1996-12-04-Character & Benefits of a TR

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Topic: Character & Benefits of a TR

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



NEBADONIA: Be still, my child, that I may hold you to me. I am your mother, Nebadonia, and I have come to assure you of my loving embrace. You are so dear to me, my little ones. You are so adventurous and willful. You run from me as children do and play hard and wear yourselves out with your many free will choices, but now, my children, I call you back to sit with me that I may embrace you and wash the soil from your hands, from your face, that I may wash your tears away and comfort you and cuddle you and assure you that you do not go far from me, for I am with you. I see you play. I watch you as a loving mother. Rock with me now. Let me sing a lullaby to you. Let me soothe you. Feel me hold you. Feel my presence enfold you. Be at peace, little ones. Rest in my arms, assured of the overcare of your Father Michael and me.

TOMAS: I am Tomas, your teacher.

Students: Hi, Tomas. Thank you for the surprise.

TOMAS: It was not my doing. I also enjoy such unplanned visitations and I, too, am renewed by the ministrations of the Mother Spirit.



We will take advantage of the sanctity of her embrace to toll the bell for my words this evening which will be to seek ye first the Kingdom. "Seek ye first the kingdom and all things will be added unto you" and I see how Our Mother has spoken to you this evening of your going out to play, going out on your adventures, rambunctiously involving yourselves in the affairs of your realm, and you have dirty faces from your hard play, from your involvement in the many, many adventures and opportunities available to you as mortals in the realm.

What is the kingdom that you are to seek first? The kingdom of heaven is within you. Many times when you pray, you pray to a God outside of yourself, in the far realm of Paradise, light years away from your playground here on Urantia. You seek Him in the starry skies, you search for Him in the heavens. You perceive Him in the Isle of Paradise upholding the universe, a grand omniscient, omnipotent power and personality to bow before, to admire, to revere. You feel small and humbled in the presence of such a power. Rather, I say to you, to go within and seek the Father within.

The kingdom of heaven is within you. The Father resides within you. Inward and upward is the direction. Do 'not seek for Him outside of yourself, but seek for him in the citadel of the spirit within your own soul. You strain in your stretch to find Him. You seek diligently in enterprises for satisfaction and understanding of who you are. You look to your society and your peers for confirmation of your reality, when all along your own reality dwells within you. The kingdom of heaven is within you. It is not far to the presence of God, for He has deigned to generously abide with you and in you. Seek not, therefore, for Him outside yourself. Seek for Him inward and He will lead you upward.

As you find the kingdom within you, you live in light and life. Fellows will be constrained to seek Him through you for you will radiate the peace which passes all understanding. You will hold in your heart the joy of knowing God as a personal experience. Those who seek outside themselves will see this in you. Do not fall victim of their neediness, but rather refer them, too, to the Indweling Pilot Light of the spirit that dwells within them.

I have missed you, my friends. It has been some time since we have commingled thus. There has been a lot of activity in your realm, immediate and extended. I am reminded of your "Footsteps" and many of you lately have been carried. Much of this has to do with virus situations, but it is compounded by many fears, many insecurities based upon your need for physical and emotional security. Seek ye first the kingdom.

I am glad to be with you again. Are any of you inclined to discuss some of your more recent adventures in the life? Are there questions?


Energy, Personality

Iyana: Tomas, during this talk about God being within, I've always felt that God is such an awesome being that I felt sort of nervy, so to speak, to realize that He's right here with me and going with me everywhere and here I am such a minute person in comparison. But that's the way I feel. I feel that He is here, that He is with me, as well as He is with everybody else, but so many people cannot understand how He can generate Himself everywhere.

Of course, we know that He is energy and that He is a great light and even when we think of our electricity going from one place to the other, so could His spirit be going from one place to the other, so that's the way I feel -- that we're all joined in that respect. So when I see loved ones that have no inkling of that light that could spark off that wonderful light that they have, they're so talented, but they have missed this point, and it makes me feel sad.

TOMAS: You are not alone in your sorrow.

Hunnah: That's right.

