1996-10-27-Love Is Key

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Topic: Love is Key

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Celeste, Uniedia, Alphonso, HaReel, Elonia, Will

TR: Unknown



Celeste: Greetings children of Light, my name is Celeste. I come here this evening to bless you individually, if it is your will to receive such a blessing. The purpose is to enhance the opening through which you receive the Father’s Love, His blessing from above as it flows in through your physical vehicle, energizing and making available to you energy that was not previously available. If you are willing, I would ask you each to sit up with your feet on the floor. Your teachers wish to speak and address this group as well, so please allow them to speak. The manipulations that I will be performing will in no way interfere with that process. I thank you, beautiful spirits, for opening your hearts. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

T/R # 2

Uniedia: Greetings my friends. This will be brief but I did want to address you and give my love to you, and to say that all is well. The upliftment of the planet is on-going. The Light of the Father will be seen by more and more beings as they awaken. So fear not. Spread peace and joy as you go about your daily task, and above all remember that love is the key. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

T/R # 3

Alfonso: Beautiful people, luminescent and bright, you are beginning to see your role as bringers of God’s love. Indeed when you commit to participation we are there to assist, and things will fall into place. Your growth has truly been astounding. Your fears are falling by the wayside. There is simply too much validation in your lives to discount it any longer. You are indeed on a mission. Each of you has been led to this place, at this time, on this planet and you will each, if you so desire, participate fully and effectively in bringing others to the realization of God’s love for them. What an honor. What opportunities you will be provided! Stay in the consciousness of God’s love. Treat each day as sacred. Love one another and all you meet. The time has come for us to be about the Father’s business. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

T/R # 3

HaReel: My friends, just a reminder tonight of the power of prayer. I think we’ve seen its value in our discussion this evening. (Ed: A group member told of an amazing gift she was given after turning a need she had over to the Father.) And you will see it as you practice prayer; it is always there for you; it’s a significant tool for life on this planet. It’s a gift to you. He hears your prayers and honors your sincere desires, especially when they are accompanied by love. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

T/R # 4

Elonia: I am Elonia. I would speak with you this evening on joy and thanksgiving. Dare not underestimate the power of these two in growth. They are the very underpinnings of growth. Reach out in joy and thanksgiving to the Father, to each other. Stimulate joy and thanksgiving within yourselves in whatever means that work best for each, through poems or songs or chakras or readings. Whatever stimulates you to joy and thanksgiving, do so, for the growth will be naturally born upon these two things, these two actions. Yours is the joy in the Father. Give thanks for your position in the universe, for it is special. Thank you my friends, for hearing me tonight. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

T/R # 1

Celeste: I thank you beautiful children for allowing me to give to you a gift this evening. Visualize, if you will please, the opening, the crown chakra, in the center of your head, as now being opened, opened to the Light, to the energy, to the gifts that the Father would give to you, to the gifts that even now begin to be yours. Accept them sweet spirits, as His children, deserving of His Love and Light. And once again, my gratitude to you for allowing me this privilege. Go with the grace of God. Shalom.

Analiese: Thank you for visiting; for joining us.

Celeste: You’re most welcome.

T/R # 1

Will: The Light of the Father filters down upon this world in a never ending abundance of Love, blessings, gifts to those who would but accept. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings dear ones. It is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

This evening was such a delight to all of us! And, to you as well?

Vincent: Very much so.

Will: This is a joy to participate in! Thank you, all of you for following your leads, for speaking out, for starting the ball rolling so to speak. Come together in joyous love and thanksgiving, sharing your lives as you have done tonight, for we all gain much when we do so. There may be evenings when you have so much to say to one another, so much to give to one another, so much to learn from one another that here will not be time for your teachers to participate. Accept that when it happens, and it will, as a part of the divine plan. You well know that most things do not happen by chance alone.

I close this meeting now, as the hour grows late, but I will be with each of you during the week, and I would encourage you to allow me to speak with you, as my heart does so very much want to. And if not me, then perhaps another teacher, for they are all available, all present, all willing and waiting for you to accept. Remember your stillness, make that always beloveds, your number one priority. If you accomplish nothing else in your day, don’t go to bed without spending time with your Father. I love each and every one of you so very much and I thank you for the love that I feel coming from your hearts as well. Blessings on each of you throughout this week. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.


Vincent: Will, five years ago tonight we gathered for the first time to listen to you. People have come and gone and many people have been led to your teachings. Throughout this time, many have benefited from the sage advice, the lessons that you have given us, not only in this group, but around the country, and yes, around the world as well. It has been a real pleasure and I think it’s only appropriate to mark this occasion and to send you our love for your tireless efforts in our behalf. Thank you.

Will: Thank you Vincent for remembering.

Analiese: Thank you Vincent, for speaking up.


Will: And please don’t misunderstand me, my heart would not have been heavy had you not remembered. But it is quite light now that you have! As I said, I love each of you very much; you make my life so full of joy in so many ways and I am blessed by your presence. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.