1997-02-24-Advanced Morontial Lessons

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Topic: Advanced Morrontial Lessons

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you here this evening. It is my most supreme pleasure to meet with you. I am assured each time we meet of the strength of this Correcting Time. Look at your efforts towards your spiritual education. Note your passion to strive for God's goodness and understanding of life's hard truths. In your efforts I can see a fair amount of growth within this Teaching Mission. From where I stand my view is broad, and it is reassuring to view you, my mortal students, hard at work to understand spiritual realities and have the courage to carry on.


Submission, Learning

In your efforts to learn spiritual realities you are allowing your personal prejudices to fall away. In being submissive to Father's will you are allowing Him to teach you with accelerated speed. In your desire to follow the divine will you are setting aside your personal desires for what you wish to be learning concerning the Father's kingdom. In allowing the Good Teacher to teach you are learning His lessons with much more efficiency and timely experiences to coordinate lasting understanding. Do you see you have elected to be subject to these morontial lessons? You have opted for Father's will in place of your own. Do you understand how the lessons are slightly more difficult? You who have chosen to be submissive to the divine Indwelling Father Fragment are candidates for His lessons. With these lessons comes a higher degree of difficulty.

I would admonish you in harboring fear towards these difficult lessons will cause them to cease. This is not bad, no. They can resume when you are ready. I would ask that you be watchful with complaining if you would choose to remain on Father's timely track. I say there is no hurry to learn these divine realities and you are beautiful in your personal evolution. I would say to cast a negative light upon your lessons is almost a request to be slowed down. Know that your experiences are these morontial lessons and not to cause so much anxiety. It is my desire to say, in submitting to Father with a whole heart, you will surely receive advanced morontial lessons. Yes, this is to be expected, not to cast a fearful light, but to excite you towards awareness of Father's presence.

It is my information that your exercises throughout this past week were somewhat strenuous. I would ask did you each allow time for rest and repletion of spiritual energy? It is certainly necessary in seeking advanced spiritual understanding. I would ask that you have some discussion on those familiar phrases. He who would save his life selfishly will surely loose it and he who would give his life for my sake will indeed be saved. I am at liberty receive only a few questions. Are there questions?


HONOREY: Father Abraham, are you aware that Mantutia Melchizedek is with us tonight? I was wondering if he has a message for us? I do appreciate your wonderful lessons.

ABRAHAM: There are many beings with us this evening and we are due to gather this evening to discuss the affairs of the kingdom. This is quite possible you noticed the personalities who dwell among us this evening, but no message. (Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, I am still a little foggy as to when it is to be to have courage to speak and when its out of order in following Father's will. I think you have been teaching us that sometimes it requires courage to speak up, and yet, it is so easy to do that because of my past pattern to speak up. I think I am doing it out of self-habit. You spoke last week of using tact of when to speak up. In light of our discussion previously tonight, can you shed anymore light?

ABRAHAM: I would answer your question according to my information. In your mortal status there is always constant need to be aware that the ego is always looking to be fed. As you progress in your spiritual education you become more aware of the way of the ego. Jesus many times was confronted with His human heart and knew the desires, longings, pain, despair, that each mortal must experience. I do say this is part the reason for my instruction to find rest and seek present moment awareness, perhaps through stillness practice or prayer. It is always possible to sway the human side towards your more divine side, and this is what I speak of when I talk about not being fearful of the hard truths and facing them with courage. When there is fear or fatigue there is tendency to distort Father's messages. Without prayer, stillness practice, there can occur an imbalance of your human will over-controlling the divine will. My recommendation in what you speak of is to perhaps retreat a few moments for a time of prayer or balance within your present moment awareness. In the praying there is a question and a willingness to be submissive to Father's will. Does this help? One more question.

CALVIN: Yes, very much. Thanks. Just a real quick one you can answer. Are there times when you say things that you wish you hadn't said in your broader viewpoint of things?

ABRAHAM: Yes. At times I am given the awareness that I could have been more gentle with my words, and I rely on this awareness to educate me on my spiritual journey. I would remark though that truth is 'all' in this realm, and not by any means avoided or feared, I communicate with the expectation that my friends and co-workers are also all embracing of the Father's truth.


I would leave you with my love and I recommit to our friendship and ask that you remain open to receive further instruction in the coming week. Until next week, shalom.