1996-10-13-Discussion of Stillness

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Topic: Discussion of Stillness

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers



Elyon (Mark TR): It has been my desire to not interfere with your observance of the stillness this morning, as this exercise is increasingly more important for your spiritual development.



This is your friend and spirit guide Elyon. I say the stillness is of increasing importance to your spiritual development because, as you develop spiritually, it is helpful for you to re- turn frequently to the well to draw your support, your strength, from the Father and from the very practice of your stillness. You will find that more and more this will be your comfort zone, your reality check, and your safe house where no pretense need be made, no appearances need be maintained, and no truth be hidden in your times of stillness.

Your dialogue earlier about interpersonal relationships and mediation of a higher power is an appropriate direction for your lines of thought. In fact, all personal relationships, if turned over to the will of the Father, can be quite satisfactorily administered. It is a good practice to return to the space, the stillness, and attempt to discern there the appropriate action to be taken, whether in a one-on-one personal relationship, or a in a relationship between yourself and many others. Guidance can still be secured through this channel of the stillness.

You are sincere in your desire to not be clouded with issues of ego. To be granted greater insight into your relationships will facilitate much growth and much learning on your part.

The times are nearing for you all here today to be more dynamically connected to the stillness, to bring from the stillness into your actions the direction and wisdom you gain, to quickly access the stillness and receive guidance and direction at a moment's notice. This is not a difficult task, merely one which takes much practice. The more trips you make to that isle of stillness within you, the easier the journey becomes each time until at some time you feel the connectedness of that isle of stillness within you and that thought/mouth process of communication. This establishment of this connection between your stillness and your active thoughts is your desired goal in this life, to be conscious always of the direction and insight from the stillness in your everyday life.

It may seem to you now that this is a place you go only occasionally for refreshing and for support. This will change as you practice the stillness to support and refresh while you are in active participation mode. It is a process of training you must endure to bond this connection better, but your efforts will be rewarded many times in the fruits you can draw from such a connection. You are even now becoming aware much more rapidly than in the past of the connection between lessons and interactions immediately following with you brothers and sisters. You are seeing patterns repeat themselves; opportunities arise before you; challenges come your way.

Continue in your pursuits in your direction towards the Father, towards the stillness through which you get to the Father. Your teachers are available to help you; Michael himself is available to help you. There is a great support mechanism for you to use, at your disposal. Call on myself, on Michael, on any of the teachers you have particular compatibility with to guide you and aid you in this process. Each time will become easier and easier until it is second nature to you to gravitate towards the stillness whenever the opportunity arises.

There are others present to speak if they are given voice, and I am here for you for your questions or comments as well.


Teacher Contact

Ginny: Thank you, Elyon. Your message today was similar to the message I got in my personal transmission yesterday.

Elyon: There is indeed a method to the madness, so to speak.

Ginny: It's heartening to hear this connection. It makes me feel more confident about my ability to transmit. It's an affirmation.

Elyon: You're welcome. I would extend affirmation in your direction as well as encouragement that, just like the practice of stillness, the practice of this communication we have builds for stronger and better results. The more you attempt a project, the easier the next time becomes.

Ginny: I am beginning to transmit you in the past weeks. Is this in part the result of my trying to sit more frequently at a specified time?

Elyon: It is definitely attributable in part to your diligence and your sincere attempts at this communication. Without those the entire process cannot exist. It is also a factor that teachers as myself like to make contact with many of their students individually as well as in a group setting. Do not be alarmed that I will come and visit you from time to time. This is my teacher prerogative. I do this with my other students as well who present themselves for this opportunity. I enjoy doing this with you.

Ginny: Thank you.

Tom: Something you said triggered for me the mota in The Urantia Book that says, "Few mortals dare to draw the sum of personality credits established by the combined ministries of nature and grace." 48:7.6 Or something like that. I have trouble hearing transmissions or accessing the stillness. Can I cash in a couple of these personality credits and use them to help me in the silence? How do you go about doing that? Is that the appropriate vehicle to use?

