1996-07-15-Led By The Spirit

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Topic: Led By The Spirit

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Machiventa

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am happy to meet with you again. Thank you for allowing me to assist you in your morontial education. I am honored. You are indeed making these lessons possible with your willingness to forsake personal desires and work toward spiritual unity. We are learning too as are you. I am on a different level in my education than you, but it is you, my friends, and this experience that brings me to this particular level. I thank you. I on this night rejoice for I see with the eyes of the Spirit. I have chosen to be God-like. I have chosen Father's will. I have chosen to be willing to be lead by the Spirit and for this I am made to rejoice.

In the lesson last week on observation and reflection you appeared to me as a classroom of small children viewing something spectacular for the first time. In all your morontial discoveries I also feel the excitement and enthusiasm of a parent or teacher. You stand on the shore of a vast ocean of morontial discoveries. You are willing to be lead by the Spirit and can you deny the excitement of this spiritual quest? You have a strong understanding of our field of flowers and will continue to grow and change in your understanding. In your understanding you have acknowledged judgment to be the work of our Father.

TR: He is saying to me just a minute.



I am MACHIVENTA, your friend. I am a worker in the field of flowers. My position holds me responsible for the upkeep of the field. I am to see that all of our Father's greenery receives an adequate amount of His rainfall. Even I am not fully qualified to withhold any amount of rain to any particular area of the field. I am dedicated to ensuring that all who desire the rain receive it.

My time spent on this planet was also an excellent experience in my own education. I was sent so that others may learn. Upon meeting my friend Abraham I dared not ask who is this individual that he may receive such spiritual insight. Who is he that he may know of my presence and learn of the one God concept. No I dared not even consider what are Abraham's qualifications that he may be worthy to accept this divine light. I was commissioned by my superiors to perform certain tasks and I did so without consideration of my personal opinions. I was willing to be lead by the Spirit, and therefore, I saw with the eyes of the Spirit. To observe with the eyes of the Spirit is to be free from temptation to judge, to understand Father is present amidst the inner working of the field. To observe with the eyes of the Spirit requires that you are to be lead by the Spirit. Do you see that to be lead by the Spirit requires you to trust in the Spirit, to hold faithfully to our Father's ideals, to have full confidence in your status as a son and daughter of His Kingdom, to know that Father is.

I am ABRAHAM. We give our thanks to Machiventa. I am made to be joyful at the realization of our Father's presence in all things. I am made to be grateful for His watch-care and careful observance in our spiritual steps toward Him. He is wholly qualified to teach us what we really need to find Him. I at one time was short in my vision of earthly experience. I often toiled in misery in my misunderstanding. I chose to obey the traditional laws then and lean upon the knowledge of that age and I was left with a distorted view of living. I am grateful for this experience for now I can see that many lessons evolved from this mind-set I once held. Today I am made to rejoice at actually looking through the eyes of the Spirit. I am secure and confident in my place and knowing Father is completely qualified to move the universes at will. My willingness to be lead by the Spirit has brought me unforeseen joy and for that I am grateful to the point of worship. May we take a moment to express our appreciation.

Our Father, the Father of all fathers, are so ready to assist us in our steps to you. We are in awe of your supreme power of your unending responsibilities. We are made to feel your tender touch upon our shoulders in a loving nudge toward you. We are small and yet you tell us we mean everything. We would ask that you, our Father, help us to understand the steps toward being lead by your Spirit and obtaining Spirit vision. Father we ask again, make us like you. Amen. A few questions?


ROLAND: I feel like I am beginning as an infant to be able to follow the directions of the Spirit in me. My question is--I sense that you and Machiventa and several other entities including (?) were extraordinarily present in our gatherings at Spirit Feast, also in (?). I'm wondering with the experiences that I had traveling between those two, the things that were such great joyful experiences, are you aware of what is going to happen to me prior to what happens to us? I am seeing that everybody is having such experiences, but I am wondering whether you have knowledge of these people that I will encounter during this experience? Can you help me with that?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. The individuals involved in divine lessons attempt to create certain encounters unknowing of the outcome. Mortals and free will play a significant role in the level of spiritual intake. I do not foresee certain outcomes to particular happenings. I am with instructions to carry forth and that is the extent of my knowledge. Mortals do participate in the writing of the novel of their divine destiny. We are not to interfere with free will, and yet, we are permitted to teach those that will be taught. Is this helping?

ROLAND: Yes it is. This may seem a very simplistic question. On occasion when somebody asks what I am doing on these spirit quests I say, "I am working for the spiritual government of Urantia and I am an operative in that (?)." I am wondering whether that is too presumptuous to say?