TOMAS: I will remind you of The Urantia Book which says, "Few mortals ever dare to draw anything like the sum of personality credits established by the combined ministries of nature and grace. The majority of impoverished souls are truly rich, but they refuse to believe it." (P.556 - §7:6 4) It is as you say, Iyana, that they are indwelt by a personal fragment of divinity but they do not accept Him. They cannot see that this Light is here to enrich them.

Hunnah: That subject that Iyana brought up is something that everybody has to deal with because we're living in a mixed level and I feel that it doesn't ask us to be tolerant so much as that tolerance is -- the concern evaporates when we deal with people we feel are not responsive to the spirit. If I'm concerned, it means that I'm having trouble with my righteous judgment, so to speak.

Iyana: Well, I just feel they're missing something. It's too bad.

HUNNAH: We were there yesterday where they are now.

TOMAS: I would point out in this dialog that the Infinite Eternal Parent indwelling is not only energy and light but is also personality, therefore, this God is a personal entity, made even more personal by your association, and so although the energy indwells everyone of normal mind, it is only those who are cognizant of the Father as a living personality that can fully appreciate the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

This nebulous energy is not what will bring about peace on earth or light and life for humankind, but it is rather the personalization that it is Our Father and therefore we are brothers that will enable the Kingdom to expand beyond the individual to the collective. Those of you who aspire to understand the connection of god-consciousness in each other, who recognize yourselves as His children in truth, are able to become a fortress for each other in that understanding, far more than those who only can conceive of God as an energy or an impersonal power.

An impersonal power, like electricity, may contribute to illumination but it is the ministration of a personal God, as you experience in the presence of Nebadonia, that gives you that feeling of association, of belonging to a cosmic family, a spiritual friendship, neighborhood. That is the true personalization, that is the true family, and yes it is sad that many die floundering for Reality which indeed is inside them in their own connection to divinity.

Iyana: When I was speaking to you -- I mean, I feel all that you just said, but -- I was using the electricity as an example to explain to somebody who perhaps wouldn't understand it any other way, how there is this connection between people.

TOMAS: You would do as well to reduce it to physics...

Iyana: Okay.

TOMAS: . .. for in the physical understanding of God's every-where-ness, physics covers a multitude of facets of energy and connectedness. Stress, rather, the facet of sonship, for only as you can identify God as a personal being, is it made meaningful and real to you as a human being. No one can revere and worship energy by itself. You may respect power for the damage it may cause or the good that it may do, but you cannot worship that which has no personality.

Iyana: You make me feel as if I didn't come across with what was in my mind. Anyway, I'm glad for this explanation.

TOMAS: I am glad to have such a student as yourself, Iyana, who is unafraid to put thoughts out for discourse and further elaboration, not only for your own understanding but for the understanding of others. We have discussed before how it is that we are co-workers. I hope to instill in you all an understanding that although I have more experience as your teacher I am still growing in the spirit as you are, and so we are co-workers, colleagues if you will. As you learn, I learn also.

As you present me with your growth experiences, I am called upon then to remember my own experience. I am called upon to confer with my associates in the Teaching Corps, I am called upon to ask for guidance from the Master himself and from Machiventa on occasion. It expands our association into the superuniverse, you see, and broadens the perspective of our association.

In no way do I mean to belittle your observations or speak down to you, my friend. I am a pompous fool.

Iyana: Oh, I never take anything that way! I know it doesn't matter to . .. what you say is okay with me. I want to tell you, though, when traveling, I had the most wonderful feeling of, "Oh, -- it was just as if I was going into another room -- no stress, no worry." All because of my path that I'm on, that I was in.

TOMAS: You have within you and within your understanding a grasp of this kingdom which we discuss. You, who are confident of your standing in the universe as a child of God, of living reality, carry light and life with you wherever you go, and so you know in faith and in trust that it is another door that opens to yet another vista. There is no fear, there is no insecurity, for you walk in faith.

Iyana: How do you feel, Leah, when you're driving and everything?

Leah: Oh, I feel guided and protected, but I do know I still have to keep my eyes open.

Iyana: Oh, of course!

Leah: I do still have some stress about what the other parties on the road might do, but I feel pretty much that I'll be fine, but sometimes I worry about somebody else out there.

