1996-07-08-Observation and Reflection

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Topic: Observation and Reflection

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings and welcome. I thank you for allowing me to assist you in your morontial learning. You have made this communication possible through your faith and use of logic. You are shaping my lesson format. We have discussed the practice of observing and reflecting. I say that as many observations are there to make there are that many scientists also to make them, scientists all reflecting different views. Join me in this exercise if you will.



In our imagination we come to a field. In this field are there many flowers, trees, shrubbery and animals. A stream runs through this field. We can stand back and view this entire field and take note of the various happenings. Perhaps we spot a deer drinking from this stream. Perhaps a bird that has landed to consume seeds. Possibly we can view the clouds overhead moving with the wind. As we stand back to view this lovely field we are observing its beauty as a whole. We are in understanding of its connection to the various elements of time and space.

We now enter into this field. We brush against the shrubbery. We see the various insects that fly from flower to flower. We feel the warmth of the sun and the wind upon our backs. We stand now in this field and our observation methods are changed. We are viewing the inner workings of the field and how this relates to our previous observation of the whole field. We venture further into this field and notice the various flowers that are growing. There are so many and yet there is room in the soil for each flower. We are witnessing that each flower is part of the whole field. There are no flowers that are not needed or valued. Each flower adds its own particular beauty to the field. We can feel a slight change in temperature. The clouds have moved overhead and it is beginning to rain. We are yet witnessing another part to the total care of this field, another link in the chain that assists in the fields survival. We can view the flowers in loving gratitude for this rain. We can yet still observe this field on another level through the various natural elements that insures well-being of the entire field.

We now step out of our field and reflect on how this field relates to your world and its people and its relation with the Father. I would say that each reflection would differ and all would be aware of a particular lesson that was needed to learn. In our reflection we may view this field as Urantia. We may know that the world exist, but we know little until we step inside to view its inner workings. We may reflect that the flowers represent Urantian citizens. All appear to be different, and yet like the flowers, there is room in the soil for all. As the elements may occur to the field does adversity happen to the mortals of this world and we take a step closer in our observation to have a deeper understanding of our fellows.

As we stand within the world and observe the inner workings do we reflect upon the whole. As our ideas are expanded do we begin to incorporate the Supreme Being. We begin to understand the effects of this world ripple out to the Supreme and then back again. I say this world now is feeling the effects of the Father's rain upon them. The loving watch-care that all are valued. We are yet observing this world on another level and we reflect upon the Father's effects on us. This world experiences an awareness that Father is within our field. He nourishes us with His rain and yet the stream that is constant goes right through the middle of our field. We all prosper from our knowledge of knowing where to find the stream. I would ask you this week to reflect upon where this stream flows for you and its availability for use. I said there would be morontial lessons given. I am certain you are well equipped to understand them. I am open to receive any questions you might have.


Thought Adjusters

CALVIN: Abraham, may I share my thoughts of this stream or would you rather us do that after the meeting? (Is there a particular question?) Yes. Would this stream be the waters of truth, I guess would be the easiest way to put it, the stream part, or is there more meaning?

ABRAHAM: Yes. There is truth in that and yet we all contain within us this stream. It is a common thread that runs through all who contain mind. Yes. Our Father Fragment is with us. He is our stream that is so obvious and is so available, and yet, many find it difficult to locate this stream. I would also agree with the concept that the wind in our field is Michael's influence. The wind strengthens the various living things of our field, and this is becoming more noticeable, along with the sunshine that could represent the Mother and Her various daughters, the angels. This reflection is entirely open for you to define and has no limits. It is possible that your definition of this exercise in observance and reflection may be subject to change. Does this help?

Balance, Judgment

CALVIN: Yes. In such a field, just as in this life, it contains weeds and thorns as well as the beauty. Is it a part of our experience of life or--I am sure people would go into this field and say there is sure a lot of weeds and thorns mixed in with the flowers. Others would say they don't see any weeds. I just see beautiful flowers. Are we to overlook the weeds and stuff or see them as necessary hardships?

ABRAHAM: Good observation. As I say there is room in the soil for all, weeds included. Many know that weeds serve a particular purpose in helping the flowers to maintain their health and vitality. Another question?

WILLEENA: Abraham, would you say more about how the weeds help the flowers contain their vitality?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Weeds with a specific chemical make-up are designed by nature to attract various insects thus protecting the flowers. I say that mortals that sow various seeds of destruction also attract some negative feedback and this is educational for those involved. I would also say that adversity is not always the insects, but lessons are learned just the same. Overall there is room in the soil for weeds and flowers. There is a connection in one anothers survival in this material life. Another question?

ROLAND: Abraham, it seems to me that the stream is the nurturer of all things that appear on Urantia. It is likened to the animals, grasses, the flowers, weeds, trees. That could only symbolize the love energy from the Father, which is the supporter of all (? Inaudible.)

ABRAHAM: Yes. If that is your interpretation, if this is what you perceive. I would refer to the stream as our Indwelling Father Fragments that are so close and available and I would refer to the rain as our Universal Father that indeed fills and maintains the stream. One more question.

HELEN: As I was visualizing what you were talking about it was odd that as I was getting the visual I kept landscaping it in my mind, like making paths and a large area with picnic tables and a gazebo, so people could get down to the stream to enjoy it and lay in a hammock and enjoy the breeze under the shade of a tree and have flowers all around them in different colors, and even you know, just places to get out of the rain and all year round throughout all the seasons. It was amazing how not just landscaping, but the sculpting it and making it to share and be a peaceful place. As I was doing that I was thinking about the weeds and flowers and how it had to have balance to have it be just right. I thought with the field and wanting it to look nice and everything to enjoy, but yet I have to let the field grow even with weeds to have it be all natural, to have it have a balance. But then I started envisioning some the weeds taking over the beautiful flowers and I got to a point and realized my question. Do we leave something like that completely all natural to itself or do we pull out, you know to keep balance, the weeds that are choking the flowers or just let them do their own?

ABRAHAM: Understood. Yes, the severely destructive weeds should be maintained, those weeds that appear to be out of control so as to maintain the beauty of the whole. The problem that is those that judge which are weeds and which are flowers, what is beauty and what is natural. This is difficult and excellent that your own level of understanding this particular morontial lesson has shown you this concept. It is difficult to set particular laws by which morality is governed. It is difficult to say that a particular weed that appears to be out of sorts is unfit to share the soil. This judgment, this type of judgment, requires a person that is understanding of each others right in the soil regardless of a particular function. Without a person who is not willing to move further within the field and observe the inner workings is unfit to judge. Yes, human laws are difficult. And balance between logic and compassion is necessary to protect the just from the unjust. I am also intrigued by your analysis and I shall too continue to ponder this. I am made happy to connect hearts and minds with you each.


RACHEL: Father Abraham, I want to say one thing before you leave us. I am glad that the soil was there for the weeds too because all the time when I was growing up my parents told me I grew just like a weed. Laughter.

ABRAHAM: Understood.

ELWARD: Couldn't some people call some of the weeds Herb's to be use to benefit people in better ways than other things?

ABRAHAM: Yes, quite possible. You too are knowing the value of observing and reflecting. You are all connected to a well of information within your group here. I am honored to be a part and I thank you each. Until next week, shalom