1996-02-26-New Found Liberty

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Topic: New Found Liberty

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you that risk the hazardous weather to meet here this evening. I am honored to be in the presence of you who practice courage. I trust this week has been enlightening regarding God-likeness within yourself and your fellows. Becoming God-like is not for the halfhearted souls that seek happiness without the effort of learning. I am certain you will continue to perceive yourself like Father as you continue your spiritual learning.



I am grateful for my position in teaching this particular lesson for I have thoroughly learned it by experience. I am happy to relay this lesson to you whether you have experienced it or have yet to experience it. We have come to the point of no return. This is not to cast shadows of fear, but to shine the light of joy. You have earned your spiritual knowledge and that can never be lost. You have strived to know God and be like Him. You are firmly planted in the soil of commitment to the doing of Father's will. This can never be taken from you. You see why there is no going back? There is no logic in retreating back to old patterns of reasoning and thinking. You now set sail upon the waters of spiritual knowledge that sits before you like the dawn of a new day. As you release your selfish habits you set your sails toward advanced spiritual learning.

I am permitted to speak to you concerning God-likeness, but am un-permitted to define it. The definition varies from person to person. There is no one definition for being God-like. As you sail upon this ocean of knowledge you are concerned with the whole. As you leave your self-interest upon the shore you become concerned with everything that affects the journey; you consult with other shipmates; you question the condition of the ship; you attempt to foresee the weather patterns; you are aware that you are not sailing this voyage alone. To be only concerned for your own welfare is to jeopardize the journey for all. To be only concerned with your own best interest is to overlook your fellow shipmates, the condition of the ship and the weather patterns that may cross your path. To me a shipmate is fully interested in all components regarding the voyage. This shipmate believes himself to be as valued as the next. There is no one person that believes themselves to be superior to the rest. The good shipmate embraces all that affects his voyage and cares how he affects others. To me, I find this quite God-like.

You see, a person that has abandoned their sense of selfish gain is like a snake that has shed his old skin to reveal new and beautiful growth underneath. You, my friends, are new and beautiful. You are a new being once you have made the decision to be God-like, made the decision to drink from Michael's cup. As I have mentioned, along with your decision comes the duties to being God-like, with that comes the spiritual tools to carry out those duties. Those committed to knowing their Father and being like Him feel set apart from so-called normal society. Many committed to God-likeness are skilled at keeping their commitment hidden. There is fear that your decision to be God-like and to utilize your spiritual tools will be unacceptable and ridiculed by your fellows. I say, just as the reptile has shed its skin, you also have left your fear of appearing unacceptable behind.

As seekers of truth you possibly are set apart from the average, but I say, you are endowed with a freedom that some will never know for a long time to come. You believe yourself to be a child of God. You are immediately freeing yourself from the bonds of mediocrity. You are breaking the set molds that has been designed by mankind. You are discovering a liberty to use your spiritual tools and walk with lightness in your step knowing full well you belong to the Kingdom of God, no longer do you bow your head in feelings of un-acceptance, no longer does your step lack a show of enthusiasm for life. You are at liberty to proclaim, "I am a child of God and I am empowered to act accordingly." To know God and strive to be like Him is to no longer hesitate when taking action to be God-like. You are at liberty to use your spiritual tools to assist your fellows in their beliefs that they too are valued and indeed have a place at Michael's table. This week in pondering your own definition of being God-like, I would ask you to take note of your new found liberty. Questions?


Learning, Trust

CALVIN: Abraham, thanks for the lesson. These lessons are so very helpful in our week because these things come up during our lives. In my own circumstance sometimes I think I fail the lesson. I think that is okay as long as I realize that the bandage is off and the wound is open to start healing. A couple times this last week I didn't know if I was doing right or wrong when a situation arose and the way I handled it back. When you said that Jesus didn't lay down before His troubles, sometimes He had to hit them right between the eyes, so to speak. Maybe by doing that I did it too harshly or the wrong way or shouldn't have done it at all or a different way. It makes you wonder where is the God-like approach here. I think you understand what I am referring to. Perhaps you could comment how to handle confrontations in a God-like way.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Many can attest to this particular lesson in learning to trust the Father. Jesus, He spoke firmly and yet when His acquaintance heard Him speak they had not the feeling of chastisement. They came away from Him with the feeling that He was truly concerned for them. They felt His love. His concern was out of love and not judgment. You must not rush through these lessons. My lessons are recorded and available for future use. Be not discouraged with your level of understanding and actions you have taken. Those that have committed shall find themselves in the midst of many lessons on trusting the Father, you trusting Him and discovering His trust in you. Yes, you must also be confident that you are very much capable of receiving God's will and putting it forth in your life. You are in need of also learning self-trust. Note, if mistakes are made your spiritual freedom enables you to go back to this mistake and do what you will to help correct it. Does this answer?

