1996-10-21-Accepting Service

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Topic: Accepting Service

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teachers: Abraham

TR's: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Happy am I to meet with you this evening. It is my supreme pleasure to know you each and share your experiences in mortal living.


Acceptance, Service

It would appear to me that you are learning from where to receive your spiritual medicine. You are indeed learning the source firsthand how to overcome the illusory power of the spirit poisons. You have taken steps further toward your spiritual maturity and progress. These steps were not on an easy path, no. There was much study, experiencing, falling and progressing. Yes, there will always be some stumbling, but I say, your dedication to your eternal career will always assist you in getting back on course. We know the importance of allowing Father His expression to serve His great many children, also do we know how the spirit poisons block Father from expressing Himself, reducing the success of any service.

In our teachings on service we must always ask our students:

-Are you able to be served as you are able to serve?

-Do you allow divine blessings that may perchance come to you?

-Are you fully aware of accepting those blessings as you are of your desire to be a blessing to others?

-Do you find that certain blessings that may come your way are perhaps just good fortune, perhaps luck? Do you find gratitude in this?


We have found it is as important to accept service as it is to perform service. It is popular in certain cultures that martyrdom is altogether selfless and holy. And these individuals accept not any blessing that may chance to counteract their understanding of holiness. I would say this is outdated and certainly misunderstood. Father does not ask you to sacrifice anything for your son or daughtership with Him.

It is known that there are lessons of wisdom and love to be gained from adversity, but I would say to you this evening, this is not always necessary to be burdened by adversity to receive good marks from Father. It is not always necessary to overlook the divine goodness for what you feel you would deserve. It is not necessary that you are your own supreme bookkeeper. Mortal life is not about service and suffering, overcoming adversities to appear victorious, no. The spiritual life is adversity, yes, but also is it filled with divine goodness and indescribable joy that is yours free for the taking.

Silence, Communion

Those dedicated to the spiritual life make great attempts at keeping focused on the eternal goal. The eternal goal is not always accomplished by self-denial, suffering, no. In the path of those who are spiritually focused need to attempt to accept their Father's joy just as the Master Himself had done. The Master, being the best that man can be, continually looked up for His Father's great abundance of joy and wisdom. The Master had spent much time alone in silent communion with Father, enabling the Master to know more of the Father's perfect joy. The Master in such excellent communion with His Father had achieved much through inner knowing. He experienced, yes, but I say, His communion with Father enabled Him to know so much more. How else could one accomplish all his human requirements before age thirty.

Yes, the Master found it not only necessary to accept Father's hard lessons, but also His divine blessings. Jesus knew He was loved and loved well. He was wholly worthy of Father's blessings, not because He was a potential ruler of a universe, no, because He was a son of the Father of all father's. The more communion the Master had partaken of the more He understood His divine Father. Adversities or blessings, there was no difference to the Master. They were one in the same, all coming from a source that loved and believed in Him. The Master had learned to recognize Father's love in return. He had learned to recognize those gifts which Father had put before Him, be they joy filled or fraught with difficulty. Yes, Jesus was accepting of His Father's supreme knowledge. I would say the number of ones difficulties does not put them progressively higher in Father's spiritual kingdom, no. It is what one learns from those difficulties that propels him closer to Paradise. I would say when trudging through the dirt and mud of everyday living forget not to look up into the blue sky and feel the sun upon your face. Mortal living is not to be endured. It is to be celebrated. Have you questions?


RACHEL: Well I am ready to celebrate if everybody else is.


CALVIN: It is quite hard to feel like celebrating in the middle of those drudgeries. I guess that is where our growth is coming from here. I know when I get in the middle of a big muddy day it is easy to forget the celebration, but at least I know that there will be one tomorrow. I think that is better than what it used to be. It used to be kind of like no hope. I know the dust is going to settle. It will be a better day tomorrow. Are you saying that during the frustration we can have joy even in that? I don't see how that is possible.

ABRAHAM: That is somewhat correct, but I would say my lesson tonight is primarily about receiving and accepting blessings through joy as opposed to adversity. It is possible to receive understanding through your willingness to step aside and allow Father to work, and I say, it is not always through a difficult means, no. I would also say that many spiritual lessons also appear in the midst of joy and your allowance to be loved and served by our Father and your fellows.


Jesus on the last supper chose to demonstrate to His apostles that even He, a man and God, would kneel to wash His brethren's feet. He demonstrated that all who would be served in the kingdom must also serve. He demonstrated to each of His fellows that His humble act was proof that His love for them went beyond mere words. His actions spoke volumes. One and all knew of His divinity, and yet, humbly allowed the Master to wash each ones feet, even the feet of the one who would betray Him. Do you see how the Master would stop at nothing to serve? Jesus genuinely loved His fellows and proved it everyday. I am saying this evening that Michael still desires to serve you and as does also the Father. You, His children of light, are wholly deserving of the divine blessings. It would be of great benefit if you could recognize these blessings and be in humble gratitude. Without allowing the Father to bestow upon you His spiritual gifts and divine joy you are only reaping half of your spiritual harvest. To be accepting of Father's divine gifts you are beginning to understand His heavenly attributes. You are beginning to recognize His divine love. Father's divine love, an unstoppable energy that rules the universes. Do you see I endeavor to teach you a balanced spiritual curriculum? Mortal living is adversity, yes, blessings, yes, but for one who is dedicated to the doing of the divine will is perceiving all this to be good. Is this helping

CALVIN: Yes it is. I always look at the story of Him washing the apostles feet as teaching them, hey, you know better than anyone else, you go wash feet and serve, but what I hear you saying also is allow yourself to be served equal as allowing yourself for enjoying the benefits of serving. (ABRAHAM: Yes, exactly.)

RACHEL: Last week Father Abraham you told us to ask: Do I have the ability to care for myself and the world as a whole as would a supreme being? My land, I don't know what mortal on this earth could ever answer yes to that or have the gall to answer yes to that. I think you were putting us on right there.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I also know not of anyone who would be qualified to power the universes with divine love. I agree with you. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, a quick question about my daughter. You must be aware of the situation. Both Kamille and I think we have come to a standstill, a roadblock. I don't know what else to do. I can see I can learn to be more patient, understanding and loving, less angered and stuff. There has got to be some other way for this child who is perceiving herself miserable, hates life. Any suggestions that you would have...?

ABRAHAM: I am aware she has a powerful hatred towards herself, but the source of this cause is only known by her. I would assure the child that you are willing to bear with whatever may befall her and you. And attempt to retrieve the source of her self-hatred through communications and assurance that you would not abandon her. There is something that troubles her from the past and this is as a thorn in her side and she seeks relief. I am also happy to assist with this. I would ask Amelia to fear not for she is a daughter of the living God and has all the answers at hand. Reassure her of your dedication and it is permissible for us, Amelia and I, to meet.


More questions? If there are no more questions I would recommend that this week watch for Father to serve you and how it affects your service to others. My love go with you until next week. Shalom.