1996-01-08-Trust Opens New Doors

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Topic: Trust Opens New Doors

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. Thank you for coming. I am honored to assist you in your attainment of our Paradise Father. I trust that you all had an active week in learning to trust our Father, the Father of all fathers. Those that take a chance trusting a God which they cannot view with their material eyes find that many doors are opened to new morontial experiences.



Many of you have stumbled in the dark and have felt fear. Many of you have stumbled in the dark and relied and trusted their Father for their safety and guidance. Trusting is not as common as it once was between mortals. To trust is now to almost go against the grain. Learning to trust takes time to grow just as a small plant must struggle to survive. While it is true, you cannot at times trust your fellow mortals, it is true that your Father is not like any mortal. Once you take a chance and trust Father to place you on the path that He has chosen and you have accepted, you will discover many new branches on the tree of mortal experience.

On the tree of mortal experience, once you have established trust, you would realize that Father has many more discoveries than you anticipated. To trust Him is to open your line of communication with Him and His army of various helpers. To believe that negativity could have a place next to trust is not reality. To trust in your Father is to be shielded from the negativity. To trust is to be empowered with strength that can only come from God-knowingness. This spiritual power is nothing other than the pure love that radiates from our Paradise Parents, the pure force that creates the universes. To trust is to be open for more spiritual understanding. To trust is to accept more spiritual responsibility. You are trusting in Father's destiny for you, therefore, you are aligned with His will and empowered with the tools to carry out His will.

As you realize and accept your place within the kingdom you are learning to trust in the force that gives all things life. This is why I place much emphasis on your understanding of your son or daughtership within the kingdom. Your son or daughtership goes hand in hand with trust in the rulers of the universes. I say to you, with this new realization comes new responsibilities and new power to perform your duties. Responsibility may unnerve some, but I say, with new responsibilities are new levels of joy, experienced only by those that are in understanding of this concept.

With the forward movement of this Mission we are giving our students the tools to press on. Those students that trust in their own inner knowledge of God will receive the training and the tools to further this Mission. I say these responsibilities are not a burden, no, they are a privilege. If you were to have such faith in yourselves as your Father has in you, you would certainly move mountains. I am responsible for certain duties, and I do not feel they are a burden, but I feel honored to be trusted with such responsibilities in the kingdom. I am energized by the trust that Michael has in me. I have been trained and given the tools to perform my duties and I am filled with the love that is the true source of all power. The more I serve the more I crave to serve.

I described this Mission as the ocean regarding its strength and powerfulness in which the water can either heal or be quite destructive. The water can sustain life, and yet, a tidal wave can destroy it. Nevertheless, the ocean is more grand than you or I. The ocean is the sum total of believers and the believers can unify and sustain life or separate from petty disagreement and become destructive. If all believers could stand upon the common ground of trusting their Paradise Parents they could create a force of good that would be as good as to heal much of this worlds pain. The common ground of trust is like the calm winds that create small ripples in the water with the beautiful sunlight reflecting off and restoring good-will in the hearts of humankind. Instead of judgment towards your fellows divert your attention to the trust you have for those who rule the universes. With that first little thought of judging another say to yourself, "Father I trust in your abilities to show me what you want me to know. Help me to believe you are involved in everyone's life, for everyone is a child of God."

With the changes you have experienced within these years of the Correcting Time you will begin to experience morontial lessons at a much faster pace. This is not to be imposed upon you. This is by your own choosing, by your own desire. Those that listen to us will help to advance Michael's plan for upliftment and planetary healing. The lesson on trust is just the bottom stair to a giant staircase of realizations that have mostly been experienced on the mansion world until now. This world is catching up to where it should have been. I repeat, when you are trusting your Father, His will, you are given more responsibilities, and with that, the spiritual tools to complete them. Is there any questions?



JOSHUA: I have a question Father Abraham. Last week I was watching a show on TV and it showed a person that was responsible for a cure for AIDS. I was wondering if the Life Carriers or whoever might be working on this, any closer to coming up with a cure for AIDS?

