1996-09-23-Exercise of Spirit and Mind

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Topic: Exercise of Spirit and Mind

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am happy you are with me this evening. It is always exciting and joyful to meet with you. It is of no importance the number in attendance. What matters is how you use these spiritual lessons. It is a blessing to know and work with each of you.


Exercise, Expression

Do you find it simple to step aside and allow for Father to express Himself through you? Do you find it may be a bit of a struggle to release your desired outcome to allow for Father to perform His work through you? It is perhaps like exercising. You must first desire to be Spirit led, which leads to Spirit vision, which up-steps you a level to spiritual liberty allowing you to be your true self. This exercise of Spirit and mind will certainly succeed this adventure in the flesh. I say it is not to be critical of yourself, no. It is only a matter of exercising your newly attained spiritual muscles.

Stepping aside to allow Father's expression to flow through you takes some practice. You see times when the Spirit appears to be with you and you are moving through daily toil rather efficiently, then there appear to be times of resistance and struggle. I say the spirit is always present with you and you are learning what may perhaps chance to block any light of truth. Times of anxiety may appear to hamper your efforts to move aside and allow for Father to work. Moments of despair can also work against you in finding what Father needs for you to know. Anger practically severs the presence of the Spirit altogether. Fear is still yet another poison to that unique being that is truly you, and last, envy is so strong at times it would appear that it could make one regress spiritually.

I say all of these stumbling blocks are detrimental in allowing Adjuster expression. It is inevitable and valuable that you'll gain knowledge regarding these Spirit poisons, but I say, as you move toward your divine selves you'll learn just as the Master learned. There are choices to be made. There are priorities to reach. The Master's choice was always Adjuster expression. His choice was always Father's will. His choice was to view this mortal life with His Father's eyes.

I say you are not lowly animals incapable of growth, no. You are beings human and divine on an eternal quest for spiritual meanings and values. Do you see? You are not slave to your emotions. You are not slave to even your minds. You most certainly have choices, and if it is your true desire to live in and of the Spirit, then it is so. As you begin to truly walk with the knowledge that you are a child of God you begin a long journey down a long corridor with many doors. As you set out upon your journey you see these doors as your choices. There are many doors to open and yet Father has already opened much of the doors that you need to go through. Your choices are to choose and pick your own doors or to be led and live by the Spirit and choose those doors Father has opened for you.

Spirit Poisons

Anxiety, despair, anger, fear, envy, is a part of the mortal experience. Yes, you will experience them, but these poisons of the Spirit will not control you. I say your desire to step aside and allow Father to work freely through you is to maintain control and balance over those Spirit poisons. You are intelligent beings wholly capable of living in and of the Spirit, the First Source and Center. Do you understand your liberty within this lesson, freedom to know God and be like Him? Allowing for Father to express Himself through you is to live as the Master lived, to serve as the Master served. The Master served in such a way that serving was not burdensome, no. Serving was always great joy serving alongside His Father within and being witness to Father's great power and wisdom.


My lessons are leading us toward the area of service, to use your spiritual tools without hesitation, without restraint. We, my friends, are moving into another level of our morontia education. The area of service will be your greatest task yet. To set aside personal wish fulfillment and self-aggrandizement for the good of the whole and growth of the Supreme Being. Service is where you will receive your greatest lessons, human and divine. Service is the potentials of our lessons transformed into actuals. This is not to cause anxiety. This is to say in being yourselves your service has already begun. In accepting your status of son or daughtership with Father is up-stepping you to know greater morontia realities, and I say, service will be a test at times, but it will also at times feel triumphant. If the opportunity arises I would ask you to discuss this with one another and now I will accept questions.



CALVIN: Abraham, in your lesson you talked about the Spirit poisons of fear, jealousy, anger. All of those I get a pretty good picture of, but I could probably use a little more on the envy one.

ABRAHAM: Understood. To envy, to desire what another has, whether it be material, spiritual or intellectual. Envy creates blinders so your vision is so narrow that you are unable to see and receive your own blessings. Envy takes your focus off the larger realities and places them upon a non-reliable foundation. Envy is to be overcome with self-inadequacies that seemingly make you appear to be trapped, but I say, this is not a reality for those who see with the eyes of our Father. Father's vision is not always padded for comfort. Father's vision is apparently harsh at times, but nonetheless true, and to view through His eyes is to see things in a real light. So envy will appear to be a non-reality to those who utilize their spiritual vision.

CALVIN: Yes. Either I don't have envy or I've got those blinders. Its so bad I can't see. I can't tell which. I have been reading Ken Carey's book, Return of the Bird Tribes, which is from an native American viewpoint. Then I ran onto this native American Wayne ? who for some reason strikes a deep chord. We have asked you in situations like this before if you are aware of them. I gave him a set of your lessons. (ABRAHAM: I know of him, but do not work directly with him. More to your question?) Yes. In meeting situations like that one where it isn't just 'hello, I know you from way back,' but sensing a real deep importance in him. Is that using this spirit insight, part of the work?

ABRAHAM: There are many reasons that there is such a deep recognition of another being, but I say, most of the time it is the Father Fragment within that draws your attention to where He may need to perhaps perform some task. In your will to be in Father's will you are able to clearly discern messages from Him and be willing to allow Father to work through you. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes it does. I can see much clearer what you are saying about allowing the Father to work through you, to express Himself. If we are all tense and tight, full of anxieties, it would be impossible to do that, but to relax and enjoy, accept our place in this world, this universe, without having to feel perfect. It is so much easier then to reflect the Father through us. (ABRAHAM: Yes. In the lessons regarding service there will be ample time for learning how Father communicates with you.)

TETRA: Abraham, can you expand on when you were speaking about the journey down this long corridor, all these doors and choices, but how Father has opened doors for us already?

Decision, Attunement

ABRAHAM: Certainly. The lessons that one is required to learn to attain deeper morontial wisdom could be these metaphorical doors. At times the doors that Father has opened are not entirely attractive. They appear to contain much labor and effort is needed to move through these doors. Many mortals spend much of their lives avoiding this seeming difficult doorway in favor of an easier access to eternal realities. I say that its acceptable to take these easy access doors, but I would say that there will be quite substantially more doors to go into than if you were to move through these doors that Father has already opened. It may appear that these doors are more work, more effort on your part and at times this can bring discomfort, possibly fear. These choices you make are shaping your path for tomorrow. It is a matter of desiring to align your will with that of the Father's and learning spiritual meanings and values take effort. Our Father has built the corridor and lit the lamps of guidance and support and He shall walk with you every step of the way.

RACHEL: Father Abraham, in speaking of this corridor and the doors, is that for us now as mortals here on earth or is that extending on back to the mansion worlds?

ABRAHAM: I refer to your life now in the flesh. The doors being your decisions you make. Is there one more question?

CALVIN: Does Father ever open doors for us that we shouldn't take just to see if we'd take them. Is that part of testing or are those just natural life doors opening?

ABRAHAM: I am certain that Father would not led you astray for testing. That would be cruel. No. His path for you is cut and Father gently guides you where you will progress most successfully.


I am overjoyed that you have allowed me to express my lesson this evening. You, my friends, are loved and cared for. My peace to you each. Until next week, shalom.