1995-11-13-Extreme Sensitivity

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Topic: Extreme Sensitivity

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome and I thank you for coming. It is my greatest privilege and pleasure to be here with you. It is my desire and assignment to lead you further into the mansion world teachings. It has been my goal to assist you in the discovery of your true selves, your true origin. It is my goal for you to discover your real self is of pure spirit. For that reason I have attempted to teach you morontial teachings of the mansion worlds.


Sensitivity, Circuits

Last week I taught a little on flexibility. To be flexible is to be accepting of Father's will and to remain open to intuitions. To be flexible is to remain unshaken by difficult events that may happen to cross your path, to be enabled with the morontial skills to handle any struggle that may occur.

I am happy to declare that most here are indeed flexible and are accepting of what Father has in store for you. Along with this flexibility you need to practice courage because one that is able to roll with the tide is more courageous for ignoring societal expectations. One needs to take a step towards bravery to come closer to the morontial skill of remaining flexible and fluid.

It is my concern that I might explain a few things that you experience, things that you may feel you are alone in. With the up-stepping of God-consciousness comes many branches of new learning. At times these branches can cross and cause confusion.

One of these branches we may refer to is extreme sensitivity. With the isolation on this planet at an end and the re-encircuitment completed, mortals find themselves extremely sensitive in many areas, mind, body, spirit. These sensitivities can cause you much concern and confusion, possibly fear. What you are experiencing is completely common to a world receiving full spiritual benefits and this is why we ask you to practice the stillness.

Practicing the stillness is a wonderful way to uncross your wires. To disconnect yourself from the world and reconnect with Father is a time for further instruction and understanding from Him. This sensitivity can be physical in the way of electrochemical within the brain. This is perfectly common for this world that is now out of isolation and for the first time discovering what it is like to have full spiritual benefits. You see, the circuits and the electrochemical transmitters in the human brain all tie together. This is Father's original plan. This is how it was supposed to be all along.

So many often feel physical changes and extreme sensitivity to pain and changes in the material body with regards to the mind. The mortal mind also has become extremely sensitive to the ways of their world, the moral issues, the complicated, seemingly answerless solutions to worldly injustices. Those who are prone to this sensitivity are almost overly emotional when they uncover injustices. It is as if they take this injustice as their own. To be witness to injustices against their fellow brothers and sisters becomes painful and almost unbearable.

This is where there is some confusion. Those who witness such unfairness in your world ask, 'where is the God that is supposed to love and watch over us?' These moral virtues and societal injustices become a tangled web within the mortal mind. Those that are feeling this extreme sensitivity are often angry and defensive and wish to find immediate solutions. These mortals often are somewhat overly emotional. This is part of what I term crossing of the wires.

With regards to spirit, there is a spiritual rediscovery that this world has not experienced in many years. There is a spiritual awakening that is new, something which has not occurred on this planet since before the times of Adam and Eve. This world is experiencing a spiritual renaissance that has opened so many new possibilities to the curious mortal mind.

Mortals now experience spiritual feelings that have not been felt since the time of Pentecost when those that were gathered felt the Spirit of Christ poured out upon them. This is somewhat like that experience, in which you will know, you will experience many new feelings. You will experience "morontia mota" firsthand. With this new discovery of sensitivity to the cosmic mind many again shall unintentionally cross their wires and perhaps go to unbalanced extremes.

Many who are feeling and experiencing this God-consciousness for the first time may become overfilled with ideas and energy that could indeed lead them to possible dangers. This is why we, the teaching staff, have requested you to practice the stillness, not long, 5 to 10 minutes a day, to open a line of communication directly to your Father to uncross your wires to remain balanced.

This world has now experienced extreme sensitivities unlike ever before. It is important that you hang on to your life raft that is this group and stay in touch with your Father and His vast legends of helpers. As time passes, confusion about this new sensitivity will become so beneficial in your lives. After this confusion passes so many different areas will be affected by this new understanding of spiritual and mindal sensitivity.

Understand that this is quite ordinary for a planet that is passing from isolation. This is nothing to be feared. This is something to be aware of and consciously take time to understand. It is my goal and assignment to assist you in discovering your full spirit potential.

When Jesus was a boy He was filled with curiosities that went beyond what His elders could explain. As time went by He began to see a little more of His divine self. Every day, every year He began to know who He really was. He had come into the full realization that He was divine. This is what I hope to teach you, that you are not just flesh, you are also divine. I wish you to contemplate on this statement, 'I am also divine. My brothers and sisters are also divine.' I would believe myself an adequate teacher if I could help you to understand you are not only human and mortal, but you are also divine and eternal. A few questions?



H.: Father Abraham, I would like to ask a question, but before I ask I would like to officially welcome you to my home. I am so happy to have these meetings here now. I was thinking as you were talking about sensitivity, I can remember growing up as a child that I was so very sensitive on so many matters and I think that I overcame a lot as I came into adulthood. Have you noticed much difference between the generations now, we old timers, you might say, that didn't have the problems these young people have? Is it harder for them to become more sensitive and fly off the handle than it is for some of us older people? Do you notice any difference?

