1997-01-20-Spiritual Strength in Submission

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Topic: Spiritual Strength in Submission

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you each. It is in humble gratitude that I would thank you each here this evening. You, my mortal friends, have trusted me to teach you on the subject of spirituality. I fully realize your trust is not to be taken lightly or your intelligence insulted by mere niceties. I am certain you are serious in your search for spiritual meanings and values. I hold high regard for your status as a mortal of the realm. I am in full understanding of your dedication to go beyond temporal emotional comfort to spiritual actions taken to promote truth, beauty, and goodness.



Do you see how your efforts and willingness have brought us to this point in these teachings? Do you understand in your quest for truth my teachings have helped to build a strong foundation? You each are knowing that this group understanding did not arrive without much effort and trust in our Father and His subordinates. Your group is where it should be in this moment in time according to your desire level for truth. You can each see now that your spiritual lessons have helped to shape you into one who receives comfort and desires to share it with others. Your spiritual lessons or adversities have not run you down, but helped to create your spiritual armor that is strength. It has indeed taken much strength to allow me to disseminate my lessons and counsel you. You did not go by blind faith, no. This is certainly wise. This particular method of transmitting/receiving requires you each to filter all messages through your intellect, as well as your inner self, which is your soul. Our Father would not expect you to receive these teachings any other way.

With the building of character strength you find your emotions are not so controlling. Your perceptions are from an intellectual standpoint as well as a spiritual. Mother has bestowed us each with mind and without mind there would be no purpose for personality, no reason for Father to be so adoring to each individual child. Many times mortals worry for loss of identity due to submitting personal will to God the Father. I can guarantee you that this submission takes not from you. The releasing of mortal concerns into Father's care takes nothing away from your unique soul personality that is you. The submission to Father is a show of true spiritual character strength. It takes a strong individual to allow Father to watch over their most important affairs in mortal living.

There is a prayer that is repeated throughout the mansion worlds adventure: Father, who is all knowing in all things, help us to allow you to lead us to you. Amen. This prayer is said as an affirmation to allowing Father all authority within our lives individually as well as collectively. We find we are re-focused and re-strengthened by this small prayer and feel more equipped to deal with our daily tasks. The giving over of your will to Father takes not from you, but adds to your reservoir of spiritual energy, the accuracy of living revelation and the courage to carry on when all others who dwell in mediocrity might give up.

This week attempt to submit yourself fully into Father's custody and note the changes. Is there a feeling of spiritual strength? Is there finding Father within each precious moment? Is there guidance when it is needed and expected. Note any decrease in emotional sensitivity and increase in intellectual awareness. Be aware of the feeling of love, the true basic feeling of plain love. Are there questions?



CALVIN: Abraham, in these last few weeks I feel my direction of growth heading right toward this lesson that you have given tonight. In the past I have found that I have misread your lessons here and there too. I have been learning at work to say relax and enjoy, not worry about this big burden of material life you have to make certain quotas to get by on. Relax and allow Father's watchcare. Its now coming to a head where even those around me say, oh yea, relax huh? God ain't going to do it for you. You better get worrying again, so to speak. I am sure you are aware of the situation. So I feel like a person hanging on a branch and God is saying, "Let go if you believe I'll be there to catch you." I knew this was coming. Am I catching the impact of your lesson correctly and these last few lessons?

ABRAHAM: I am aware it is exceedingly difficult for men. The responsible providers particularly find it difficult to release their burdens into an unseen force. Lives are depending on the responsible provider, and this appears to be a position without end. Father does ask you to let go of this ledge from which you are hanging, yes. He is waiting to direct your fall, yes. Father is ever efficient in directing even the most mundane of chores. He is always aware of certain paths that need to be traversed by His mortal children. I would say there is not release from material burden or responsible providing, but Father is certainly willing to show you a more efficient way in which to direct your energies, while connecting with events and individuals that promote spiritual learning. You are a responsible provider in that you are attempting to care for many. Do you understand the example you set before your children and others, that concept of a real father is a responsible provider? Although you may not see it now, to carry on this role is affecting many areas of spiritual learning and revealing the values of mortal living. Does this help? (Yes. It reemphasizes my faith in your understanding of my days and my week and makes it easier to let go, from what you just said. It helps very much. Thanks.) You're welcome. Another question?

