1997-05-12-Be A Vessel for Father

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Topic: Be A Vessel for Father

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am here tonight with a grateful heart. I would thank you each for your devotion to our Mission. It is excellent to see that your spirituality stems beyond mere intention. You have actually helped to bring about the brotherhood within your own immediate surroundings. To go forth bravely practicing your spiritual understanding is a glimpse into the Kingdom of Heaven. No more will you wait on the sidelines looking for opportunity to show what you know. Now you are taking the initiative to be a vessel for Father to show what He knows.



Yes, the spiritual life is an active life, not active in a way that would cause you to be apprehensive, no. Active meaning, where you are, there also is your Mission assignment. Do you see your path? You each had to take a path that would qualify you for specific acts of service or apostleship. In your seemingly uneventful lives are there Mission assignments. They do not appear particularly difficult because you have already trained to handle these difficulties. Through your experience have you gained insight towards self-improvement? Yes. Through your experience together will you gain insight into the brotherhood? You have indeed grown individually and will continue to do so, but also is there collective growth, and through the understanding of the brotherhood and actual service experience will you create collective growth.

In our prayerful healings we have served our fellows through our desire to love them. In these small acts of service the recipients are made to feel lighter, well taken care of, and perhaps with greater capacity to understand those things Father wishes them to. In the act of praying for a fellow there is a comfort that is more well received by the recipient than if he or she would have prayed alone. Do you see your presence for them creates an opening to receive, not from you, the pray-er, but from Father, the Creator? Do you see how your willingness to pray with another enlarges their capacity to receive? It matters not the choice words or correct format in which to pray, no. It is your willingness and love that creates this healing of the mental and emotional.

Your discussion with one another earlier demonstrates a true brotherly respect and devotion. Your words were about the realness of life, not on the controversial topics that would perhaps drag you down. Your hearts and minds stemmed from the foundation of love and respect, wonderful brotherly qualities. The willingness to embrace truth and love is ideal for creating a safe haven where one would not fear to expose their true feelings.

The apostles of old had their moments of clinging to their juvenile practices of maintaining their status; while when hard times came to pass most of the apostles band together in the realness. Emotional upheavals are not necessary for you to band together in realness, no. Your honest everyday contemplation's on mortal living are all you would need. To be wholly faithful in your status as a child of God, among other children of God, is a beautiful beginning to understanding the brotherhood.

This week I would ask that your recognize those moments of realness, and know that within this realness is your Father. Be not afraid to be your true self, your real self. Ask yourself this: In these moments of realness can I identify my mission. Are there questions?


JOSHUA: I have a couple. (Certainly.) What is Ray S. Spiritual name? (I am not understanding the question.) You know who is Ray S. He usually comes to the meeting.

ABRAHAM: I am aware of his name and would wish to make that known when he is present. It is my experience that this works best. Another question?


MIRIAM: Abraham, my experience this week was..in reference to what you are saying this evening, I need a little clarification. You're saying take the initiative to be a vessel for Father, and to show what He knows, creating a safe haven where you wouldn't fear to expose your true feelings, be not afraid to be your true self. As I was sharing earlier, how do I know the difference? It felt like what I was saying was on my path and was right, but on the other hand, how do you know when you're on your path or you're getting into other peoples business? I get confused and I would really like some help with that cause I don't want to do harm.

ABRAHAM: Understood. It is my understanding that the Master would fear not in exposing His true feelings to those who would give ear. It is a matter of productive feedback. If the recipient of your words appears to take no offense, then by all means proceed. If your recipient appears to have had too much light it would be wise to ease back. It is not a sin to be yourself. It is perhaps more damaging to act as others want you to act. It is best to have faith in your status as His child and proceed with His wisdom. Of course this is not free license to go about correcting those you find wrong, no. It is however an act of kindness, common courtesy, to show concern. Yes, this does no harm. As you feel more at ease in your status as Father's child, then will others also feel more at ease with you. Remember, some may fear truth, but always is love welcome. Does this help?

MIRIAM: Yes. Its great. Thank you. May I ask one kinda off the wall question? Do you have any feedback or opinion on the books out, Conversations with God?

ABRAHAM: With most reading materials I give the same answer. Laughter. Truth can be found in many sources. I try not to promote any reading material so as to not disrupt your path of enlightenment. Does that help? (Yes. I understand. Thank you.)

JOSHUA: I was just wondering about Marcese; where he's at; what he's doing?

ABRAHAM: I am unknowing at this particular moment on his activities. At this time however I am told he is quite busy being about the Father's business. One more question.

CALVIN: Abraham, I was reading in the Urantia Book this morning, Jesus teachings. It said that the Jews and those people of that day thought of the Kingdom, the Kingdom to come and so on, and as Jesus being or the Messiah being the King and so forth. It was not his choice of words to use the Kingdom of God teaching the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Would a more correct word then in using rather than the Kingdom of God..I am saying a more correct phrase and meaning be the Family of God, the United Brother and Sisterhood, total Family of God instead of Kingdom of God? Is there significant meaning in that phrase Kingdom of God that you're using?


ABRAHAM: You are quite correct in that the Family of God would perhaps be a better choice of words. To you whom I speak to here it matters not. I am perceiving your definition of Kingdom to mean the embracing of all creatures. Those material and spiritual, those on the path of ascension Paradiseward and those who assist the ascenders. I am most grateful to be included with you though in our Family of God. It is my greatest joy to continue with you on these morontia lessons. My love is with you. Until next week, shalom.