1997-05-04-Light and Life

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Topic: Light and Life

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Aaron, Elyon, Darid, Minearisa, Jessona

TR: Simeon, Jonathan



Aaron (Bob TR): Greetings to you, my friends, I am Aaron. It is my pleasure to be here today to speak with you. Equally it is warmth producing to recognize your luminous souls, my fellows and longtime companions.



I would for a moment speak to you regarding the plans for developing light and life upon your world. We teachers have initially a strong sense of unity in our efforts, and yet, as you witness the threads of unity coming forth in our messages to you, as well you witness a diverse interpretation, none of this diminishing the reality of our united effort. Much of the diversity that you witness, however, is born in the human element of our partnership; in our interactions we are fairly consistent with messages we provide. Yet the manifestation from the spiritual to the material outcome brings a certain level of distortion. What we have in our functioning we intend to see reflected in those we function with. And we do indeed recognize increasingly the reality of your unity of purpose even while the translation gets mixed reviews.

As you proceed in your development of attitude recognize, if you would, that your greatest promotion for this reality of our combined function would be the increasing manifestation of this unity while maintaining individual attitudes regarding the experience, while pursuing personal comprehension of spiritual realities and displaying them in your manner.

At this time I would transfer to your guide to further complement the views for this morning. I will remain present in case of any inquiry following.

Elyon (Jonathan): Again I greet you with love. This is Elyon speaking, and, as I always express, I am happy to be with you and to be with my longtime teacher associate Aaron. Of course I meet with him more often than you are aware, though by now I trust that you suspect such things. I am pleased to be the one to present to you insights we may have that are in resonance with your growth needs.

Today what I have to share I will let Darid say, for he has good understanding of this subject, being one who knows firsthand what a harmonious planet operation is like.

Supreme, Sharing

Darid: This is Darid, and I will share this insight. You know the phrase, "Doing the will of the Father is nothing more or less than the exhibition of creature willingness to share the inner life with God." [1]I ask you to ponder this version: Contribution to the Supreme is nothing more or less than the exhibition of your willingness to share outwardly your inner life with your brothers and sisters. The unity to be realized in this world is the understanding of the unique relationship every child has with our Creator, and this is realized in the sharing of our inner life with our fellows. The unity becomes overtly recognizable. Each individual discovers the Father in his own heart and soul, but to realize the camaraderie of kinship, we must discover this same Father in others. This discovery removes the conflicts that arise from misunderstanding.

Light and Life, Conflict

Light and life is an efficient behavioral attainment that recognizes appropriately conflicts of beneficial nature and those that stem from hasty misunderstanding. The lessening of conflict in advanced planetary civilization is not the reduction of the quantity of conflict but rather the clear distinction between an official conflict and disruptive agitations. Clear discernment of the two and proper reckoning with each one is an indicator of cultural development and returns me to my opening point: that your willingness to share with your fellows promotes the cross educational enlightenment that all of you on this world need in order to better understand each other, not an understanding that comes from knowing what your brother means or having a sympathetic reaction based on what is meaningful to you, but rather perceiving your meaningful pursuits, your basis for understanding, in the light of the Father and His supreme presence. It is another triangular relationship.

I thank Elyon for instigating my vocal appearance to you today. I can be one content to observe and act upon my observations. I, too, will be receptive to questions as are Aaron and Elyon.


Perspective, Understanding

Evelyn: That was excellent. It ties in with what we had discussed about intolerance. If we seek to understand each other's inner experience, then even that hypothetical abusive neighbor is someone we can approach far more effectively. It's not an issue of intolerance of the person.

You refer to a triangle relationship, and I'm trying to figure out what are the corners. Would it be finding God within, finding God in others, and then what? Finding God everywhere? What is the threefold relationship you were talking about?

