1996-06-10-Begin Deeper Studies

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Topic: Begin Deeper Studies

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Ham, Abraham

TR: Nina



The light of God enfolds us. The love of God surrounds us. The power of God protects us. The presence of God watches over us. Wherever we are He is.

Teaching Mission

Greetings. I am HAM. I am so delighted to be here this evening. I miss our obvious material communications together, but I am gratified by our private moments that I am allowed to spend with you each. I am also allowed to work with Abraham on lesson planning and coordination. We, the teaching staff, prepare to begin more in-depth studies of the mansion world teachings. We endeavor to bring these teachings to those who are spiritually prepared. Those that are ready will absorb much spiritual learning. Those that need more time to develop spiritually may not find these lessons particularly interesting or helpful. I come tonight so that I may repeat and reaffirm our mission statement:

By the mandate of our Creator/Brother/Father, Michael, do we the teachers stationed here on Urantia commit to the upgrading of spiritual understanding. We the teachers have been assigned so that we may assist in teaching the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. It is our mission to assist each individual in locating their own Fragment of God within. It is not in our orders to coax or manipulate mortals into finding God, but perhaps shedding a little light on the benefits of a God-knowing world. I speak on behalf of my fellow coworkers when I say we are deeply honored to serve on such an assignment of such importance. We are humbled to be placed on such a top priority assignment. We shall strive to reduce the expectations in the area of mysticism and strengthen the area of individual confidence in the search of knowing and finding the Father within.

This is a time for all things spiritual to become a reality. This is a time for all things that are not a reality to fade away. This spiritual education will be filled with significant proof that God is. We need not rely upon mystical promises and spiritual rewards. You, my friends, are beyond the dreamer state and are moving into spiritual substance. This is a time for spirituality to become an actuality. I am always lifted when I am near you and your devotion to our Mission is truly touching. I shall make it known that I am not so far that I cannot be contacted. Know that you are in my heart and hold the everlasting bond that is our friendship. I am always in gratitude for our association, and as you remember me, even more do I remember you. I leave you to your teacher, Abraham. Farewell.

I am ABRAHAM. On behalf of my students and I, we wish to give our thanks to you, Ham. Welcome my friends. It also gladdens my heart to see your openness with one another. Like I have said before, there is an abundant well of information within this small group. You have traveled a long road together and still you remain. I say you are indeed prepared to receive further morontial instructions. I am honored to be the teacher to impart them to you.


Communion, Stillness

On the mansion worlds the life of Christ on Urantia is a beautiful and important lesson that is taught. Jesus, the man, and His life is taught universally. Michael, our Creator/ Brother/Father, is indeed an inspiration to all, from the highest to the lowest orders of beings. Michael's devotion to His Father led Him to forsake His personal desires and rely upon the will of His Father. Michael chose to be sculpted by the Father in order to become sovereign of His universe. Michael was willing to experience anything without regret, fear or cowardice. He relied totally upon His communication with His Father to move Him through even the most difficult times. He maintained an unbroken communion and that alone saw Him through agony beyond your comprehension. His unbroken communion preserved Him, His Spirit. Michael was able to endure all things because of His desire for communion and closeness to His Father in Heaven.

In the mansion world training schools it is taught that stillness becomes obsolete when constant communion becomes prevalent. In your training now we begin with stillness teaching, meditation. This is a beginning to constant communion with the Father of all fathers. Your stillness practice becomes so natural that conscious time setting is not necessary. The stillness is natural and is there without conscious thought.

Jesus, the young boy, unaware of His divine destiny, maintained an awareness of His Father in Heaven. Jesus endeavored to question the elders in His life on the truths of the scriptures only to be told that these are the laws in which we, your elders, live our lives. Jesus, the boy, respected His elders and yet within He was building His constant bond of communication with His Father, knowing that it was His only reliable source. During the times of disappointment Jesus, the boy, developed this bond with His Father knowing that all the answers He truly needed were at hand. As this bond of communication developed so did His trust in Father. Jesus began to see that His Father was unfailing, unlike His human associates. By the time Jesus was a man, this bond of communication was unbreakable. He relied upon this communication exclusively, and without fail, the answers were always forthcoming. Never did He waver in his faith reasoning with what His material eyes could see and what He knew to be true within His soul. Jesus, the man, found strength and endurance beyond any other human that has walked the earth and on the mansion worlds we are taught his strength and endurance came from His unbroken communion with His Father. Are there questions?


