1997-01-28-What Is Energy

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Topic: What Is Energy

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Jasmine

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah



TOMAS: I am here; I am Tomas . Group: Hello, Tomas. Welcome.

TOMAS: Welcome also to you, my faithful friends. Always is it an auspicious occasion when we can commune together with the Father in company with one another, for this group worship is beneficial to you beyond your understanding. In time and in your evolution, even into your ascension onto worlds advanced, you will increasingly find meritorious design in prayer and worship.



You who have busy schedules and who cannot find enough time in the day will understand that we have that same "impatience" in terms of our available time for worship. We would spend more time with The Father but for our tasks and assignments and our service, as well as the myriad enjoyments of living this wonderful life, this gift.

When you are in the presence of the Father in prayer, when you are responsive and receptive to the reflectivity circuits of Paradise, you are indeed "at one" with the universe, for you have temporarily transcended time and space, transcended even gender and to some extent personality, for that connection with all-powerful divinity which allows you that freedom from your human constraints and conditionings. And yet, as you re-enter your arena, your particular palette of color begins to come alive again, your personality nuances come into play, and I would pause in my words here today to commend your personality nuances and your personal palette, for you have been good students and your growth is evident to us, if not to you.


I would like for you to allow yourself a moment, in order that you might begin to appreciate how much you have grown in our configuration of devotion to spiritual development. Indeed when you can ascertain your own contribution to God, you are rewarded by a thrill of understanding that bears reflection.

The work of the realm is challenging and enjoyable if one can maintain "the farther view," if one can maintain the larger perspective. You might see it in terms of forbearance or long-suffering, for you are inclined toward those trudging and plodding terms when you think of growth, but from the vantage point of the teachers in the Teaching Corps, indeed from Abraham and even Melchizedek himself, we are impressed by the progress of the participants of this teaching mission.

Often it has been said that we knew the time was ripe, that there was a great harvest, and we now see how great the harvest truly is, and how many workers there are coming into the field. We are glorified in our work as you are glorified in your work, in our growth together. My hat is off to you, each and every one. Each of these Pittsburgh Pumpkins has proven a pot full of gold, a barrel full of seeds which are planted and growing green and strong.

It is always good to know that you are loved and appreciated, and sometimes when I get on a roll with my application of lessons from the curriculum, I overlook these niceties, but in withholding overmuch cake and ice cream from you, my children, I have shown you how wonderful it is to eat your vegetables, and you have succulent fruits now that truly nourish you. And so when you are served your cake and ice cream, you appreciate it as a dessert, as a reward for work well done. You are loved, you are appreciated, always, but today I take great delight in acknowledging this truth.

My friends, I have a retinue of associates here in the invisible realms. We are all at your service. I understood you to say earlier that there would be questions. How may we address your curious minds and hearts and souls this evening?


Iyana: I want to say that it's wonderful to know how much we are loved and appreciated, especially appreciated because many times in our mortal existence we feel we have not been appreciated. Many times we should get a pat on the back and encouraged and we are not, so when we learn how much we are loved, how much we are appreciated, how much we mean to the celestials up there, why it is wonderful! It is a feeling of warmth, of usefulness and of being needed.

TOMAS: It is invaluable, indeed, that you understand this to be true, and we teachers are happy to tell you so. It is one of our most initial thrusts that we embrace you wholly and fully, and comfort you in the knowledge that you are truly loved, for you are correct. This world has not adequately proclaimed your value, for it does not see your value as we see it and as you see it in your heart of hearts. It is important that people understand that they are loved. This is correct.

Love is the answer. It is the question and the answer. And so we spend time helping you to realize that you are loved and you are loveable, in order that you may expand your understanding of the living qualities of love, that you may embrace love and give it away freely, that your appreciation and understanding of love grows from a limited and human point of view to a large and expansive understanding that God is love, and that love is the desire to serve others.


Iyana: I have a question. It is about energy. I understand that there is physical energy, cosmic energy, universal energy and spiritual energy. Now, my sisters in the spirit have been talking about the energy that they receive. I do not understand when they say they get this great energy that comes to them. I do not understand what they're talking about. What I want to know is, what kind of energy are they receiving?

