1997-03-02-Word Experiment

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Topic: Word Experiment

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Lantarnek

TR: Mark Rogers, Gloria



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings again this morning, my faithful students and friends. This is your friend and occasional instructor, Elyon. Once again I commend your efforts at devoting your time to the group pursuit of your lessons as well as your individual efforts of devotion to your own personal spiritual growth.

My faithful friend Gloria has, in keeping with her charge, informed you of upcoming events to unfold in your futures. She is indeed well deserving of my praise for her going the extra mile to attempt many new and strange arenas of experience. You all would do well to observe her as a model for reaching into unknown areas of your consciousness, of your spirit, and building and working with these unlit spheres to illuminate their potentials and the many benefits to be derived from this access.


Potential, Growth

As you all have been hearing through the many lessons we have shared together, there are a multitude of directions to be pursued by each of you, different spheres of your being as yet unaccessed. All human beings possess this multitude of potentials; it is simply a matter of time, of spiritual evolution and progression, before any individual attains access at will to these potentials within each of you. Her statement to you that this is imminently available to each of you was correct as was her statement that the fruits of this discipline are yours for the development, for the effort you put forth in this arena. In previous lessons it was mentioned the reality of the timeline and I refer back to this now as a means for you to reflect on the fact that all of these potentials are yours even now. It is simply a matter of your efforts to unlock, to open, to gain access, to develop these patterns, these new arenas of experience. This is not a difficult task, as I would ask you to reflect on our years together, our lessons to this point. You have opened many arenas within your consciousness previously unknown to you. You now enjoy many peripheral arenas of engagement previously unknown to you. At this time we are simply suggesting you engage further with your efforts to access more of these available potentials. It is not a question of whether or not you will expand and increase your spiritual capacity, simply at what point you will do so. This is largely in your hands, as we are entirely subject to your efforts and your will. We can try to lead the horse to water, and we will never cease presenting you with the spiritual waters. They will ever be in front of you. It is simply how much you choose to drink.

As mentioned, we do have guest speakers today. I would acknowledge their presence and desire to turn the floor over at this time to any one of them. I thank you all for your efforts with me, and I am with you always.


Malvantra (Gloria): We have made a connection around the circle and are going to try an experiment in which we give you all a word, the same word, and instead of it coming through where you experience the transmission now, it will come through your center, more in your inner awareness. Do not try to figure out what it is supposed to be like or put a definition on the experience, but rather clear your minds of all thoughts as you would in meditation without any expectations. Keep yourselves open and clear of all debris that clouds your minds. We will give you a moment to do this and then we will give the word. [pause] The word that we gave you was "spring". Some of you may have heard the word; some of you may have got a perception of spring, or a feeling. This is something that you can work on with us just by asking in your spare time, as we are always with you. It may take a while to truly experience this new form of receiving words, thoughts, from us. It will make the old transmitter/receiver sessions seem outdated when you get used to this phenomenon, as you may feel it is. It is a matter of making adjustments and not of trying hard to make an opening. Simply move the energy around in order to allow this to happen. Does anyone have any questions?



Jonathan: You mentioned this compared to the present transmitting process. Is it similar to or part of "reflectivation" we heard about?

Malvantra: Yes, it is a facet of that. The word would seem as though it sprang out of nowhere within you. It would feel different than your thoughts. When you first experienced the transmissions, you felt the otherness and knew they were not your words. This is much the same way other than it will spring up from deeper within your mind, from the intuitive center where before it seemed like it came from outside in. This comes from within your mind.

Jonathan: I find the word "spring" interesting in that it seems to come like a water source, a message springing from within.

Malvantra: That is a very good definition. The wellspring that you have within that can be developed into receiving transmissions in this way will benefit you greatly. Things can come to you even behind your thoughts and can come quite strongly to even push out thoughts you are having. When your devotion to serving the will of the Father is so strong, the answers can come strong and quick at those times when you most need them.

I feel there is confusion, and I ask that you let go of the confusion and allow the process to take place, for the confusion is an energy source that can plug up the spring. Let go and do not try to analyze and figure out what it is you are supposed to be experiencing. Turn it over and allow the process. Know that it can happen and how valuable it will be to you in your personal growth and for serving others to have this wellspring within you that you can go to for refreshment and cleansing. The words will be pure and not clouded as your thoughts are. They come from a different source than your thoughts. Let go of the confusion and any frustration you may feel. Settle into the center of your mind, what you feel is the center at this point. You may feel warmth; you may see light; you may see colors. This is the point behind your conscious mind, your third eye center behind your eyes. Go in deeper than you may have gone before as if you are traveling down a path through your conscious mind which you see all jumbled up with thoughts, ideas. As you pass through the conscious mind you start to see clarity. The path widens out, becomes brighter. You see hope, faith, trust. As you keep walking you feel these come into your being. As you turn around and look back you do not see the conscious mind with all its thoughts and tidal pools. You start to feel serenity and peace. Each one of you will have a different feeling in your center, a different perspective. Your Thought Adjuster is close now; your higher souls are close now. You feel like you can reach out and touch them, you are closer than you have ever been before. You look up and see the light of the Father, and it does not hurt your eyes. You know that you an can go further into the light even as it becomes brighter. Now begin to walk back down the trail and notice as you are walking that the light is staying with you. Your hope and faith and trust are staying with you. You are not leaving it in your center but you are taking it with you. Walk back out into your conscious mind. Watch as your thoughts watch you and wonder what you are up to. You have found another source to go to rather than just relying on them. They cleared the way for you as you walk with them and your new-found power. Come back out through your third eye out into Urantia. Sense how you feel now, how you can start to expand your mind, expand where you go. You have a new place to explore and discover, and you don't have to get in your cars or on your bikes or your hiking boots to do it.

