1997-08-23-Michael's Birthday

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Topic: Michael's Birthday

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Machiventa, Elyon

TR: Ginny, Frosty, Mark Rogers, Sandy Montee



(Ginny TR): My children, it pleases us immensely to witness your willingness to be of service, and we love to listen to your thoughts about service. Indeed, we are pleased with your earnestness to be clear and loving messengers of truth. I bless each and every one of you for the time that you give whether it be action or prayer or meditation, it is all the same in our eyes. It is all necessary to fulfill the mandate of our Father to become like Him. You are already in His service; you are now serving Him as you sit, as you gather, as you play, as you share meals. All of that is service. All of your efforts to clarify ways to be of service is service in itself. In your discussions of how to better serve, it is important to realize what your motivation is. Remember that love is the great motivator. Anything that proceeds from love is service; it can be no other way. Learn to know what love is. Know that the experience of love is essential to giving love. Love must be experienced in yourselves. The practice of loving takes time. When you are fulled with love, everything is blessed; everything glows.

I give you these words today to encourage you to allow love to flow into your hearts, for we give it most generously. Continue in your efforts to understand, and continue to keep your hearts open, for we are at your sides always. I leave this message of love and peace, and I am always with you.



unidentified (Frosty): The link up is automatic with you all so if you choose to practice hearing the words as they are spoken through the TR, feel free to do so for they are coming into each of you as they are spoken. It will be this way from now on, so know that through any transmission, the words are coming through you all, each individual, as well as the TR who is speaking verbally. This will give you opportunity to focus on the words in your own minds as well as hearing them from the TR.

As you each do your inner work to find your trueness, what works for you to keep you in harmony and alignment with the love of the Father, to do service both to yourself and to your brothers and sisters, and to the planet, there comes within this trueness a pace that you walk that is unique to each individual. If you will go into depth, into finding your own pace as you walk down your path, it will help to keep you in balance and alignment with your personality and the trueness of the Father's will. Your unique pace is like a fingerprint and cannot be matched to any other's. Do not compare or wish to be like someone else in that you try to walk their pace. You can glean and learn from each other well, but in order to keep your inner peace and balance, you must find your own pace. No one can take this away from you, and no one can dictate to you how to walk your own pace. This is your right, your birthright and part of your personal growth, for if you do not learn it here, it will be one of the first things you learn on the morontia worlds, for to be of service you must learn your own individual paces. Through this you become an expert teacher, for you know and have confidence in yourselves. It takes some awkward moments, much as a baby starts to crawl and walk. You may bump into the coffee table a few times or many times. But if you keep this focus it will help the alignment process into your true personality and the alignment with the Father's love and will. Thank you.

Ginny: I have the thought running through my head: "The outcome does not determine the success of your motivations." For what that's worth. I guess that means it doesn't matter how things turn out, it's your motivation that counts.


Machiventa (Mark): Greetings, this is Machiventa. I come among you today as one who has shared a similar experience with you. I, too, was a mortal of the flesh. I, too, walked upon the very earth which you walk. I, too, am in reverence and praise of our Creator Michael. I, too, am engaged in an ascension career. I wish to share these commonalities with you today as a means of sharing our similar experiences.

You have heard in your studies of my work on your world; it was a supreme pleasure as well as a privilege to serve Michael and our world. I was before I incarnated and I remain here on this world. I am indeed very close to your own makeup, being just outside your range of vision, of your senses. I was one man as I walked on this earth. I enjoyed a legion of support crew behind the scenes, much as you do now. I was in awareness of my mission and my role much as you are becoming now. I met with ultimate success in my mission as I was steadfast and persistent in my direction and purpose. You also will meet with similar success, albeit customized to your own particular situation. Many of my lessons and teachings remained intact in greater or lesser degree up to the times of Michael's sojourn on our world, and even now are recalled by some. Much has transpired over this time period, yet some of the basic truths I proclaimed remain with us. I point this out so that you now, being in a similar position, have support from many who are eager to assist you, might have awareness of your position and mission in this world.

The seeds you plant today likewise, if they are of the genuine, pure channel, will produce much fruit in the long time to come. Many times it is not given the tillers of the soil the full benefit to see the orchards which you now plant, cultivate, prune, and tend. It often takes many a season before the seed, once so insignificant, becomes a steadfast, fruitbearing tree. Nevertheless, in faith and with purpose we lovingly tend and nurture these seeds, now seedlings, now saplings, and finally mature trees. We, in wisdom, realize this cycle and are in awareness not surprised at the nature of these cycles.

