1996-10-28-Fruits of the Spirit

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Topic: Fruits of the Spirit

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I would welcome you each and express my appreciation for your willingness to help in this Mission. I have always found that serving in Michael's Mission is not looked upon as work as you would define work. I find that service is my great privilege because Father has trusted me to do His bidding, and in this, I find multi-levels of joy. So service for me is like setting forth on an adventure. To be involved in this Mission has to be my greatest adventure yet. I have experienced much growth, much camaraderie and unity with mortals and non-mortals alike. I would dare say to serve on this Mission has been my greatest experience in spiritual education. My time being taught about service cannot compare to the actual doing. This, my friends, will be a similar experience for you. I could speak for hours about service, but your real education lies in your experience.



We have discussed steps to take toward aligning your will with Father's. We know that in all your decisions it is quite wise to take a moment of stillness to commune with Father. We have discussed the importance of stepping aside to allow Father to express Himself and through His children, while being watchful of those spirit poisons that may hamper any spiritual progress. Last week we discussed Father's divine blessings and accepting His service and also the service of your fellows. We have learned that to accept service is to aid others in their spiritual progress and find Father's significant meaning in daily living. I say you have also learned to care and minister to one another. Without the burden of self-glory or pretense it becomes quite easy to allow assistance from the many Father Fragments.

I must say you do quite well in your efforts to become God-like. There is no meter or scale wherewith to measure your spiritual growth. However, there is always the fruits of the spirit to inform you of just how much you have learned. To use these spiritual fruits is a good indicator of how far you have come to be in a God-like mind frame. To show kindness, patience, forgiveness, forbearance, tolerance, love and generosity, is to live as the Master lived. With the use of Father's ideals in a material world where practicality is necessary to survive you are each knowing of the fruits of the spirit and desire to use them in your daily living, but at times you find it difficult to do. At times it may appear that it is more easy to be driven by the spirit poisons than to be led by the fruits of the spirit. It is literally a universal law that you reap the harvest of the seeds you sow. To be driven by the spirit poisons is to reap the harvest of them. To sow the seeds of the fruits of the spirit is to likewise to reap the harvest therefrom. You will find that this is certainly true regardless of my words to you. In your own experience you will find that your spiritual harvest is becoming more of a reality everyday.

Our Mission is at a faster pace and you will begin to see your spiritual crops come into fruition much more accelerated than before. Michael has set the course. He is wholeheartedly dedicated to the upliftment of this planet. It is urgent that our plan move forward without hesitation, perhaps obstacles that may impede our efforts. This Mission is definitely not games, but a great honor and privilege to serve with one who is so concerned and love-filled for this world. This Mission is not about endless toiling through barren fields, no. This Mission is about that anticipation that underlies every unexplored territory through lands full of scenic wonder. To serve and be served is not to be viewed as the enduring of hard labor, but the trust that Father has in His universe children to carry on His legacy. This week I would ask that you study the subject of the fruits of the spirit. Is it possible to be led by them or is the spirit poisons more of a driving force? Have you questions?


JOSHUA: I do Abraham. It seems to me like this lesson was addressed to me. I am in a quandary on what to do, whether I am supposed to go to the hospital or whether I am to stay home or whether I am to go down to Rachel's home and stay with her. Could you help me on this?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. It is my knowledge that whatever is your desire that is your answer. It is really a matter of your comfort. It is wholly acceptable to accept whatever service you may require. It is important that you remain comfortable while participating in your own well-being. I cannot give a more specific answer other than to choose what is the desire of your heart. Is this helping?

JOSHUA: Yes, but I am still confused. Its my will to do Father's will, whatever that might be.

ABRAHAM: That is understood and it is important in understanding that Father desires your happiness and feelings of well-being and comfort. Is there another question?


RACHEL: Yes Father Abraham. Last week I heard that Pope John Paul said that it is entirely possible that the human beings arrived here on this Earth through evolution. He said that is not against the Christian belief or religion because God bestowed the soul upon all mankind. My question is in your service, with you and your associates, have you been working with Pope John Paul?

ABRAHAM: It is my knowledge that Michael's Spirit of Truth has been moving through the large religious institutions to help purify religious intentions. It is my knowledge that many years of mans wish-fulfillment has distorted much of the message left by Christ. It is most likely that upon the completion of the Spirit of Truth purifying mission that is when a great many teachers will join in and help to reconstruct the church to serve the people in a more God-like manner. Does this help?

RACHEL: Yes it does. I just wish we could get the authorities of the LDS church to admit that. That would help a whole lot.

ABRAHAM: It is entirely possible with the Mission taking an accelerated turn towards Light and Life. Another question?

Correcting Time, Service

TETRA: That is kind of what my question is Abraham. Why is this acceleration happening?

ABRAHAM: We have found that with the deterioration of meanings and values in the hearts of humankind also comes the deterioration of care for the environment of the planet. We find it is necessary for the health of the planet to up-step our Mission. Everyday humankind is turning their hearts toward Father, but this is a long process and with the re-encircuitment of the planet it is entirely possible for mortals to receive a much greater amount of spiritual light than before. We find that as we assist in the upliftment of humankind it assists the planet in its natural healing. Is this explaining? (Very well. Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, how much participation in this Correcting Teaching Mission is expected from your students and the students in this Mission? Are you counting wholly on us to be there when some up-stepping is going or combination of enlightenment from your side with what we can do?

ABRAHAM: We do depend a great deal on those mortals that will listen and desire to be included, but the mortals assisting do wonderful work on a small scale. It is known that several legions of Seraphim, Midwayers, Melchizedek teachers, Mother and Her mind spirits, Michael and His Spirit of Truth, are certainly in full force and there is no stopping our Mission now. But as I have said, service is a great privilege and can bring you to multi-levels of joy and worship. I say that the act of service is not difficult, to be a burden, no. It is good to be able to measure this by your utilization of the fruits of the spirit.


I am slipping. It is always my great privilege and pleasure to work with you each. I would express my gratitude and leave you with my love. Shalom.