Darid: I refer to understanding another individual from their viewpoint, understanding another individual from your viewpoint, and understanding both your perspectives from the Father's viewpoint. Yes, intolerance can be an issue of less importance when you approach one who irritates you through their behavior by sharing your inner life rather than a motivation seeking to correct their inner approach to reality. When you are certain of your inner relationship, you are more confident to display this relationship for another to witness, with full trust in the power of the presence you experience within, that this same power can be witnessed by another being, your fellow who is equipped with all of the same spirit ministries.

The issue that you have conflict with is not the factor to apply intolerance toward; it is the individual to whom such mercy is offered. But your disagreement with the issue is not indicative of an emergency situation calling for immediate reparations or rectifications. The stir within to counter is the indicator that you have the obligation in this Supreme age to share your understanding with love, that any correction is in the hands of the Father within the individual to bring to that personality's volitional table to be acted upon.

One of the more powerful ministry forces you have is the ability to convey to another the significance of living in relationship with God and having this relationship as a reflector upon which you can discern the import and value of any situation. Awakening this in another will not only help to solve the issues you have with that individual, but will ripple into solving many of their conflicts, as you have witnessed in your own life hand in hand with the Father.

Evelyn: Elyon mentioned that you were familiar with a harmonious planet. Does this mean you experienced growing up on a light and life world?

Darid: My training has exposed me to several spheres that function in a light and life operational way. I have taken time to specialize in that particular cultural standing. Some other teachers have specialized in the dysfunction of rebellion and bring their expertise to this world for corrections. I am here with other teachers who are representing the goal. This is what was meant by my introduction.

Aaron (Bob): I would mention on reversal that coming from a planet in light and life, I, similarly on the reverse, took an interest in quarantine affairs. Therefore I have specialized in interactions among dysfunctional systems. The complementary nature of our roles here on Urantia, Darid and myself, symbolizes the completeness of our efforts and the unity of purpose with the diversity of outworking of the similar goal of light and life. The emphasis on the goal which Darid has specialized in observing was a goal that I inherently lived with, while at the same time my emphasis on discovering the roots of the dysfunctions in behavior as a result of rebellion was to complete in some manner my knowledge of the potentials and how to minister to those in such a state so that they may obtain the same goal which other teachers and guides reflect and portray.


Jonathan: Aaron, do you have some input on the regional conference for us to consider?

Aaron: I would that a good time be had by all. To further expound on this I would say that your efforts to date are fairly well outlined and from your own perspective, the human perspective, the gathering needs no more large degree of input by ourselves. The ministry of the actual coordinations will bring forth an enjoyable experience. I would say that we, your teachers, are intending to have a larger degree of input regarding our role with you in this gathering. Minearisa is here and would like to speak, so I will transfer.

Minearisa: Greetings to you, I am Minearisa, instructor in residence to the Pocatello, southeast Idaho, teacher base. I would like to signify my intention of participating with your discussions with the Melchizedeks at your gathering. We do intend in some manner to outline and to lay forth some vision regarding the future outworking of this area in its efforts to manifest the mission of Michael on this world. In no small part do the Melchizedeks gather and do we intend to function here so that some of the confusion, the unanswered questions, may be offered some perspective. We feel interactions with the participants will prove most beneficial, rather than individual presentations to the individual groups. This combined presentation signifies our recognition of the individuals and the individual groupings as a combined whole and functioning unit in some manner. On this occasion we will most certainly attempt, among other things, to present to you as a whole even while we administer and respond individually. It would be wise for the notification to those attending to search forth the questions and thoughts they have regarding this mission and how they can best perceive their future efforts both as individuals and as individuals in a partnership.

Jonathan: Should we collect these questions beforehand, or should we just suggest that they think about it and bring questions with them?

Minearisa: Yes, the need is not pressing that this become a formal exercise. We intend to present to the whole and to receive from the whole as a body, as so often we work individually with you. This will be an experiment of some sort of a collective effort at gaining clarity and illumination regarding combined outworking and vision, not so much an individual ministry here as focusing on the community. If the community is to be most effective in participating in these discussions, they will have notification so that they may prepare and have some idea what they can include in the community effort. So, more to seed and less to structure, if this is clear for you.

