1997-03-24-Mind and Prayer

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Topic: Mind and Prayer

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome and greetings to you, my friends/co-workers. It would appear that you are grasping my message. In the forward struggle you will find prayer to be a wonderful source of spiritual nourishment. It is my experience with prayer that each time I would pray, I grow a bit spiritually. Each time I pray I am renewing those lines of communication between my Father and myself leaving me subject to spiritual growth. It is my will to move forward without questioning Father's authority or ability. So each time I pray I am open to Father's possibilities and strengthened to the doing of His divine will.


Prayer, Mind

Last week we spoke on how prayer is an effective antidote to those anxieties that may afflict the mind and body. This week I desire to speak a little more on mind and prayer. Depression is rampant throughout the world today. There are numerous medications scientist have formulated to treat this so-called ailment. There are chemical imbalances, yes, but a large percentage of depression is due to a lagging spiritual life. Mortals are learning that all the medication they can find is only partially helpful. The real work to overcoming depression comes from looking within.

You each are knowing that a balanced prayer life brings good health to mind and body, and this knowledge comes from within your own searching heart. There is not medication to nourish a balanced spiritual life, no. There are not physicians to prescribe to you a balanced regimen to live by. Your own inner searching's and efforts to commune with Father has opened your mind to be a patient to the Doctor of all doctors. Do you see that there is not authority upon this planet to prescribe to you a well-balanced spiritual life? Through your efforts of prayer and dedication to the doing of Father's will enables you to a direct link to all the knowledge you would need for living a balanced spiritual life. Prayer brings you this. Do you see how you need to put forth the effort to do all you can to contribute to your spiritual life? Your willingness to show effort is your measure of spiritual knowledge you will receive.

I can help you to understand the purpose of prayer, but your best understanding will evolve through experience. We are learning about prayer on an individual level and this will lead us into praying on a collective level, a connection with the cosmic mind of the universe. A close knowledge of the happenings within the universe will become commonplace. The ability to feel and know all thoughts will be natural for you. The enhanced ability to know your fellows and understand them better to serve them. We are standing upon the beaches of a vast ocean of understanding, not only individually, but on all worlds throughout the universe.

Do you see your relationship to the Supreme Being? This appears to be a difficult concept, and yet, through prayer are we all linked to the Supreme Being, and the wellness of the universe. Your world, discovering these new benefits, can be confusing at first, but I can say that within an accelerated shortened period of time these things will appear to be perfectly natural. Are you understanding your prayer life reaches beyond your own immediate surroundings? It is not uncommon for great changes to occur when many minds have joined together for good. I would ask you to join me in a small prayer.

Father, we, your children of time and space, request your guidance to use to your benefit. We are indeed recognizing your love for our unique individual selves, and yet, we would offer ourselves to join in your cause for universal Truth, Beauty and Goodness. We would request your strength in all our undertakings. We will gladly allow you your space in our lives. Our gratitude to you is beyond words and our ongoing request to you still stands, Father, make us like you. Amen. Are there questions?


CALVIN: Abraham, in part of your prayer you say, "We request your strength in all our undertakings." I am just putting this out so I can understand better. Is that also saying, if I had not asked He would not give me strength? I will the Father to give me strength, but if I do not ask He will not give it?

ABRAHAM: Yes and no. In asking for His strength are you allowing the release of your own understanding in exchange for His? In this asking there is an opening within your soul to receive His divine guidance. In the asking there is faith, faith that might not otherwise be there. You have made your petition to Father and are assuming His strength will indeed be there. In your spiritual search and understanding of new concepts there comes a new confidence and courage to live the divine will, to make your spiritual choices without interference from the ego. Prayer is for the change in your own thinking. Father's strength is always there, yes, but are you always open to receive it? Is this helping? (Yes it does very much.) Another question?

Adversity, Joy

MIRIAM: Abraham, this is kind of a leftover question. In your lesson I think from last week you said that mortals learn in times of adversity; it makes us stretch and grow. Your lesson this evening especially touches me in my life because of problems I have had. I was diagnosed with manic depression in my early twenties. They were like places that were rocks that I couldn't get around. I always felt like it was me being lead spiritually. By choice I wouldn't choose to work through those things, but something within just made me get around them to where I got off the Lithium and just kind of went my path. I have always had these physical disease type things in my life that helped me to grow, learn and grow closer to the Father. I appreciate that. My question is--is it possible to learn in joy instead of always in adversity? Do you understand my question?

ABRAHAM: Yes, now I do. The answer is yes. Lesson can be learned through joy and be easily forgotten. It is a transient joy that is on surface levels. To learn through adversity and recognize Father's fingerprints is to know real joy, deep spiritual worshipful joy. As you progress the lessons need not be so dramatic and harsh. As you become understanding in Father's ways lessons are more easily understood through more balanced events. It is wonderful that you have learned from your adversities. I would dare to say that your adversities were perhaps like scenery upon your path and Father, the guide, has perhaps just told you what to look at. Do you see Father is not the sole cause of adversity and He still is always ever willing to traverse them with you. True experience leading to spiritual growth cannot be escaped if spiritual growth is your desire. You need to be trusting in how Father presents your lessons and I can guarantee your joy will grow many, many fold. Does this help? (Oh yes, yes.) One more question?


RACHEL: In talking about spiritual growth and balance, Father Abraham, Father Ham used to tell us back in about 1991 that we were like trees growing in the forest and some of us were a little out of balance in our growth in our trees. I would imagine this is about the same thing you are telling us about our spiritual growth. I would imagine that is what he was meaning. Is that correct? (Yes. Is there more to this?) Also along with that about the same time I was wondering how he could even see the growth of our trees because he said when he looked at us, our lights looked like we were little embryo's. Have we grown to a kindergarten stage yet?

ABRAHAM: I would comment on your growth in growth pertaining to the tree metaphor. Ham did teach that some can be off balance due to the outside elements. I would like to add that prayer is a wonderful nutrient to add to the soil of your spiritual life, and from where I am, I perceive you to be quite beautiful. As far as perceiving your soul illumination, I would confirm there has been indeed much progress, and I would again say everything is proceeding as it should. Your group mind has made great strides in furthering our Mission cause.


Your friendship and dedication to those things spiritual have reached beyond this solar system. It is my great pleasure to be with you and learn alongside of you each. I will continue to assist you during this week. I would leave you with my love. Until next week, shalom.