1997-09-23-Maintain Good Health

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Topic: Maintain Good Health

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you here. It is always an honor for me to spend time with you. We together would spend most of our time in study or on morontial lessons, but I would also have you know that I enjoy your separate distinct personalities as well. Your faith, love, dedication, and humor have also been a great teacher to me. We are on a soulful level, friends. I am indeed grateful to Father for the many friendships we have shared over these years.



In our series on self-mastery it is common for us to speak a little on physical well-being. You each are knowing what you need to possess radiant good health. I would not go into detail on this, but I would make it my duty to remind you on the importance of physical maintenance. One who would find it impossible to master the self may be living with chemical imbalance or nutrient deficiency, lack of fresh air and sunshine, and isolation from other mortals. I would ask you to each evaluate your physical well-being and make adjustments as needed. In self-mastery we always find varying degrees of success. In order for us to advance levels of self-mastery we always consider every avenue. Health is one such avenue.


In last weeks lesson we contemplated the affects of depression and the solutions mastering them. I would have you make note that depression, being rampant among your fellows, is more now than ever also felt by you. To have compassion is God-like. To be burdened by your fellows downfalls is not maintaining balance. I did as I said I would, teaching about the brotherhood in combination with self-mastery, and I would say to you that you are, to say the very least, blessed to have adequate communication with Father. Your fellows will be drawn to your source of light. To feel compassion is God-like enabling you to guide others to their own inner light. To be compassionate is to maintain enough detachment so as to not become overwhelmed or burdened by your fellows ongoing difficulties. Compassion is acceptable, but there also must be some detachment, a firm hold to your source of your light. It is understood that you each hope to be of help, and not add to another's burden by being overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness and negativity.


I say spirituality is so much more real and useful than ever before. With the circuits now replaced this is a new beginning for mortals on Urantia. This is a new age. We are standing at the beginning. This new age would connect us with the cosmic mind via the circuits, and it is entirely possible for you to be influenced by feelings of despair from your home planet, just as it is possible for you to feel feelings of worship and brotherhood. I would say to you that your connection to your Father-Fragment, and one another, help to alleviate some of these confused and overwhelming feelings, and make it possible for the pendulum to swing over to the side of positivity. Continue to steer your human selves divineward to maintain your connection with those from on High. Maintain good health and balanced sessions of study, work and play. This is a good foundation to build up those fruits of self-mastery.


I would say a few words on anxiety. I have spoke on anxiety, and yet, I find it is still to be a problem with my students. In a world that never ceases to move there are great pressures to bear. It is no more apparent than dealing with your fellow mortals within the Kingdom. It is a common line of thinking to believe that your fellows would desire to see you dwell in unhappiness. It is common among mortals to believe there are those that seek their destruction. There are mortals who believe that the universe stands in unity against them. There are those who cannot imagine themselves as being a part of something greater. This creates a tremendous anxiety within our brotherhood, and this is felt beyond your planet. This anxiety and animosity towards one another is a creator of static, clashing of confused thought and ideas. Many such mortals are surprised when a stranger has done a kind thing for them. Many mortals are surprised when they find out that other mortals are similar to them.

It is wonderful when a faith son or daughter can promote inclusive feelings within their immediate environment. Have you not met one who has eased your feelings of discomfort and made you feel included. There is a lightening of the heart and a dissipation of anxiety. I so much speak not tonight on your anxiety, but on the anxiety created between you and your fellows, you and your loved ones, you and your fellows you must deal with. To keep close with your Father have adequate study, stillness, prayer, good health. Contact with those with like minds is a wonderful way to dissipate anxiety and promote serenity. I would tonight take only your most pressing questions.


CALVIN: Abraham, anxiety seems to be my hurdle more so right now than I see the other ones, but I do see a great improvement on it. For me it feels like a pattern of so many years of having to swim or sink in life, and it is so hard to coast down to relax and know that things will be taken care of. The pattern is hard to put brakes on and start a new pattern. Is it meant to be gradual shift or is there a way to have a reborn type shift, a new way of seeing this?

ABRAHAM: I would say this is individual according to your own Father Fragments knowledge of what you need. And it is necessary to create several instances in which you would have the opportunity to be taught the better methods on dealing with anxiety. It is more likely to be a gradual process than a change overnight. Many times are you each tested in order to eternalize these lessons we give. Anxiety, like depression, is not to be feared or hidden. Anxiety after time becomes like a tamed animal where it is trained to follow certain directions to finding solutions. Another question?

RACHEL: I don't really have a question. I have a comment. For Sister Teresa, she received loads of praise and honor, as well she should for all her years and years of service. Princes Diana certainly received her share. Now on another phase was Red Skeleton, who provided so much humor for the people all during his life, and along with each character he played he did have a good moral underlying message. I just thought that maybe he should be right up there as far as the praise and the honor is concerned. That's all I have.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. He now is well aware of his affect on the world. Humor is indeed important in maintaining balance, and he was certainly gifted in this area, as was the others gifted in other areas. You are certainly thoughtful to bring attention to a life spent wisely. Thank you Rachel. One more question.

ALAUNA: Abraham, I have been lucky to have lived and not suffered a lot of depression in my time. I have lived with a lot of positive things in my life. I have been lucky that way. Anxiety for me has always been kinda a push for something that I need to get done. I have always felt like whenever I have had real anxious times or unrest because of those kind of feelings it was like a drive that something needed to be done, and kinda looked at it as maybe being pushed a little bit by my teachers to accomplish something in my life. So I have always treated it as such, by whenever I have those feelings I have taken that as a need to go on with something that I am being urged to do. Am I correct in those feelings or am I going that direction?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You are correct in your assessment. Some such as yourself are energized by these feelings of anxiety to accomplish certain tasks. This anxiety has perhaps served you in accomplishing goals, but I would ask one who has suffered the physical ailments of anxiety if this driving force to accomplish goals was worth the physical ailment. You are not one who would suffer from this, and perhaps your anxiety would be better termed as energy. You are indeed that energetic. It is well known by your Father what drives you, and He does accomplish much through you. Yes, I am in agreement with you Alauna.


My time is now closing, and I would ask that you each evaluate your physical well-being and make adjustments, also continue to be balanced in your study and stillness. Seek to disseminate serenity among your fellows. Allow the light that has filled you with joy to spill over into your fellows lives. My love is with you each always. Until next week, shalom.