1996-05-13-The Good Farmer

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Topic: The Good Farmer

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. I am delighted to be with you again. You can see the effects that the Teaching Mission has upon this world. Many are starting to recognize the growth among humankind. I have said our work will be so natural that the effects of our Mission might appear to be slow. I say look out among your fellows and know our Mission is in full force. You can recognize the results of love and non-love. I say not hatred because non-love is more of a reality than the negative force of hatred.


A farmer knows the beginnings of a gardens first sprouts. We, my friends, are seeing these sprouts and knowing Christ Michael is amongst us. A good farmer sows his seeds with humble beginnings. The farmer must toil diligently within the soil to prepare for planting. The good farmer plants his garden in the hope that it may feed many. He can foresee the results of a job well done. He can rely upon his own capabilities to feed many.

A farmer who sows seeds of non-love in the earth does so in the hope that he will bear enough vegetation to supply him for the entire winter. He tends to the new growth with the hope that the crows will not steal his vegetation. He protects and hordes his garden for fear he may be left empty-handed.

The good farmer reaps his harvest with more than he expected. He feeds many and his garden seems to not empty. His garden continues to bear more. The farmer continues to feed more. This farmer is filled with such joy to know he is truly cared for and his good works go far. The good farmer reaps his joy from the giving. He worries not that his garden will wither and die. He is knowing many are depending upon the benefits from his fine garden.

The farmer who has sown seeds of selfishness/non-love has much anxiety over the guarding of his vegetables. He is fear ridden that the garden will be unproductive. His mind is always working to find a solution to saving his garden for fear he may starve in winter. This farmer is so fatigued with attempting to protect what he believes is his own, he is left with feelings of emptiness. He has not much of a crop and he must hold tight for fear he may lose what he has grown. This farmer knows not the joy of feeding others, reaping the benefits of bestowing love. He is in a cycle of fear. He is living in a mode of self-preservation. This mode is quite lonely and so it goes with love.

To sow the seeds of love is to reap the harvest of honor for having been trusted by our Father. To feed others with the seeds you have sown is the highest honor and privilege one can receive. To hold back the fruits from which you so freely received is to witness those fruits to deteriorate. To put your love in a storehouse for fear you may need it someday is to be severed from that pure energy we call love. Love is moving, healing, transcending all things. Love is living. This week I ask that you look within and attempt to understand what type of seeds do you sow and are you willing to share the harvest openly with those who you know? Have you questions?


RACHEL: Yes Father Abraham. You said that love is a pure energy from our Father and if in turn send back a true love to our Father, is that also energy? And if we are trying to put forth love to our fellow human beings, is that energy?

ABRAHAM: Yes. All love is an energy that can heal or be misused and upset. Father feels the energy His mortal children return to Him. It is also true that you can, my mortal friends, also feel this energy mentally and physically. It is a power which cannot be detected by the five sense and yet this love is more of a reality than what you can see or hear or touch. Love is the single most significant proof that God is. And this energy which flow through all living things is also to say, yes, God is moving through all living things. God is love. Does this help?

RACHEL: Yes. Father Abraham, can you feel my love for you. You better say yes!

ABRAHAM: Certainly and with the passing of time and our experiences together, my love will be quite recognizable to all of you also. I am able to recognize the giving of love from specific soul personalities and I say this lesson is indeed in your future lessons with me. Yes, I know your love and I return my love to you also. (I thank you.) Another question?

AMANDA: Father Abraham, this is maybe a strange question, but is there a time in a day this week that we could set, not necessarily going through Ellanor, but just at my home that I can count on you being there? We could try to communicate so I don't feel like I am reaching in the dark thinking that I am communicating with you when its myself. Say Wednesday night at 8:00, could you be at my house? Is that possible?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Wednesday at 8:00. (Laughter) This is wonderful and we have made progress in communicating. Worry not. Until Wednesday. Another question?

HELEN: Father Abraham, I had a couple questions. I want to thank you for the beautiful lesson. It has really helped me a lot in my own personal situation. Is there anything that I can do or teach in my given situation, with my home situation, that might help to bring a better understanding to the people that I am taking care of?

ABRAHAM: You are already putting forth that effort which would be most beneficial. Your light-heartedness and humor has indeed brought much sunshine into that home. Where you once were focused on personal difficulties has now gone beyond to concern for others and you are able to serve with the light of God shining forth from you with ease. Your loving cheerful attitude brings healing mentally, physically and spiritually. Your humor is indeed a gift to all. Another question?

HELEN: We were discussing earlier before the meeting maybe Ellanor might need a break or a rest and we thought we would ask you. Do you think that maybe Ellanor does need a break or a rest?

ABRAHAM: I am wholly comfortable with any decision she makes. As long as the desire is present to transmit then I shall be here. Ellanor is also in the midst of personal growth lessons and taking a break is not needed on account of my lessons. Coordinate with her and your life experiences. (Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?

JOSHUA: Father Abraham, you may not want to answer this question. You said that the groups are growing. Could you possibly give us a random number, not an accurate one, but somewhere in the neighborhood so we can understand a little bit better?

ABRAHAM: There are groups numbering in the thousands. Many though do not consider themselves Teaching Mission. They are unknowing of who they serve. They are only knowing that they serve. They are numerous and I could not give a number even close for I do not really know. There are indeed many who work for us and they are entitled by specific religious organizations, and yet, they do Michael's bidding. Does this answer? (Yes. Thank you.)

RACHEL: Father Abraham, while we are talking about groups, would you mind telling us of Ruby and Charles and their associates in New Zealand are doing? We haven't heard from them or about them for a long time.

ABRAHAM: They are well and have adjusted their lives in ways that they may be of service to their fellows. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, the last couple lessons you have talked about love being like a two edged sword, either healing or destructive. Could you elaborate a little on that?

ABRAHAM: To love another should be first as a child of God, not someone they can possess or rule over. Without loving another as a child of God can be devastating in the fact that they are trying to have ownership over another and this leads into the area of self-love, an over amount of self-love. Love in all its definitions is still indefinable. Love is ever growing and changing and it is the individual that learns about both sides of the sword. One way or another all mortals will experience this sword. One more question.

RACHEL: I have a comment. Here on Urantia they say there are two things be can be sure of and that is death and taxes, but at least death never changes.

CALVIN: Abraham, I am not asking for a lengthy answer. I know the time is short. As growing up I never seem to like authority over me. I know that my adult years in the community where I grew up the other adults around would say the problem with me was that I never respected authority or yielded to authority. I can see that in my life, but also I can see that is a problem that Lucifer had, not respecting the authorities or loving the authorities of our universe. What dangers does that present me still?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Do you consider yourself above the law?

CALVIN: In some degrees I can see how I do, but of course not in the law of the land, the Constitution. The guys at work, the boss will say this is our rules and I don't seem to conform to them very well.

ABRAHAM: You are considerate of the well being of the whole and I would say worry not. You are not Lucifer. Laughter. I understand your rebellious attitude comes from your own inner knowing that above all the earthly authority stands the Father and you are conscious of His reign. When your attitude ceases to be considerate of the whole and just for yourself, I would begin to look within. I am filled with love and joy to know you each and to be able to be involved with helping you to recognize the good farmer.


I will leave you my peace and love until next week. Shalom.