1997-02-02-The Empathy Stream

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Topic: Empathy Stream

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I greet you. Welcome again to our sessions. This evening I would like to discuss the empathy stream that exists between humans.



Visualize, if you will, a stream of energy connecting your heart with the hearts of others. This stream sends signals about yourself and receives signals from the hearts of others. This empathy stream requires two-way communication to engage. The soul, or subtle body, then is picking up communication that is not necessarily a part of the verbal or body language communication of the other person. Physical proximity is usually required for this engaging.

The opened heart, the heart that is not engaged in self-deception, is more attuned to picking up the subtle signals of others. The conscious mind can choose to receive these signals or to reject them. If you choose to receive and be sensitive to these signals that your hearts are constantly sending to one another, you will find a whole new world opening. You will recognize those who are hurt, or in some ways closing their hearts through fear. You will see some who are sending signals asking for help, though they would never consciously acknowledge this.

You will begin to want to know the story behind these signals and become interested in your fellow beings. You will want to learn the why's and the how's of what you are receiving through the subtle body. You will want to draw people out and learn more about them and you will see how the signals change as you communicate, whether the communication that the person is giving you is real or is corresponding with what you are receiving or if it is not.


Those who are engaged in various forms of self-deception do not see themselves clearly and therefore do not see others clearly. They do not receive anything through the subtle body because this communication is closed and so they can believe the lies that others are telling them because they want to. The process of self-deception is gradually all consuming and so the focus is all inward and they cannot perceive the subtle beauties of other human beings and their communication.


As you grow in the spirit and are increasingly able to use your subtle body communication, you will be able to communicate consciously through the subtle body with another person and this communication will be received unconsciously and, if it is allowed, consciously. So, you will become adept at sending signals of comfort, of peace, of love, of happiness. Remember you are sending signals of what you are, you must be the thing you are sending. By sending the signal of comfort, you will find your relationships become more peaceful and less antagonistic. By sending the signal of joy, you will find your relationships become more light-hearted and happier. By sending the signal of peace, you will find that anxiety and stress will lessen for all those around you and your relationships will become less stressful. But, you must be comfort, be joy, be peace for this signal to have effect.

If you were to do an experiment and you have a room full of people and someone new walks into the room feeling extremely fearful but not showing it in any overt way, you will find that the anxiety level of the entire room gradually increases because that subtle signal has been picked up. Love is much stronger than fear. So, to keep control of your subtle body vibrational level, you must dwell in love. For love transforms the lower animal emotions and though you will pick up the signal of another's fear, you need not internalize it if you are dwelling in love.


Love, children, will give you power than you never dreamed possible. But it is not power that is your goal, it is love. But, love carries power with it. Any power used or held without love is dead on the level it is held. For example, someone holds power over another person in a material way, that is where that power ends, it does not extend to the mind much less to the spirit.

Love, on the other hand, contains within it the power to transform the mind, the body, and the physical circumstances and much more. Love transforms your whole being down to the very atoms that make up your physical form. Love automatically creates harmony. Love dispels the conflicts and emotional turmoil taking place in the mind.

The goal of the universe is to love perfectly. I'll say that again. The goal of the universe is to love perfectly and in so doing, be in total and complete harmony and perfection with all things. The power that the Master used to heal his children was nothing other than his love, that love is so powerful when it is perfect that it can straighten a withered hand, it can make the blind to see, and the deaf to hear, because it tends towards perfection and to perfect that which is imperfect.

For now, I want you to take the first step in understanding spiritual power and that is to open your hearts to others, to the signals others are sending through the subtle body. This week, just be open to receiving these signals and gradually we will begin to practice the sending of signals.

First, I want you to become aware of this energy stream that passes from heart to heart. Once you are aware of it, it will become as much a part of your life as any visual phenomenon is. So, as you go through your week, meeting strangers, acquaintances, focus on that subtle energy stream and think about what you are feeling, what you are receiving, how is it changing the way you feel.

Ham: Are there any questions:


Q: Is this something we may have experienced at time to time in our lives previously?

