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Topic: Anger

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings and welcome to all. I am overjoyed to be witness to your interaction and fellowship. I am thankful you have found focus within your group.



You have discussed my lesson on the value of genuine charm. You know not how your discussions in this group propel your spiritual growth. You know not how your discussions link you with the Cosmic Mind. I say to you, your interaction on spiritual values are not only of benefit to you personally, but they also link your circle of light to the Cosmic Mind. This growth not only benefits you personally, it also enhances the growth of the Supreme Being.

I realize this subject on charm is somewhat confusing, and insincere charm feels deceptive, but as you have read, this charm that the Master possessed was quite genuine and stemmed from the love He held for His fellows. In this lesson on charm I suggest that further study on the Master's life may be of assistance. To have a real and genuine love for your fellow brothers and sisters it is essential to attempt to understand them. The more you understand your fellows - the more you love them, the more natural will this charm appear. The lesson on sincere charm is somewhat secondary to the major subject I am instructed to focus on.

Anger, Understanding

Anger is the leading cause of declining health in your world today. Anger is one of the most misunderstood emotions mortals face. From anger stems so many branches it becomes difficult to define anger. Most of mortal anger occurs through mis-understanding, through wrong perception. If the children of this world could be truly honest, the anger would lessen by approximately 75%.

Through sincere truth seeking do mortals begin to understand one another. By taking a step toward courage - toward truth, do we begin to feel at home in the world. How sad it is that a people so much the same hide as though they are from different worlds. How sad it is for mortals to hide behind the mask of ego. How sad it is to view a world so unforgiving toward one another, toward their own kind, humankind.

There is seemingly no room for mistakes in the minds of mortals, no room for self-mistakes or errors on the part of others. It seems so easy to quickly sum up a total being, his personality - mind - soul, and then label this total sum as insufficient, inadequate, when in truth, when you dwell in a material body no-one is complete. You could say, all are insufficient, or you could say, all are in the process of becoming. If you could view your fellows and yourself as becoming, there would be room made for unintended error, room made for mortal mistakes.

In the throes of your next experience in anger say to yourself, we are all children of the First Source and Center and we are all becoming, we all are acquiring Paradise potential. With this new understanding are you able to leash your anger and understand that mortals require room for error. With this newly re-encircuited world are emotions confused and sometimes used for selfish gain. It is time for mortals to understand - they truly do have the power to master their emotions, thoughts and mortal struggles. It is said, the mortal who can create anger can also tame it. You are not beings haphazardly strewn together. I say this with authority. You, my friends, were carefully planned and loved from the very beginning.

It is our Father's wish that you love one another as He loves you. It is not hard to understand someone in whose shoes you have been in. I would ask you to consider this week; even though you may not understand another, you may still imagine yourself in their shoes, in their position. There is peace in understanding. Yes. Have you questions?


C: Abraham, thanks for the brilliant layout of that lesson on anger and hopefully we can take a look at this in our lives and as we become angry and begin to dissect it out to see how we could diffuse it to your lesson. Very, very helpful for me anyway. I would like to welcome and introduce Dirk, who is John's friend at work. (Welcome.)

This week Abraham we saw this movie called ‘Powder.’ Your lesson has quite to do with the same issue as the movie, if people here haven't seen it. This guy in the movie who was far beyond our time as a human, and it was cool how in there how he didn't show anger. In the movie it depicted us right next to an animalistic world we live in, where we pick on one another. This superior human was far beyond the natural human emotions. Those around him just kind of picked him to pieces to see what he would do.

I can see maybe what happen to Jesus when He was here being a far superior human and how they just picked Him to pieces till they eliminated Him - because of anger and intolerance. Have you comments on the production of that movie and how well that was put together and brought into this world for many people to see? I guess it was the fourth most watched movie last week.

