1997-09-14-To Know Is To Use Personality

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Topic: To Know Is To Use Personality

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): In an effort to displace even a minuscule quantity of uncertainty, I am permitted to provide an external confirmation to you of an inner acknowledgment of Father contact that you have each this morning made.



I am Elyon. I will make some comparisons today, not so to specifically discuss a particular topic, but rather my intent is to, through comparison, expose pattern so that you may increase your insight into any specific area in your life. For instance, we have been discussing with you the elements of selfhood: personality, soul, ego, mind, and Thought Adjuster. Let us look at ideals, ideas, and actions.

Many and quite different are ideas. You can corral an idea with many other ideas under the umbrella of an ideal and thereby focus the idea into an action which is contributory to the advancement of an ideal. Your selfhood is the same. You are capable of corralling your mind, your soul, into and under the umbrella of the Divine Spirit, thereby creating action which advances your personality. We have continually asked you to be bold and, though this word can connote a degree of aggressive disregard, we intend it as a push to be active. An idea coupled with an ideal is only a potential; it is not real until it is further linked to action. Your personality coupled with the Father takes upon a reality that is inexpressible until you live this relationship. Merely to understand who your Father is and who you are are only two legs of the stool. The third leg is that you must live the relationship.

I would attempt to clarify some of your questioning of ego and personality. Your personalities are packed full of potential; much of which you will not realize, and it resides with you for ages. Only a little of what is in your storehouse is only now beginning to come to your attention.

The expression of your personality powers is often described as ego. Ego is a flawed attempt to express personality that is unskilled at expressing its talents. I do not use "flawed" to indicate that ego is wrong any more than you would consider a poorly penned word to be wrong simply because the writing is not calligraphic. Picture, if you would, a large amount of dough in a colander being pressed through the holes as you would do to make noodles. Each strand is one limited expression of your personality. Each opening is your incomplete ego-like aperture.

When you describe your ego as an element to control or dispense with, you are merely recognizing the constriction of aperture. To be more like the Father is not to be less like yourself, but rather to be wide open to allow all of you to be revealed, thus revealing the Father. This will take a long time. I remind you that you are only scratching the surface of the mysterious gift of personality that you are.

To return to ideals and ideas, an ideal can contain infinite ideas wherein it is defined and expressed. Humankind has been struggling with the issue of the exaltation of self since the dawn of civilization, since the skill for socialization began to develop. Many of your animals struggle to preserve self; man attempts to exalt self. Improperly directed, it becomes what you commonly consider selfish ego. Properly directed it can be viewed as an ascending child toward perfection and the Father. This is a constant struggle within you to properly orient this natural tendency of the human being.

You have been intrusted with great power. To eliminate you, your human self, from the overall assembly of your greater being would disrupt the potentials placed into your charge. Pause to reflect one moment that even God's presence is subservient to your directive choice. Accepting you and applying yourself is the boldness we ask. All this is appropriate when understood in the pattern like an ideal and an idea, for your understanding of the overall configuration of your entire being will orient your expression truthfully, beautifully, and with goodness. For instance, you can invent a knife and generate the idea that it cuts things, severs, that it opens things. Now it has the potential to be dangerous. It also has the potential to be a surgeon's tool. The ideal qualifies the idea, but the idea in action creates usefulness. Here is where your ego comes in, in personality expression and in living your understanding of the Father's will.

I hope I have created some thoughts for you to consider today. Reflective comparison of various topics can strengthen insight into each of them, even when the topics are seemingly different. I am through with my statements.


Personality, Ego

Evelyn: You have broadened my understanding of what personality is. I have tended to think of it more like a license plate, an identifying quality that makes us each unique. Now you are saying it's this vast untapped reservoir that throughout our whole ascension we will be discovering. It's expressed through our ego; I understand you to say our ego chooses what actions, how emerging aspects of the personality will be expressed.

Elyon: Two comments: One, there is an infinite quantity of time granted to you to become fully cognizant of divinity, deity. It will take eternity to discover the depth of God. The same amount of time will be required to comprehend the mystery of your personality, for, you see, your personality is of the Father, from the Father, and He, too, is personal. There is a bottomless well to be drunk from.

Second comment: You mention ego deciding what to express. I would orient you toward the understanding that your personality decides; the expression then becomes the ego. It is the commitment of personality to a specific expression. This is why the ego is viewed by your religious and psychologic concept frames as a self-oriented dimension, for it is the commitment of personality to action. Action itself immediately defines, limits, your being. Many things cannot be done while you are doing one thing. The limitation is ego, much like the spaghetti strand through the colander. The personality is unlimited. The personality chooses how to express. How is ego expression. The fact that it is you is why I can define your actions as ego.

Altruism is meaningless without self. Without self there is no self to actively ignore in order to serve another. When mankind understand that there need be no battle between self and other-than-self, that the two are actually dependent on one another, then much peace will ensue.

I now point out to you the difference between self denial and self forgetfulness in light of our discussion. Denial attempts to devalue who you are and in the end results in preoccupation with the denial of you. Self forgetfulness implies that you understand who you are and are now applying your talents to the service of a greater self, the Father, and the greater collection, your brotherhood.


unidentified [perhaps Elyon continuing] (Michael): If I may continue this theme, the only effective technique to uncover and reveal and realize your personality is through the actions that you take. Much as the ideas work to support an ideal, as you search your ideas and align them with your ideals, your ideals become more real. In the same sense, as your actions are performed throughout time, your personality will become more apparent, more actualized. So, as your ideals can be held high and ideas can be accepted, modified, or rejected, so is it with your personality and your actions. Your actions will always bear upon and reflect your personality. However, just as some ideas are more promoting of certain ideals, certain actions, when aligned and viewed over a longer term perspective, will help you to actualize and realize who you are. So look at all your attempts as a small glimpse of your personality, knowing that many actions will not bear the fruits. The ones that do will remain. You will discover the patterns of your existence and their relationship to God and the brotherhood. Take no episode too importantly . ..(tape flipped)... a multitude of endeavors to accomplish.

I would only say that it is a testimony to the drawing power of God to see you from virtually the beginning striving to find God to align your personality with His. It is beautiful to see the interaction of the patterns and the thrust of growth.

Jonathan: When you mention that it will take a multitude of actions to express our personality, something like that, when we say that someone has done something egotistical, perhaps that "eww, bad!" factor is taking one action too importantly. We could downplay that quality by having the broader view that many actions are needed to reveal our personality, our true self.

Elyon (Jonathan): I would add one more comment. We have not discussed soul, and I would point out that the relationship of an idea to an ideal gives meaningful significance. The relationship of self to God is soul, meaningful significance.


I return to the idea of flour and water for noodles; the mixing of flour and water creates the potential for significance and meaning, but meaning and significance only become real when it is warmed, whether it be noodles of various shapes or cookies. Such is the evolution of soul. This is the variety God seeks in time and space. To know the will of the Father is to be an aware personality of His reality and His desires. But to do the will of the Father is to be an active expressive personality. Doing is the soul. Knowing is the personality.