TOMAS: I would like to expand your approach somewhat to be more inclusive, that when you are on the highway of life it is not always the freeway, but that you go down the road of life into other environments, other cities, other homes, other arenas. It is the same value lesson that as you take light and life with you, as you walk in confidence of the kingdom within, you open the door, you turn the corner into yet another facet of life's adventures in the spirit and in the flesh with confidence of overcare and guidance.

Hunnah: My life is a living testimony to such a thing. Especially when you see something that could have been bad not happening. I have felt a concern for the connectedness of the group. I have felt a concern for your mission as we foil with the distractions of our worldly experience. It can be very frustrating and there are some people in the group who have some pretty big things on the menu and don't have a clue as to how they're going to develop and it can be frustrating, so I guess that's fertilizer for our development of patience.

TOMAS: Indeed, I had a conversation recently with Teacher Ham regarding this very subject. We were discussing the aspects of group and he said, and I will share with you, "a group is obviously comprised of its individual members and so as a group is cohesive or disjointed, it is a reflection of the individuals who comprise the group." Without taking that analogy to be so all-inclusive as to include all of humankind on Urantia, I will retain the focus on the Pittsburgh Teacher Base as I assume you have and do, and say that I appreciate your meditations regarding the configuration of your associates.

It encourages me when my students begin to perceive of the teaching platform as a reality sufficient that they themselves would have sincere concerns for its composition and direction. Your concerns are not without merit and justification. It is my challenge, as you know, to work with this assortment of believers. It is your opportunity also to help to carry your appreciation of the kingdom with you into that arena and in your own sphere of light and life to radiate that harmony and that connectedness with divinity which will strengthen you and them by association.

As we discussed earlier this evening, as you enter your arena, well established in your own personal kingdom, your own light and life, your own connection to God-consciousness and divinity, you radiate then that peace which passes all understanding and it is attractive. When others see that you are serene in your faith, they will be bolstered. If they are needy, they may seek to take it from you or borrow it from you, whereupon you can then begin to teach and replace their neediness with the assurance that they too have within them the kingdom of heaven.

It is perhaps glib of me to say such a thing for no one short of ultimate perfection has all the answers all the time, all the serenity, all the security, all the trust all the time. This is part of the growing experience. It is necessary that you remain flexible and open to always be a student as well as a teacher as we have discussed before.


Hunnah: As humans, in our dimension, we are accustomed to something that is material, that is three dimensional, and if you were a team leader here on earth and we were building something tangible, this project would probably be already in the air, but because we are dealing with the invisible realm and we are dealing with intangible aspects of ourselves and our development, it sometimes feels that we are, as we say here, "whistling Dixie" and it doesn't seem as if we're doing anything, and when I was sitting in the airport last night I had a feeling of maybe I was radiating. I'm saying this for a reason.

And I was watching all these people going back and forth and back and forth and eating and reading books and waiting and putting in time, and I had to connect with the fact that there was a possibility that my having been there that evening could actually have made a difference. Now, this sounds like a tall order but we all are going to be faced with perhaps that's the form of our industry. I'm really giving you an earful here so it might take you all evening to get . .. But, was my experience last night as . .. was that really happening?

TOMAS: Yes, daughter.

Hunnah: Thank you.

TOMAS: I am happy to affirm you.

Hunnah: Thank you.

TOMAS: Let me go one further and say that this indeed is your job, this is the work of the kingdom, for you have maintained your reality in the face of much external hustle bustle. In an airport, for example, with the eating and reading and coming and going, that is a very emotional environment. It is filled with many, many different sorts of energies and feelings, and as you are able to anchor yourself in spirit reality and keep your footing in an appreciation of what is transpiring but without becoming caught up in it, you have provided stability, spiritual stability.

As more and more of you learn how to stand stable in the spirit in your own sphere of light and life, you exert a tremendous influence on your environment. The spirit is strong, it is powerful. It is sometimes more effective when, as in the experience you described, you are in an impersonal arena such as a public place for it is often more problematic when you are in a one-on-one situation and your tranquility and strength of purpose in the spirit is so contrasting to one individual who is running from the spirit reality of you and of his or her self. That is more threatening a situation than a large arena such as you were in, but I commend your experience.

