1997-03-23-Future Growth & Advancement

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Topic: Future Growth & Advancement

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, friends, I am happy to welcome you all here again tonight. This evening I would like to introduce to you some of the concepts of your advancing maturity. You all are growing in the spirit day by day and we want you to be aware of your altering natures. The life on Mansonia two is very different but contains similarities enough that we can make analogies.


Ageing, Mansion Worlds

All through the universe advancement, experience, and age all are equated with wisdom. Your society, because of the unfortunate effects of aging which are due largely to lifestyle and poor health habits, fear the aging process and so you tend to denigrate the aged. Aging does not have to entail debilitation, either of the mind or the body. As your culture advances and you learn to arrest the effects of disease and correct your poor health habits, your aging will be much more pleasant and graceful than it currently is.

Age in the universe is always revered because there is no stigma attached to it. There is no appreciable physical degradation on the mansion worlds. Every one inhabits living tissue but it is composed of a different substance, it is morontia matter. The bodies still have circulatory systems, nervous systems, and sensory apparatus. The soul is still housed in substance. These morontia bodies are more reflective of the soul than your physical bodies are. Each body is entirely unique, just like your physical bodies on earth. Everyone appears ageless. By the second mansion world, the inherent beauty that you are is beginning to make its appearance. You are becoming more poised, more graceful, more self-secure. There is no effort to change your looks, you are contented with yourself.

The second mansion world begins to witness fusion. On this world, the morontia body is not consumed by this energy, but there is a definite and immediately recognizable transformation that occurs nonetheless. But you must remember that fusion does not exempt you from experiences that are necessary for your further development. So fusion at this stage does not necessarily advance you to another mansion world. But you are distinguished from your colleagues by the donning of certain apparel that is different and sets you apart to some degree. Fusion is actually fairly rare on Mansonia two and begins to start picking up more on Mansonia three.

The dwelling places are simple and very beautiful. While it is not a truly spectacular garden world, Mansonia two abounds with life with living plants and flowers of unsurpassed beauty. There is still the process of socialization begun on Urantia that continues to occupy quite a lot of your time. There is the general study of the local universe language and history, the necessity to understand the universe hierarchies and its functions, but also you will have time for your own individualized study or pursuits. You will have access to those in your field who are knowledgeable and who are willing to instruct you in the adanced knowledge you are seeking. And, by this time in your career, you yourselves are asked to help those behind you to teach.


There are libraries on Mansonia too that would astound you. They are living repositories of knowledge. If you wanted to understand a certain time frame in universe history in a particular location, for example, you are immersed in this time in a way that a book could never tell you. You understand it as if you had lived through it yourself, and this is done in a very short space of time. The life and teachings of Jesus, for example, is a required subject and you come away from the experience having really witnessed it yourself. When you hear the sounds, you see the scenes, you feel the heat and the cold, you taste the food, you smell the smells, it is all a complete immersion.

You are expected also to understand the culture and the peoples on various other worlds. Those who are dealing with you are expected to immerse themselves in your planet experience and you are expected to do the same with those who you are dealing with. So you will not be surprised that when you are assigned to work with others, that they know about your world and the time you lived and discuss its politics. They even know what street you lived on, perhaps, and understand the local happenings in your town.

Even with this immersion knowledge of each other, there is still the intangible factor that governs all interaction between beings, what we might refer to as soul sensibility. So that even though you may know another's background, this does not make you that person, this just gives you a tool for understanding. Still, understanding is imperfect, and there are certain conventions that every one must master to help smooth social interactions, but still misunderstandings do occur and arguments and tempers still flair.


Usually there are exercises that you all must pass through concerning team work. You will be assigned some project such as designing and building a foot bridge over a pond or beautifying a garden area, something of this nature. And, because you are all coming from such different backgrounds, these projects are very valuable in learning about each other.

There is always spiritual instruction, and indeed you will be seeking spiritual insight all the time, for this is the only way to bridge the gap in understanding between beings. The [selfish] side wants to entrench and defend his position and this is usually everyone's first impulse. It is sometimes only in the realm of the spirit where two souls can meet and so knowing this you know you must abandon your entrenched position and meet in the realm of the spirit. It is hard to work with people. It is usually easier to work alone, but the lessons of the universe cannot be learned in isolation. You cannot learn about your brother if you do not meet him. Once you understand that you are both trying to meet in the spiritual realm, then forgiveness is much easier. Are there any questions at this time.


Mansion Worlds

Q: I realize that a lot of the Urantia book I read wrongly or did not understand it adequately. There is a part in it that said if you have developed to a point where you would be more advanced than the first mansion world, then you would spend 10 days on each one until you would begin your tenure. Ham: Yes.

Q: What I had all messed up was that the circle we were in was analogous to the mansion world we would advance to. You were the one that had cleared that up and told me that that wasn't true. If it is not the circle you are in, what is it that says which ones you will skip and which one you will go to to begin your tenure?

Ham: Your guardian seraphim put in recommendation as to where they feel you would be best situated to begin your ascension career. This must be approved by the angelic authorities, the ones who are superior to the guardian seraphim.

Q: I guess I also had the misunderstanding that when you fused you were pure spirit and that you did not need any morontia body. Ham: No.

Q: At what point do you begin taking field trips and get to see other places besides the mansion world on which your home is?

Ham: You can always visit the next world ahead and sometimes there are speakers from the more advanced worlds. On the third mansion world, you can visit Jerusem. But if you mean visiting other evolutionary worlds, you must wait until you are a resident of Jerusem.

Q: I guess by that time you really know a lot about these worlds by having gained the experience in the library? Ham: Yes.

Q: I imagine you become good friends with all these beings you work and associated with?

Yes. The socialization process normally adapts you slowly to increasingly different types of beings. In the beginning, you work with beings much like yourself and towards the end of the mansion world experience, you work with beings that are very different from yourself.

Q: I was thinking that you would get to know people from our planet that span a very large range of time. Ham: Yes, exactly.

Q: Do you meet your ancestors, even one that you did not know about? Ham: Yes.

Q: And people in history that you knew about but did not get to meet? Ham: Yes.

Q: I can imagine that even these first few mansion worlds are a very pleasant experience for us.

Ham: Yes, I would think so. It is very different from your life here. As your planet develops and progresses, the first mansion world experiences will not be quite so different, but taking someone from say the middle ages to the first mansion world is incredibly different and takes quite a bit of adjustment.

Q: It seems to me that when you need help or are having difficulty there is always someone you can turn to for help or support which is very different from the way it is here.

Ham: Yes, exactly. [personal questions deleted]