1997-10-26-Etch A Sketch Elyon

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Topic: Etch a Sketch Elyon

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Lantarnek

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is one among you in service, your friend Elyon. I would greet you today and would discourse on an underlying thread in your previous sharing, and that is the continuum of opportunity.



Many of you here today expressed knowledge, even appreciation, of the value of opportunities laid before you. Opportunities are as gifts from the Father, potentials to be unfolded at your desire. I would point out to you that your recognition of these opportunities and their potentials constitutes an elevated spiritual awareness on your part. It is indeed only those with enhanced perspectives who grasp the significance of opportunities continually presented to you. To be aware that these opportunities are there and may be exercised through your will demonstrates the elevated spiritual perception; in fact, opportunities are unceasingly presented to all of your brothers and sisters as well as yourselves. It is merely the awareness of the potentials inherent in these opportunities that dictates the effectiveness of the learning potentials in these experiences. You here today are determined to view these experiences as a positive occurrence, as a glass half full. Many around you may be presented with similar experiences and would view these from the opposite perspective. It is your effort to glean from these life experiences the positive, the good, the progressive, that will provide you with an ever progressive path towards higher learning.

Everyone in their ascension career opts not to exercise every last option available to them, but your attempts to unfold the potentials within these experiences provides you with much needed growth. These opportunities are as the unbroken geodes, rock formations, in your life. They may be opened to expose beautiful options inside, or they may be concealed as unexposed in your lives. The choice is yours. Everytime you indulge yourself in exploring these options you discover you are richly rewarded for having so ventured forward. You also discover that you are more keenly aware the next time an opportunity presents itself. You are also more divinely attuned to the unfolding of these opportunities before you in the most beneficial manner. This sense of surety is what you gain when you extend yourself to open these opportunities laid at your feet. In return to the Father for these many opportunities, it is incumbent upon you to transform each opportunity into the highest spiritual ideal you are capable of. This is all that can be asked of any individual, to seek to unfold in each potential the greatest benefit, the greatest exposure of truth, beauty, and goodness.

This concludes my remarks for today. I will open the floor for others and will remain if I am desired for questions.


Lantarnek (Jonathan): I am Lantarnek, and I wish to provide a picture that is complementary to Elyon's lesson today, and that is about your toy, the Etch-a-Sketch, only I wish to stretch the image a little bit.

This Etch-a-Sketch is three dimensional; it has three knobs. You can label these knobs truth, beauty, and goodness. It has two points that touch this three dimensional screen. One point is your willpower, the will of you, the individual. The other point is the presence of God. Your toy, as you know, can be shaken and the screen rendered uniform. As you work the knobs of truth, beauty, and goodness and move in concert with the Father Within, you create the expression that is your unique soul. Every event in your life is an opportunity; every move you make creates a more replete portraiture of you and reveals a legacy of experience. It is the Father's will to be in touch with you at the screen of life. Every move you make is one more opportunity for Him to realize the variety resident within that potential screen of reality.

I am finished with my image. Thank you.


Jill: That was wonderful. At times I get caught up in a situation and after 10 minutes of struggle I realize that I forgot to call on God and Spirit to work through me. With the image of the Etch-a-Sketch, there is a tangible, material way to remind myself to spin the knobs and say, "Create the picture that needs to be here." It's helpful. Thank you.

Lantarnek: You are welcome. You know well, too, that when the image appears to be random and distorted, a simple shake can clear the screen, and you can become renewed to begin again to attain your goal. This is the stillness.

Stephen (Mark): This is Stephen, and I would be so bold as to offer another picture for you today.

Picture, if you will, your prized natural resources of gold and diamonds. When first unearthed these substances, while containing inherent value, are yet to be turned into an item of extreme beauty, as gold may appear as flecks or nuggets. Diamonds may appear to be hidden in stone. These natural resources may be likened to your opportunities. At your feet they may appear to be rough, to be only a potential. Now picture if you will the work of fine craftsmen who shape, cut, forge, and turn these crude raw materials into what are esteemed items of rare beauty. The action of the craftsmen turning these potentials into actuals is what you all do in your lives with the opportunities laid at your feet. To take the rough diamond and the crude gold and to turn them into a beautiful work of art is your charge, is your privilege. You are the artists who turn the rough and crude into the truthful, the beautiful, and the good. Realize that these potentials are put into your charge for you to actualize just as the craftsman takes the crude materials and would make a beautiful piece to be beheld by all.

I offer this image to you today. Thank you.

Malvantra (Daniel): I am Malvantra, and I would offer you yet another picture.

Think of your mission as a television. Everyone has this television, and it is, indeed, plugged in. When you turn it on there is snow, and you change the channels, and you find one which you can recognize the show. You hook up a small antenna to it, and you have the ability to view a few more channels than you did before. You decide to hook up the cable, and you are given many channels which you can view and learn from. Yet again you hook up to satellite directly, and you have unlimited channels at your disposal. You, by recognizing that you are indeed on a path of service, have chosen to hook up directly to the satellite. You have many opportunities at your disposal. You can choose from a vast variety. At times you choose to watch only one channel. At other times you choose to watch another. Know that they are all available to you. Do not forget to turn on your TV.

Thank you. That is all from me.

Jonathan: As bad a rap as television gets, you have transformed it from television into transcendent vision.

Malvantra: As bad a rap as TV gets, it was a stretch to choose that visual.


unidentified (Mary): In our hearts resides the ever-renewing spring of God's love, ever flowing, ever rejuvenating and refreshing, not only to oneself, but to others as well. Drink with pleasure the cool waters therefrom. Dip from these waters and hand refreshment to others. As has been spoken, you will discover that this spring will always be renewed no matter how much water is taken. Not only is the water constantly renewed, but the more it is enjoyed and appreciated, used and partaken of, the clearer and deeper this reservoir will run. Go to this place in your stillness time, this reservoir of love that resides within your heart. Freely refresh yourself. Take pleasure in God's love for you. God also finds pleasure in the interchange. Drink deeply from the water of life, and you will be rewarded with great joy. Love is this water of life to be found in great abundance within each of you.

If you find that you are having trouble finding this wellspring of love and life within you, go to God and ask Him directly to help you. Ask Him directly to crack your heart open a little bit to reveal Himself and His love. It has been said, "Seek and you will find." So if these words fall upon your ears and you know not where the spring is, or you have been there before and now experience difficulty in reaching its refreshing waters, my instructions to you are to seek, and you will find that God and His many helpers will guide you. Remember that seeking is a rewarding experience. Fret not that you are having to seek. Enjoy the journey. Relish the struggle and have faith in God's word that you will find what you seek.


At this time I would close our session by asking each of you to participate in the conscious opening and offering of your love. Consciously open your heart and offer your love to God. Receive with joy now the warmth of renewal that the Father and Mother Spirit bring to your heart. Shalom.