As you can and do register your own spiritual integrity in any environment, you have contributed to the growth, the living growth of the living water.

Iyana: Is it egotistical . ..? I had this experience where I went to visit my daughter and she took me to visit her friend and when I come into the room somebody says, "Oh, isn't she pretty!" and someone says, "Oh, look at her skin, (something about cosmetics)" but anyway, meeting with her friends at that time and meeting with her friends at another time when they had Thanksgiving dinner, I just seemed to mix around with everybody and just talk to them and everything was flowing so freely and everything, and I usually was the person who had not too much to say, and I just felt that it was the spirit within me that was making people comfortable with an older person, showing them what they could be, because sometimes we find in our society that older people are a bore. And my daughter's eyes just seemed to pop open that she was seeing her mother in a different role that she hadn't seen her before. While I was there my daughter seemed to give me more love, more consideration and things along that line -- although I know she loves me -- than she usually does, and I just wondered, was this my new self that's being around and spreading?

TOMAS: This is the real Iyana. The true personality, the true daughter of living reality. Notice, my dear, how you were able to carry yourself in their environment, in this environment, and make connections with all these people without discussing theology. You have been practicing the fruits of the spirit and your technique of living reflects the spirit in a way that can be accepted by people.

Iyana: Thank you.

Hunnah: There was a confidence that has nothing to do with ego that I had been aware of and I think that our other guests in the room, they haven't commented, they're going to be noticing the same thing. There is a sort of a new self-worth that develops, that out shouts the old person, and if there are 50 people in a room that pay attention to you for some reason, there will be 50 different interpretations of what they are hearing, and I find that this is a development of -- Casey used to call it "loving indifference" -- or, an impersonalization develops where your ego isn't performing, you are Being (big letters) Yourself.

TOMAS: This is correct.

Hunnah: And at different times it seems that this is more obvious to you than others, and when it's not there, you feel you want to scramble to catch up with what you feel.

TOMAS: This is a reality, a reality level.

Hunnah: Not everyone likes to hear it, though.


TOMAS: I have heard a couple references to ego and I would like to respond somewhat that it is a fine line between ego manifested shrouded in social graces and true light and life behavior. There is a difference. Your society is accustomed to egos parading around manifesting social fragrance, political correctness, behavioral conditionings and so forth, and it will make for some polite society, but it is without the true spirit. It is possible for you to bask in the glow of grace and enjoy individuals socializing and so forth without ego, indeed, selflessly, for you are imbued with the spirit, with the fragrance of divinity.

Iyana: What you say is true, you know, because the ego would . .. when you are Giving Forth, you really like the people you are talking to. You're showing forth love. And in that way I think you feel more comfortable.

TOMAS: As you become more aware of spirit reality, you will discover that difference even more. You will even discover in yourself your own ego manifestation of appropriate behavior which you then may say, "Oh, I can adjust that by turning on the switch of spirit and allowing that to become reality rather than a social affectation" and so you may become even more real by your, yes, detachedness from behavioral manifestations through seeing with the eyes of spirit, through seeing with eyes to see.

It is not a devastating experience to discover that you have vestiges of an ego. It is rather an opportunity to align yourself that your ego may be used appropriately to identify yourself with light and life, with the true spirit reality. Ego in itself does not have to be a bad thing. Ego is a method of functioning. If it is functioning for the gratification of the self, it is a lesser behavior than if it is operating for the betterment of spirit reality and brotherly love.

It goes back to motives, intent, and even here you are not in a position to judge but rather to observe your behavior and polish up your act, prune your branches as necessary that your sap will flow more freely to produce bigger and better fruits.

  • INTERMISSION (during which time personalities of various group members were discussed.)

TOMAS: I have returned. Have you come back now from your intermission also?

Leah: I don't think we took an intermission. We just kept going!

Hunnah: Was that what we needed to do? Was that therapeutic?

Adjustment, Maturity

TOMAS: Well, it was therapeutic in-as-much as you have aired your concerns and you have not assassinated anyone's character; therefore, you have had a good look at one or two of your peers and observed how your relationships may be sustained and improved. I would call that valuable, for you have approached your societal, familial concerns with compassion and concern for the betterment of the community; it also entails your reviewing your own agenda and so you've been generous in looking also at your own imperfections.