ABRAHAM: That is very perceptive of you H.. Yes, we have found the generations past who experienced much difficulties, much more physical labor, much more financial burdens than do recent generations. We have found this older generation to become almost abrasive and be able to withstand much emotional experiences than would the younger generations. On the other hand, we find that the younger generations are more open to new ideas, and are more flexible to changes within the world. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you. )

Romance, Gender

C.: Abraham, I think this ties in with your lesson. Maybe I am missing the point here, I'll find out. When I was a kid I remember when in a relationship with a girl, something happens and it's not right, and you get this big emotional sensitivity and go all off balance. You can't think straight. As you grow older you think, well I should grow out of that. I have seen people even older than me get tilted with this experience. What is this love thing that we get too close and get tilted easy if something doesn't go right. Is it some human problem or what is this? My experience was okay and I learned from it but the shocking thing was I know it still exists when I thought I would be over it.

ABRAHAM: Love in relationships is almost like a narcotic. It can fill you with strange and euphoric feelings and may perhaps blind you to the person who you are in the relationship with. Once personality traits are discovered in one another, expectations are perhaps broken and you are disillusioned. This emotion of new love is temporary. If this love does not become on more of a deeper level, then this love is not a lasting love. Yes, sensitivity is on a higher level when you are not as familiar with someone as you would like to be. Much pretense is allowed between two parties. Love between couples at first is highly sensitive and remains so for years. It is only after some of the self-centeredness has dissipated does couples become on a more stable level of love and this love leaves more room for understanding one another and allowing your mate to make mistakes, allowing a partner to be mortal. Yes, this love needs to also be based upon a love for their Father in Heaven, and also helpful in this is self-forgetfulness, which couples do not usually find until many years has passed. Does this help? (Yes, very much. Thank you.)

H.: Father Abraham, I am not sure how to address the question. I don't want to appear to be sexist, but do you think the difference between men and women and their sensitivity..just being of male gender versus female gender, is having different chemical and hormonal makeup and whatnot? Sometimes it seems like...its not all men, I don't want to sound prejudice here, that sometimes they just don't get it on love, the parts of love and the importance of sensitivity. I admire the man I do very much that shows the sensitivity, but is this just something from person to person or is there a real difference between men and women? I hope that made sense.

ABRAHAM: Yes, yes. It is an internal difference but also a social difference. It has been wrongly said, “a real man does not wear his heart on his sleeve. He does not show any emotion.” It is this thinking over the many years that have alienated men from their sensitive emotional side. Men are equipped to be sensitive but at times their need for logic may perhaps block this sensitivity. This is perfectly understandable and natural. Blessed is the man who can find strength in his own sensitivity. Concerning female sensitivity, due to several body changes are women overly sensitive. Women also have learned to thrive on this over sensitivity to perhaps sway their male counterparts. This has been useful in the female struggle for equality. This is not an exact science, but it is the best I can do.

H.: Thank you. It is just that I believe that we all have the same potential. We are all equal. I keep hearing, well it is just the way men think, it's just a man thing. I am having a difficult time believing that, cause I believe we all have the same potential. If anything it would be a societal influence and they choose to use that. Is this correct?

ABRAHAM: Yes. This is correct. With the familiarizing yourselves with this new world will men learn that women accept them as they are. They will no longer feel the need to hide their pain and sorrows, likewise with women. They will also be welcomed by men to be intellectual and accepted without having to be so emotional. Does this help? (Yes.) One more question?

JS.: Father Abraham, just recently I have felt as if I am going through a big change, one that involves going from adolescence to adulthood. I was wondering if you could help me at all? Is there any advice you could give me as to following the will of the Father as I am doing this?

ABRAHAM: Just a minute. I am informed that you are on the correct path. You search with an open mind. You intend to fully carry out your inner beliefs without hurting others. It is a difficult journey, adolescence to adulthood. One with many choices, so many paths is there to choose that may delay you from your spiritual opportunities. It is my information you are well balanced at this time and your own inner Father Fragment guides you and I am told you listen very well.


L.: You said that as the circuitry of the planet has been opened and completely re-established, that it is connected directly with the electromagnetic impulses within our minds, our brains, physically. Is that what you meant? I guess I am asking the question because I wonder how the drugs that we take, the antidepressants, all of the things that effect the electromagnetic, electrochemical workings of our minds. How would it effect our connection with the circuitry? Did you mean that very literally?

ABRAHAM: It is physical in the sense of, for example, electricity, you can not really see it but it is there nonetheless. With this new sensitivity, many are mistaking their confusion for depression and are treating themselves. Yes, many drugs do cause certain alterations to your capability to receiving, but when mortals realize there is a God within that loves them for who they truly are, they have a good chance of not being dependent upon drugs and learning to trust their Father who dwells within their very being. Yes, some drugs can effect certain connections with the circuits, but I say, this world is under a so much needed spiritual invasion and nothing can stop our forward momentum.


With that, I send you forth into the week, reminding you to take a minute to uncross your wires and reconnect with Father.

Until next week, shalom.