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Topic: Service

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Jeremiah

TR: Isaac



Opening prayer

Daniel: "Greetings my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. It is always my pleasure to be with you, to be able to communicate with you in this fashion, to be able to share with you those things which we hope will improve your perspective.


The time you have spent in reflection is a time that has been well spent. It is a gift of the higher mind to be able to recall and to think in this fashion. Memory recall is truly an avenue from which you can ascertain those areas in your life which have brought you into greater awareness, as well as a vehicle to look at those areas where you have trouble.

In reality it is always much more agreeable to the spirit to recall instances of pleasure or instances whereby the positive is emphasized. It is a stressful situation, however, to look at those aspects of the personality which are negative. I commend you all in taking time in reflection.


This week I would like to speak with you regarding the subject of service. During this time of year it becomes quite evident that there are many ways in which you can be of service. I am not here to encourage you to be of service for that is part of the natural process of spiritual evolution and growth. What I would like to address is the aspect of understanding yourself in terms of service. This will not be a long lesson. It will be a lesson that will require some thinking, not only on a reflective basis, but also on a day to day basis when the aspect of serving should arise.

Serving one another entails the least to the very extravagant, it matters not. What does matter is that whatever service rendered is rendered in the spirit of love, willingness, and wholeheartedness. Those who serve begrudgingly or out of guilt or pressure from the outside are cheating themselves for they are not receiving the wondrous joy that is internally gained through service. So my words to you are to think about your actions when it comes to serving, when it comes to opening up to one another, that you do so willingly. For if it cannot be done willingly then maybe one should rethink and do something that is more appropriate, something that can be done willingly.

Those who continue to contemplate the First Source and Center, that choose to communicate, know, and understand God are those who naturally are able to be more generous and open in the situations they choose to serve in. So again this lesson is to remind you that the valuable time spent with the Father prepares you in order that you can fully understand His will and fully serve in any manner that you are called upon to do.

Recall the story in the Old Testament about Abraham and his belief that God wanted him to take the life of his son, Isaac. Grieved though he was, he followed. Yet at the point of endangering this lad, Abraham heard the Father saying that this was not His desire. You see, the First Source and Center does not ask that you do those things which are harmful, destructive, or the like. Following the will of the Father is an open arena in which love, hope, faith, beauty, goodness and truth can be found. Doing the will of the Father will naturally put you in those situations where you can serve. Daily communication nurtures and strengthens you so that when you do serve, it can be through openness and willingness.

This week think about your actions when you are serving. Think about your motives, the reasons why you are serving. This floor is open for questioning and/or dialogue."



Isaac: "Good evening Daniel. I think that is a real fitting subject for your lesson tonight in view of the season of the year as well as the importance of what you are talking about. I believe that Jesus once said that when seeking to serve others we should try and find out what they would like to have us do for them, that is, serve them in a way that meets a need that they feel they have. Is that concept appropriate? Do I remember that correctly and, if so, do you want to comment on it?"

Daniel: "Understanding of your fellow brothers and sisters, indeed, is most helpful when serving. This is an important understanding that you truly do benefit one another in serving those areas and those needs. Often good intentions in serving can meet with disastrous ends when the lack of understanding about a situation or need was not apparent initially. Parents often do this in raising children, serving needs which can be met by the child and not serving the underlying need that the child is crying out for. So, indeed, your understanding is true. There are instances where it is not possible to know the true need but the willingness and openness to serve and the action in serving is still important. People who are incapable of meeting their own needs or knowing their own needs must be served from that standpoint. Serving all of a total group often is served only from the understanding that it will benefit this group of people at this time. Are you seeing?"

Isaac: "Yes, I am. Another thing that occurs to me is that often people desire to serve others in ways they think that person needs to be served or offer them only the service they feel that person 'should' have rather than what they may really want. Sometimes I think there can be a feeling on the part of the recipient that there is a control issue here or there is a judgmental issue. I am not sure if I am making myself clear, but..."

Daniel: "Exactly, I understand. This is why when serving one needs to understand their own motive, their own reasons for serving so that in the service they do not send conflicting ideas."

Isaac: "Okay, thank you very much."

PamElla: "Hi Daniel. I guess I don't have anything to say about service but I am realizing this is our last formal session with you this year. I guess I'm feeling like I am going to miss you so I just wanted to say I love you and thank you and I will definitely reflect upon service.

As you brought up the topic what immediately came to mind is that I feel very self centered a lot because I don't seem to be willing to serve in extravagant ways. Then I had other thoughts that came across my mind that I do serve in smaller ways. But usually things need to be brought to me and then I am kind of willing. But I don't seem to go looking for ways to serve. So I will think more about all that and certainly this is the season to consider service. Thank you, Daniel, and I love you."

Daniel: "Thank you my dear. And to all of you, even the smallest amount of service is important. I do not advocate that you all go out and become volunteers for every organization! What I ask is that when you reach out to another individual that in this reaching you serve with love, openness, and a willingness to be open to the needs of that individual. There are times in your lives when you are able to serve more freely. There are times when there are not opportunities available. This should not be judged as bad; only continue to turn your life over to the First Source and Center. In time that which is needed will be understood. There are times when prayer can be the greatest service you can give. There are times when working through your own personality conflicts will serve you better. In that regard do you lovingly serve yourself."

PamElla: "Thank you Daniel. You are so wonderful. What a great alternative perspective to view myself from at this point in time. Yes I will focus on lovingly serving myself at this point that I may lovingly serve others freely and expansively in the future and others now to the extent I am able and have opportunities arise. Thank you."

Daniel: "Thank you for your comments. One other comment here, my dear. While this may be the last formal lesson as you know it here for this year, know that I am always willing to speak with any of you at your call."

PamElla: "Yes, Daniel, I, of course, know that and I take you up on that. And I am sure we'll be talking before we talk here again."

Daniel: "It would appear that there are no more question at this time. There is another teacher that will speak momentarily."


Jeremiah: "Greetings, I am Jeremiah. I would speak to this group this evening in this fashion.

The times are changing and this calls for the ability of truth seekers to be able to change appropriately. In this regard you have been afforded the opportunity to work through what is known as the Teaching Mission. I am thankful to be a part and to be a teacher for a group member here. I am pleased with the work that I have seen on my mission here to Urantia. Often it is in times of change that the ability to change depends upon a person's understanding of the change, a person's willingness to change, and a person's faith that through change progress will be made.

Times of change often bring chaotic situations which can bring thought patterns to a low. The ability to go within, to seek inner guidance, and to be a willing partner in the mysteries of the First Source and Center will make it much easier for the person to change. And so consider, those of you who are having down times, that it is a time where deep work is being processed and done.


To my charge I say fondly, 'hello', and please continue to seek so that you may know.

At this time Daniel has given me the okay to draw this meeting to a close. In sincere love and affection I say for Daniel and all in attendance, 'Good evening'."

Group: "Good evening."