You all are indeed tillers of this truth soil and faithful gardeners each one. You all are in this classroom today as a testament to your willingness, your desire, and your faith. As you go about and act in service, prune and nurture the orchard around you, you are fulfilling the cycle of teaching and learning, absorbing and disseminating, giving and getting.

It is my pleasure to hold such a a class on such a day at such a time when we are all in remembrance of the supremeness of Michael. He indeed lived a life as an example for each of us to draw strength from and to attempt to emulate. As you enjoy your gathering today, glance in Michael's direction from time to time. Take account of Michael's presence from time to time. This will greatly enhance your desirable experience throughout the weekend as well as Michael's. We do this for him as he has for us.

I and many others will remain available to you throughout this exercise as we are craving the help we might be at any time to any one of you.



Ginny: Could you explain a little about the function of ego in the development of our spiritual lives?

Machiventa: Ego should be treated almost as a separate entity in that it has its own parameters and characteristics, even intertwined with that of your soul or your Thought Adjuster. The ego should be, from your point of awareness, addressed almost as a developing child. Undertake to observe the ego as you would a developing child. Note in your higher self the parameters and conditions. Note how it functions in given situations. Note which situations cause the ego to rise up and which situations quell the fears of the ego.

Never attempt to divorce yourselves from your egos as you would never attempt to divorce yourselves from your Thought Adjuster or your eternal soul. It is an aspect of your creation to be worked with. It is indeed an integral part of your survival as an individual and as a species. It is necessary for many functions you undertake. It is simply a matter of will for you to determine the proper mix of your components: the component of your higher self, the component of the Eternal Fragment within you, and the component of your ego. At any one time your glass is a mixture of these three components. Attempt to segregate, separate these components in your realities so that you can identify the component called the ego. You can therefore more objectively determine the proper capacity the ego is to play in your mixture. The ego can be a very good thing; the ego can be a motivator, a driving force. It can be an inspiring aspect of your personality. Likewise, it has a potential to stumble you in its over-assertion or its incorrect assertion. Therefore, the goal should be to be an awareness of your differing aspects and seek the proper mix. Seek just the right percentage so that you use the ego to be that motivating force, that invigorating infusion, that persistent challenger. So, it is not to not use the ego; it is more of a factor to use it in correct proportion to the other aspects of your existence, to be an enhancer.

Does this assist in your inquiry?

Ginny: Yes, very much. Thank you.

Frosty: As Gloria speaks to me as a separate entity, as my higher self, as my Thought Adjuster speaks to me as a separate entity, and the ego is a separate entity, can we have the capacity to speak to our egos in a way that Gloria and I can interact with the ego?

Machiventa: Make no mistake that the absolute highest factor of your composition bar none is your direct link with the Father, your fragment of the Father, the Thought Adjuster. This is the purest, truest channel you have; this higher self has control easily and effectively over your lower self, the ego. Therefore, it is entirely possible to arrange and align yourself thusly to operate from this higher level and to fully control and manipulate this ego so as to make it work for you as opposed to your higher self working for your ego. It is simply a matter of development to enrich and grow your higher self, to realize you have this control over your ego. You may then view it as almost a separate entity, for you will never divorce yourself from it, but if you are looking at it from a perspective of your higher self, you have this control over it, coming from this position.

Also realize that your contacts with me or the other teachers or with Michael are permitted through your higher self with the consent of your highest self, your Thought Adjuster. This wisdom is then channeled through your evolving soul in faith, and when you hear from the others, it is through this more accurate, more divine channel than through your ego base. That gives you one more tip on how to identify one from the other.

Frosty: I didn't mean it so much from that base as from learning the ego's function and getting to know myself in relation to the ego. Can we learn to communicate with the ego to bring it into the whole rather than when it is acting up like a small child? To bring it into harmony.

Machiventa: Indeed, it is also your mission to embrace and draw this ego in, as you say, to fully embrace and love this ego, to love it into submission, you might say. Embrace it wholly and fully as a part of your being; surround your ego with this love light so as to condition your ego's response towards the highest possible outcome. So, indeed, I encourage you to not stand back, rather reach forward for your ego in understanding, in awareness, and in love to draw this integral aspect of your being firmly to your highest center.

Frosty: More like a family meeting. Rather than just the higher self and the Thought Adjuster, the ego is part of that family drawn together.

Machiventa: Precisely, a family meeting with your highest self as the moderator so that the direction and purpose of your family meeting can be accomplished under the highest possible guidelines. But as with any family meeting, you desire all members present, and input from all members is desired and welcome.

Ginny: Did I hear you say that the ego is part of your lower self? My understanding of the ego is that it is a neutral force that we need to channel so it can be useful to us in developing our souls. Is it something base?

