1995-12-11-Giver of Comfort

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Topic: Giver of Comfort

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Michael

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am happy to meet with you this evening. I am excited by your willingness to communicate with me and each other. I am thankful for our contact and our friendship.

The lessons in anger are difficult. You still have much to learn. I am happy to continue to assist you in the ways of mastering the self. I understand you all are much more aware of your anger patterns. This awareness is a giant step towards mastering your emotional human side.

The Master [Christ Michael] wishes to speak:



Michael: My greetings to each. I am here by your request. I am personally reaching out to each of the branches on our family tree that is this Correcting Time.

You, my children, have endured much inner turmoil and overcame many interactive difficulties with one another. I am in understanding of your concerns. Doubt not that I know you strive to assist me in this up-stepping of a so-called backwards planet. You, my children, are to be commended for your willingness and dedication to my Father and Myself.

This road we travel will not be for the weak or the halfhearted believers. This road we travel has been designed to hold the footprints of those that refuse to quit, those that refuse to lie down and be overtaken by their human difficulties. You who have maintained our circle of light do not struggle in vain. Doubt not that your efforts are well known and appreciated.

This evening I come here for one reason, to make it known that I am available. You need not traverse the waters of adversity alone. Think not on ‘how can I do this.’ Think that with the Father things are possible that you can not fully fathom - but you can trust, I am with you.

I am one who can assist you in your mental and spiritual energies and emotions. I am the giver of peace. I am the giver of comfort. I will proclaim to you, as well as other worlds, that I shall not fail you. Trust that your world is in the hands of those who carefully watch over and love this world as if it was the only world. Carry on.

I am ABRAHAM. We are honored to be in the presence of one that radiates pure love. It is in my information that many are unknowing who to direct their petitions. I say to you, this is the purpose for Michael's message. He asks you to call on Him. In that moment when anger has overtaken your sensibility, the giver of comfort stands by.

It is my goal to reach each one of you to relate to you the message that you are a child of God. It is my goal that you believe this to be true about you personally. Embrace this status. Yes, you must come into the realization that God, the Father, knows you and completely understands. He asks that you acknowledge your son or daughtership to Him. I say to fully experience being born of the spirit you must see yourself as a child of the First Great Source and Center, our Infinite Father.

This week I recommend that you come to some understanding on the meaning of your role as a child of God. What does this mean? My second recommendation is that you keep in the forefront of your mind to call upon our Creator Son when you are experiencing uncontrollable emotions such as anger. I say to you it is not strange that the Creator of a universe would assist with human difficulties. I tell you this has always been so. A few questions?



C.: Abraham, it is surely the most highest honor to have the Creator, Father, Brother address us. If we were to consciously realize the actuality of that, I think we possibly would be consumed in our human body here. We must not really realize what is going on or not letting it soak in. Does that make any sense?

ABRAHAM: Yes. It is thought of by mortals that our Creator is too great of a presence to know about personal human suffering, that while wars rage on in parts of the world, why would He tend to assist someone experiencing anger or inner confusion. Mortals do not fully understand that with the assistance of the Creative Infinite Spirit He is not bound. He is not like one being, one presence that travels from problem to problem. He is like the wind. The wind can be everywhere, and yet, still moving, still having an affect. What I would like to help you to understand, that communication with the Creator Son is not strange or overwhelming. It is deeply personal and makes the way for changes. Another question?

R.: I'd like to express my gratitude about His presence here tonight. It is an important time for me. And I would like to know what you would have me do in this near future, I guess what you would have us do to become more conscious to His presence among us?

ABRAHAM: You all are receiving mansion world instruction and it is a lot to absorb and put to work in your life. I would say that this groups focus right now is to absorb these teachings, and utilize them in their personal life, teaching these skills along the way to others. To best open up to the Creator is to truly desire His presence, His counsel, to know that you are using your human resources and desire His presence for direction and peace. Our Brother/Creator was present here tonight in part because there was a group desire for His presence. Yes, it is said, He knows what is in your heart. One more question.


J.: Abraham, this is more on a personal matter, but it is something that has been bothering me. If there anything that you can say that might be able to help me out I would appreciate it. I just need some advice what to do about my (breaking up with) my boyfriend and him not wanting to see me again. ( The rest of the question was inaudible.)

ABRAHAM: It is obvious this is painful, but what I would like to inquire from you is what is your true desire, why is this your true desire and you need to be completely honest with yourself. Patterns that have accumulated during the course of ones lifetime can create many difficulties concerning relationships.

You must understand why, what you are feeling, why you are feeling this. I can not tell you to follow your heart because at times the heart can be deceiving. I must advise you to filter your hearts information into your intelligence system.

Know this, my daughter, you are a child of God and this is all you need to be. You need not compromise your inner feelings for another's approval. You are complete as you are and the love of others can not add to your completion. The love of others fail you on a human level, but I say, your acceptance of your daughtership in the Father's kingdom is proof that you need not live up to anyone's expectations.

Yes, you are a unique personality. You need not apologize for that. You need not change. To keep your eyes upon the giver of all comfort is to stand bravely and face your pain without fear.


I am in awe of the love I feel for you each, those present and those absent. I will meet with you again next week. Shalom.