1996-02-05-Wounds of Fear

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Topic: Wounds of Fear

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you this evening. It is always of supreme importance that you receive my thought transmission messages regardless of the amount of people in attendance. To have one mortal receive my words is as important just as a thousand mortals receiving my message. I am always appreciative to participate in Michael's Correcting Time. You are all extremely valued and I shall act accordingly.


What a wondrous time we have spent together. We have learned many morontial truths and overcome numerous human obstacles. My instructions were to teach you what was appropriate for your group personality. My main message has always been, believe yourself to be a child of God, trust in your divine overcare and serve your fellows according to what you have been taught. In these truths are the core desire to be God-like, to believe you are Father's child and you dwell within Him and Him within you. I find my desire to be truly God-like continues to grow just as it did when I first believed.


In accepting your status in the Kingdom do you receive new responsibilities. Part of your responsibilities is to know Father's basic truths and perform them to the best of your ability. When you have made your decision to be God-like you are committed to His will and learning to activate His will. You are learning to act upon your basic knowledge of Father. At times you feel a selfish side of you say, "I know this is God's will, but I trust more so in my own will. I chose my will." In deciding to be God-like you are committing to go forth with courage and trust that Father's will is supreme. Without trust you are diluting Father's power. You are making your God small and ineffective. Trust must be a primary factor in making your decision to be God-like. Once you have made your decision to go forth, and strive to be like your Father, there is really no turning back. Yes, you will stumble, but once you have decided, you will continually move forward.

This decision to be God-like can expose such fear deep within ones emotional reservoir, fear of failure, fear of appearing unacceptable, appearing less than you really are. I say for a wound to heal it must be cleaned, disinfected, You cannot bandage over an old wound and expect it to heal. The Spirit of Truth is your disinfectant. He will assist you in cleansing of your deep-seated wounds and help you work on them. I say, if you have decided to be God-like will your fears rise and catch your attention. To go forth bravely and clean these wounds of fear is to be assisted by the vast hosts of Heaven. Yes, these fears and wounds are quite valuable. They are not to be covered up. These wounds can remain covered and stay an underlying painful trauma or they can be exposed to the healing light that shines forth from our Spirit of Truth.

In your decision to be God-like know that in all afflictions Father is also afflicted. He is your source of courage. He is the source of all courage. He is not about to let His child lay wounded and alone. He is to help His child help themselves in their own healing. You have decided to be God-like. There are now no more excuses to strive for anything less. You are bravely going forth to acknowledge your wounds, which are your fears. You are to stand firmly in the soil of faith with the sunlight of truth upon your skin and the rain of our Mother completing your connection of spiritual nutrition.

My lesson this week is to ask you to fear not. Trust in our Father who is unfailing in power and love, unbounded by time or space. To view yourself as a courageous citizen in our universe is to understand that worshipful joy I have mentioned before. You may not be able to see the horizon now, but I can say, I have viewed bits and pieces of this horizon, and I can say, it is beautiful beyond description. I am filled with excitement when I ponder upon your discoveries. Have you questions?



RACHEL: Yes Father Abraham. You said that we are to stand firm and not cover up our wounds or our fears, so my question is, should we discuss this with the group or with our teachers or with you or our Indwelling Spirit? Some suggestions please.

ABRAHAM: You can discuss your problems with a group. You can discuss them with a teacher. These are acceptable. But I say, the one who knows you beyond your own comprehension of your human frailties is your Indwelling Father Fragment and Michael, who is acting as an disinfectant. Michael assists in opening an infection, and letting you see it, and you and your Father shall begin to act as the antibiotic. Most important is how you feel about perceiving your own fears and sharing them with others. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it is helpful for others also, but the major work will be done by you, your Father, Christ Michael. You can relate tonight's lesson to the world as a whole. Christ Michael and His vast legions of helpers are exposing all infections or darkness and mortals and their Father will begin to heal. Does the help?

RACHEL: Yes it does. It helps a whole lot, but one thing. I may have a whole lot of sores that I don't realize I have. But to be honest, I have not felt like I was full of fear. Maybe I am and don't know it.

