1996-02-19-Father, Make Us Like You

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Topic: Father, Make Us Like You

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings and welcome to you all. It has been an interesting week for myself and my associates. Our work has been up-stepped to help this world back on course. We have endeavored to reach as many mortals as will allow. We are happy to report that the numbers of mortals we have reached has far exceeded our expectations. We find mortals are indeed recognizing the need for Father to assist in mortal living. Somewhere deep inside the human experience is the acknowledgment that Father is needed. Unfortunately, at times mortals call upon a higher understanding due to the traumas of daily living, but I say, Father answers regardless of how He is summoned.



You, my students, my friends, have assisted in our efforts to forward this Mission with your willingness to serve. You have not only served materially, but also mindally. Your thoughts have traveled the universe circuits and created a forward momentum that cannot be halted. We that have labored to re-establishes the Kingdom of Heaven on earth are grateful for your faith in us. Do you understand that your perseverance and faith in myself was quite God-like? At any time you could have brushed aside this Mission and went about your own business. You, my friends, have resurrected me, so to speak. You have accepted my lessons and put them forth in your personal daily living, and I can say, this was quite God-like of you, my friends. Many have endured personal doubt and spiritual misunderstanding, but you have set aside your painful thoughts for the good of the whole. You have remained steadfast to Michael's Mission all the while attempting to understand your own personal duties in the Correcting Time. Even through confusion you have kept coming back, and this I say, is quite God-like.

Ham had helped you to attain the tools to practice being God-like. I have attempted to lay out the blueprints to guide you in your steps to becoming God-like. Your Indwelling Father Fragments have provided the light to view all you need to understand and you provided the willingness to work for what you know without promise of compensation. You, my students, are faithful and have acquired strength beyond your own comprehension. Yes, willingness to be God-like is what brings you here. Willingness to be God-like is what drives you to serve. God-likeness is overlooking your personal gain to the good of the whole.

I say you are closer to being like the Father more than you know. It is a most natural, simple and unrecognized way of being. It is truly your origin. It is where you began your God consciousness. I cannot say you are God-like, but I can say, it is apparently recognizable in all of you. This is not difficult to understand. This is a completely natural way of becoming like the Father. This is not unrecognizable to you. With your commitment to knowing your Father and striving to be like Him, you are asking to receive the spiritual tools to perform the will of Father, you are accepting your responsibilities and being endowed with the liberty to face any obstacle. You are asking for the courage and strength to go about the Kingdom believing you are a child of God. You are recognizing that you are a spiritual being, a being new, one with untold strength and courage to go about lending a hand to other children of God, helping others to recognize they are valued and loved in the family of Father, which is known as the Kingdom of God.

This night you shall experience an widening of your understanding, you shall feel the excitement I feel when I ponder upon all God's possibilities. You are enabled to see a little farther down your spiritual path and be intrigued by the new understandings that will come your way. I would take this moment to show my gratitude to the one that makes all things possible.

Father of all fathers, we in attendance convey to you our deepest gratitude and unending love. We are deeply moved by one who cares so much for us. I would say on behalf of the Teaching Corps and students thereof, know that your love is our hearts' desire and we shall not fail you. We are empowered by your faith in us and we ask you, Father, make us like you. Amen.

A few questions this evening.


ROLAND: Father Abraham, we have with us tonight for the first time one who needs no introduction, but as a tradition to introduce to you Victoria, a sister who has become aware of her membership in the Corps of Destiny most recently, but has known and had great desire to serve Michael throughout her life. It has been a great pleasure to know her and it is my great pleasure to introduce her tonight. If she has any questions I would certainly encourage her to ask at this point.

ABRAHAM: Thank you Roland. Welcome Victoria. Is there anything I can answer for you tonight?

VICTORIA: I am impressed to offer up my deepest gratitude and once again my heartfelt devotion and my willingness to serve as I have felt it throughout my life. It is a great privilege to be here and once again confess my heart and my willingness to serve once again.

ABRAHAM: This is known, my daughter, and graciously accepted. Thank you. Another question?

Reserve Corps

ROLAND: The follow up on the idea of the Corps of Destiny, what has been illuminated to us in the Urantia Book has been that we have been prepared as Corps of Destiny members to serve certain functions. It seems like there has been an evolution from the Reserve Corps of Destiny, those people who are in it unconsciously to the conscious level, knowing you are there in it, that we know that we have prepared from youth. What has actually changed since the writing of the Urantia Book for us to have conscious knowledge of our membership?

ABRAHAM: This Mission is what has changed. The embracing of all mortals, the calling to all, the Reserve Corps is being revised. The Reserve Corps will be open to the recruiting of those who answer the call. The Reserve Corps is now expanded and hoping to recruit a great many diverse groups, racial, cultural, various religious organizations, non-(TR-I can't say that word. I have to say a different word. It means either gender. It means beyond gender.) These are the groups we strive to recruit into the Reserve Corps. Does this help?

ROLAND: Yes it does. Thank you very much. I am impressed to tell you how close I have become to you in my own (?) and how easy it is to love you as a brother, how much I appreciate your guidance and instructions to me. In the face of my extreme humanness, thank you.

ABRAHAM: This is known and I likewise feel the same for you. I am in complete understanding of humanness. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, thanks for you understanding of humanness. It makes us feel better being human. I think that is why not so long ago mortals--its so helpful in this Teaching Mission because you are so experienced, close to where we are. I know this day and age may bring a different set of problems than yours. I remember not long ago, I was thinking on the way here, a lot of times in my daily routine talking with Father saying, 'forgive me for this, forgive me for that.' I noticed today I haven't been doing that for I don't know how long, quite some time. I am sure that is not that I am not doing the same stupid humanness error things, but I think that its that I have accepted that I am understood and loved okay in them. I don't need to keep saying I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but understand that I am growing and that time and growth is forever. Does that make sense? I think it is because of your--I know it is, because of your teaching and our understanding of your teachings that has helped me realize this for myself.

ABRAHAM: Yes. Understood. You are understanding. Your God-likeness is occurring. It is just happening. You are recognizing this. This is your desire and it is happening. You understand your Father to know that He is a God of love, not punishment. It is not necessary to ask for forgiveness. It is more appropriate to say, 'teach me. I am listening and ready to learn and understand.' Yes, good observation. One more question.


ELWARD: You said that our thoughts have traveled the universe circuits and created a forward movement that can't be halted. I was wondering if you could enhance that thought a little bit?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I have instructed that thoughts are living. Your thoughts, along with the thoughts of the majority of this universe, are working to enhance the God in time. You are adding experience to the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being grows out of your experience. And the Supreme Being is helping to propel our Universe Mission forward.


This is all I can comment for now. As we learn more I can reveal a little more. Does this answer? (Yes.) I am asking you to look for the God-likeness within yourself and attempt to recognize it in your fellows. I will assist you in your efforts to view the widening of your horizons. Until next week, shalom.