1996-03-25-Open Communication

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Topic: Open Communications

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Nina



I am MACHIVENTA. My greetings to you students of my long time friend and associate, Abraham.


Friendship, Understanding

Long are the days we have spent working to uplift this planet. Abraham and I have discussed various plans of moving this world closer to an enlightened majority. We had many discussions over various techniques in methods of teaching. I have appreciated our open communication with Abraham and members of the teaching staff. But I must say that I deeply cherished those personal conversations with my friend, Abraham, those conversations that surpassed thoughts, planning, organizing, conversations that stem from the heart of our friendship. Personal ministering to one another with an open heart and an attitude of love, even through misunderstanding there was the love. Upon meeting my friend I have labored to understand him, his position, a mortal man from an evolving experimental planet, a man mentally competent and traditionally bound. It was through many hours of conversing that we grew in understanding and our friendship gave us unlimited levels of comfort and happiness. Long are the days we have spent and each moment I meet with him my heart is made lighter. My understanding of him has grown as he has experienced, experienced the mortal life, experienced mortal death, experienced the morontial life and so on. The man I knew as a mortal on earth is not necessarily the man I know now. Yes, he is still in a state of becoming. He still makes an effort to learn and grow through experience. I am privileged to have been present through his evolutionary growth. I am in deep understanding of this person.

Divinity, Thought Adjusters

I know you my friends. I strive to uplift this planet's values and endeavor to raise the consciousness towards our Creator. I may not know you as well as I would like to, but that is not my place to do so. You are very aware of the one that knows and understands you better than you could understand yourself. Your Indwelling Father is so close to you, to your soul, to your true self, that He is almost appearing to be you. This Indwelling God has been with you from the start, and without a doubt, will carry on with you through your eternal destiny. In learning to be like this God you are learning to know Him. I do not claim to know my friend as his personal God knows him. I speak that I may help you to understand yourselves, your Indwelling God, the personal relationship you have. In learning to communicate with each other you are learning to understand God-likeness. You are open to the opportunity to be witness to your fellows putting forth their idea of God-likeness.


In relating to one another you are also sharing in multi-Adjuster communication. The joining in communication is the joining of Father Fragment communication. Yes, the joining of Indwelling Adjusters is adjoining to the universal communication circuit. Yes, this seeming unimportant conversing is likely to adjoin you to the universal consciousness. What seems like small talk may in actuality connect you with the universe. We teach the lessons of honesty, tolerance, being forthright with tactfulness, for your communication to be prosperous toward enlightening the whole. Yes, your honesty and love for your fellows definitely makes a difference in world consciousness of universal meanings. Be not afraid to speak. Let not those who wish to remain in the shadows also pull you into those shadows. Be not afraid to speak for you also hold a seat at the Master's table.


It is my request that we forfeit the questions and possibly for the time remaining discuss this lesson. Abraham shall return next week. I am honored to speak with you and I send you with my love and peace. Farewell.