about a gradual changing in societal thought, in family thought, in thought around the workplace, etc.

The world is a wonderful and happy place, however many of the inhabitants have lost focus or have never allowed themselves to become focused on the aspects of life's purpose. Your pathways have generated for you a lifestyle now that is comforting despite the daily maneuverings and the daily pathways of living. To this end we ask you to continue. One moment please."

Tomas(TR #1): "Greetings, I am Tomas. As Daniel has said we are pleased at your growth and your continual strivings. This week we wish to set the mood, the atmosphere, for your upcoming gathering. It is appropriate for you as part of hosting to be willing and ready to serve, and so we ask that during the course of this week you sit in silence with the Indwelling Spirit and during this time seek guidance for your weekend, that you can be given the understanding and the necessary wisdom to derive the best benefit you can from this meeting.

During this week, if it is your desire, we would suggest that you ask your Indwelling Spirit to be that guide and leader for you, that through the interactions with others, through the messages and words spoken you can gain and become more intuitive to the ongoings of Spirit. The benefits that one gains from gathering with those of like minds is a strengthening of heart, a strengthening of the bonding between peoples and groups, and strengthening of collective consciousness that will benefit the greater whole. It has been stated, as you well know, by the Master Himself that whenever two or more are gathered in His name He will be there. You can be certain that Michael's presence will be felt and will be known. One moment, please."


Abraham(TR #1): "Greetings, I am Abraham. I will address this group this evening as part of a preliminary avenue for next week's conference.

It is through the strength of those who continue to pursue the Father's will that the changes that are necessary will be possible. To you and many others across this planet, across this Local Universe, can there be given credit to wondrous changes. The air is astir with the hope and with the joy of those happenings. It is not fully evident to all of you as you live your daily lives to understand that there is stirring within the hearts and souls of human beings, this desire to break the bonds and chains of old thought patterns.

During a time of change as is known now there will be many times when the clouds upon the earth will seem very dark. But in reality this is only the last hurrah of the previous storms of the past dying out and gathering what strength is left to dissuade and to gather like believers. However these old ideas and ways will fade if man and woman are to survive, if this planet is to survive. And you of faith must know that God's works are always mysterious and not always understood. But yet you will and do see that when the spiritual pressure is applied, the synchronicities and the interlacing will, in fact, come together. Change is the byproduct. Change occurs slowly within the hearts of human beings and must come from within. You can never expect it to be external.

During this week realize that it must be the inner workings and preparation that dislodge the chaos in the outer world. As part of your newly founded consciousness you will find yourself more emphathetic with those of lesser understanding. You will find yourself desiring to become a better farmer in that you will desire to scatter more seeds. What is important to remember, however, is that it is not the number of seeds that are scattered but the quality of the seeds that are scattered. So during this week we ask that you consider that aspect. How do you present yourself? How do you come across to others? How loving, patient, and compassionate are you? For these are the characteristics which in the end plant many seeds. As you have often realized in your own life, whenever you have remained in that alignment with what is right and good, the outcome, that which is left from the situation is a seed well produced, well founded and formed, one that can be open to further nourishment. During the next few days realize that when you work with the Spirit you will be given many joyful happenings; many glad events will take place. Many joyful things will work to a better end. With that I will take my leave. Shalom."


Daniel(TR #1): I am Daniel. We are pleased to have Abraham in our midst this evening. As last week we spoke about the aspect of appreciation and this led to your greater understanding, that appreciation also houses in its meanings the concept of gratefulness, one continually finds that when you open the door in one area another one in another area opens down the line. This is a natural occurrence. Whenever you can appreciate something, whenever you can be grateful for something then you are given greater insight, you dig beneath and begin to sense a greater picture than what was the original intent. Let me give an analogy.

All of you enjoy thoroughly and appreciate greatly seeing a sunset. Many times as you glance at the sun setting you find yourself saying, 'Isn't that a beautiful sunset!' And you are filled with a sense of gratitude and happiness. Yet this is only a surface appearance. If you look closely at the sunset you can differentiate the different tones and hues of color which are reflected from your atmosphere. You can appreciate the shadows that are falling from the trees, homes, and mountains. You can appreciate the temperature of the air. You acknowledge any noticeable fragrance in the air. All of these things can become a part of this one picture of a sunset. You see, it becomes much greater and more in depth when you can allow your whole being to appreciate that which your senses are picking up. It becomes not a mere sunset but a sunset that leaves a lasting impression on you.

In all people and relationships there is more than just the mere exclaiming, 'Oh, you look nice today.' When you really sense and allow your whole being, your whole sensory perception, your intuitive sense, your love to penetrate this relationship your appreciation becomes greater, the picture broadens, the bond grows tighter. This is part of a growing awareness of a greater consciousness. As you continue on this path you will find more and more instances where the superficial appreciation of something becomes much greater than your first reaction or your initial impression. This is part of growth. This is part of the morontial awakening coming into your lives.