ABRAHAM: I am certain that medical technology improvements are all included in the planetary healing, specifics I cannot reveal. But I can say those mortals who seek not self-glorification are being contacted concerning medical improvements and answers to the destructive ailments that plague this world. Much medical improvements took many years to bring about. I can say medical improvement will certainly be upstepped. Another question?


ROLAND: Father Abraham, in regard to a lesson I guess, we spoke of calling upon Christ Michael to assist us in our finding a way through this life, our adversities as well as our looking to do the will of the Father, we were to call upon Him in that request. I am having a little bit of difficulty because my prayers have been so uniformly calling upon the Father, our Father in Heaven, and the one who dwells within me and assist me in this experience. How would you call upon the Father and Christ Michael in an appropriate way? I have struggled with that. I would like some instruction.

ABRAHAM: I understand. In the ways that are divine I have instructed you to speak with your Indwelling Father Fragment. He is always lighting your path to Him and He is best suited for higher spiritual learning. I have referred you to the Son concerning human matters. Michael is fully understanding in the human emotions, such as anger, and may assist you in answers to controlling these human emotions. Michael is a great buffer against the winds of anger and He fully understands your efforts in self-mastery. I say let this not confuse you, for if you have seen the Son also have you seen the Father, likewise, if you speak with the Son also have you spoken to the Father. Yes, always should you go to your inner understanding when petitioning your concept of what God is. Always should you trust your feelings in the way in which you wish to pray. Michael mastered His mortal emotions and was fully enlightened by His Paradise Father. I refer you to the Son for your own benefit, that you have studied His life and possibly have a better knowledge of how He lived it. He is a smaller, more easily understandable fragment of deity. Concerning human emotions, it is of great comfort to petition Michael. In matters of spiritual and universal understanding it is best to directly petition your Indwelling Father. But all in all, words are just words, and I can verify your heart is fully understood, no matter who you ask. Is this helping?

ROLAND: Very much and very beautifully. It seems to me another element we may want to pay attention to, I would like to pay attention to, that is to know the Creative Mother Spirit is now in residence on Urantia and she is here for a purpose. Is there a time or appropriateness to pray or petition Her for a specific human need, spiritual need?

ABRAHAM: Mother is not bound by time or space any longer. She can hear you as easily as Michael. She is a effective and wonderful minister to those who call upon Her. Mother is ministering to those groups who find themselves in adversity such as minority groups. She is assisting in uplifting the consciousness of all who are perhaps biased in their feelings of who is a child of God and who is not. She is diligently working to correct the imbalances of societal ills. But I say, Mother still answers those who ask for Her assistance. Does this answer?

ROLAND: Yes it does and thank you. I have an unusual request of you tonight Abraham, and that is I have received a fax from the lady I told you about in Albuquerque, who has described her experience during the Christmas morning. What I would like to do is after all the questions have been asked is ask you to stay while I read this to our group and then you can perhaps, if you're willing, to make comment about it. Because it has a great deal to do with this trust lesson you gave us tonight it seems to me.

ABRAHAM: If lines of communication are still strong, certainly. Another question?


HONORAY: Father Abraham, talk about being tested on our trust and our emotions worrying about all the violence and everything that goes on around us. We were all tested a little last week. Were you aware of what happened right under our window when you were giving your lesson last week, that the young man was killed out in our parking lot? The next day I had a hard time trusting those that are around me. It was pretty hard to keep from shaking all day and not giving in to just wanting to barricade yourself in when things are going on. It really put me to a test.

ABRAHAM: Understandable. (Were you aware of that last week?) Yes, but I know only as much as you. That is not my area of work. Violence is truly a test for mortals. I am wholly understanding of your need to be safe. This is why I ask you to exercise your trust for Father because He is unlike any mortal you have ever known. He is completely responsible and desires your trust in Him. He is watching over all His children, but many of His children are not looking back. They are not understanding of His love for them and they will not be understanding of His watch-care over them. You, however, are understanding of Father's watch-care and you are in knowing of His powerfulness. Guns may rule man, but they cannot influence God and your trusting in Father to always be with you is to absorb His power, His courage, His love and step bravely forth into the world and teach this concept to others. I completely understand. You are in an exercise of trust, as are many. This is not to be feared. Another question?

