1997-02-02-Correctedness & Adaptability

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Topic: Correctness & Adaptability

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Malvantra

TR: Jonathan



Malvantra (Jonathan TR): It is a duty we hold to assure you of your progress for, on this planet much effort in growth is untutored, uncertainty is a large factor in your pursuits without a suitable faculty of instructors to offer guidance. I would speak to you about meaning and correctness and adaptability. I am Malvantra. I have not shared with you of late, and I have chosen to do so today.

Meaning, Adjustment

You know of the phrase that the way is narrow. I would offer a perspective on this. Let us take the imagery of a jigsaw puzzle to illustrate my points. When you begin to assemble such a puzzle, you may select from all pieces the first building block. The potentials are great. Once a piece is selected, you have narrowed the possibilities to a few adjacent ones. As this selection process continues there is a broadening in the potentials in which you can connect another piece. To those of you who have begun your ascension you are at the stage of few pieces hooked together. This is the reason for applying truth discernment in order to find the appropriate and fundamental pieces of your ascension career at this initial stage.

When the entire puzzle is assembled you have a correct picture, but the process of assembling this picture may be undertaken in many, many ways. This variableness is what gives meaning to you; it individualizes in each person. Although the destiny of all mortals is identical, the path, the process, is wholly unique. This explains why you have many religions stressing different perspectives, holding sometimes opposing viewpoints because these are snapshots in time of partially assembled puzzles. In teaching, your purpose is to provide meaningful content. The ideal of being perfectly correct, though worthwhile, must be adapted to the present condition of the receiver. If you proceed to build your puzzle by assembling the border first, pieces without a straight edge are not meaningful, though in the end they are vital for the completion of the image. Being able to adapt your message is serviceful to your fellows, even if in your perspective it appears less correct. Correctness in that perspective is not so much one of accuracy but one of appropriateness. This method of teaching is the guideline we adhere to in order to avoid revealing or requiring more than you are capable of understanding.

Returning to the point of the narrow way, as you assemble your jigsaw puzzle and the potentials for connections increase, seeming to magnify, in the end it narrows down to final placement of all pieces such that your destiny, your final destination, is like your initial start. Both have few options to be what they are. But between both extremes is the bulge of potentials that might be actualized in your life, that characterize you as unique from all other ascending personalities. What makes truth on your level accurate is its meaning not the law of correctness, for it is in the placement of the pieces that you grow. You have no box cover at this point to reference your assembly. This ability to adapt is important when you have subassemblies that need repositioning to connect and complete portions. Each subassembly may be correct in itself, and incorrect in its alignment with other portions until the event arrives wherein the edge of integration appears. I do not intend to downplay correctness, only to amplify meaningful adaptability in the process of attaining the correct and final result.

I hope this illustration is helpful when you encounter your uncertainties and face isolated or lonely segments of your journey, without guidance, without your box cover. I am willing to dialogue with you at this time.


Spacetime, Catastrophism

Evelyn: I realize this question is a tangent from what you just discussed. I was listening to the book on tape where they were talking about the universes swinging around the central universe, the positions they are in and the aeons of time it takes for the universes to complete one circuit. It said something about a system taking so long to get around or a subsequent one. That suggests to me that a system could cease to exist, and there would be a subsequent system. I didn't think that happened. Light and Life is supposed to be a settled existence, so that couldn't be it. What is meant by that?

Malvantra: Until Light and Life is established in a system temporal factors do play in continuing permanency or the lack of existence. Sometimes physical energies are disrupted and new systems must be established. This does not destroy the cultures, for life is valued above and beyond the spheres of habitation. There will be a time when even the system, though settled in Light and Life must replace some of the physical content. It is the nature of the dynamics of time and space.

Though your world may be disrupted, particularly since your sun is finite, that which is Urantia, the humanity, will remain. It is the Light and Life that is being established. Systems referred to are not so much the administrative definitions as they are the physical juxtapositions. [Sure enough, the passage in question is 15:1.3: "You are now passing through the very same space that your planetary system, or its predecessors, traversed ages ago; and some day in the remote future your system, or its successors, will again traverse the identical space through which you are now so swiftly plunging." ed.] Only Havona is eternal and permanent.

Does this provide you with some orientation?

Evelyn: Yes, it does. That is reassuring to hear that cultures do go on. I assume that they would be moved to more suitable spheres for their continued progress.

Malvantra: This is a possibility. Also it is a capability of some energy entities to sustain planets that have become involved in a fragile space configuration while replacing objects in proximity in order to keep a planet in orbit that is valued a life world. We may replace adjacent spheres to maintain the balance when these other simple rocks have become disrupted. This we can do for it does not interfere with the Father's will for human growth and your freedom. Subsequent system contains the word sequential and does imply this replaceability.