Elyon: You have much to your credit, so to speak. However, you need not feel you must bargain away anything that you have in order to gain the benefits of the stillness or teacher contact. Teacher contact and the stillness are yours for the earning. They may take a longer period of time for some than for others. The adjustments necessary may be different from individual to individual. Therefore, all human experiences will not be the same in relation to the stillness or to teacher contact.

I would at first separate stillness from teacher contact. Stillness is an attitude, the seeking of awareness, the sharing of one's life experience with the Father. It may include prayers; it may include some dialogue on your part, some sharing of your life experience, some asking for direction and guidance, and then by its very nature it requires the cessation of dialogue and the opening up of receptivity for insight, for awareness to pervade.

While many times teacher contact is associated with stillness, stillness is primarily the preparation of the attitude of receptivity for teacher contact. It is beneficial for people to prepare themselves for the attitude of receptivity to accept teacher contact.

I would also add that very much teacher contact takes place with the individual mortal involved being relatively unaware of this process. If I could, in your particular case, cite examples whereby a strong urge, thought, a compelling idea, surfaced in your mind that you then latched on to and agreed with and determined to be correct and worthy of your pursuit, the series of events that I just described many times is teacher contact. The simple elevation of an idea at a certain time in relation to a certain topic or subject is not wholly a human mind process.

Your human mind is a vast storage facility much like a computer. What triggers the appropriate bit of information to surface at the appropriate time can often be facilitated by sources other than your human mind. Your Thought Adjuster, teachers, even Michael are all capable of elevating these highest of human ideas and thoughts in your mind and giving them life and voice. Many times many transmitter/receivers feel as though they are involved in the transmitting process, that there is a personal aspect to the transmitting process. They are correct in that teachers cannot use what is not present in some “e” form in the transmitters memory banks. Therefore there is an intertwining of the personal thoughts and ideas with the teacher's capacity to bring these thoughts and ideas to the surface at the appropriate time.

I say this to you to perhaps raise your level of awareness that when you feel prompted or inspired to interject an idea or a worthy thought in conversation or to direct conversation towards another level, that this very likely is due to external prompting coupled with your internal desire. I am aware that this occurs in you regularly. You are an individual who cares a great deal about your thought processes, about the content and direction of what you have to offer to others. These are the keys to being of service in the capacity of teacher transmitter/receiver.

I encourage you as I encourage the entire group to remain in pursuit of these goals, remain in pursuit of achieving stillness easier and faster and better, maintain your pursuit of service to your brothers and sisters through your words, thoughts, and actions. You really cannot go wrong in this direction, and you are all making great personal strides in these pursuits. Have I answered your question?


Tom: Yes. I still have one more bit of that last question. What are personality credits?

Elyon: Personality credits refer not to some form of barter you have available to you but rather to your personal spiritual advancement. It may be seen to think of these credits as applying towards perhaps skipping a grade in your ascension, perhaps a mansion world, perhaps providing a unique opportunity to you because of these credits you have built up. Again I say these credits need never be taken away or exchanged from you for anything. They are to your credit forevermore.

Tom: They say we don't dare to draw personality credits. That intrigues me. I have sources I can tap by asking; that's the richest mind a person could have, to spend time in stillness and ask the teachers. Your point is well taken on barter. But what personality credit could there be that I wouldn't have the courage to draw on? How would I use this untapped credit source for whatever, in trying to be still, to be of service? I don't want to hoard it for personal use, but what is this?

Elyon: The untapped credits you refer to may be more helpfully thought of as potentials available to you. Each one of you has many potentials before you that you have not at this time chosen to access, chosen to develop. This does not go against you as a debt, but rather it is an untaken credit on your part. Many traits are around you that simply have not been embraced, recognized, and developed to their full potential or to even their partial potential.

It is not required that each individual expand and embrace in every possible aspect of existence on this plane. However each individual has far more latent potential than actualized potential that they choose to develop. There may be aspect so of yourself that with but a little energy could be developed into glorious avenues of expression. These are your untapped credits; these are waiting for your freewill choice to expand and to come to fruition. They will be there for you whether you choose to tap into them at this point or whether you choose to access them at a later time; they are latent credits you have yet to draw on.