When I go about my chores, I have energy to do my work; I do not tire. When I go into the quiet, the Stillness, is that spiritual energy that I feel? If I feel a tightening around my head, in my chakras, in my extremities, etc., what is the difference in these energies? One girl said she had her energies anchored so that she couldn't move. What kind of energy is it that they are receiving?

TOMAS: I am not going to get into a scientific dissertation regarding energy, but energy is at the core of all life. It is harmonized through the Infinite Spirit. Energy and pattern comprise all things, and energies are designed to perform certain duties, and so there are many kinds of energies and many applications of the same energies. There are also myriad interpretations of what energy is or does or can do.

The mind also is busily assimilating the experience of life, and often when one does not understand a sensation or a revelation, it is easy to reduce it to a word such as "energy" which is a catch-all word, without understanding energy in its fullness. It is much like the word "love" and you can say you love peaches and you love that car and you love your daughter and you love that house and that sunset and you love God.

All of these may be true, in a way, but the truth is you appreciate some things and you like some things, but love needs a relationship in order for it to be, and so you cannot love peaches, but you can love the sensation that you have with your tongue when you have ingested peaches, for that is a relationship between you and your taste buds but it does not attain to the level of love as does love between individuals nor between you and the personality of God. Energy is a word like that.

When you investigate your chakras, for example, and you feel the energy of life surge from the lower chakra upward and eventually you feel the release from the constraints of the material body, you could say that your energy lifted you up and the energy went on into infinity and took you with it, but these are human interpretations of what energy means to them. Do not worry about what people mean when they say energy motivates them or moves them.

Remember the pendulum that some of you have used to determine if you should ingest a certain substance, and there is a certain energy that may shoot forth. That is a form of energy. It is not necessarily spiritual in nature. The energy that you feel when you are doing your duties, when you are well paced and applying yourself to a job, to a task, is also an energy, but it is not necessarily a divine energy. When you are in an emergency situation and your system lapses into survival mode, you may run or yell or fight like mad, and this is a certain energy, but it is not necessarily limited to a physical energy.

Energy is a blanket word. Use it to your best understanding and tolerate others' use according to their understanding of the word energy, and, in the final analysis, you may wish to read about energy in the text, in The Urantia Book, to ascertain even yet a greater understanding of energy.

Iyana: In the Book (3:2.3) it says that there is an energy that we don't even know about.

TOMAS: No doubt.

Iyana: Thank you for the discourse. That was very interesting. It helps.

TOMAS: Thank you, Iyana. I am feeling, you would say, "the presence" of another. Indeed, it is Jasmine, and I will ask Hunnah if she is willing to take the helm and transmit?


Hunnah: Before I do, I would like to ask Jasmine a question. I spent some time with Gerdean the other day. I have a standard, I guess you could say, with the use of my equipment and I had an experience that I did not like and I did not understand. Well, I decided to transmit her by myself and I did not feel comfortable about the difference between my personality and Jasmine coming through. I know I'm capable of taking on other people's mannerisms and habits and my personality merges with them, and I didn't know if I was just fooling myself, so I stopped. But I couldn't ask her about it to my satisfaction. Perhaps she would like to give me some reassurance if she wants me to continue or I would just as soon do it another way, or I would transmit her with the group. I don't care.

TOMAS: Yes, Hunnah. Let us provide you with a response. One moment.

JASMINE: I am Jasmine. I am happy to be here with you and to openly manifest my personality presence. I do not apologize for the nature of this visit, but rather thank you for your graciousness in understanding that I am in the process of developing a working relationship with my charge, Hunnah, and there are nuances of this relationship which bear working through.

My dear Hunnah, I am chagrined to learn that you distrust our friendship, but I am not surprised, and this is part of the process. As you allow me to work with you, our friendship will take on a depth of purity that you will learn to appreciate. But alas, as a personal teacher, it is my job, so to speak, to help you in some obviously very personal mental and emotional areas. It pains me that you are denying my help, but I am confident of our renewed working arrangement.

Yes, you are torn because you have not yet learned adequately that I am an entity apart from you while very close to you. It is not uncommon for new transmitters to stumble in their fear that they are talking to their self. As you bring your experience into a group situation it is far less terrifying, for you understand more clearly that you are a vehicle for the expression of another entity, not yourself, which is common when you sit alone and have only your own mind to confirm and affirm your reality. This too shall pass.

