1997-06-29-Realizing Faith, Revealing Father

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Topic: Realizing Faith, Revealing Father

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Nebadonia, Aaron, Minearsia

TR: Jill, Jonathan, Mary Rogers



Nebadonia (Jill TR): Love is the answer, my children. We watch you with your minuscule perception of what that word means, and we see it radiated from you to the fullest of your abilities, and we cheer you on. The angels cheer you on. Do not question or try to define your own individual ability to love. Simply practice it as you understand it. As you practice it, it will grow, and your understanding will grow. What we would have you know is that your love is powerful, and it is the ultimate gift you can give to each of your brothers and sisters, young and old, agile or fragile. Love does heal; love and faith are brother and sister. As you are discovering with your individual interactions with others, it is grounded in truth. Trust your growing perceptions. Keep on keeping on. We are so excited with your willingness to reach and grow beyond your own mindal perceptions.

We love you, and we are with you in each moment. This is the Mother Spirit.

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you all, this is your pal Elyon.


Revelation, Self Realization

I have a thought for you today regarding realizing and revealing. These are simultaneous in function. You are diligent in your efforts to be about the business of your Master, that is, in expressing spirit as you have come to know its reality. You are ever improving in your manifestation of the spiritual fruits, and I notice you are seeking more so for these acquirements of spirit being, the fruits. When you ask, "how might I reveal the Father to my fellows more fully?" I urge you to direct your efforts to increased realization of the Father within you. This effort, no matter what stage in your ascension process you are on, at that level its degree of completion immediately, with no lag, begins the revelation of the Father to your fellows. If there is a period of incubation, it is an indicator of doubt or incomplete faith. Upon complete absorption, you are immediately ready; you are immediately capable of expressing God. There is no need to practice. The acquirement of the fruit of spirit contact is a natural outworking of the vital connection in the tree that is life itself. When you draw on your nourishment from the roots of your divine presence, fruit is naturally forthcoming. So, in honing your abilities to minister, be not concerned for the fruit, its flavor, its ripeness, or any quality thereof. Rather look to that soil that nourishes the entire structure of your cosmic and human being. It is all a natural process. So, to be an effective minister, increasingly seek relationship within, Creator to creature.

I have expressed what I have desired to this morning. I will remain present for feedback and will allow space for my associate teachers to express to you.


Aaron (Dan): This is Aaron. Greetings, old friends. I have dropped by today at the request of Elyon to speak a bit about faith, not faith in general but of your own faith which has carried you all very far in such a relatively short period of time.

You have a tendency to look at faith as something which is just beyond your grasp, while in truth you have an amazing grasp of faith already. It is your grasp of faith which has brought you here. It is your grasp of faith which has accomplished so much already. You each are in the midst of your own growth, so it is difficult for you to accurately assess that which you are moment by moment accomplishing. We have the ability to see the results far easier than do you. As an example, if you were to see a young child and get to know this child then be separated from them for a year or so, when you greet them again you would see vast changes. If you were there with the child through each of these many changes you would not have easily noticed them. In this way do you fail to recognize the incredible changes which you yourselves have been making. You are taking the steps that are creating a network of association. You are touching many lives far beyond your ability to perceive. You believe and you act. You act because of your strong faith in your beliefs.

Know that what you are a part of is a grand undertaking which will go on with or without your active participation. But it will go on so much better and quicker and in tune with the Master's plan if you choose to participate.

At this time many of you are wondering what to do. This makes us chuckle for we see that you are in fact doing it. You second guess yourselves habitually. In truth faith can move mountains. Look a short way behind you and you will begin to notice how much of a mountain you have already moved. It is indeed miraculous.

I ask you all to work for a time on diminishing your judgement, not so much of others, for you are becoming much better in that area already. Instead I speak of your judgement of yourselves.

You are incredible creatures, and I applaud you for our efforts. I will step back now for another who waits patiently to speak. Thank you.


Minearisa (Jonathan): I am Minearisa. I am here with Aaron visiting. I would like to express my thanks to you for acknowledging my clan, the Melchizedeks, for creating the opportunity for our conjoined expression to you in days past.

This advisory council of the northwest is well established and will continue in its process of educating those seekers of spirit so that you may better fulfill Michael's mission that we have been charged to instill upon this world. Although we recognize the great respect you have for us, I take this time to include you as fellow members, to restate your value to us. This is a process that is not readily visible to you. But you do witness the tips of the iceberg here and there, for you all are becoming a little more keen at recognizing those tips as they emerge from what appears to be ordinary human events.

Do apply this faith Aaron speaks of. Be ever ready to give to your fellows what has been so freely bestowed upon you. This dispensation will witness great progress; it will proceed along the order of your known mathematical logarithmic functions, your exponential curvatures. But every segment in the short human view will still appear straight. The growth is increasing. Trust beyond your abilities to perceive, and within the realm of your perception be willing to act.

I do thank you. Farewell.



unidentified (Mary): In this life progress is made one step at a time, step forward with courage and in faith. Your steps will lead you along the path of un-imagined future destinies, but you journey along this path one step at a time. Open your consciousness to allow intuition to aid you in choosing your steps. Check your motivation through your eye of love as you make your choices. Your courage in taking these steps has been noted; your willingness is enjoyed by us all. It is the future which stands before you to be realized one step at a time. We see you trying to open yourselves to new possibilities. Don't be afraid to use your imagination to visualize possibilities in your future, in the futures of your associates. Dreaming and visualizing are healthy and helpful. Expand your framework to include new possibilities that are continually opening up before you. Step forward with courage and in faith. You will continue to find that life is full of surprises. One last note: enjoy the adventure. Worry not, it is exciting and uplifting and fun. Do lighten up your hearts and take that next step.