RACHEL: Yes Father Abraham. I'd like to follow up on Calvin's question from last week where you said that only the spiritually strong survive eternally. That bothers me because I thought that everyone that had a true desire would be all right and would go on eternally. I realize that all of us have completely different strengths spiritually and I would imagine that would be on different spiritual levels in our Father's kingdom. I also thought all the others would survive eternally. Would you help clear that up a little please?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Would you describe Lucifer and his comrades spiritually strong? I would not. To be spiritually strong it requires submitting your will to Father. And this complete trust and faith in Father requires a great deal of experiential turmoil to gain wisdom and understanding for your responsibilities as a universe citizen. Lucifer was strong in his sense of self. He was strengthened by his desire to promote himself. He was indeed blinded from the meaning of true spiritual strength, and in that, he was a adequate example of spiritually weak. Do you see my meaning in that? It requires a truly spiritually strong individual to allow Father to have everything, to trust Father to live his mortal life with him, to believe Father exist, and in His existence, is complete. Lucifer and his exchange for love of self became spiritually weak and unable to give himself to Father and trust that Father's love would be transcendent of everything, including self absorption. Is this a little more clear?


RACHEL: Yes. It is more clear, but also one thing that I was trying to get at is that we as mortals are so different that our spiritual strengths are all different. So how can we all be on the same level? How can we all be on the same level even in the hereafter if one person is spiritually stronger than the other even though we survive?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I understand. No, individuals will not be at equal levels. It is enough that they are dedicated to the degree that their faith level allows them. No, strength levels will vary, but there is always opportunity to understand and gain strength through submission to Father. There is definitely opportunity after opportunity for understanding and promotion of spiritual strength. Is this better? (That helps, you bet. Thank you.) You are most welcome and I always welcome any question you might have. Thank you Rachel. Another question?


MIRIAM: Abraham, when you were talking about noting the decrease in emotion sensitivity and increase in intellectual awareness, of late, about the past six weeks or so, I've felt more balanced out, perhaps the word might be contented. I haven't been anxious about where I've been, but for so long on my path I was emotionally excited. I call them broken twigs. I'd go from one broken twig and be led to another one. I have been dwelling with your teachings and all the wonderful support that I have been getting, but I have been kind of yearning for more direct guidance, more emotional identification of where I am. I guess more emotional feedback of where I am. I am wondering if that perhaps is like an old behavior that will become old? If that is what you are referencing and that it is good to decrease the emotional sensitivity and increase the intellectual awareness. If that is what you are describing or if its still I just need to be in a holding pattern of where I am. Does that make sense?

ABRAHAM: Always in this mortal life will you deal with emotions. They are par for the course. I would say that in your willingness to be within Father's will is there more of a logical look at spiritual meanings. Yes, you are correct in your description of balance. As for your spiritual status, I am understanding everything to be quite normal and moving as it should. I do however detect an uncertainty in your spiritual confidence and being able to fully commit to this spiritual lifestyle. Your dedication is apparent, and yet, you're feeling bit shy towards living out your spiritual understandings. There is every opportunity for you to receive my words or perhaps another teachers words. This is not a difficult process, and yet, to receive there must be some preparation. Is this answering?

MIRIAM: From within, in what I know, I don't feel less than. I don't feel deep down the uncertainty. I'm aware of the way I communicate. If I said what is in my heart, what is in my mind or what I thought, I'd just say it. I am sure with people and especially the people here, but I feel like [inaudible]. I feel like there is a block. If I could just do it like its in my heart it would be easy, but when it comes out it just seems like I am be self-effacing. From my knowledge I feel solid and whole, but somehow when it comes out it doesn't seem that way. I don't know if I just need to learn to love me more to where I can feel confident in my self or what. I hear the word you're saying, preparation, and dedication, but I don't know what blocks me when I get to that feeling less than place.

ABRAHAM: I would have you know that this is also common amongst your fellows. This is not an unreachable hurdle. It is not something that is negative, no. It could perhaps be described as a balancing mechanism. Many a good person has been thrown off balance due to overmuch spiritual learning. I would say not to worry and that this what seems to be a block is perhaps a strengthening of the dam which holds your spiritual information. Worry not. We stand at the beginning of eternity. You will find this balancing mechanism to be of more of a helper than a hindrance.


I am slipping. I would express my gratitude and love to you each. I will assist you throughout this week on this lesson. Until next week, shalom.