These discourses regarding behaviors are not poorly spent time as long as they are productive of good will. As you gain insight into your fellows, as you also gain insight into your own behaviors, you learn how to prevail with men and women, you learn when to have tact and tolerance, you learn to adjust your personality to the personalities of others in the greater picture, and this indeed is valuable for it is something that you will be doing for ages to come … that being adjusting your personality to other personalities … and so it is indeed valuable. It is only destructive when it is not designed to further the fellowship of fraternity.

Iyana: Thank you for that. For those remarks.

TOMAS: You are welcome. I understand your cultural conditioning would have you understand that perhaps you were gossiping, but that is not the case for your motives are for better tender love for one another. As Hunnah indicated, it was and is a matter of family values that you can discuss the behaviors of each other in terms of how they formulate themselves within the family framework.

Any member of your family who is at odds with others will cause consternation among a loving family; if it were not a loving family, it would hardly matter, would it? And so it is, it does bespeak your kindliness and concern for one another.

Iyana: I take this as words of wisdom from you, Tomas.

TOMAS: Always check your motives and ascertain if you are in alignment with the will of God in-so-far as bringing each together or in keeping yourselves separate. It is the desire of the Master that his children be brought together, that they learn how to prevail, that they learn how to love one another in spite of the many differences, the many shadings of character and personality.

As you expand your horizons in your immediate spirit family to incorporate the newcomer, the difficult personality, the appendages of personalities, and so forth, you become skilled in assimilating each other. You are more readily able to envelop them as an odd fellow but one worthy of loving attentions for their uniqueness. As any parental figure knows, your children are precious, even the lame, even the comical, even the bad seed. All children are worthy of a unique relationship with the parent and siblings must become wise enough to also see from this parental point of view in terms of their relationships with their brothers and sisters. You cannot stay children; you must grow to spiritual adulthood, and part of growing up involves the ability to assimilate other and often difficult personalities into your social framework.

Hunnah: You put the mark on it. Okay.

Leah: I just wondered if there was any significance that six of us were at the airport last night. It's probably just a curiosity question.

TOMAS: It is a curiosity question and I will humor it for a moment for it reflects to some extent on what you call synchronicity. And whereas your understanding of synchronicities may be more individualized, that all of you or six of you were at the airport last evening at probably the same time, is one of those oddities of energy which is much like a serendipity but is really more in line with physics, for energy patterns are a phenomenon of the material world.

You who have known retail, for example, may be aware that business comes in waves, that it will lull out and then suddenly the next wave of business will attend itself and when it peaks and passes, there is another lull. This is like a wave, an energy pattern wave, and so I will equate your attendance at the airport more in the realm of a physical wave than a spiritual wave.

Group: Thank you.

Ruth: Tomas, how are you?

TOMAS: Actually, I am well, my child, thank you for asking. I am not the worse for wear as some of you have been.

Hunnah: She'll make a house call and give you a massage and then she'll come back and tell us about it.

TOMAS: I truly have attended to myself in terms of therapeutic touch for there are myriad angels who are at my service. I am well ministered to and I daresay I earned it.

Teacher Contact

Ruth: Good for you for taking care of yourself. Um, I did what you told me to do. I didn't realize that I can feel their presence all the time with me!


Ruth: And I was waiting for something, you know, something else! But I feel that all the time. I tried talking and I made a big production out of it. Maybe that's where . .. I took a shower, I did my hair, I went out into the living room and sat there and tried to . .. communicate. And all I did was almost fall to sleep.

TOMAS: You had a date with divinity and you took it seriously.

Ruth: I did!

TOMAS: You are a very romantic girl, and I am delighted by your approach. I will encourage you, however, not to dismiss the experience as impossible; it is not. I am reminded of a recent session that transpired with Iyana and Hans wherein she learned that he has been with her for so long and so intimately, he has helped her in so many growth situations, she had rather taken him for granted. And such is often the case when you are working intimately with your teacher. You who have suddenly become aware of your teacher's personality, who now has a name and a number, an actual entity, are somewhat now intimidated by that reality which has been your friend and associate for some time.