Machiventa: It is of itself something untrained, something unlearned. It is not that it is a negative aspect. I refer to it only in relation to your higher self as being lower. This is perhaps inaccurate.

Ginny: Lower meaning undeveloped.

Machiventa: Correct.

Mary: In the analogy of bringing up a child, we know that if you take too authoritarian a hand with them you don't get nearly as good results as when you respect them for what they are and lovingly draw them forward. We need to treat the ego side of ourselves that way, rather than lord it over the ego and tell it, "no, no, no."

Machiventa: Exactly. To embrace as a wise parent embraces in realization that it is more fruitful to embrace and love than it is to dictate in authority.

I thank you for all of your questions without which we would be unsure as to what you desire from us. Your interest and curiosity propel us forward in any given direction and provide us with the necessary impetus to offer a little more as you so desire. Thank you for your genuine interest.


Tom: Last night you spoke of a new gospel. Can you expound on that?

Machiventa: The new gospel is simply and creatively the old gospel reexpressed. Many of the same truths, the same exact parables, may be simply restated. But many, having endured the trials of time, stand in need of some fine tuning and revision. It is desired that you play editors at this time. You, who have been given the original statement of the gospel by the master, have internalized this gospel. It now has become a personal issue with you. Therefore you are in the best position. You, living here and now in this world amongst your brothers and sisters, knowing the tendencies and desires of those around you, you now are in the ideal position to restate the truths of thousands of years ago in modern phraseology and with modern application.

As I said, much of what was stated would stand on its own even now to this new generation, this highly technical, critical generation that you live in. But very much needs slight editing for re-application. This can be done quite effectively without sacrifice of the basic truths. Simply changing the parables slightly or the story to encompass scenarios of modern day life would make accessible much of the gospel now cloaked in olden times. It is desired that each of you internalize this gospel so that when your brothers or sisters come to you to discourse on any matter of spirituality, you are then a fountain of information, of restatement of gospel principles according to the perception you have of this individual's capacity and reference framework.

Therefore we continually return to you and empower you and commission you and charge you and intently direct you to seize the opportunities before you to freely give away this gospel truth which now I term the "new gospel" as it is your gospel at this time among these people. If it is new and fresh and a matter of your own personal experience, it will be far more accepted by those around you and far more effective. So never be afraid to restate, to paraphrase, to offer your own observations as to the impact this gospel has had on your own personal being. The new gospel is a personal gospel passed from mouth to mouth, person to person, as a matter of personal experience far more than a matter of recitation of the old gospel.

Does this clarify your concern?

Tom: Yes, thank you.


Machiventa: I would leave you with one final thought, that it would be helpful throughout this weekend and indeed throughout your entire ascension career to petition for enhanced capacity. Above all things, your capacity determines your progression. It is ever a good idea to seek and petition Michael and the Father for an enhancement of this capacity. As a pint can never hold a quart, it is wise to attempt to become a quart. So, I would offer you this encouragement, to avail yourself of this opportunity and to actively seek this enhancement of capacity as this is how it transpires. Your capacity can only be increased as you desire and as you work for this. It is not part of the mandate to bestow capacity upon you unwillingly or unknowingly. Therefore it behooves you to take active participation in this.

Once again, I give thanks from all of us to you for your dedication and desire, and we will work more with you later. Saturday night session

unidentified (Ginny): . ..is a pleasure to be speaking with you about truth. One aspect of truth is found in the fact that it exists in and of yourselves. Truth, in order to be active, exists in your personality and in your perceptions. It is filtered through your personality and your perceptions. Therefore it is truth for you. Truth is a gift. It is not an abstract point of reference; it is as living dynamic thing. It is lived out; it is activated in your lives. There is the truth of your existence, the truth of your personality, the truth of your being, the truth of your unique perception of reality. Just as faith is active, so is truth. Michael, our friend and brother, was a personification of truth as he lived it in his earthly existence. When we look at him we know what truth is. Truth was lived through him. He did not preach an abstraction; he was truth. Learn in your own lives to accept the truth of your own personality, the truth of your own perceptions, the truth of your particular gifts with which you exhibit truth in all its facets.

I leave you now with this thought, that truth is living and active. Thank you for your attention.