Ham: Yes, you experience these signals all the time, you just have not been consciously aware.

Q: By focusing our awareness on these signals, they will gradually become clearer to us?

Ham: Yes,


Q: This week, Jarad and I went to a bank and we were talking to this lady in the bank and it was like you say hello and she was ready to attack, always on the offensive. By the time we left, my neck was stiff and uptight and everything. I guess it was part of where I allowed her fear to get into me and influence me.

Q: She had to be in control

Q: But don't you think she was a fearful person. Ham, was that an example of someone's fear raising my vibration to grit my teeth. That subtle energy level coming from her, I wonder if that affected me. I felt bad and had a headache by the time we left.

Ham: Yes, this is a part of your reaction, largely you were reacting to the control issue as Jarad stated. This is not a good example.

Q: Suppose we pick up on fear and anger from another person. We can counteract that by sending signals of love and calm and peace?

Ham: Yes.

Q: This is a matter of polarity Ham, the selfishness you mentioned, someone who is being deceitful about themselves. So that is a selfish thing, or a negative polarity of focus, and this shuts them off from their soul which is a positive polarity

Ham: What I will say is that it shuts down that communication between souls.

Q: That is why, negative polarity does not transmit through the soul, to the soul.

Ham: I don't want to say negative and positive and put things in those black and white categories.

Ham: I have a special message for Jeremiah. Son, you have reached a half-way point in your recovery. You are rounding the bend. Everything that was tending towards illness and degeneration has stopped, and is now beginning to tend towards healing and recovery. Do not neglect taking the tea, make sure you don't skip doses. The cancer cells are no longer dividing, but they may migrate and create tumors that will then shrink, but may cause some pressure and some odd sensations and effects for a while so don't be alarmed if you have some strange feelings. Also your hormonal balance is a little haywire and you might find yourself going through emotions of an extreme nature and this is to be expected and Nolice can be more understanding when she understands this is part of your healing process and not to take these mood swings of yours personally. Otherwise, all is fine, nothing to change, everything looks good. Keep up with the healings..


Q: I know we cannot dwell in perfect love like the Master, but I was wondering how far humans can expect to move towards having healing and harmonizing effects on others, even down to the molecular level?

Ham: Did not the Master proclaim to his apostles that they had the power to heal in accordance with the will of God, and did he not further proclaim that there would be those who come after who would perform greater miracles than this? So you see, the evolution of man is still taking place and the phase of evolution that you are entering into is on the morontia level and requires the conscious effort of the individual. It is evolution that encompasses and contains within it the individual conscious effort. You see physical evolution alone does not require any conscious effort on the part of any creature. The body grows and matures unconsciously. But human beings, being will creatures, who can use their own individual will to effect change, can therefore effect their own evolutionary destiny. But, this is not done through your scientific methods, it is done through the individual's embracing of spiritual reality.

Q: An increasing oneness with divinity?

Ham: Yes.

Q: As more people begin to seek spiritual growth, and begin to focus this heartfelt energy towards their brothers and sisters, the effect will be to influence the evolution of our civilization?

Q: Increase oneness.

Ham: Yes, you will see many changes in your lifetimes as a result of this seeking of the spirit. But, you who have found the spirit, who embrace the spirit, and who actively engage with the spirit in all aspects of your lives, you are truly trail blazers into the future. You see, the potentials of human happiness and health and brotherly love, and all the potentials that spring from these. Yes, it will transform your civilization completely.

Q: Not just on the mind level, but also on the physical level of our health and our physical beings?

Q: The withered hand was made perfect by becoming one with perfection. So perfection is inherently creative?

Ham: Yes.


Q: You said begin to listen and feel for these signals from others. You also said our self-deception could block these off. I was wondering if there were things we could do to undeceive ourselves more?