Jonathan: I'd also like to share an insight from your speaking on individuals, groups, and the larger grouping. One way we seek a sense of wholeness is to remove our authorities, our duties, until we are all just children of the Father, and therefore we can see how whole we are together. Individuals make up a group. Our Northwest group is individual. Likewise is the planet, superuniverse, up to the master universe which is individual, yet we are whole.

Minearisa: Your awareness is complemented by me for truly we are working with individuals at every stage of grouping all the way to Paradise. The true recognition of complete wholeness cannot occur prior. So it is important these distinctions and that individual effort is recognized at each stage as having specific function with regard to the whole that it is participating within. But that also in the reverse, the recognition of wholeness within a community can attend at each level along the way at the areas of community on the individual group level, at the regional level, and so forth. Those two awarenesses intertwined is what truly manifests personality and freedom with an assurance of their relationship to the divine, the awareness of individuality and belonging.

Jonathan: Excellent words, thank you, Aaron.

Minearisa: Minearisa.

Jonathan: Oh, sorry! A case of mistaken individuality.

Minearisa: Simeon chuckles and so do I.

Evelyn: I was asked to bring up this question: If Lucifer is no more, what about Caligastia and Satan?

Rebellion, Judgment

Minearisa: There may be a dual response here, but I would like to respond. I am Minearisa still.

The rebellion is over. In actuality the repercussions exist and are hopefully going to continue this path of diminishment as the years unfold. Actually it will; it is not a question of whether it will. The actual status of any rebel on an individual level is not relevant, but I will respond by saying that there are no rebels free roaming the universes. No longer are there any here on Urantia nor anywhere in Nebadon that would be considered uninterned. Yet, I cannot make an absolute statement regarding the actual status of any particular rebel due to the fact that the Ancients of Days may have decreed and followed through. I would say that public statement of such action has occurred for certain personalities but remains to be announced for others. This does not mean it has not occurred, it simply means that we do not know for sure. Nevertheless, no rebel remains free in Satania.

Jonathan: In that light, we have read in the UB that those not seeking eternal life become as if they never were, and there's reference to some rebels, as well. Would it be a good stance for us to pick up and move on without feeding into the realities of the past, by associating our rebellion repercussions directly back to a personality who may not exist anymore? Or would it be better to keep in mind such rebels? I can see keeping in mind the effects of rebellion. When do we continue on as if they never were?

Minearisa: To those who refuse to receive the divine will, to follow the leading of the divine, who hold no interest in fairness, justice, mercy, forgiveness, equality, in the eyes of the universe they already are as if they never were. Therefore, as you become aware of these perspectives at that point should you cease to speculate or consider such things regarding their impact upon your lives. The most sure way to erase the effects of the insurrection is to live your life without their influence guiding your behavior in any way, to the extent that it is possible for you to live beyond. You need not concern yourself with actual status. In your manner to separate, as you say, the personality from the reality of planetary and universal problems would be quite highly thought of as an avenue to pursue.

Is there anything else I can add to this?

Jonathan: I am satisfied.



Jessona (Jonathan): This is Jessona, and I would wrap up our gathering today with the comment that I would like to offer as an exercise for you this week, one that I would hope would be elevated in importance to the level at which you regard the practice of stillness. This is friendship. When you are in company with others deepen yourself as you associate. Try to recognize the camaraderie that you have. Reflect even fleetingly on the value of such relationship. Understand in this exercise the certainty of your friendship; your recognition creates the stability. Then while you are in the company of those you perceive to be less of the friendly sort, make the effort to feel that friendship experience you already retain in your soul transcript. Bring it forward and make the effort to outwardly realize this same experience. It will not be a successful occurrence the first, second, or third time just as stillness is difficult. But it will work its way into your habit patterns and will greatly expand your direct experience of the Great Family.

I now take my leave.