1997-11-04-Direct Contact With Father

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Topic: Dignity of Self Will

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you, my friends. I am always with great enthusiasm to meet with you each week. I am made to constantly rejoice at the thought of our friendship, and our lessons that will help to uphold our spiritual mission. I have made my best effort to meet you each during the week. I have endeavored to aid you in your understanding on allowing your total self to be without fear of the consequences. We have much to learn about being free from the walls of self-protection.



In our lessons on self-mastery I mean to help you become closer with your own internal living God. To hold back of your true self does keep Father at a distance. To move about freely without concern for rejection or ridicule has you relying more on the Father, and His watchcare. To loose sight of our Father is to create a cycle that would create negative occurrences. Do you see to hold back for fear of rejection or ridicule makes you more prone to receive these unpleasantries? To cover over your true self for protection would block Father's guidance, and keep the wheel of fear turning. I mean to remove barriers that would keep you in this spinning wheel of fear.

By now you are grasping my meaning that 'he who saves himself loses sight of his Father,' yes. In the Master's self-forgetfulness there was a strong unbreakable connection between Him and His Father. As Jesus grew, and attained self-mastery, His bond with Father had strengthened to the point that His fellows rejection and ridicule did not have serious effects on Him. In the Master's self-forgetfulness, His bond with Father was strengthened to the point that everything not extending from Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, was a non-reality. These non-realities had no effect on the Master's performance to spread the good news.

Do you see how the Master was made to feel when He held within His very being the source of all love, how all else appeared to be merely circumstantial? The Master's human side did, yes, at times release emotion over the souls that would not give ear. Yes, I can say that in the Master's experience on this world there were some thing's that did effect His human side, but as you know, when the times were the most difficult He relied totally on His Father in Heaven. Through Jesus' experience was there lessons that brought Him to the spiritual fruit of self-forgetfulness.

This self-forgetfulness is now perhaps re-defined as a close and direct contact with the Indwelling Father. Can you see how your experience brings you to direct contact with your Father, how you can become constantly rejected by man only to turn Heavenward for the source of all that is True, Good and Beautiful? Can you see your direct contact can in itself shield you from these so-called rejections? In holding back the Father is somewhat blocked, and your level of care for what others think of you rises. I do not say to not feel compassion for your fellows, no. I say your fellows rejection and ridicule cannot shake your foundation of closeness with Father.

In days past you may have possibly felt that to do an honorable thing was more difficult, perhaps too much trouble. As your soul knowledge has expanded you find doing good things seems to be your only choice. It is much more simple to go upon the path of righteousness because of your growth. Just as self-forgetfulness seems to be out of reach now, I can assure you that just as the Master had attained it, so shall you. Self-forgetfulness is direct contact with your internal Father, total reliance upon His ability to care for you, trust that He is there in every moment--this, not as something extraordinary, no, but as something as a matter of fact, natural.

This week I would ask that you love more, live more, laugh more, and share more. Work on your closeness with Father, and understand how 'he who saves his life shall lose it, but he who loses his life for Father, shall be saved.' Have you questions?



MIRIAM: Abraham, I have two questions. One briefly--would it be okay with you if I had a private meeting with you, and Rebecca did it in Nashville next week, cause I am going to Nashville? Would that be possible? I checked with her and Nina, and they both said it was okay with them. (Certainly. That is acceptable. Yes.) Okay, thank you. As always your lessons are just incredible. This one was a real hard one this week. Here is my question--in the following the guidance to share, and the not wanting to hold back, I can see how it would be real scary in fear of rejection to do a good, sweet, acceptable, pleasant thing--even still you know to say, hey, I love you to a stranger, to someone that you know. It is also really hard and scary to do one that is hard and scary that is just about your truth, and walking through that, and honoring that, and honoring the truth of another person. I had an experience of that this week. I just want to say that it has taken me to a place that I didn't think it would go there. I am very pleased. Do you have some guidance. It is not comfortable while you are doing it. Its really not comfortable! In the journaling and the dwelling with you and Father I felt like I was on the right track, but it didn't seem calm. It didn't feel peaceful, but it still felt like the right thing to do. Could you just help me on that? Why does it feel so hard?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Soul growth is at times painful and difficult. There are many times you must travel beyond the boundaries of comfort, just as the Master did. Jesus did go about doing what He believed to be Father's will, and attempted to retract from His own. When dealing with your fellows there must be time to make close contact with your internal Father to prepare for those things that do bring discomfort. You see, that close connection is a shield of protection from rejection and ridicule. With the source of all love that dwells within, why would any negative shots fired wound you? Do you see that a connection made with Father is to be self-forgetful? yet I say not to be passive, no. I mean to say, as you become set upon an unshakable foundation with Father, does the world not have its hurtful effects on you. This unshakable foundation enables you to act from a place of strength and action, not from a closed off or holding back position. Do you see how the stillness, and our journal time, is nutrition for the soul? Worry not on those circumstantial things, for they have made you to be small and teachable, yes. Worry not, Miriam, my daughter, you are hearing your internal Father's directions. Another question?

