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Topic: Stillness

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am honored to speak with you this evening. I find it hard to express to you the joy I receive from teaching this group. I have longed for a position of this type for a long time, but there were several things I had to experience first. Much training have I completed to be here with you for these teachings. I say the effort I made was absolutely worth the joy I experience now.


Teacher Contact

Yes, I spent time with each of my students this week. I have assisted my students in the technique of receiving my communications. I am helping you to discover your direct line to Father. I labor to dispel fear and mystical thinking that students may apply to their understanding of our Father. I have spoken concerning listening and understanding. I say that benefits from these skills are manifested one hundredfold when one can recognize inner peace. The source of inner peace, our Father, we are learning to trust Him to weave our faith into the threads of trust to create a cloak of inner peace. So much is lifted off our shoulders when we are listening for Father, trusting Father to guide us and believing that He is the source of all comfort and inner peace.


The teachers have instructed you to take a moment of stillness each day to renew your connection with your origin, to reconnect with the source of all living things. The stillness, not long. The effort to perform the stillness is quite simple, and yet, it helps you to locate the source of all inner peace. To walk in this life day by day it takes a toll on the body and mind. Life can become too much trouble and some mortals may wish to withdraw for periods of time. They are too affected by ordinary adversity conditions. Without the exercise of reconnecting with the source of all peace, many find it difficult to handle even the most simplest tasks.


You are learning to trust Father. You are beginning to know Father is unfailing. You are beginning to see new horizons that you did not know existed. With your trust you have turned to Father for guidance on a moments notice. With your trust you have learned to trust your own judgment. Do you see, when you are trusting the Father to guide you unerringly to do His bidding, this is where your heart lies? In trusting your God, this definitely brings self-trust. Do you see your intentions? Do you see the circle of faith created by your trust in Father, and His trust in you, and completing our circle is your own self-trust?


Tonight my lesson is short. I am asking you to reconnect with the source of peace through stillness practice. If you can locate this peace, you become re-energized and feel more competent to handle what life may have in store for you. A few minutes, not long. Do not make this difficult. Stillness is like a man in a hot desert searching for the well wherewith to quench his thirst. Your stillness is drinking from this well. You are quenched with the peace and clarity of mind needed to send you on your way to further spiritual learning and growth. This week focus on the listening during the stillness. Expect to hear with your heart and not your ears. My friends, we indeed have eternity. Let not the burden of time be upon you. Let your time spent at the well be a gift that you share with the one closest to you, just you and your Father. Any questions?


Stillness (cont'd)

CALVIN: Abraham, your lesson is very timely because I have been reading transcripts from the Arkansas gathering. It is quite the theme in there of the importance of the stillness also. For years now I've heard yourself and Ham speak of the importance of connecting with our Indwelling Spirit for just a few minutes a day. I know most of my problem is not regularly taking those few minutes. But can there be physical reasons why there is a frustrated connection sometimes or just 'calm down' reason maybe?

ABRAHAM: I am certain that many make this practice to be a big event. They are making the stillness practice to be a chore and not a drink from the well of light. Many times each day does the stillness practice come to you, no matter your location, your attitude, even the noise that may surround you. Stillness is within and not so much without. Many times do you find yourself in the midst of calm. It is an appropriate time to say, " I am here Father. I give thanks for this drink at the well, which is your love and peace." It is not easy to find a quiet moment in this fast paced world. But I say, your mind is more than you know. You all are endowed with mind that possibly escapes your understanding. You see, a mind trained in the ways of self-mastery can perform stillness in the midst of chaos. This is why there is need for practice. Stillness practice is to be recognized as it comes to you. No, this is not hard. This is a gift in which the child looks to see if His hand still holds his Father's. You will see much of learning the stillness is an attitude. It is not necessary to make this a mystical practice. To recognize stillness as it comes upon you is to be enabled to serve your fellows as the need arises. You see, stillness is not just sitting in solitude. Advanced stillness is opening the channel between your God and your fellows. Does this help?

CALVIN: Very, very much. I thought I had to go sit in a certain way and hold my hands in a certain way to really connect. I can see I can do just what you are saying just in driving down the road or reflecting looking out the window at work.

ABRAHAM: Yes, correct. Another question?

ROLAND: Abraham, I appreciate your lesson tonight. I feel benefitted by that. The East Indian tradition of meditation is of course as you know long and asks that in the meditation the goal be in connection with God-consciousness. They speak of a energy which is kundalini energy that rest at the bottom of the spine. Many of the masters are able to raise this energy from the base of the spine through the crown chakras of the head with practice, and have become illuminated in the process, in a mindal way, that their prose and their poetry of a very high state. Does this have any bearing on what they are doing or a bearing of what you speak of in the silence or is this a different practice entirely?