Thought Adjusters

ROLAND: Abraham, in the lesson you talked about being closer and closer to our Indwelling Spirit, that being the Father Fragment, and from the revelation from the Urantia Book it tells us that Fragment has all the traits and characteristics of the First Source and Center. I know of my study of those characteristics I have come up with three word symbols that mean great things to me, omniscience (know everything), omnipotence (absolute power) and ever-presence (omnipresence). If we can get to that place where we communicate thoroughly, or more clearly with our Indwelling Spirit, can it impart all knowledge, all power, and ever-presence to our conscious mind and what would that mean to us mortals?

ABRAHAM: Yes, but this is limited and dependent upon your faith capacity. It is absolutely the goal to become God-like and quite possible to attain these attributes. I would agree with that many whom have graced this planet claiming knowledge that is from God exclusively to themselves are not knowing what they are claiming. The mortal who truly knows Father's attributes and emulates them daily does so without conscious thought. It is as though this God-knowing mortal has always been endowed with the knowledge of the universe. It is true that an unbroken communion leads mortals to this direction and this is where one can maintain constant consciousness of the will of God. Another question?

Mysticism, Teaching Mission

HELEN: Abraham, when Ham was talking he said something about mystical promises. I don't understand what the mystical promises were.

ABRAHAM: Just as it was in the days of old the Master had imparted to the apostles certain spiritual understandings and in this process the apostles were not accepting these basic truths without miracles and fanfare. These apostles believed that the Kingdom would come in great power and glory. They also believed they would partake in this glory. Ham reminds us that our spiritual mission is just that, spiritual. It comes without miracles and proof that Michael is in charge of His universe. This mission is like a quiet undertow within a slow moving river. It appears to be so natural that it almost appears to be of no substance. The mission appears to float along quite peacefully when significant changes come and re-routes the current. Our mission is to be in the flow of natural evolution while underneath it moves with great speed guiding Urantia to its divine destiny. Another question?

MARLIN: There is a young lady that I have been sharing lessons with. She experienced a presence. I was wondering if you could tell me who that was and also do you have any suggestions for me in giving her further guidance?

ABRAHAM: I am aware she is feeling some apprehension, possibly some fear. I say fear not. She is like a lantern that is ready to be lit. Inform her on the stillness practice and guide her towards the loving aspects of the Father. He is not to be feared and I guarantee she is well protected. As for the presence, I do not know, but with time and practice, she will know. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) One more question.

CALVIN: I'd just like to say thanks to our long time since we heard from him, our teacher/friend, Ham. It was very touching because I have been doing a lot of reflecting on his lessons and how they have helped set our base for your teachings Abraham. You are helping us slow down and realize the correct nature, not only this Teaching Mission, but also as to who we each are. I can see a lot of difference between the mystical expectations that I once thought of compared to what I now have. I don't think I am out of the woods and clear on them yet, but surely a big difference in personal growth in following the Father's will without expecting something that may not be. That's not a question, but thank you.


ABRAHAM: Understood, received and returned. We too are thankful for everyone's participation in this effort. We have seen great strides and are amazed. I can assure you that in your position, being mortal, you are usually not able to see the big picture. I did not say you couldn't. If you are perceiving within the will of your Father then is the big picture revealed and the small irritations of this world are not allowed to cause you grief. I do so appreciate our friendship and as does Ham, and we look forward to our time together. This week when you are overwhelmed by daily happenings remember the Master's unbroken communion. He was never overtaken by His troubles because there was no opening for self-pity because of His constant communication with His Father. I give you each my love. Until next week, shalom.