ABRAHAM: I understand. You have not always truthfully been so fearless. Much have you achieved to overcome and move forward. If you are not perceiving any wounds do not look for them. When they arise it will be clear and guided that you are needed to work on these wounds. You have experienced much fear and gathered around you a shield of courage and you press on. Yes, your experiences have taught you that fear is nothing other than a course in spiritual learning. Yes. Is this helping? (Yes it helps a whole lot and I thank you kindly.) You're very welcome. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, thanks for your lesson and your insight into our personal needs and lives. You can only know by being so close to us personally. I feel like lots of infections and stuff seem to surface about how I can cope personally with different situations, especially lately in trusting. I think the lessons have helped me gain a lot more trust. But from your viewpoint, I guess I'd like to know how am I doing?

ABRAHAM: It all depends upon your decision to be God-like. If you are choosing yes, then you are to accept Father's will and perform them as a child of God. Much lies in if you are hesitating on your decision, possibly some pulling back, you are to continue to spin your wheels in the soil of human uncertainty. This decision need not be rushed. It is of your own choosing and feelings of readiness. To be in the midst of human turmoil is not to be viewed as such tragedy. As you make your decision to be God-like, are you intrigued by turmoil, and like a detective, you are curiously enthusiastically digging for clues to solve such mysteries? Does this help? (Very, very much.) I say you do well. Another question?

ROLAND: Last week you indicated that the desire to be God-like and then the decision to be God-like was, I suppose you could call it, a two-step experience. I feel like I desire to be God-like. My commitment to it is shaded by the fact that I think, my goodness, what an incredibly high goal. Am I worthy or am I presumptuous to think that I could be God-like? Certainly because you have said that, that is within our reach, I believe it in a greater way. I guess the thing that is really affecting me is at this point in my juncture in my spiritual journey is that I am having such a difficult time with what I call character defects or behavioral things that throw me off the spiritual path and definitely don't look like God-like behavior. I am wondering if you have any kind of a suggestion you might make to me (? generally)? It might help us in overcoming habitual patterns that is not God-like. Can you comment on that?

ABRAHAM: Yes, understandable. As you are accepting your son or daughtership with the Father, truly believing you are a child of God, a cosmic citizen of the realm, you feel a need to begin to be God-like. This is your desire. Just as you said, when the character defects arise you are saying, I want to be God-like, but my emotions overtake me. Emotions are given more power than is our Father. When you consciously commit to aspiring God-likeness you are immediately searching for His will. There is no other answer than to search for His will. When you have decided to be God-like you are not relying on the weakness of emotions and mortal shortcomings.

In deciding to be God-like, committing your life to making your best effort to strive to be God-like, you are relying on God's will. There are no excuses for falling back to your uncommitted ways. You have deeply and truly committed yourself to being God-like, then are you empowered with strength to go forward in a courageous manner. Do not believe you are not going to stumble, of course you are. That is natural. I am speaking of a real commitment to consult your Father Fragment with each of your mortal undertakings. Does this help?

ROLAND: Yes it does very much. Is there any service I can perform that you might relate to me in place that I might go or meet with people that would be helpful in those times?

ABRAHAM: For me to direct you is to do the work of our Father and I am not qualified. I am certain you are extremely close with your inner Father and you are skilled at discerning His directions. You are quite dedicated in your desire to spread light and brotherly love and I foresee no problems that may impede you. Are you understanding?

ROLAND: Yes. Thank you. One other question. I know that you are the overseer of the Corps of Destiny on Urantia. I'm wondering, knowing that you have attended to me in the last few weeks, if you know of a woman by the name of Darlene? Her spiritual name is Victoria. She appears to be a member of the Corps of Destiny. Is that something that you could confirm?

ABRAHAM: Yes, I am aware. She is. Another question?

JOSHUA: Father Abraham, may I ask a question not related to the lesson? (Certainly.) A few days ago I received a call from Robert B., Marese. He was in Chicago. His left lung had collapsed. He was operated on. Will he make it back to Ireland safely and maybe start a teacher group back there?


ABRAHAM: His reason for learning of this Teaching Mission was to relay its messages wherever he resides. I am unable to say if his return to Ireland is possible, but I can say, my assignment as far as your friend is concerned has been successfully completed. He is a wonderfully enlightened son and I am quite grateful to know him. He is going to go forth with our mission. Does this help? (Yes very much. Thank you.) You are very welcome. I am slipping. I wish to leave you with my deepest gratitude and love. I shall be around to help you in your education. Until next week, shalom.