1997-10-13-Eternal Autobiography

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Topic: Eternal Autobiography

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. How blessed am I to be in the midst of such friendship! How honored am I to at times accompany you on your walk through mortal life! I am overfilled with such gratitude to our Father for my particular assignment. Day by day I grow to love you each a little more. Welcome. My greetings to you. How wonderful it has been to view your unification! What a fine example of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in action!


Experience, Progress

Last week I asked for an assignment that would help you step into the role of one who has advanced in self-mastery, to consciously step aside from human thought, actions, and habits, into divine mind coordinating experiential lessons into values and meanings. In your journals you are exercising your understanding on allowing the divine side to lead the human side. We are well on our way to putting self-mastery into action, not just mere good intentions, or wish-fulfillment, no, actual exercises one can do to rally those divine forces for good.

In these last weeks we have each experienced all levels of spirit poisons. We have been defeated by some. We have stood victorious over others, and I can say without your experience there is no unification of understanding experience, values and meanings. Most can say that experience has taught them one thing or another. Some have become embittered by bad experience, some have been made better.

You see, in the experience is your autobiography. In your experience you are writing your eternal autobiography. There is always a beginning, and dramatic events do unfold, pain can prove to be unbearable, and healing can promote worship. Your autobiography must have certain elements to create meaning. Therefore you must endure the passages of time, whether it is joy-filled or painful. As we each experience we add a page to our book. The story is unfolding, and some can be traumatized or scarred, some can hope to rewrite their painful chapters in mortal living, some may just set the story aside in favor of unawareness. I can say to you your experience fills the pages of your book, your story. Your experiences are valuable in the meaning of the story. It is inevitable that your story must be written. You must experience. I would say those in favor of attaining self-mastery will perhaps understand the stories a little sooner, and be less afraid of filling the pages of experience.

My friends, you are each spirit led individuals, and take comfort in knowing your story is ongoing, in progress, and everlasting. You must each take comfort in knowing that though some experience at the time brings discomfort or pain, that as you continue to fill the book, you can look back at the value of your experience, and move forward with confidence and courage. On a collective level you are adding to the autobiography of the world, the universe, the Supreme Being. All experience is valuable. That which is lost holds no value.

This week I would ask that you continue in your exercise. Connect with your divine self. Know that your experience is filling the pages of your book to create meanings and values. And know that the autobiography you write goes towards the story of the universe as a whole. Know this my children, that in time all meanings and values are unified to help you find your way to our Father. Have you questions?


MIRIAM: Abraham, my sister Elena is here tonight for the first time--just to let you know that. I know you know that, but I don't know how to say that right, so there she is. Laughter.

ELENA: Hi Abraham. I have questions. Like Deborah, I always have questions. I just want to tell you how much I like you. Apart from the other things, I just really..I like you! The second thing being, there is actually two questions that I have. One is if you could just maybe help me a little with a perspective on my marriage, and its end, and viewing it from some place? Then I have trouble with going from a weaker, naive place to a powerful loving place, and to making that bridge in a great wonderful manner. I think that is probably enough for you to get the gist of things. Right?

ABRAHAM: Yes, understood. I like you too. My daughter, it has been such an honor for us to have you work for us on your side. Yourself, and your family, have been a blessed addition to us in this Mission. My understanding of your past marital relationship is a page of experience in your story. There are numerous meanings that add to your spiritual advancement. I can say that the meanings will not all come at once, no. To gather these stones of meaning and values one must walk the beaches of mortal living. You are somewhat understanding of the value of your marriage, and yet, still look back with some regret, not quite fully understanding what happened. I can assure you that this time spent with this mortal was indeed valuable for you both. Nothing is lost, however, there has been growth. Elena, my daughter, can you not see where Father has brought you? Can you understand that you already possess a loving power?

As you grow to believe with whole-heartedness that you are Father's child, you will surely stumble into this graceful place of confidence. Jesus was a gentle man, and could feel compassion for the smallest of God's children, while deciding the important affairs of a Universe. All power comes from Father. I would ask you to work on your understanding of you as a daughter of the living God. Know that He loves you completely as you, Elena, His child, as if you were His only daughter. You do well. Is this helping? (Thank you so very much.) You're welcome. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, in writing this journal, I think in my mind you are wanting us to get on paper, transfer these thoughts out of our head and onto the paper where we can maybe see more of a reality of this divine presence within, and can see the difference between the two. Are you wanting us...Is that correct first? Are you wanting us to go back into our life's past and write things, or just kind of write questions we have right now?

ABRAHAM: Yes. I would desire you to lay out thoughts on paper to move closer to the divine self. I would have you know this is beneficial in many ways, but yes, to recognize a conscious shift from human to divine thinking is our goal for now. Another question?

RACHEL: Father Abraham, yesterday another soul by the name of John Denver graduated from this mortal life. He believed that music was an international language. Together with his music and his humor, such as in shows such as Oh God, which was really very well done. Did you happen to see it Father Abraham? Laughter. And if so would you comment please?

ABRAHAM: I am familiar with him, yes. I am understanding him to be a spirit filled individual. Yes, he did assist the world in turning towards their own Father through music. It is well known that music does soothe the soul, and yet, it will become better known that some musical notes have a like vibrational tone as the various system circuits. It will become better known that certain types of music may be familiar due to connections with these circuits. Yes, in our Mission there are many who have served, and will have many still yet to serve. Does this answer?

RACHEL: Yes it does, because I felt like he did provide a lot of pleasure, and some spiritual growth for the general public. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Yes, certainly. I agree with you Rachel. You're welcome. One more question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, in the Urantia Book, its like in the papers like in the thirties. I can't remember which one. You know how you are talking about experience tonight, and its part of our story. It’s the lessons, like in Ellen and Ellanor's experience this week. They had immediately seen the lessons. From what I was getting from what the Urantia Book was saying, was that we're really lucky to have experience, you know, like how personalities is such an incredible thing. It is so individual. I was getting from that piece saying that the experience of mortals is such a cool thing, and like you put together like the perfection of all the other celestial beings. We have got experience, and they have got perfection. When you put us together..they like condescend to us and we ascend to them. Do you know what I am saying? Am I getting that right?

ABRAHAM: Yes. One moment. I am understanding, yes. There are those on High who can coordinate experience to best serve you as an ascending child, and the Supreme Being, the God of time. The...(TR: Oh no. I don't want to get into nothing difficult here. I hear something like--Triune concept. Laughter. Oh please. I have no idea. I don't want to do nothing difficult. More laughter. Okay.) The Triune concept is indeed a concept that would descend many levels to your own mortal level. You as a material being, growing from experience into divine consciousness, could perhaps represent the Son. The awareness of divine values, and all exterior existence represent the Spirit, and of course, your Father, as a Universal Father, who has created all to serve the Universes. Yes, I am in agreement with you Miriam. It is a cool thing! Much laughter! I am so delighted to have our friendships, our diverse group of personalities, to add to the experience that writes our Universal biography.


My love is with you everyday. Until next week, shalom.