Tom: When you use the word "dare" it implies that I know what it is but I'm afraid to ask for it. Does it begin by asking? Can you give an example of how these would work?

Elyon: It always begins with the expression of desire on your part; that is key in any avenue that you choose to express. The first step always remains to open up, to embrace and ask that this new direction, this new credit you wish to explore be fully revealed to you. and that you be in an attitude whereby you can appreciate and utilize and function in this new direction.

An example might be a person who has never tried to put their thoughts down in the form of writing and has lived most of their life never having given this avenue of expression a sincere try. This person then decides with their entire being that they wish to do this project. Their emphasis then shifts; their priorities then shift, and they determine what capacity they have for the avenue of writing.

It is never too late to give one of these avenues a try to see what your personal tendencies are. I use writing; it could be painting; it could be sailing; it could be roller skating. It could be any one of numerous, numerous talents or qualities. Many times we are the ones who stop ourselves from expressing this particular talent. We are the ones who either say we are not interested or not good at any particular avenue and shut that off to ourselves. Many other times we are not even aware that avenues exist to us. As I said, these avenues are available to you, if not now in this life, then perhaps in the next or the next or the next. But it is helpful to ever be on the lookout to expand your potential through these other sources. Does this help?

Tom: Yes, it does, thanks.

Elyon: If you all could see, if you could truly stand back and witness all that is available to you, it would seem, as it does even to me, as a road map. As many roads go out from a city on a road map, all intersecting at the city and all taking various routes away from the city to various different directions, this is what each of you has to look around and see all around you. There are directions and avenues available to you all around. Most individuals choose their favorite highways that access their center being, and they stick to these highways, these familiar roads that are well traveled and are comfortable. But there are many, many side roads and alternative routes which can expand your experience while you are here which are equally as valid as the main roads which come and go from your center.

So perhaps keep this in mind as you turn full circle in your life and see the many different directions you could take. Perhaps this could serve to arouse some curiosity in you as to the roads not taken, the paths not chosen.

The roads you do choose you walk down well. You are very sure-footed on these roads. You are becoming well versed in these paths. As your life experience proceeds you will find it challenging and intriguing to walk a different path from time to time and see what happens. I give my love to you all. You have a very special place in my heart. I am with you more than you know, and I am available to you. See you next week.


unidentified (Ginny): The element of desire is very important in accomplishing any task. You can desire with your mind and with your heart. Believe me, as soon as we see or understand that this is what you desire, we are there in a flash. The part you must play is one of trust, not only in your teachers but also in yourself.

One element that is a block to some of you, for one of two elements is that of fear and a sense of unworthiness. We do not require that you have a blameless or mistake-free past. This is not a consideration for your abilities to make contact. Urantians have a difficult time in dealing with guilt and unworthiness and these must be addressed or at least understood.

We are so anxious to convince you of your capabilities as a transmitter of love and information. We guarantee that your desire is sufficient and that you learn to quiet your mind long enough for us to get through. Any worthy thought or desire you can trust is indeed reinforced by us, even though you are not conscious of this. All of you have spoken unknowingly already with our help. This is the ideal, that you combine our energies with yours. When it becomes habitual to practice, it will become more and more hard to tell who is speaking.

We do not work alone on your planet; we have never worked alone. We require your input, your willingness, and your desire. Decisions are a vital part of your training in your growth. There will never be a time when decisions will not have to be made. Even here where we live decisions have to be made. Cooperation is still necessary. This goes on throughout your morontia career. You will have to make decisions each step along the way. You are not exempt from the work that you have to do.

You have all experienced elation and joy in a task accomplished through lots of practice. (Tape ends. The rest is from notes.)


This ease is second nature. You all understand very well the influence of habits not conducive to growth habits. The same thing happens when you develop stillness. You will do it spontaneously. You will act spontaneously with love and wisdom. It is not so much how long but how often you do it.

It has been a pleasure speaking with you. We congratulate you all for your efforts. I will take my leave.