I will not hold up the evening's program with a long dissertation on how the process works, but I will say to you, my dear, that for any distress that may be emerging from your psyche or your deep mind, I weep with you and for you and will honor your sensitivity as you allow me to help you emerge the glorious Hunnah that I know you are.

Hunnah: First of all, I want to make it clear that I'm not upset with you. Not at all, and I'm very pleased to have your assistance. It's just that it's another realm that I'm not familiar with, and so I don't know how to be appropriately -- to go about this. And your explanation is of great value because we have people here who would themselves like to transmit, and we sent transcripts to Columbus and they are receiving a teacher and there are friends there who are interested in transmitting, so I would assume that the problems that I experience are those of anyone who would be willing to do this.

I had a, almost like an in-pouring or an out-pouring in my third eye of what I describe as trash, and that's what made me very reluctant because is it trash leaving? or is it trash entering? That is what concerned me. Why do we get things we can't understand? Do you mind explaining that?

JASMINE: I understand that you asked me to explain, and "explain" is an intellectual exercise. I will try to bring to your awareness an element of give and take within the mind's eye. As your channel is opened, other aspects of the self open also. And you may be releasing "trash" that has been in the closet or in hiding, but also it is possible that a sensitivity of yours has seen what your judgment, your righteous judgment, might call "trash" in your own thinking process. It is fruitless to try to ascertain the bottom line without taking a look at the "trash" itself, for much like in the dream (experience), you cannot know what it meant unless you look at its facets and give a whirl at analyzing what it is.

Admittedly, you are dabbling in the realms of the mind and the mind is a most powerful piece of equipment. It is certainly susceptible and vulnerable when you give it the opportunity to open up to such as spiritual circuitry, but I am quick here to say that there are no evil spirits evolved in our circuitry. Indeed, the circuits that you in your heart have accepted into your mind and your heart and soul, are those connections with the Father, with the Mother, with eternal spirit -- loving realities which are here to comfort and uplift you, not some mischief-making imp who has nothing better to do than to play games with your mind.

If you will forgive my saying so, we are more important than that. This is a divine Mission. This is a revelation, a revelatory movement. We are not here to play games. We take this work and you very seriously and very tenderly. There are those, indeed, who have adequate understanding of their minds at this point to decline even investigating the process. This is another reason why transmitting is not a required activity, but it is and can be a joyous service.

Hunnah: Thank you very much. I'm glad that you said all that because it needs to be read. I have no doubt of the integrity; I just wanted to clarify what was going on.

JASMINE: If you would work it through, then I would suggest that you have another consultation with me or that you have yet another personal consultation with Gerdean or perhaps with her teacher, Trieste.

Hunnah: I don't find transmitting the least bit scary or difficult. I just felt that when I was by myself, I didn't know how to go about the process effectively. It's hard to ask yourself questions.

JASMINE: You will learn how. As you develop the understanding of how the process works, when you can distinguish between your mind and the mind of the entity using your equipment, you will be able to use your mind to project your question into their realm, so that they can assimilate your question, process it for your soul needs, and respond to you with you out of the way.

It is quite a marvelous mechanism, quite a technique that has been devised, with and through the complete cooperation of your indwelling Thought Adjuster who is constantly there in order to keep your integrity intact and your relationship with The Father at the forefront.

I am happy to address you, my dear. I am always happy when you and I can speak one on one in whatever fashion that may come about. Under the circumstances I will take my leave and enjoy the rest of the evening with you.

TOMAS: I am Tomas. I am back. I am your host for the evening. I say that because there are others here and there are others who wish to speak. I will also take advantage of the circumstances this evening and, indeed, Hunnah, ask you to transmit Jasmine or me, for a few moments so that Gerdean can ask a question.

Hunnah: I'd be glad to.

JASMINE: Good evening. Gerdean: Hi, Jasmine. Are you Jasmine? JASMINE: Yes, I am Jasmine. Gerdean: Thank you for coming.

JASMINE: I am glad to be here. What would you like to talk about this evening?