We encourage you to do this a lot this week, to discover the new realms. We will be working with you, bringing you words. If you sense that this is happening, go with that and do not say that it is not happening, but know that it is. We will bring you words at first, one word at a time. Then sentences. At each meeting we will do this process and bring you a word. Once you feel this and know for sure it is happening, you can develop it further. Are there any more questions?

Superconsciousness, Mind

Jonathan: For those of us with active verbal minds with thoughts that scream by continually, do you have help for us focusing beyond all this?

Malvantra: The analogy that comes to mind is a kindergarten full of children who are all unruly. Even though you may be able to get order for a short while, they are soon running about the room again. It takes a disciplined, conscious effort, and that you go right into your conscious mind. The minute you do that your thoughts stop. Try that. Picture you are sitting in a chair right in your conscious mind, the front level right behind the forehead. Notice how your thoughts stop. Now step back out into the open. Have your thoughts calmed down any?

Jonathan: Yes.

Malvantra: If you do not teach them to calm, take some discipline in a loving way, of course they will run rampant. This can become quite hectic if you are constantly going in and out, as hectic as the thoughts themselves. If you create a calmness with the stepping in and out, and you begin to draw the calmness from the center, out into your conscious mind. It will relieve these thoughts, because they think they have a necessary purpose at this time. Send your ego love and don't resist or fight. Knowing that you are made up of different levels, components, you can become one component full of love and light so that all the different components aren't trying to survive on their own. This may help.

Jonathan: Thank you. When you had us sit in front of the back side of our foreheads, I visualized that as the scrolling screen of my thoughts. I had the view of the entire wall of my skull being the wallpaper, a record of all of my thoughts. At that point it seemed to freeze, so I was sitting in the middle of this empty chamber not feeling like I was thinking.

Malvantra: It is matter of mindfulness. Many people eat food and are not even aware of what they are eating. It's just a habit or (Gloria: I'm blocking out the words he's trying to get through.) become so much a part of their lives they are not aware. Thoughts are the same way. So many thoughts pass through that you are not aware of what they even are. If you drive the same road everyday you become accustomed to the scenery; it becomes such a habit you are not aware of what is going on around you. Thoughts are the same way. If you become aware of them, mindful of them, they will slow down on their own.

Tom: Is there a word we can practice on this week or do you want us to work on the word "spring"?

Malvantra: The focus of the process is that we are bringing you a word, not for you to focus on a word. The word that we brought to you today was spring. Next time it will be something different. The main focus for you is to let go of figuring out what it is, what you are supposed to be doing, intellectualizing. Allow that an opening be made so we can process the word through. If you want to do this exercise on your own and go into a meditative state and ask us to work with you, if you feel you are getting a word, write the word down, and we can validate it for you at the next meeting. This is part of the coworker endeavor in that we all become one, more of a unit rather than seeing us as "over there". We are becoming one unit.

When you are serving your brothers and sisters, it will be more fluent dialogue. This is a running energy you are opening up. When you are stuck with your personal growth, we can bring you answers through this awareness that you have not been able to get before. The mechanism of growth will be much faster. You do not have to stay stuck. Does that help?

Tom: I'll just have to see.

Malvantra: We don't expect you to understand it all now. We ask you not to be hard on yourselves because you don't. It takes time. When you don't know how to do it, it seems hard. But once you catch on, it clicks quite easily into place.

Tom: Transmitting, meditating, I still don't have a clue what they are about. So this is just one more I just don't have a clue about. I'm not very successful at either one, so I'm hoping I might have a chance at something like this. It's starting to seem as confusing as the other two. I need to remember what I am here for all day long, not just when I am here in class but to have a running dialogue with my friends on the other side. Seems like all the exercises, like behind the eyes, between the ears, I still don't have a clue about, and I have thought about them. But things are getting better.

Malvantra: If you do the process of going into your center, first of all you must feel the center of your being. You can go there, but you will have to at some time feel the center, much like if you walk into an art gallery of the most beautiful paintings and you simply walk from one end of the gallery to the other without noticing any of the paintings, you would be missing out. If you simply walk into your center and then back out, you will miss the point of the endeavor today. If you strive a little more each day to go into your center, even if you don't have a clue as to what you are doing, what you are supposed to be feeling, if you will risk each day going a little farther until you actually start to feel the center of your being...

Tom: You mean my Thought Adjuster?