So this week let us continue with this theme of appreciation and gratitude. Look and sense in more depth that which is on the surface. It can be very rewarding to you and it can give you an inner pathway to working with individuals when you can truly appreciate them from your whole being. And with that this forum is open for questions."


Listening, Dissemination

Gerdean: "Good evening Daniel, other teachers and other beings. I was thinking about this morontial reality that we are developing and recognizing and fostering. When we truly embrace one another as it speaks of in Corinthians, that we greet each other with a holy kiss [1] so we are absorbing one another, feeling the essence of one another not just the clothing, the hairdo, the superficial, and the activity but the true being and we feel or sense that our brother/sister is not giving forth with all that you know that they have (because you have experienced more reality from them before) is it appropriate to say, 'What's the matter? I sense something is going on. Maybe you would like to talk about it.' Wheen is it politically correct and not meddling in the minds and souls of our fellows while you still want to remind them of their deepest reality, that they are our brothers and sisters in Christ, that they can trust us and their own being? How would you suggest when we sense that embrace and they are holding back that we can draw them out, if, indeed, that is our work?"

Daniel: "One cannot give a definite formula for this for each situation, of course, is different. Each relationship is on different levels. It is a known fact that some people are more approachable, more open, more able to accept and offer from you than are others. And so all of these factors play a definitive role in this question.

However you as loving and growing individuals are, after all, human and it is through your humanness that you will be able to reach out to individuals. When you realize that someone is down and is not fully, then, alive it certainly can be appropriate to inquire and to offer to help, to listen, etc. It is not always necessary to approach each situation as such with the spiritual jargon, so to speak, of ascension or of brotherhood/sisterhood on a cosmic basis. Often in these situations it is more conducive to be willing to listen and to give validation when it is appropriate and honest. It is in your giving forth of your human willingness to be there for this individual that brings great morontial reality to the situation. For you are the vehicle through which love, patience, tolerance, and compassion can be given. Do not feel that you must aggressively bring up the Urantia Book and its concept in your direct language but from your actions and through the way you conduct yourself, live those concepts and these will be the keys to help those people who are often holding back. Does this help?"

Gerdean: "Yes. And specifically what helps is perceiving wisdom, patience, compassion, love, and all those adjectives that you suggest that we'll be able to apply and how well you apply them. I have deep affection for you teachers and always like seeing how I can learn from you, not just in what you say but in how you say it. I can certainly see that it's not necessary to probe deeper than another's free will is willing to reveal about their morontial soul at any given moment. And that includes their emotional well being or makeup or mental state of mind. It is truly respect for the individual; and that by simply loving this person, appreciating this person or accepting this person, that, in and of itself, assures the person that they are accepted, appreciated, not judged and they will let you know when they want to open up. So, yes, your words have helped, Daniel."

Daniel: "Very nice critique, Gerdean. One must remember it often takes a good deal of time for God's work to come about. Truly those of you who can just love and be giving and understanding of one another will help in process of bringing others into a higher level."

Fear, Discernment

PamElla: "Daniel, it is kind of interesting as Gerdean was beginning her question I was on the opposite side of her thinking of what you had just asked us to do and how truly difficult on some days that is to do. Some days it is easy, it's automatic. But other days to really allow ourselves to sense and appreciate with all of our sensory perception including our intuition that other person in their essence brought up fear in me. And I am not quite sure what that fear is about except to reach out in that way also exposes oneself to being appreciated and known to the same degree by the other. I would like you to discuss that fear and give me some help and understanding with that.

And second I wanted to comment, although it is probably beating a dead horse at this point, to Gerdean's question which was that if someone approaches me with the expectation that I should go deeper than where I want to be right then I tend to react with rebellion and totally withdraw. So what would bring me out if I had stuff going on that I had maybe a desire to share, maybe not. Sometimes I just like to sit with things for a while before I am willing to talk about them with anyone. It is just simply total acceptance and total love of where I am with whatever I am with is perfectly acceptable, and that I don't need to expose myself any more than I want to at that moment. So, Gerdean, that information is to you because of the interesting synchronicity about what I was thinking as you were asking.

And now to you, Daniel, I was wondering if you could address those fear aspects of being known?"

Daniel: "What must be understood and known by all of you is this. When Tomas or I speak to you regarding your growth, your coming to greater understanding it must be understood that just because you have reached a higher level does not mean that you are fully cognizant of all aspects of that level. It does not mean that you are totally immersed in that level yet. What it means is that through steady progress you have been given a glimpse of a greater reality. The reality for you, however, is that as a human you are still basically on this mortal level. As a morontial being you would be on a different level, etc. And for you to only glimpse this higher level does not mean that you must work out of that higher level or that you can work out of that higher level at all times. What it means is that given circumstances, given proper timing, proper conditions, there will be instances where you will work from a higher level, and yet come back and be at the level you are at now.

When you continue to grow in more God-consciousness and spiritual awareness the fears that you have currently will dissipate. During your lifetime as a mortal being there will always be some level of fear for the general populace. There are few that can eliminate fear altogether. Christ Michael was an example of a mortal living without fear. Has this helped in your understanding?"