ABRAHAM: No its not. It is equivalent to saying you are working towards the growth of the Kingdom. This is acceptable, and simplistic though it may appear, it is an honest question from the heart. Another question?


WILLEENA: Yes Abraham. I have an request for comment and then a question. First of all I celebrate my exciting success with my father in completing our communication about my abuse healing. It was great. This week-end was sort of blessed. My experience was of being very Spirit lead and I walked in a state of surrender and frequently (?) myself turning over the week-end and the communications and just the moments with the term 'thy will be done.' Everything felt like it was very synchronized by Spirit and perfectly so. Today back home I'm noticing that I am missing that space inside myself and so tonight's lesson talked to me particularly with the concept of being Spirit lead. So I guess this is the question, would you say, I suppose there is any number of ways of turning it over and so the term 'thy will be done' is a way that works for me right now to remember to surrender my choices to the very highest possibilities. Could you make a comment on that?

ABRAHAM: Yes, understood. You are entering into the waters of spiritual maturity. The surrendering of personal will shows definite progress toward being spirit lead. In the waters of spiritual maturity there comes violent waves and possibly storms. This is an area of growth and not to be looked upon as unhappiness, but as the tender touch of our Father who reveals to us the pathway to Him. And I say in these spiritual waters when the violent waves are approaching many times it is wise to just relax and float. Overmuch wrestling within the violent waves of spiritual maturity you become exhausted, drained of energy that might be saved and used at a better time. You are correct in your attitude of 'thy will be done.' It is a step toward being lead with the eyes of the spirit so when the violent waves are approaching you are conscious of Father's tender touch upon your shoulder. Is this helping?


WILLEENA: Yes, thank you. The question I had is regarding something else. I have a client who is fifteen and was raped probably more than once by her stepfather who is in prison. In doing some of the work people involved with her and her, part of what I have been lead to do lately is to also include the perpetrator in the blessing for healing. So my question is because we are working a lot with light and love, so I include being able to see him beginning the healing of his heart and his wounds. That feel correct to me. I'd like you to comment on that. My question is, is there any danger in directing our focus on him being included in some healing? Is there any kind of threat at all energetically that he could come back with or is this the correct way to go and include him in light?

ABRAHAM: I am sure that this is appropriate for a time with regards to the victims understanding of the reasons why this perpetrator hurt her in this way, but there is a time that is needed to be angry. Has such time been allowed? (Understood and that is certainly a part of my understanding and certainly will be included.) Yes. When the intensity of the anger subsides understanding of this crime is required and blessings for the perpetrator is acceptable and even healing. I say dwell not long on this. The victim must focus on her own importance within the Kingdom and understand her value regardless of what may have occurred. She is a child of God and no act of man can make it otherwise. Is this helping?

WILLEENA: One last question. She has lost some faith, feeling abandoned. I would like to assist her in coming back to sense of safety and faith. Is there some way to let her know that God didn't abandon her that she might be able to hear?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Your own experience has brought you to a point in which you are understanding of the various cycles of the mind and you are qualified to lead her from this darkness into the light. Worry not what can harm the body, focus on the strength of the soul. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, in your lesson and Machiventa's words of being Spirit lead, a lot of situations in our life we wonder how can I quiet down and be Spirit lead on how to handle a situation? A few instances this week, but one in particular with my daughter who has had hardships in life as we all have, but hers has left her feeling very unloved I guess. It may be similar to yours but in a different way. It seems like I am lost as how to help her other than to somehow explain that she is loved, that the Creator/Father/Parent does love her even if she doesn't perceive anyone else does. I don't seem to have much Spirit lead direction at those times. Maybe she irritates me so much to where I am blocked off from this Spirit guidance or something. You have any words that can help or take to her?

ABRAHAM: I am aware she knows very well that she is loved and this ploy she uses is to collect energy. She desires to compensate for her feelings of insecurity. I can suggest you to freely give her all the attention and energy she needs without feelings of guilt from the past. What's done is done and you now start from the beginning. Her age is difficult and that she is testing her wings. She is discovering who she is and this is a long process. I say to validate her feelings, to say, yes, I believe you feel this way. To show faith that she can overcome this phase and reassure her life is ever changing and that the end to her so-called misery is forthcoming. On that I will say I am appreciative of your willingness to be lead by the Spirit and listen to my words.


This week attempt to see what steps are needed to take in order to be Spirit lead. Where is the stream in which you dip your cup. My love go with you all. Until next week, shalom.