It is all in the perception, and as you allow your perceptions to find an even keel, a natural ground, you will naturally work with this guide for it is a natural process, one which all of you have engaged in already, except that perhaps you have not had an actual discourse through the external arena but have had these one-on-one private conversations in the sanctity of your own mind. All we have done in this format is bring it to the realm of the exterior, that being much like the Reiki practice of sending out those healing energies to return again to you.

It is like that with your teacher. You emote your teacher out from you that it then may resound back to you from an exterior stance rather than the interior method of hearing and following their guidance. Obviously if you are following the guidance of your inner guides, you are prevailing in the spirit, you are walking the path. It is not required that anyone engage in these more external discourses, except that it does give you a bit of a proof, if you will, that you are accompanied in your spiritual path by those who know you and love you well.

Sometimes when you become despondent in your life, sometimes when you have periods of time like in "Footsteps" when you feel you need to be carried, it is encouraging to you to be able to go to what you would call proof of your association with deity and refer to your own personal discourses with your own personal guides. This way you can see in black and white, in the cold light of day when you are walking without faith, that you have faith in your Core. It is a reminder to the faltering, shaking, weak part of you that you have this spirit strength. It is proof of the pudding, if you will. This is one of the merits of developing such a communication.

Let me also, while I'm elaborating, as a follow-up to our most recent session, those of you who are blocked from your teacher with whom you had free, relatively free-flowing discourse and contact, let me assuage you somewhat by encouraging you to allow for the self-consciousness of the situation to pass. You well know how intimately your teacher knows you - and much of it is like looking in the mirror - and many times there are things about the self that you do not want to see, you are not willing yet to take a look at, and so to call up your personal teacher would leave you, in your mind, vulnerable to the affront of seeing yourself as your more wise teacher might see you.

Please let me assuage you here and assure you that your personal teachers are gracious and kind. They are in and of the Mother Spirit. They are tender of your feelings and are gentle in their dealings with you. They may know you well, but they will not be abrupt in their truths. So do not hide from them. I say that tongue-in-cheek because I know that even those of you who have working and harmonious relationships with your personal teachers will often shut the door on them for fear of intimacy.

It is another matter also of how it is your scampering little egos run pell mell through the fields and the roadways without stopping to check in to see if you have had lunch or if you have had a nap or if your face is dirty.

Ruth: Well, Tomas, I realize that for years I've heard my teacher and my friends because in the crises in my life that I've had, I always heard these voices, you know, giving me a lecture, and I didn't realize who I was hearing -- but could I have the names of my teacher and my angel?

TOMAS: One moment please. I have first been proscribed from giving you the name of your guardian angel. I cannot divulge that; I am sorry, but I am in the process of calling up your personal teacher. One moment. [Pause] Wanda.

Hunnah: That's a good name for someone who has to run after you.

Ruth: She probably runs a lot faster than I do.

Leah: Is that short for "wanderer"?

TOMAS: I do not perceive it as short for anything.

Hunnah: Maybe she's short.

TOMAS: I thought maybe you would enjoy that play on words, but I do find it noteworthy that there is a "wand" in there.

Hunnah: You know what I call Reiki? "Wands of light."

Ruth: Why won't my angel give me her name? Am I always supposed to address them as my friends? Angel friends?

TOMAS: Your guardian angel is in fact two angels. The positive and negative; the passive and aggressive; the male and female. They work in such conjoint harmony they are virtually indistinguishable. As two they are always together and on occasion I have observed them be acknowledged as two names and on occasion I have seen them referred to with one name. I am not forbidden to investigate your situation . ..

Ruth: Would you?

TOMAS: Yes, but it has a tendency to, you see, like children, if you get a sucker, everyone wants a lollipop, and it then takes everyone a long time to get their focus back on their own growth. These are delightful pieces of information and may or may not have long-range value for you, but … I will investigate and see if it is something that my supervisors would sanction or not. One moment. [long pause]

I am Tomas and I am looking at your guardian seraphim, Ruth, and as I behold their beauty I will render my own judgment that their beauty is so sublime as to transcend any human name that might be given to them, therefore I will constrain myself from giving you what would be a gross representation of their identity. You may be able to secure some indication of what they are called by allowing them to impress it upon your own spirit, but I cannot prostitute their divine aspects by giving a rendition of a name which could not possibly do them justice.