LaREEN: Abraham, I wanted to thank you for being with me all week, (?) carrying me. Thank you very, very much. I would like to introduce a good friend, Lucy.

ABRAHAM: You're welcome, my daughter. It is my supreme pleasure to aid you in these times. I would ask that you keep in communications with me throughout this week, Inara, my daughter. Greetings to you, Lucy. We would welcome any questions you might have this evening. Are there more questions?


CALVIN: Abraham, in what I have experience of fighting for survival--it has probably been my hardest struggle so far as to realize I can sit back and relax and not worry of 'making it' so much, and yet I realize with that, the Master having to stop and His apostles go fishing to 'make it' too. So how do we balance that, relieve our stress, and yet go fishing and get the bills paid? It has been a struggle for me. I think I am doing better, but its been a struggle.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I am understanding that to work and provide is a natural part of your spiritual experience. Yes, it is on a small scale now, but I can assure you as you ascend your need to provide will continue, albeit not with material things. I can say that in working to provide for a family there is volumes of small spiritual lessons. There is in that also the experience with the brotherhood, there is personal ministry and counseling, there is problem solving, learning tolerance, and forgiveness, reaping the harvest of the seeds you have sown, and learning to find joy in all of this. I can say to you that in years to come this will not be so much a burden, and will be more for spiritual connections and personal ministry, yes. The day is coming where the mind-set towards work will change towards the side of joy. We each believe that to do what you are gifted at does bring a lightening of the burden, and more joy to the purpose of working. Is this at all helping?

CALVIN: Very, very much. It gives me tons of insight. Thanks for your good friendship. Its great to feel that personal bond between someone we can't see here.

ABRAHAM: I also thank you. You each do well, and it is my privilege to have this friendship with you. I will take one more question.

Teaching Mission

ROLAND: Abraham, thanks for taking one more. Some of my readings of this last week were a critique of the Teaching Mission. One of the things that seems to be consistent in the critiques--I think they are done fairly lovingly--is if we have this Indwelling Spirit within us, and that is our main purpose is to get into communication with the Indwelling Spirit\Thought Adjuster\God-Fragment, the necessity of the teacher in that process, I feel very aware of its value, but is there a way that we could explain that, that would perhaps have some maybe even logical process that others might be able to see more clearly? If you could help me with that? (ABRAHAM: In my understanding your question to be about sharing this teacher concept with others?) Yes, there may be questioning the teachers role. What they say is, "well look, if you have an Indwelling Spirit, what do you need a teacher for?" I can say that Amster is my spiritual guide, and I can tell them dozens of things that she has done to get me to paying more attention to the Father Fragment. I don't really have any kind of a logical explanation of what it is, or how God has organized this experience with mortals on evolving worlds. These teachers have come now to help us get to the Indwelling Spirit. I see that, and I understand it as an experiential truth, but I don't know that I have a very good way of explaining it.

ABRAHAM: It is plain to see in our Mission Statement that this is the Correcting Time. We are here for individuals and yet, our purpose is much larger. We have practically a whole new map of circuitry to learn and teach to the individual. We endeavor to unite individuals in helping Urantia to move further into Light and Life. Yes, we would never take the place of your Indwelling Father, and yet we are commissioned by Him to help the world. In your ministries you can confront the individual whom you are trying to explain this to. Do you not agree this world is spiritually bankrupt, and indeed in a great deal of distress? Can you not view the evening news and not feel a collective fear? Can you send your child out the door each day without concern for their safety. Yes, we are here to help on a collective level, to aid in the healing of all prejudices, to upgrade the regard for children, to assist in evolution, yes. We are at the command of Father. Yes, we are subject to personal orders from Father and Michael. You are understanding my meaning?

ROLAND: Yes I am. That is very helpful to think of it in those terms. Thank you. In the Urantia Book, the paper on the Creative Mother Spirit, it describes the influence of the Father Fragment, and the Son, and the Divine Minister, or Creative Mother Spirit, as it is in the local universe. Then it says that once a world in its evolutionary path gets to a certain place individuals are ready, other spiritual influences will arrive on the planet. I use that as a pre-mentioning of the teachers and the Teaching Mission. I think you are other spirit influences. Am I correct in that or should I discontinue teaching that as the gospel according to Roland? Laughter.

ABRAHAM: You are correct to a point, and what I would say also this Correcting Time is a special emergency ruling from Michael that was to aid the planet in upgrading spirituality to promote salvation, yes. I am slipping.

ROLAND: Well, were you all just sitting around the coffee shop up in Jerusem somewhere, and somebody put up a bulletin on the bulletin board that says that anybody that would like to volunteer for the Teaching Mission, Machiventa would like to talk to you, or was it the universe broadcast system?


ABRAHAM: Somewhat like that. It was as you were called, yes. My love for you is growing continually, and I am already in anticipation of our meeting next week. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.