Evelyn: Are architectural spheres sometimes in need of attention like this as well?

Malvantra: Architectural spheres have their own physical dynamics and enjoy a certain independence from the seemingly willy-nilly physical energy circuits. They are placed deliberately and with great concern for longevity and have a self-sustaining quality that your evolutionary systems like your solar system do not have. Here in your solar system it is a fortuitous balance of placement and motion. In architectural configurations it is a deliberate alignment that perpetuates their existence.

Evelyn: Well, thank you.

I appreciate your puzzle analogy. I saw a jigsaw puzzle this week that had its border assembled. So it's a very fresh image you were working with.

Gravity, Mind

Harold: Along that line of planetary balance, is there some way that planets in our solar system influence us, other than the moon which has some physical influences?

Malvantra: Upon your world there is great influence. Your physicists are only scratching the surface of the gravitational and magnetic forces present. This bearing upon a planet has little influence upon an individual's mind except that, if forces align such that your world is effected, then all minds resident thereon are disturbed. The chemical nature of your being makes obvious the cause and effect relationship of physical things to one another. But the influences on a galactic level are so greatly beyond in magnification to the sphere of human activity that you have little inkling as to when there is change in effect. It would be analogous to the turn of seasons slowly through a year in scale compared to the change of one day, between dawn and dusk. It is so gradual it is inconsequential to the actions of human beings. You would more notice the effects if you were transported into another system, then the difference would be like winter to summer. But within your system the changes are very subtle and are as hard to detect as the difference in December and January of your weather patterns.

Does this provide illustration?

Harold: Yes. I am a little unclear as to what is influenced by this. Are you saying the human mind is influenced, or is it just the chemical makeup is influenced by it?

Malvantra: Your chemical makeup is more greatly influenced. Your mind is far freer. The only qualification to this is that your mind is functioning through a chemical organ, your brain. So there is some effect, but this is not so acute in a daily sense. It is more of an effect in terms of ages. And proximity does have greater bearing, as you have indicated regarding your moon. Also, to show some mental connection, the mere absence of clouds and the observed radiance of your sun does effect your sense of well being. But it has no bearing on your ability to choose truth over error.

Some of the more immediate effectors of your being are much closer to you than astronomical bodies, such as the presence of radioactive gases and electromagnetic fields, ion pools. These are more likely to influence your physical ability to outwork your chosen actions.


Harold: Yes. Are these influences you just spoke of positive or negative or neither one?

Malvantra: In a spiritual sense they have no positive or negative effect because of freewill dominance. But from the human perspective it does aid or retard your sense of success. For instance, nutrition may be lacking in an individual's environment and can hinder in a human sense the progress, but the personality is always free to select truth whether nourished or starving. This is difficult for you to clarify for so much of the human life is anchored in the physical realm. One like myself can . ..(tape flipped)... freedom from physical restraints can perceive the independence of your spiritual natures. However, to return to my analogy, I perceive the picture of the puzzle where you are only now placing the pieces of the puzzle. This is the spectrum of wisdom.

Harold: Thank you. That was very interesting.

Malvantra: My pleasure.

Ham: Greetings, I am Ham. I am here only to salute and to acknowledge the successes of your teachers. As one who is in a sense a grandfather-teacher in this correcting period, I come periodically to your side. I would express to you how each of you is valuable in this mission. The extension of the celestial administration into the affairs of this world necessitates individuals like yourselves who are scattered throughout the world to translate the celestial effort into a terrestrial effect. Without your assistance we have no purpose. It is not our purpose to set you straight but to rather set you going. Thank you.

Evelyn: It is like what was said about offering meaning rather than correctness; you are getting us going whether or not we get it right.

Ham: This is correct.


Elyon: Your teacher Elyon here. I would close our meeting by verbalizing a prayer to our Father:

He who has blessed us with the abilities to grow and with the great universe within which to unfold, may we always share the effort we make in growing with our brothers and sisters. May we maintain a balance in our ministry with our own efforts at growth; that we, while making our own journey, carry the bags of our friends; and that while we minister to the needs of our fellows we do not lose sight of our own; that we balance the walking of the second mile with the mote and the beams of the eye; that we rely on one another for guidance. For it is through our brethren that You are ministering to each of us in a collective interconnectivity.

Help us, Father, to realize how broad this kingdom of Yours is. Help us to understand our function, not that it is hidden for us to discover as much as it is for us to creatively unfold. You have not hidden our purpose; we are Your purpose as living beings; we are Your demonstration for all else as they are for us.