If I could only convey to you how beautiful they are, you would understand how they cannot be reduced to nomenclature. They are shimmering in radiant light and they are so entwined about you that they literally form a net that enfolds you. They are completely enwrapped around you in the most lovely shades of divine light. If you were to clasp your hands together and feel the infinity of your fingers, you would not know yet how intertwined they are with your soul, your presence. I beg you then to forgive me in not reducing this shimmering aspect of divinity to something as mundane as a name.

Ruth: That's okay. Thank you very much. I keep them very busy.

TOMAS: They don't seem to mind it.

Ruth: Well, I'm glad!

Hunnah: I don't know if I'm going to be able to look at you the same anymore.

Ruth: Oh, okay. Thank you very much, Tomas.

TOMAS: Yes, Ruth.

Iyana: Tomas, I am just amazed. Since we have first had the celestials contact us, they would try to adapt to our language and the way that you speak to us now, the phrases, the wording, it's just tremendous! And it just brings to mind how much you people have studied to make things clear to us. You use all our common expressions.

TOMAS: Let me tell you, my dear, that this is developmental. That when the teachers make their preliminary and initial appearance, it is then a matter of long-time long-term duration in the mind that the teacher works in order to familiarize itself with the mental mechanism of the mortal being.

I worked with Gerdean for many years before she was aware of my presence, before she was aware of my reality, and so I was to some extent familiar with her mind, but even when she opened up to the possibility of my reality, it then took several more months of working together closely that we understood each other, that we learned to trust each other, that we began to have faith in our association and so this has been a developmental process for all of us -- she and I certainly and also for you, for you are benefitting now from the long-term efforts that have gone into developing the ability to use your mind phrases.

This is one of the difficulties that you encounter when you attempt to have relations with your own personal teacher. You see how Gerdean and Tomas rattle away and you assume that you should be able to do the same thing and this is unfortunately not the case for this is a developmental thing. The teachers are as excited about meeting you in your mind as you are in meeting them in your mind. It is a process, this transmitting receiving of celestial helpers. It is a process of opening the channels, the circuits of communication to the spirit realms.

It involves your free will accessibility as Hunnah has now had some indication through her exposure to and practice with her teacher Jasmine. It is an entirely new experience. It is beyond what you have perceived of before and so it astounds even your own expectations. Yes, it is a marvelous opportunity.

It gives Gerdean also an opportunity to use words and phrases that titillate her heart and soul that she would not be able to use in the company of mere mortals under normal circumstances.

To experience the words of Nebadonia is a treasure to her, to the human. To describe my description of Ruth's angels is a thrilling opportunity for Gerdean also, you see, and this is only possible because we have learned how to work with each other and this, again, is one reason why I will encourage you to not deprive yourself of the thrilling opportunity of saying such words as "the challenge of the ages" or "I had a conversation recently with Teacher Ham regarding this very subject."

These kinds of strengths and confirmations of the spirit, these graceful turns of the phrase, are so flattering to the mind, to the heart, to the tongue of all believers, it truly opens up a new realm of functioning and appreciation. It is an art form. It is a sensitivity and a refinement of emotions that your soul hungers for.

My friends, I bask in your friendship. I am glad of it. Even though we communally find these processes sometimes difficult, that sometimes you would as well shut the door on such divine madness and be done with it, that you would return to your simple life and your simple God and mind your business in these affairs of teaching ministry and so forth, but how it gladdens my heart and the hearts of the other teachers that you find ultimate delight in the experience of discovering that you know God the Father as your Friend and that you sense and feel and know of Him in each other.


I embrace you, my flock. As your elder brother I stand with your Father/Brother and embrace you as His children, Nebadonia's children. Until we speak again, carry with you in your very heart the reality of this evening, of our friendship, of our relationship with Michael and Nebadonia and with each other. Farewell.

Group: Thank you very much, Tomas.