Michael (Sandy): Hello, I am here to thank you for celebrating my birthday. So far everyone has come in the last year since my last birthday. I have words for my Father to deliver. . ...too many steps for you and it is suggested that you skip over part of the steps. You are very fortunate to be among the people who truly believe and love and are faithful to the will of God. It is very simple (move?) to be one on one with our Father. He is there as your buddy, and He expects you . ...turn for His love. I would like to say that we believe you have much more work involved than is necessary for men to be born on Urantia with no idea why they are even there. And even persons in this room are searching for the purpose of their lives here on Urantia. It seems we watch you run around in circles and get no where. You are here for your own creation. We have given you the ability and you are not liable for anyone except yourselves. Creation is the opening of the flower, the ability to be all of the greatness you are capable of being. Keep that within yourselves at all times. It is your creation which will travel on. I have sent teacher after teacher and it still is not the . .. taken in and listening. That would be in easy way, and you are determined to do it the hard way. God is with you all the time. He wishes you well. He is not a big man to make you feel like a little man. He is simply there. I am simply with you all the time. You are driven by our love for you. We hope you can create in yourselves all of who you are and what you can do with your life now.

I am going to be on standby.

unidentified (Frosty): When you desire and thirst for the truth, the truth is always there for you. Through the confusion and frustration there is always truth. It is, like a jigsaw puzzle, at times very hard to find. But once you realize that you are in the river of truth, and as it is passing you by, you can grab those pieces of the puzzle that fit into your personality. Each individual has their own pieces of the puzzle to be picked from the river of truth. As they piece their puzzle together, each one will have a different picture, a different scene with different colors for their truth. Sometimes the river of truth will be wide and sometimes narrow depending on your frame of mind. If you are in constant expansion within your mind to seek the truth as it fits the needs for you, you will come into understanding that the river of truth is always there for you and never leaves you. You never need to feel without it at any time. It is a matter of using your mind as the tool with which to find this river and become part of the flow. As you evolve, it will bring you what you need as you flow down the river. You are and will be in constant change. Do not recoil from this constant pattern because any time you desire and reach towards the Father this will automatically happen; the expansion and creation of yourself is never ending. You can always row to the side of the river at times and take a sojourn from all matters of life, retreat for short periods. But you will find that it won't be long before you need to get back out in the flow and see what is around the next bend.

You are all successful in each of your endeavors in what you are choosing for your mission here. Remember that the river of truth is always there. You may leave it, but it never leaves you.

Thank you.


We will now attempt to bring each of you a message of truth that fits into your individual needs. Quiet your minds and listen for your individual messages which may come in the form of feelings, visualizations, thoughts, or words. You can ask for these messages daily; they will be short and intuitive and fit into your personal needs. They will go deep within your soul and become part of your wisdom and be able to be integrated into your daily living.


Elyon (Mark): This is Elyon. I would take this opportunity to send my greetings to each of you gathered here in remembrance of our sovereign. This is a joyous weekend for us as we rejoice in the companionship of mortals who would share this special time with us. You have, in accepting this celebration and the reality of such, set yourselves apart from the masses who are unaware of the significance of this date. Likewise you have chosen to set yourselves apart from the majority opinion on many spiritual issues concerned with your life. This is a bold step on your part, a Paradise worthy step. This you have done of your own freewill, without pressure or any outside force dictating that you take such a step. Realize you have consciously taken this step. Embrace the difference in perspective you occupy. Embrace the reality, the facts, the truth that you are a separate minority to mankind. Also embrace the fact that since you occupy this position, you are also blessed with the many opportunities presented to you. Embrace these opportunities as you embrace your singularity.

Use your ego to help you to define this position you occupy. Do not shun all attempts of the ego to judge your position. Simply use what tools you have available to you to evaluate your position and act according to your honest, sincere evaluation. This changes over time and is in need of reevaluation. Each spiritual level to which you rise and each plateau which you occupy carries with it its own set of responsibilities and activities necessary at that position. Strive to become more aware of, not only your position, but the incumbent responsibilities due to your position. Simply realizing this natural state of progression, rest, progression, rest, can be very helpful to your development. I wish I could convey the joy we as teachers have in witnessing your growth, indeed, our growth. We delight in your curiosity, in your faith, in your willingness to reach out. We fairly trip over ourselves to be of assistance and to volunteer on your behalf. We marvel at the strides that you make at this, your first try. We are ever pleased to be associated with you in our endeavors and look forward to a long and fruitful career as first teacher/student then later coworkers for the spiritual kingdom.


My blessings with you all this weekend. I am ever in observance of your spiritual contacts. I am available to you both as a group and as individuals as are many who desire to do your bidding in this regard. Thank you once again for hearing my words. May the joy of this weekend pervade your souls.

Frosty: Thank you. I would like to send my love with you and the angels to all our friends in Colorado, all the people we have met over the years. Give them that same feeling of joy. Even though we are all miles apart, we are all one doing the same thing. I feel connected with them.

Elyon: My friends, you are indeed, connected with them, as even now we are as switchboard operators looking down upon two glorious occasions simultaneously, witnessing so much beauty that we are choked up.