Ham: Spiritual growth always entails a certain amount of growing out of old patterns and this letting go of old patterns of thinking can involve some little traumas because you have to ask yourselves why am I holding onto something that is not useful to me any more and this certainly involves some introspection. But, like the Master, I don't want you to become overly introspective. Acknowledge these things, understand them, maybe even experience the pain and the heartache that goes along with acknowledging something about yourself or your past experience that is unpleasant. But, you can't stay there, you have to move on and encounter life a new every day. Life is always somewhat of a struggle, mostly with ourselves. And so, every day you rise to do battle again, rise to overcome the petty weaknesses that may be plaguing your characters. But don't morbidly dwell upon them or on their causes.

Q: So your answer is focusing on spiritual progress is the process of undoing the self-deceptions?

Ham: Yes.

Q: So as we try to tune into these subtle energies, and as we continue to grow spiritually, it will become clearer and clearer to us?

Ham: Yes.

Q: May I ask my usual question at this time?

Ham: Certainly Jarad, You are making much greater progress than you think you are. I want you to stop focusing on what you haven't done or should do, and instead do what you can at the time. The now is all the time there is. Do you see that?

Q: Yes,

Ham: And just do what you can. There will be times, in the now, that you are tired or irritable and these times you can't do as much as other times, you see, but that is life. You can't expect yourself to always be at peak performance. And so, you must accept the other times as well, as part of life and not castigate yourself for a perceived weakness that really is just part of life. That goes for you too Brodan.

Q: I recognize that.

Ham: And you too Rebecca.

Q: Can you tell me this lack of equilibrium I am experiencing and what might be the cause of it?

Ham: Inner ear mechanism is inflamed, there is a slight infection causing inflamation kind of like a pimple in the right inner ear. You just have to wait for it to go away on its own. There is nothing you should do.

Q: No medication would help?

Ham: It is doubtful that antibiotics would help it because your body has a high tolerance for antibiotics, and so it is just something that will have to go away on its own. It is not serious.

Q: Is there something I did that caused it?

Ham: No.

Q: Anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, child, you are learning to find a balance in your work and in life. Continue working on your task, allow Jarad to suggest changes, however, you are the writer so you must have comfort with the style outcome.

Q: Do you have any words for me this evening Ham?

Ham: Yes, Brodan, you are pushing yourself too hard. You like to test your limits, and experiment with your accomplishments. Be careful not to value quantity over quality, or speed over accuracy. These analogies are not quite right, they come close to what I am trying to tell you. Sometimes you forget the main goal, or the main thing that is important, and focus on smaller issues, almost like a game, because you like the challenge of the game. Although you still keep your eye on the main goal, perhaps the quality of it can suffer through the extraneous activities that are more of an accomplishment game than of real lasting value. Are you understanding?

Q: I am not sure that on any given morning or afternoon I could separate what is important from what is not, but I see that this is an issue for me.

Ham: You are very achievement oriented, and so you want to achieve many things. And so, I advise contemplating, really thinking through, what achievements are great importance, and what achievements are just for the sake of achieving them. Because no matter how much you stretch your energy, you still only have a limited amount and I still want you to rest more.

Q: I'll try.

Q: I always listen to your advice to Brodan. It seems that he and I are the opposites in that I always want to do the least I can do, and he wants to do all he can do. Do we end up finally at the same place. Is there anything here that would be valuable, some sort of parallel?

Ham: I wouldn't characterize your work as doing the least you can do. You are very focused and goal oriented. The nature of your work is different, and so it is comparing apples and oranges, there is no direct comparison.

Q: I was thinking that I kind of allow the momentum of life to force me along into my work or require it to do that.

Q: Do you have anything for Mary Jo or either of her girls?

Ham: I am very gratified by their swift progress.

Lorena, you feel you are being carried along with the current and that you are losing control of the boat. And indeed, there are times when you have no control and the forces of the universe uphold you without your effort. Do not allow your heart to become discouraged, you have great inner resources. You are a very powerful woman. Acknowledge this power, and accept it. It is who you are.


Esmarelda and Miriam are doing very well. I am entirely pleased and gratified with the progress you have both accelerated into. You have both opened your sails to the wind. All is well. [[Category: Nashville TeaM]