1997-05-25-Your Planet As A Canoe

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Topic: Your Planet As A Canoe

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Jessona

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan): Friends, I greet you. I always greet you as a friend, for it is a continual reminder that I am a creature as you are. As creatures we are equals before our common Creator. You are often aware of how more apparent the presence of creatures is than Creators in your daily activities. I must remind you that you do directly experience a Creator; your first moments alive was the beginning of the experience of creatorship through your biologic parents. I assure you that when you have ascended, your encounter with the Creator in the manner in which I have met Michael will be astounding. In your human life always retain the perspective that you can and are in fact going to experience the presence of the Creator with as much certainty as you experience the presence of creatures.



I will make a change here to discuss how you are perhaps not creators but "creatives". You are able to create destiny. Picture if you will your planet as a canoe. It is moving towards its destination. Many of your fellows from ages past into the long future ahead will sit in this boat and provide some driving force forward. At times it will pause at the morontia marinas to change crews. Every stroke of every paddle placed in the water propels your planet forward. The meaning of the Correcting Time is that this world has spent too much time paddling on one side, paddling forward and backward together. With your creative energies we will synchronize this vessel and increase our forward movement. Those who have creator status are remarkable for they are the presence of God amongst us, but we creatures ought not to lessen the worth of our creatureship, for we are creative in our own right. This is the pattern Michael has brought for us to realize; it is Supreme "creativeship". You can experience more of Michael's presence through creative endeavors. You can better understand the divine manifestation of love and concern for all in the universe through your birthing of new ideas, of realizing the accomplishment of previously nonexistent activities. You run parallel with him and are always assisted with great interest.

You are advanced enough in your theology to perceive that being a creator is only one function of the great I AM. So, it is not in error to use the word "creator" as a function of your being, though I have used "creative" in place of "creator" with purpose to make distinction between us creatures and God. But to generate in your own being that which before now has not been expressed is a creator activity. At least this is how I understand the methods of Nebadon. As the Master had so well ministered to his fellows, he admonished them to go likewise and do that for others; we each are encouraged to create.

I have satisfied ny desire to express today and am willing to speak with you as you may be willing.



Tom: How do healing and creativity mesh?

Elyon: Healing restores the positive direction of creative energy. Healing fulfills the function of placing the paddle back in the hands. Healing is restorative and, in this age on this planet, is a valuable function. You have a phrase, "If it's not broken don't fix it." Healing has its own end in sight. As the world develops know that, while you were at this stage in your planetary progress, you are relied upon to be conduits for healing forces to work. But may I add in an attempt at humor, that the best healing is like that of your trained puppies, do the Father's will at all times in your life. Following this healing you will make great steps forward in the healing of the world from its pain and isolation. Does this help?

Tom: Yes. There's a phrase of sharing the inner life with God is synonymous withdoing the will of the Father. How can we tie sharing the inner life with God with healing? Is this an attitude that would take place on the patient's side where he would feel more open to communicate with God?

Elyon: This is correct. The mechanism whereby this occurs follows this way: In yourself sharing your inner life with God brings your healing and, in sharing this with your fellows, plants the seed which may become established wherein they will venture inward and share as you have and encounter their healing. This is a situation where healing takes place without a healer involved other than the presence of the Father in each. It is an example of wherein you heal yourself you thereby make it possible for others to heal themselves. I must clarify that some physical ailments that healing is sought for are not divorcements from the will of the Father.

Tom: What do you mean?

Elyon: Philosophies exist which consider that freedom from pain and affliction equals divine favor. Healing can take the form of acceptance of conditions, that inner life you speak of, the orientation of values such that some of your physical ailments are not considered with greater importance than need be.

Tom: You mean they are not considered real ailments from your standpoint? They are actually helpers?

Elyon: From the perspective of personality growth this is true. However, I feel with you your troubles. It is not to discount them but to properly order their importance. This does not mean you need not seek to offer healing to those in need. I only attempt here to indicate that there is healing inwardly in relation to God, and there is healing of your physical vehicle. The inner healing can accommodate much discomfort in the physical realm where outward healing may not have opportunity to manifest.

Tom: When you have a malfunction in the wiring of the brain, is that considered an inner or an outer problem?

