1997-04-07-Adancement of the Brotherhood

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Topic: Advancement of the Brotherhood

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to all here this evening. I always look forward to your discussions on spiritual lessons on mortal living. I am honored to be a part of your education and to be counted as a friend. In our Mission we are always reaching for more insight into truth, and I say that truth is ever changing and may be unrecognizable at times, but always do we believe that prayer is a wonderful clarifier.


Last week we discussed how you can participate in universal communion to create good. We also discussed how other worlds prayed for you as a part to benefit the whole of our universe. The mindal connection to the universe carries weight whether it is positive or negative. The despair of Urantian mortals over these last few decades have been felt throughout the far reaches of Nebadon. Your universal brothers and sisters know of your plight and continue to assist you with prayer. The circuits, having been replaced, has caused individuals on Urantia to receive in a greater capacity, so therefore do I say that the despair that ripples out from your planet continues to be more felt by other worlds citizens.

Your reinstatement into the fold of Nebadon has endowed you with a great collective mindal power. I say this has created much confusion in where there has been a great deal of mental and emotional disorders. I do not deny that there are mental ailments that plague your citizens. I do however say that when you review your history, you can see how as citizens continued to advance mentally and materially, the risk for depression and the like came to be more frequent. I say that in the confusion of living it is essential that you continue to create a balanced prayer life.

In the learning of your connection to other world citizens it is always routine to have some instructions on the advancement of the brotherhood. In learning of your individual destiny you are also beginning to understand your cosmic responsibility. Through prayer the divine self is learning to have more influence over the human side. As the divine self begins to take a more active role in your life, you begin to see past your own immediate circumstances whether they are bad or good. Your divine side in taking an active role begins to be concerned for others outside of yourself, meaning that in understanding that you are within the Kingdom of God, you begin to view the brotherhood of man and its role within the Kingdom.

I would like to decrease my lesson to a more personal level. It is difficult to understand the cosmic brotherhood of the universe if there is not brotherhood among you as a civilization. What does the brotherhood mean to you? What role do you play? In your search for spiritual understanding are you overlooking the small lessons to be gained from your fellows? Many go in search of meaning, and go to great lengths, when all along true spiritual meaning lies before them in small acts of service to their fellows. There is no obvious glory within these small acts of service, and many times are unattractive to those who still cling to their human side.

I can say that there is a significant amount of spiritual understanding to be gained through your efforts to give service, to go outside of yourself to do good without expectation of return. Do you see in the small steps to understanding your worldly brotherhood there is a great path that leads you to understanding the universal brotherhood. I say that in your prayers there is power. In your collective desire there is power. In your willingness to submit to Father's will there is power. This week take note of those small acts that may present themselves to be a burden at first, and note the spiritual understanding they can bring. Have you questions?


MIRIAM: Abraham, there is this experience that I have when I've come across this understanding. You know, when they say that if you have a resentment about someone, pray for them, or like in the St. Francis prayer, it is to then understand and be understood. Some people say that when you cop an attitude about someone its because it mirrors something back to yourself about you. I think that all rolls into the same experience of--its a magical thing. It is like when I get out of myself and want to be a part of humanity, when I have the experience of praying for someone instead of praying for myself there is just this magical thing that happens. I don't understand it sometimes. If I have an attitude about someone and I start to think maybe I have an attitude about them because its something about what I don't like about me and something I need to work on also. I am saying that I think its neat, but I still get confused with it. Can you help me with that?

ABRAHAM: My understanding is that for so long have mortals been burdened by self-loathing, self-unforgiveness, disappointed in expectations of their goals. You can see that there is confusion between stepping away, outside of yourself, because of this self-hatred versus stepping outside of yourself because there is security in your status as a child of God to serve another. With our Mission there comes many healing factors. To regain a sense of universal well-being is among the lists of goals we have set out to accomplish. In your balanced prayer life are you inclined to embrace truth and every facet therefrom. There is such a communion with Father that you are secure in your status as His child. From there comes a balance of self-understanding, self-forgiveness, self-love, self-forgetfulness. Do you see that in your own well-being is it your greatest desire to step out of yourself to be of service to others. Each mortal must strive to attain these understandings to become cosmic minded. Is this close to what you are understanding?

MIRIAM: Yes Abraham. Why is it when you are in the act of doing this it seems almost like a remembrance? I think why can't I keep this all the time.

ABRAHAM: Understood. Your varying perceptions are Thought Adjuster related in where your Thought Adjuster ever so patiently teaches through your experience, and at times mortals are lacking in experience, and the internal Father must wait. Does this answer? (Oh yes. Thank you very much.) Another question?

WILLENA: Abraham, I would just like to ask regarding my progress within the current circumstances, would you address them?

ABRAHAM: One moment. It is my understanding that you are discovering a real sense of truth. It is my information that dramatics are becoming unappealing to you and you search for truth. Small meaningless things fall by the wayside and you are discovering joy on the lighter side of life. This joy has brought you to a place of openness to receive a greater amount of truth. Does this help? (Yes, thank you very much. May I ask is it my correct understanding that it is in the direction of my new work?) That is your decision to apply your new understanding to where you may feel led. Does that answer? (Yes, thank you.) Another question?

CALVIN: Do you have just a short helpful hint on Christopher? I know I have a lot of experience in time in learning on this lesson. You have been very helpful in my situation before to speed things up.

ABRAHAM: In understanding children we must go back through the memories of being a child. A child can feel extreme loneliness and isolation. Its as though the child feels abnormal and misunderstood. A child must be reassured that they are perfectly well within Father's kingdom. There is no sin they have committed to change their status. Christopher must be reassured that his stage at this point in time is not out of the ordinary. He is a completely normal growing boy. It would do him well to relate to the Master's childhood. An interest in Jesus as a youth would perhaps bring Christopher some understanding of how Jesus felt awkward as a boy growing up. Make this easy for him to understand. The more complicated it seems the more Christopher will view himself as failing as an individual. Most importantly teach him to actually have communion with the Master and know that he can easily attain the Master's understanding.


My communication is slipping and I would convey to you my gratitude for your friendship and patience in our cause for the upliftment of the universe. My love go with you. Until next week, shalom.