CALVIN: I don't know how much more perfect it could. Thanks. In getting on the ship that you are talking about, we're setting sail on a ship, sometimes its hard. It is like one foot is...you want to be on the ship, but a ball and chain, an anchor is dragging you back or holding onto the shore. That anchor can be someone close in your life or extreme responsibility in your life. Are you saying take those anchors on the ship with you, or through experience and time, do what you can to take the anchors off. Does that make sense to you?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Are these anchors your own mortal experience? (They can be. Some of them are, but the bigger ones are responsibilities of survival and relationships I guess, at least material survival.) Yes, needed mortal experience, crucial in spiritual learning. These experiences are indeed part of the journey, part of the whole. And it is fully acceptable to embrace these experiences and know that they are a part of your journey. What appears to hold you back is your fear of things lost, your fear of being overlooked in the Kingdom. Once you have made your decision, your worries and self concerns are left upon the beach, and you set forth to sail freely with great trust in your Captain. Your Captain will undoubtedly see to your over-care and always reserve your seat at the table. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes. Maybe to put it a little more clearer. Most of my daily waking life is spent in digging out of past obligations already set. Its like 8 to 10, 12 hours a day you are trying to make it and then worried if you are going to. I know from past lessons you are saying let go of the worry about them and trust, it will make things fit together okay. When you say don't worry about things left behind or lost, I am trying to equate that with taking self responsibility for my own situation too. Its like I am caught taking care of what I have to do because I said I would and I owe it or whatever, versus I wish it wasn't there so I could go on and learn and be more free, take more time off and have more time for other things that would bring me more spiritual enjoyment. I think that trust is what you are saying those thing will be provided for, right?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Your fulfillment of your obligations is absolutely God-like and necessary to your spiritual education. Father is understanding of your desires and attempts to assist you when it is necessary. I say if these obligations are outstanding, then I say, this is quite possibly Father's will for you at this moment in time. The road to spiritual enlightenment is not quite constructed how we would like it to be, but be assured your heart is known and it is safe to trust that your Father gives you what you need. You are for the most part understanding. Yes. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes. You're right, I think I am 90% understanding and 10% I'll catch during the week. Very much thank you.

ABRAHAM: You are very welcome. One more question.


VICTORIA: I have just come from that place of letting go of a twenty year marriage and great material wealth. And looking back now that I am on the ship I can see that the relationship ended because of the God space in my husband who removed himself because he knew that he was my focus of my mission, rather than my mission being my mission. I have learned about God-like commitment is that willingness to trust. Last night I had a powerful dream that I was on a ship and there was a tremendous storm. Christ Michael slept on the ropes. It had been a long laborious many days and He had not had any rest. The vessel was tipping to one side and the disciples were frightened and said, "wake the Master for we will parish in the storm." My Indwelling Spirit said, "this is the time for all of you to trust the additional power that you all have. You have watched Him calm the seas many times. Its time for you to use what you know and have faith. And I awakened from my dream in more emotion than I have felt for my mortal experience. I knew for the first time in my life what complete trust was all about. It is not only did I have the Master, who was resting finally, but I had friends that I loved who also needed my support and my love as I activated this additional 'there is no turning back faith.' So my question is, last week you talked about an acceleration in our work, I have experienced more trust and more disinfectant from my wounds of fear and I have felt sensations in my body that are more powerful than I have ever known. Is this feeling that I am getting in my body and my spirit and my mind to trust explicitly the disinfectant, the promise of Christ Michael to disinfect our wounds, to activate within us things that we had forgotten and now its time to remember it, this acceleration time, it truly is upon us? Some of the things that we hang onto are the very things that keep us back until they are removed in proper time and then we begin to go ahead. Is my question clear?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Your decision to commit to Father and your willingness to serve has brought you to an understanding that faith woven with trust is a real and powerful experience. This is not only felt mentally and physically, it is known within the depths of your soul. You are correct. It is a time for acceleration. We endeavor to reach as many as we can. This world is practically suffering from a state of shock due to the rapid upswing in the amount of spiritual knowledge. I say you are correct in your interpretation and I feel you indeed hold a great many keys to the doors of universe understanding. I am indeed honored to work with you and your mortal friends that attend.


I am slipping. I shall be honored to speak with you again soon. Until next week, shalom.