Elyon: It is an inner problem from the perspective of the Divine Presence for it hinders the work within. It is an outer problem to the human being, for you as a personality have the ability to connect with the Thought Adjuster even with these impairments. But until you know that you have this ability the Divine Spirit is challenged. This is a complicated situation that would require much discussion to clarify, for superficially it could be questioned how the Thought Adjuster could be so impaired, and yet you can be so freed from the impairment. One of the great miracles of creativity is the presence of your flesh and blood organisms and the development of bona fide spirit personalities within these little chemistry sets. The complexity of the formulas, the intricacy of all the workings, is a spectacular display of creativity. As if that were not enough, there arises a spirit being who belongs to the Creator of all.

Other questions? (long pause)

Tom: I never tire of Jessona's comments, especially on healing, if she has anything to offer us.

Jessona: Greetings to you. I would make a comment on healing from this perspective: There is an element to healing which may be called preventative. It is worthy of any healer to be there in a restorative sense to those in need, but likewise healing ministry can include the establishment of helpful attitudes, spiritual orientation, and physical activities which ward off the occurrence of ailment. So, where healing can be corrective, it can likewise be considered preventative on a world that is confused. On a world of more normal status healing becomes more like what you would consider your first aid kit, something that you would have ready but is not always accessed. Here we have established orders of angels to attend to much that needs this corrective and healing action. I, as a master seraphim, am assigned to establish corps of beings who are in a sense first aid kits, prepared to act to both dress injury and prevent injury. I assure you that you and those like yourself who are dedicated to the work of healing are assisted greatly. Likewise we encourage you continually to pursue this valuable gift and trait that you have and that you seek. Though it is the Father who gives the restorative energies, it is those like yourselves who are the pathways for this to manifest.

I have a challenging exercise which I know will underline the lesson of the day. Since you are each a reflection of the creator attributes of Michael, even in a small, human way, as you exchange with your fellows attempt to realize your creative commonality. It will further your understanding that what you do for your fellows you do for Michael, for Michael is with each of you and has imparted his abilities to you as they are defined in human form.

Tom: Could you repeat that? Our creative commonality?

Jessona: It is an exercise of seeing in others the presence of Michael through the understanding of the unique abilities bestowed upon you by him, limited by your human framework, nonetheless, another mechanism whereby you can realize your brotherhood and Michael. Creativity is but one mechanism to do this. In a sense, it is like the effect of a spark plug, both ends of the gap return to itself, the plug. But at the gap is where love, where healing, where relationship take place between you and your fellows, between you and your Creator. I ask you to consciously witness this gap when you are with another and experience the transfer of the energy. Does this clarify?

Tom: I guess I'll just have to get into it. I have a general picture, thank you.

Jessona: You are welcome, and I perceive that you are a creative individual. You will have no difficulty executing this exercise. For that matter, you have already become quite adept.

Trinity, Relationship

Evelyn: From the remarks today, I see creativity in relationship with others. I have a tendency to think of creativity in terms of art which is often a more solitary pursuit. Now I see creativity can be thought of in relation with others, like healing is a creative endeavor.

Jessona: I would also point you toward the Trinity and underline knowledge you already contain: that in all creation nothing transpired until the relationships of Deity existed. In a sequential sense, the creator aspects of the Father were not manifest until the Son and the Spirit were present. So, I assure you that creativity does include relationship. For the solo artist this does include the bringing out from within the presence of God through art. Even this form of creativity benefits greatly from an audience. Creativity is like love in that it thrives on exchange.

Mary: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers, Jessona and Elyon and the others, for acting as our guides to help us develop an understanding of what is going on in our lives, the challenges and opportunities we face. Thank you to the Father for providing the meaning and the value that is the foundation of these exercises.


Elyon: Your gratitude is warmly received. In return I express my gratitude to you for your diligent efforts in this mission program. I myself, Elyon, and all that I associate with in this assignment are eternally grateful for the opportunity to be here, but this gratitude is less significant than our gratitude for the results we see in each of you. It is a reward beyond any measure. Merely the opportunity to serve is not as rewarding as the observance of your attainments.

Mary: I want to acknowledge that it certainly is a team effort. It's truly an enjoyable experience working as a team.