1997-02-10-Father's Mission Statement for Earthly Living

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Topic: Father's Mission Statement for Earthly Living

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you all. It is such a joyful time when we can meet. I have spent much of this week assisting you in further understanding Father's will and how to be submissive to it. I find myself in such a place of excitement for you and your discoveries regarding spiritual realities.


In learning spiritual realities we find Michael's hard truths that can tend to promote feelings of discomfort. You find your spiritual muscles being exercised. It is a constant awareness that we must continue to exercise throughout the adventure in the flesh. Always with faithful exercise results are apparent, and even though they have taken some time to appear, we are filled with a true sense of joy and healthful watchcare.

In the week previous to last I asked you what your Mission Statement was for earthly living and your answers were adequate according to your level of understanding. I can say your learning to submit to Father's will has brought you to a deeper level of understanding, a morontial understanding. Last weeks exercise on what would Father say is your Mission Statement of earthly living has shed a new light on the definition of being submissive. Submissive is not sacrifice, not loss of spirit identity. Perhaps Father said something like this to you:

Child, my Mission Statement for you concerning mortal living is bare all things with me, learn all things with me, love all things with me, be with me. In the here and now you are allowing me to live. In this moment you have allowed me to have reality, to be real in you. Child, your Mission is to allow me to attend with you on the eternal adventure, partake of my presence perfection, allow me existence in your existence, allow me life in your life.

This is perhaps what Father has described as your Mission Statement for earthly living. Father asks not to live our lives for us, just with us. He asks for your awareness in each moment, His presence perfection. Is this not a simple concept to grasp and incorporate within your daily living? Being submissive means nothing more than allowing Father's existence in your life. Do you see this takes not from you? This, if anything, adds to the fullness of the flavor of life. Do you see how Father's presence would add to every area of your mortal life? Father does not give you Himself in the hope that you may glorify Him. He offers you His presence because He loves you. There is no holding back. Father does not hold back for fear you would misuse His assistance, cause Him pain, no. Father faithfully and fully gives of Himself to you because of His love for you.

Is it also saying that to allow Father full authority in your life is also a commitment of giving yourself to Him? In this giving is this not submission? Do you understand that Father withholds nothing from you? Do you comprehend His trust and faith in you as His child? Can you feel Father's desire to be close to you, to be so close it surpasses the definition of personal? Is this not a truly beautiful thought? Can you imagine anything else to be more gratifying, more fulfilling? I cannot.

He who would save his life selfishly would lose it, but he who would give his life for me shall save it. Do you understand that he who protects his treasures for fear of loss loses the benefits of the safety guardian of all. He who guards his treasures personally loses out on the meaning and values of the treasure. Are there questions?


CALVIN: In our life we have been taught to save up and prepare because that is the big boy scout thing to do. I know that is speaking mainly on a material level. Is this lesson you just gave about hoarding your treasures or guarding your treasures apply materially and spiritually?

ABRAHAM: Not so much materially. I refer to your treasures as your life situations, relationships, anything you value, even your spiritual education. In allowing Father to have access to these treasures you are reaping the benefit of His spiritual insight, His broad understanding for real value. In safeguarding your treasures for fear they are only of import to you, you are withholding from Father, missing the benefits only He could provide with His far overseeing vision. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes. It is kind of like tying into not hiding your candle under a bushel, but on a hill for all to see, benefit from.

MIRIAM: Abraham, this ties into Calvin's question. A couple weeks back, I shared earlier that you said that I was being shy and I have been trying not to withhold me and share. There is just something I don't understand. I'd like to think I have made some progress in this. It is like peeling layers of a onion. You think you got it and it comes again and with that the feeling of less than. It is like when you do share yourself, feeling stupid about it, knowing that it isn't stupid. I know I have asked you about this before, but what is that? Like when you get to a place of understanding that you are loved by the Father and you know it, then you go to another place, and it feels like you are learning it for the first time again. You know you are not. You know you are making progress. What is that about the humanity of it? I know I am not the only one that feels like that. So why does it feel like the first time? Do you know what I mean? Does that make sense?

Abraham: Yes. In striving for Godlikeness and Father's perfection there can occur an imbalance of overmuch humility, just as can occur an imbalance from healthy self-love to self-adoration. There is an tendency among mortals who are in the race for perfection to stumble upon their regrets as if they were able to fix them, to redo past mistakes. To live from regret to regret is not submission to Father. It is not trust for Father's overseeing vision, no. It is not allowing the good Teacher to teach. Each must embrace humility in order to keep the flow of learning moving, but beyond this healthy point is to move toward the spirit poisons, such as spiritual envy; "I am so far behind I will never catch up to my fellows;" perhaps lack in belief in your status as child of God; "How can I be God's child when I continue in this way?" perhaps anger, "How can I ever understand when I continue to stumble and constantly regret my decisions on the spiritual path?" Do you see, when you have gone beyond balanced humble attitude to the spirit poisons, there is not submission to Father and His definition of what you view to be a mistake, no. There is only mortal definition and this can be biased. Does this help?

MIRIAM: Sort of. It does help me to understand like living in regret and in the past and taking humility to a place...I guess more specifically, just let me ask this for me instead of broadening it to humanity. When I experience this it is so sudden and it is like a cut to the quick. I think I am doing great, everything is swell, and then I walk through a place of fear of doing something that I think is the right thing to do and I get to this place of sudden quickness, this naked raw place, and I just feel like a boob. Where does that come from? You know you're cruising in the right zone spiritually, or you think you are, maybe I'm not. I don't know. Does that help a little bit more?

ABRAHAM: My understanding is that this is imbalance, and with the conditioning of spiritual muscles, this will level out. I would suggest that in these moments let not your intellectual self be overwhelmed with your emotional self where there can be feelings that are not reality based, but stem from possibly the ego. I doubt not that this is an assignment that Father would have you look into completely and without fear or hesitation. Does this answer? (Yes, very much. Thank you.) Certainly. One more question?


If there are no pressing questions I would express to you my love and unending friendship. I shall continue to assist you throughout the week. Until next week, shalom.