ABRAHAM: As with stillness practice you are opening your human will to be led by Father. You are putting aside your desires for Father to be of service. It is Father who manipulates the energies that you speak of. Man can only be open to this manipulation. It must be man's will to align with Father's in order to understand the benefits of this energy. God is energy. He is the source of all energy. To integrate with Father is to begin to understand this energy and how to put it to use. Is this at all answering?

ROLAND: It does answer. I guess the distinction I can see at this point is that for the world in general to understand that reaching the stillness is a simple process of quieting yourself each day and there is a tremendous amount of power and direction in that. Is it then that practicality which we achieve by a few minutes of this practice enhanced or perhaps even refined through the Eastern tradition of longer periods of time and particular methods of meditation? Is it beneficial to pursue those traditional forms of Eastern Indian practice to achieve higher enlightenment?

ABRAHAM: Long stillness practice is to misuse your energy. Too long stillness practice is to drain you of that energy that might be put to use through service. This meeting, for example, during the first part of my lessons the words are fairly strong. Towards the end of our meeting the words are fewer and less understood by the transmitter/receiver. We recommend short stillness practice, because when you begin to always allow God to live your life with you, you will find you are always in somewhat of a stillness practice. Stillness is a reconnecting and allowing Father to reach you. Advanced stillness is to use this practice in everyday living. Does this help?

ROLAND: It does and I appreciate what you are saying, that eventually the silence practice will appear in everything that you do, whether it be a material pursuit or serving another person in a spiritual way, and I don't even know if you can separate those. (Yes, correct.) I see that in my stillness practice, and having others be involved in stillness practice, such as occurred on Dec. 25, Christmas morning, where two people were brought together in time and space exactly at the right time for message to be exchanged. That it was in stillness that we had both released ourselves to the will of God, and it was in that releasing ourselves that we were brought together, and that is so precise it might take years to do exactly the same if we did it under our own power. So I see in the stillness how we coordinated to assist each other. That seems to be manifested in the lives of those people who spend years doing it. They are also well coordinated in their pursuit of being of service or the will of the Father. So my notion is if its easy and if there is a easy way to do it, certainly that would be my way. I'm not sure if I get it completely but I'll continue to work on it. I thank you very much for your response.

ABRAHAM: I think you understand very well, Roland. You are welcome. Anything else I can assist in this evening, please feel free to ask me anything. Another question?

JOSHUA: I don't have a question, but I'd like to make a comment. I would like to thank Father, Michael, Machiventa, yourself and Ham and the other teachers, for all the effort that have put forth to bring we mortals to the place where we're at. We have three new visitors tonight. I would like them to introduce themselves if they would and your greeting.

RON: I go to school with Jonathan. He has told me a lot about this group. I wanted to experience it for myself.

JONATHAN: This is my friend Kayleen. She has been to the group before as well.

CALVIN: Abraham, you said your were with us during the week. I know I am not a very good listener, but anymore insights on how we can be better be prepared or connected with the teachers? I can see through the lessons, again reading the Arkansas transcripts, that many, many teachers are there to be an everyday thing in our lives for help and assistance. And its part of the Father's work and our intended connection to be more of a reality level with you teachers, our guides and helpers. Anything new after observing us this week that we could be more aware of?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I would first welcome our visitors and accept Joshua's praise for our efforts and also give you all my gratitude for your unfailing dedication and desire to serve. My observance this week has led me to put emphasizes on this practice being as normal as possible. Before this world was thrown into rebellion and setbacks many were evolving towards this practice. To transmit would have been like taking a bath. This practice would be thought of as natural as breathing. I wish to dispel any mystical ideas my students may hold as far as the stillness goes. I am extremely please at your willingness to learn and this helps me teach by your questions. Its the format for your lessons. I am fading in my clarity to you.

RACHEL: Father Abraham, let me help you out a little bit. I am going to be my own normal self and add a little light-heartedness. I'm going to tell you a joke. What I understand you and your associates all like humor. It starts out with a question. How come everybody is turning to God these days? The answer: Because it’s a lot more fun to walk on water than to tap-dance on red coals.


ABRAHAM: I am quite amused, as are my associates. We are very lightened by your humor and would desire to see more of it. I leave you my love and gratitude until next week, shalom.