Malvantra: No. Your higher self, your center. You have a gravitation point within your mind that is your center, your balance point where the divine can meet the personality, where the soul growth comes about, where the clarity is, where you know without a doubt that God is so. You know that you are not a body with a mind but much more. It is a point within your mind that as you reach it, it expands out more and more. It puts you in greater touch with the divine energy so that you become your center rather than your conscious mind full of thoughts that will become the small stream alongside the large lake. The conscious mind will be the small puddle; the center is the beautiful lake with the wisdom. The conscious mind is the thoughts with the knowledge.


Tom: I don't know what it is that attracts me to even the Urantia Book. I just love the stuff. What we all talk about; I love it. It doesn't seem to be coming from any center; it's coming from my brain. So I have to make a transition now from my mental process? Sometimes I don't feel love, I feel wired. That's a feeling, but it doesn't seem to have a center to it.

Malvantra: You have all felt your center; you have all been there. When you feel like you are right on, you are in balance, you are at peace, confident, you are centered. You have passed the rattling thoughts to a place that goes beyond all that. We want to show you that you can go there anytime to live from this center rather than going in and out, that it is easily accessible. You do not have to wait until those times when everything is just right, but in any situation. It's a matter of what works to get you to feel this energy of your conscious mind. You can feel your heart; you can feel the negative energy when it comes up. Feel the frequency so that you can get in touch with who you are at any time, so that you can learn to work with your own energy fields as they come about, get in touch with them. Negative energy is lower, denser. When you are feeling close to God the energy is going to be lighter. You will be able to sense the two; you will be able to sense them from other people. We want to get you so that you are not just one big mind full of thoughts; there are partitions in the mind, dimensions. One way to do that is to learn to adjust to the many energy frequencies that each dimension holds. Don't put a cloud in front of it. Lift the cloud.

Through your search, understanding will come. Don't allow confusion to get in the way of the process. Lower the confusion and ask for the process to come. That may bring you this intuitive thought or word to show you there is another point in your mind in which to receive words and thoughts other than what you are used to.

Does that help or did that confuse you more?

Tom: Spring forward, fall down comes to mind. It helps. My old guru said, "It's that deep feeling that stirs within you when you love." When I love I know it, that has a center. Meditation and the exercises are like spitting in the wind, I just don't know where it's going to end up.

Malvantra: Let's put it this way, if you were able to build a home with a celestial room in the middle, where you became, when you walked in, pure spirit, pure heart. This is a place to go, an inner room that can expand out and bring you all that you have desired that you may have been looking for externally. Now it is available in this realm of your mind. Now it may seem like a maze to find this room; let go of all that, and it will be easier to find. Trust the process and have faith and allow the Father and the magnetism of your Thought Adjuster to lead you. The one who walks the slower path finds his answers more quickly than the one who is at a fast pace. Pray and ask for help. No one expects you to do this on your own.

Any more questions? There is one more speaker today. Thank you for your time.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): This is Lantarnek. I would play briefly with two words, trust and truth, and attempt to offer juxtaposition. You seek truth, and we observe you seek truth diligently. You perceive the relative value truth presents to you in your graduated ascent into all truth, into absolute truth; universal, all-pervading truth. Trust, which begins with three of the same letters as truth, is an application of your own being. It is an assertion of belief in truth. It is not something to be found but something to be executed by yourself. Trust is a catalyst for the enactment of truth. Trust has two sides: trust that precedes direct experience and trust that follows the certainty of experience. I offer this for you to reflect upon, for every new adventure requires trust, and every attainment brings a greater realization of truth.

Frosty: That healing that Gloria has been doing on me, is it to let light in for my physical healing?

Lantarnek: These healings have the effect of opening you up, but they also include, not only rectifying disablement within, but establishing new potentials as yet nonexistent. Much like soil preparation, some healing is for the eradication of weeds, some is in preparation for the new season, of feeding and establishing potentials for the future.

Frosty: The letter I wrote to my mom, was that a good or bad thing?

Lantarnek: We discern honesty and a sincerity from you that is the driving mechanism of your comments. The content is yours by freewill choice to express. Having discerned the purity of your intent, we can only trust that the truth will be presented to her. You have done well to follow your desires as these alleviate frustration and affirm your belief in your value to others.

Frosty: Thank you.


Evelyn: For those of us who don't normally think of ourselves as divided between a self and a higher self, do you encourage us to try to take that on?

Lantarnek: I would encourage you to use alternate terminology that is familiar to you. For instance, your soul and personality. These are two dimensions of your being. Self is a convenient term applied to the composite elements that your freewill personality maintains. Some elements are automated, others are idle until you initiate the course of action to bring their function into being. You can stumble over terms as lower and higher for they imply value. It is also appropriate to refer to deeper and surface self. It is also appropriate to think of modes of personality projection such as the outward movement that we teach as ministry and service and the inner movement of worship and stillness. Does this help to give solution?

Evelyn: Yes, thank you.


Lantarnek: I will now take my leave and thank you for your attention. It pleases all of us who attend you on these events.