1996-09-09-Our Hour Has Come

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Topic: Our Hour Has Come

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Michael

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am happy to meet with you again. I am excited about the personal efforts you have made toward attaining your spiritual liberty. You have proven to be genuine morontial candidates. You are becoming more like you have desired. I see you, my friends, striving to know Father and be like Him. Think not that your efforts are unnoticed and for nothing. Know that you are carefully guided and it is mandatory that true effort be made to attain progressive spiritual levels.



The spiritual path is not a river in which you float idly taking in the scenery, no. The spiritual path is more like a hiking trail in which you must overcome obstacles to move further, debris must be removed and all your attention must be focused on the next step. When focus has been interrupted there can occur a slight stumbling, but you know well that it doesn't take much to dust yourself and proceed.

I say your presence here weekly is indeed a good indicator that effort is being put forth to progress toward higher spiritual realities. Your efforts to study the written word are beneficial in your quest for spiritual knowledge. Your efforts made toward a fellow mortal to assist them in times of darkness is evidence that you have vowed to know Father and become like Him. Your weekly ministry to one another is again evidence that your concern for each other goes beyond words. I say your presence here says that you are a searching child, and I cannot promise all of the answers, but I can tell you with confidence that I do intend to go through the shrubbery of uncertainty that lies along this spiritual trail with you. I can say it is your will that brings you here this evening. It is your will that speaks to Father saying," I am ready to know what you would have me know and be who you would have me be." It is your will that allows me to speak so I may introduce to you the Master.

Service, Action

I am here, Michael, your Friend, your Brother/Father. I bring a message of good news. I seek to declare my joy for you. I do not, have not and never will, cry tears of pity for this world. I view you with my Father's eyes, and I must say, you are truly beautiful. Long ago when I walked in your same form I also put forth the effort to understand our Father's universe and my place in it. I met with great difficulties, but I say with certainty, that each difficulty was transformed into a positive spiritual experience. This transformation was in part due to my use of spiritual vision. I desired to put forth effort in the alignment of my will with my Father's.

You, my children, who have put forth that effort to understand Father's universe, and your position in it, have been greatly tested. This testing comes not as punishment but as training to know our Father and be like Him. This testing has been your greatest blessing and I know full well that you contain the strength to endure much more. I have no doubt that your training has led you to put down the habits of fear, anger, jealousy, pride and anxiety, to take up the tools of the Spirit, truth, beauty, goodness, tolerance, forbearance and love. I have called you and you have responded by laying down the habits of your mortal-like selves and picking up the tools of your divine selves.

Yes, your hour has come to go beyond verbal promises to the actual doing of spiritual realities. I would ask you that you join me in the upholding of those who feel plagued with heavy hearts. I would seek to recruit you to assist me in assisting those whose flame barely flickers the light of truth. I would ask you to know me, to go with me on a quest to uplift those who appear to be downtrodden with mortal heartache. Assist me in bringing the light of truth and joy of our good news to them. I seek not to cure the ills of this world. I seek to empower each of the worlds inhabitants to discover the cure of their own ills. I say to you that our Mission is not a cross to bear. Our Mission is light, humorous and joyful. I would call you to accept a position with me on my staff to uphold those in despair, and reveal that to them, that the light of truth burns within them. Walk with the surety that I have already gone before you. Farewell.


I am ABRAHAM. I would express our gratitude to you, Michael, on behalf of my students and myself. Know that our pledge to you and our Mission goes beyond a simple verbal promise. It goes to the core of our reason for searching and finding our Father in all that we do. I would express to you, my students, my unwavering love and dedication to you each. I am in humble gratitude to serve and know that Michael serves also with me. I would ask you to discuss Michael's proposal and next week I would take questions. Love and peace go with you until next week. Shalom.