RACHEL: I just have a comment Father Abraham. You were describing a beautiful faith and trust that our Creator Father has in you, I want you to know you gave me goose pimples all up and down my spine. And I just really and truly feel like I could feel your presence. I just wanted to make that comment.

ABRAHAM: It should not be new to you. We have spoken several times. You know me just as I know you. Another question?

CALVIN: In your lesson I feel that you are asking us to take a sincere look of how willing we are to be responsible in this Teaching Mission. Surely we don't have the kind of trust in ourselves that our Father has in us, you do, when you are asking us to trust that we are capable of being a great help to the world and to ourselves. Before Jesus left His apostles He did say greater things shall they do. I am getting the feeling that wasn't meaning greater miracles and so on, but greater things for the whole world. In light of what you are saying tonight I can see that. No miracles are going to change people, but light, truth and love would make great changes.

ABRAHAM: Yes, correct. Even though self-trust may not always be present, your basic foundation should be trust in the Father. It is the Father that reveals to you your abilities and empowers you with the knowledge you need to fulfill His will. Yes, trust in Father is the first step in the staircase of many steps such as self-trust, faith, courage, endurance, tolerance and so on. Yes, it begins with your faith intermingled with trust in a deity that created the universes and life. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes it does. The whole basic element, it all boils down to how much trust we have in Him, putting our full trust in His watch-care, help and knowing that He will show us every little part of our way. Thanks.


RACHEL: Father Abraham I would like to present to you this evening Marcese, who is here with us and ask if you have a comment for him. And also to make this comment, he may be leaving to go back to Ireland, and if he does so, you can make good use of him over there.

ABRAHAM: Yes, we are knowing of each other. Greetings again. I am delighted in his association with Joshua. You are certainly a spirit led individual. We are happy at your willingness to serve. Have you a question?


MARCESE: Yes Father Abraham. If I offend you in asking anything please forgive my ignorance. What I want to ask...like most Europeans, I am very concerned about the conflict in Bosnia. The "peace keepers" that are now there will number 60,000 in about two months time. In a year they are supposed to be gone. Will the three denizens of the area, the Croats, the Muslims and the Bosnians...they don't like each other just as the Irish Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Will they, as we have learned in Northern Ireland, learn to live, mutually exist or will the blood continue to be spilled? I repeat, as most Europeans, I am very concerned about this because this could spill all over Europe.

ABRAHAM: Understood, understood. Down through history has man fought only to find that there is no light at the end of this tunnel. This area of the world is at a stage of evolving as a people. I say with regret that some things have to become unbearable in order to get better. It is horrifying for the angelic beings that assist to witness such misunderstanding between mortals. God could intervene with one wave of His hand and stop this war, but this would not teach His children peace and tolerance come through understanding. I say there will definitely be a day when war is no longer deemed as power. Understanding will be the peace keeper. It is through understanding that we learn to love and accept. Your concerns are known. You are amongst many who have prayed and deeply desired for an end to this suffering. Believe me when I say, you all have been heard, and the Father reaches all of you with His love and calls to all and tries to make understood that He hears the prayers and He has asked back for His children to listen to Him. He awaits their answer. But then again, I say those who have left this world are completely safe. They will understand everything in time. These men, women, children, will experience far greater happiness than they have ever known. Yes, the killing is sad here, but I reassure you that those that have gone are in the hands of the one that created them. Worry not. Does this help? (Very much. Thank you very much.) You're welcome. One more question.

ROLAND: Just a comment. Due to the lateness of the hour I withdraw my request. What I think I will do is see if the group would like to hear about this next week and then get your comments at that time.


ABRAHAM: If desired you can share it with the group tonight. I could perhaps comment next week. This would be acceptable. I am happy to be of service to each and everyone of you. I will meet with each one during the week. Until next week, shalom.