ABRAHAM: Yes. Lessons in anger are not so intensively taught on advanced worlds. These beings have evolved so far ahead that with each generation anger becomes more and more unrecognized. Even within the educational system on the mansion worlds, it is not necessary, for you see, gone is the material body - gone are the tendencies to be animal-like. It is mostly through your human struggles that you learn about anger and its effects. It is closely related to the animal kingdom. It is a basic inherited instinct in which over a period of your mortal life do you learn to tame. I do not make light of this emotion, this is very real and can be very painful. I do not in any way put you down with animals, so to speak. I am extremely familiar with the emotion of anger and I understand, as does Father, completely. You are perceptive of the changes taking place within the minds of mortals and there out-workings therefrom. Another question?

H: As I look at the difference between when I was growing up to now, it seems like where anger now is so prevalent is in our traffic. I know you are aware of the problems, the traffic situation. And it seems like now the way to solve a problem is - if you go in front of me, you know, they take a gun out and blow you away. That is so hard to see. Do you as supernals see that this might come to an end? About how soon do you think? I would like to see if maybe this would happen without us having to live with this traffic anger the rest of our lives. Do you think there will be a solution to this in our day?

ABRAHAM: The decision lies within the minds of mortals. Some thing's have to become quite atrocious before they will be given attention. Some thing's have to become extremely violent before someone will speak up and demand this to be handled. I too hope that this topic will also improve, but I say, it is mostly up to those who are involved. I do pray that it does not have to become much worse before action is taken. Another question?


C: On that note, what you just answered ties in together. You said that anger is a negative emotion, but yet here something has to be done, and until someone stands up and demands - it may not. If we use charm about this, maybe it won't get attention. Maybe some controlled anger? How would you put it to get attention to get things changed - the violence and anger?

ABRAHAM: The man Jesus often portrayed an angry attitude, when in fact, He was at the very core of His desire for justice. There was not much that could shake the man Jesus. But, at times His sincere desire for truth drove Him to take action, and at times this firm action appeared to be out of anger. No, this was not anger. This was His genuine inner desire for truth and justice and the will of the Father.

I do not label all action, all passionate action, as anger. There are many things that would drive the minds of mortals and what maybe termed as anger maybe in fact sincere desire for truth and fair distribution of justice. This would be what I would term as positive action of anger. No, not all action can be labeled as anger. Some action is given as a gift from Father to provide lesson enhancement on the spiritual values of mortal existence. Is this confusing?

C: No it's not to me. I can see some situations to where it is way more clear to me now. For instance where a mother's child is hit by a drunk driver and she is not going to go use some charm on the situation to make the laws stricter and people more aware. She is going to use some displayed honest anger. I really think there needs to be a different word than anger. It could be very helpful in that situation. I can see a lot of situations where anger could be a constructive thing to make change - help bravery, by standing up and doing something about things.

ABRAHAM: Yes, exactly. Another question?


CL: Father Abraham, this is kind of off the subject a little bit. Next week our whole office is going to spend a whole day discussing teamwork and communication. Can you offer anything that would help us in our discussions on that day?

ABRAHAM: Yes. One suggestion that could prove positive would be for all to lose their pretense of one another, to remove the mask of false insecurity, to truly learn to be yourself and be glad with that, to be accepting of your co-workers true selves. The work arena is an excellent example of human interaction - mortals attempting to learn to work toward a common goal.

It is time for people to say, ‘this is who I really am.’ ‘I accept you as you, as who you really are, and I would find it wonderful if you would accept me.’ To work in an office free from condemnation is an office that would produce top quality workmanship. Yes, this word teamwork could also be termed another way, ‘family.’ For co-workers to treat one another as a family member is to produce an atmosphere of liberty and creative thinking.

I find you already knowing whereof I speak and highly skilled at teaching. I would not only communicate this message with my co-workers, I would attempt to live it. To live by example is a wonderful inspiration for co-workers to witness on a daily basis. Does this help? (Very much. Thank you.)


ABRAHAM: You are welcome. My words are slipping. I would choose to take my leave as I wish you a productive week in learning the skills to aid you in taming your anger. My love be with you all. Until next week, shalom.