Urantia Book, Opinion

Gerdean: Jasmine, I have a question that I need to pose to one of the teachers and I know that you will provide a response, and that has to do with my friend who revealed to me last night that the thing about The Urantia Book that he has found objectionable is that so often they speak about us as "lowly creatures," as "animal origin creatures" that "can't understand" this, have just started out and have so far to go, are so far out on the outskirts of the universe, that he finds that offensive and says that it taps into childhood issues wherein he was advised that he would never amount to anything, and along comes this revelation that, pretty much in essence reinforces that.

To his mind they are saying, "you're nothing and you're never going to be anything. You're of lowly origin," and so I don't know if this is an issue of shame-base or pride in reverse or what it is, but it has that effect on him, and so I guess the question is, the question would be, how does one overcome that, if that is in fact bothersome? If that question is well posed or not I don't know. You can perhaps take it and run with it. At least I await your words. Thank you.

JASMINE: What your friend has described is not uncommon in the human experience. If he were a student of the Book, he would be overwhelmed of the assurance that his true identity far outcries unkind impressions that are interpreted through life's growth here on earth as a human. To be rich in opinion frequently keeps us from allowing new definitions to come into our lives.

I can feel Hunnah's resistance because she is not a student of the Book in the way you are, and I would like to be able to respond appropriate for you, Gerdean. I can only tell you that as you wear your belief, you are capable of overwhelming inaccurate self-concepts in others. You know this because you have had close conversations with him, intimate conversations, and he has revealed this to you, but I sense that it is part of the wall that is put up. A wall takes many forms. It is a very powerful illusion, and if you wish to win him into this new reality, it will probably have to come through the heart. The intellect will follow.

I hope I am not disappointing you with my answer. Please feel free to interrupt and tell me.

Gerdean: I am not at all disappointed with your answer. I'm delighted to have you answer in the first place, and I think your selection of words has not only given an answer to the question but some interesting things for both of us, for all of us perhaps, to think about. I appreciate particularly your additional commentary about the heart rather than the intellect, for that is indeed the heart of the issue.

JASMINE: The mind is very "held captive," you might say, by strong definitions that have been accepted, whether it is for defense purposes or whatever the reason, whether it's because they are lazy and do not want to reach for expanded experiences or whether they are afraid. And fear, you remember, is the name of that space you are leaving. There are many reasons to lag behind in very chameleon-like appearances. We are upon a new journey and we are leaving these things behind, and they rear their heads up.

Gerdean: Thank you, Jasmine.

JASMINE: You are welcome. I am pleased that you have all developed a light-hearted attitude and that you will not be hard on yourselves. You are in good hands. If you are feeling down or discouraged, as when Hannah revealed her chagrin at an incident that came to her mind that challenged her integrity, do not just hold that to yourself. Bring it to the gathering and let go of what might be in your way.

We joke and we call the word "trash" but it is indeed housekeeping time. You do not get rid of anything. It bubbles up; it reveals itself so that it can be swept away. But I will renounce that stuff; I have no more need for it. This is an expanding mode which you are in. It's as if you were being given permission to push the walls of your home out to make the room larger. This process will disturb some of the things that have been stashed, so if you encounter something, allow it to go its way.

Might I add, when you take time to be quiet, do not devalue the quality of that time -- because if you have taken time, you have checked in -- you have added to the size of your room every time you sit down to be quiet and listen. You have made a difference, whether you think it is quality or not. It is a discipline which you deserve credit for. This is praise night. It doesn't hurt to be praised.

I think I would like to leave now.

Group: Thank you, Jasmine. Thank you, Hunnah.


TOMAS: I am Tomas. I will linger only enough to round out our evening. Your appetites have been whetted sufficiently that what was once a snack is now a feast. What once filled you as a quarter cup, now you demand a pint. And so we accustom ourselves to your expansion and what do we do now that your hour is up and we have not talked for two? I jest. I wax light. For it is indeed an evening for accolades and praise, for fullness, for fruition.

This feast is in part made possible by the generous degree of devotion to the Father we spent in stillness in the early evening. As we prepare ourselves for His presence and bring to Him our thoughts and cares of the day, He then answers, and we hope that your answers have been forthcoming as we have been able to assist, and that they will continue to come to you in the days to follow, for indeed the Father hears you and responds to you. Keep your communication lines to Him open.

Our broadcast comes to a close for this day. Be at peace, be well and be of good cheer. Farewell.