PamElla: "Yes, Daniel, it has. It reminded me of a sermon that I heard years ago. I didn't like the political structure. It was in the Catholic Church where the priest was talking about the role of the Pope and the role of the priest. The role of the Pope was to set the ideal. The role of the priest was to nurture the parish along. And I hear that as being a similar thing, that you give us the ideals to work towards but recognizing that we are human and we are not going to achieve those at all times, only when the best of conditions all come together do we have those morontial types of experiences.

The other part that I heard you say was that I need to go back to foundation building because it's in spending the time in the stillness with my Indwelling Spirit that fear is alleviated. Is that accurate?"

Daniel: "Fear diminishes, indeed, as you continue to be more in that alignment with the First Source and Center, in that God-conscious awareness. Yet you must realize that fear is a natural emotion, a natural thing that you have as a mortal. If you will look at the life of Christ Michael you will find that many times He had human fears. Spiritually he was fearless, but humanly He was like you. Even in His last hours in the garden as He prayed, He prayed as a man fearing and knowing that no good was to come of that night for Him as a human. For Him as a spiritual being He understood that there would be a greater picture, that from that evening and the next day there would be much hope generated from His ending. And so you must realize that part of your lives, all of you, is built upon emotion. Emotions are not spiritual. Those of you who understand the spiritual aspect as being different from the mortal know intuitively that whatever happens on this plane, while it has potential for human tragedy, can, on the spiritual plane, be overcome and seen differently. So this aspect of fear that you addressed is natural.

Yet, my dear, I am certain that as you have overcome and grown in many ways this particular fear will persist but become fainter, diminished, less able to tyrannize you. Relationships are not the easiest things in the world to deal with, yet they are the most important things to have. As each of you work toward understanding more deeply your relationships to one another and to others you develop a greater insight and a lessening of vulnerability and fearfulness. It is not something that can happen overnight nor is it something that happens with every relationship. What is important to remember is that in opening yourself to embracing one with all of your being and embracing their essence that you can, if necessary, wait and hold back when you begin to realize that the time is not right. It is not advisable that you open yourself so that every . ... Perhaps an analogy here would be easier.

When you go on a picnic and you have your basket of food and containers. Once you open the lid on the fried chicken the flies are readily attracted and you are quick to cover it as you take your piece out. You as individuals must learn to cover and protect yourself from the flies that would be attracted. You cannot be a sounding board for everyone. But you certainly love everyone and strive for understanding and compassion for them. But to become the sounding board for everyone is not practical and is not desirable. Remember that your ability to discern the flies from those that are seeking true nurturing from the food will become evident. Many are attracted just to hear themselves babble or to be able to sound off at the moment. You will begin to discern those that are in this category as opposed to those who are ready and willing to relate on a deeper level. Are you seeing?"

PamElla: "Yes, Daniel. That was a beautiful answer, very thorough. What really touched me that I appreciate is you talking about Christ Michael fearing on a human level but not on a spiritual level and my mind said, 'I don't get it. Give me an example'. And then you gave a most profound example that really touched me and helped me understand the difference between spiritual security and human fearing. I also appreciated about timing being right and the comment about discerning the flies from truly seeking, thus maintaining healthy boundaries. So, yes, in all aspects that answered my question and went beyond and fed me well. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you PamElla for your presence and your question. My students you help feed many often, far more than you realize."

Paula: "Daniel you were speaking with PamElla on one of the insights which I sort of intuitively knew and it was very helpful in the way that you said it; let me articulate. I think one of the most important things about our emotions regardless, whether it be love or fear or anxiety is that they really can lead us into that deeper spiritual place which is another way of saying that with the fear, when we center ourselves and put ourselves in God's protection and presence then that alleviates that particular dimension of that emotion. That's helpful for me. I have often thought that fear is an important alarm system that we need to take notice of. I had not necessarily thought that the emotion was an alarm system for us to go deeper spiritually, but I can add that to another level of what I understand emotions to be. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you Paula, for, indeed, your whole being evolves on many, many levels. As you progress to the higher ones that which at one point seemed base often takes on greater insight and meaning and is able to work in your betterment through this extended and broader meaning. It is so important for you all to realize that just because you are growing in morontial understanding that you can still be human. For it is only through your humanness that you can manifest and bring out morontial qualities."

Paula: "Daniel, was that not what the life of Jesus was about? Only as Jesus was truly human could the divine part of Him be made real to us as He realized that?"

Daniel: "Exactly, and as Michael has said, what He has done so can you."

Paula: "I want to say, 'Amen!' Thank you."


Tomas: "At this point this meeting will be drawn to a close. I am Tomas. I have been afforded the opportunity to sign off and to remind each of you of the love, the appreciation, and the gratitude we have for each of you, and to ask you to receive this from us that you can turn around and pass it on to your brothers and sisters. Go now in love and peace that you may grow in that next understanding that will bring you into a new reality of being and a new reality of action. Good evening."